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Geoff Freed — August 2012
Former forensic technician and scientific & medical researcher, lecturer, workshop leader and psychotherapist, Dr. Geoff Freed reports on what is happening energetically on the planet at this pivotal time in history.


When the atom was broken and the first atomic bomb exploded it was said by many that the world would never be the same again. In a way what follows has been said before, however, I feel it is coming about right now.

Many spiritual 'lights' at the time said that this had split the veil. I felt a dual kind of meaning at this time. One the benefits if used correctly and diligently could power all sorts of transport and free cheap energy, of course the other side saw the ultimate weapon of mass destruction, atomic plants which were not built with full knowledge and the means of disposing of atomic waste, and we see now even 'safe' plants leak weak radiation.


Later I came to see that behind the so called solid atom there are particles and then the particles were indefinable, sometimes minute mass and sometimes a vibratory wave. More holes, rents were appearing in the veil. What is behind apparently solid mass? The concrete wall, the steel rod, the pavement seem to the concrete mind, just that concrete. A great sweet friend sent me Christmas greetings years back and has recently passed over into her light body, and she put this sticker on the back of the envelope which I have kept for years and she has kindly put before it 'To a Sweet Man' Bless you beautiful Daphne you will always have a place in my Heart: "Ingrained and controlled cultural perceptions have led the way to a concrete view of the material world, rather than the more accurate vista that depicts an enormous energy field composed of tiny particles in motion"

It has been found that for a new paradigm of deep significance to be taken in en masse the time for this percolation and absorption is about 40-50 years. It is only now that many are able to grasp intellectually that 'nothing is solid' it is frozen energy so to speak, and some scientists like Sir James Jeans has boldly stated : "The psychiatrist is accustomed to unusual contrasts in life and this book suggests such a one and a pleasant one. Hardly anyone would offhand expect a mathematical physicist to write a book such as this. It is a book that might almost have been written by a poet; at least the author sees the universe with the eyes of a poet, even if, between times, he may busy himself with the mysterious formulae which so few of us know.

The book is both fascinating and commanding, and gives a wonderfully clear picture of how matters stand today in the face of all the recent rapid advances. The universe, to the author, looks more like a great thought than a great machine, and not only that, however the artificer. The Quote from Sir James's book is The Mysterious Universe. Sir James Jeans - 'The universe more closely resembles a great thought rather than a machine'.

Then it seems new discoveries happened and it was found that the Quantum field held all possibilities and probabilities and early experiments were seen to change when physicist's intended to alter the experiment it did, 'Mind over Matter' and in back blogs I described some and that some scientists baulked at this, and some actually had breakdowns. Those that baulked started the reductionism; anything that cannot be measured and so forth or put into maths is not valid or follows the laws of known physics. Very few were brave enough to step outside. Those that have shown the veil can tear asunder.

Actually there was nothing concrete, there appeared to be nothing graspable and the journey from there onwards had to be of a different nature. Einstein had seen that he was inspired and came to the experiments after his deep ah ha's. The nature of that behind the veil was intuitive and not necessarily logical. Even when experiments showed to 'emptiness' or the baffling results, many went into denial, and I witnessed some running like mad, and going mad.

The non solidness of things baffles the solidness of logic. The material mind comes in conflict with deep energy data. Homeopathy decried, and yet as seen in back blogs water memory and imprinting through various sucussions work and this is because the subtle energy fields affect the subtle energy fields of the cells that small is powerful and deals with the building blocks and foundations.

Then gradually we have the next step, the collective unconscious begins to get anxious as many are reading metaphysical books, sites online, workshops and the like, and the mind that attaches itself to solidness, finiteness is slipping, so fear of loss comes in and death is horrific. Finiteness is challenged by death. Infiniteness is a mere figment of a deluded nature.

Suddenly it is beginning to dawn on many sleeping minds, as they yawn and stretch, put on their morning news on the radio or TV, have their coffee and cigarette, then perhaps a cooked breakfast, a sugary cereal, and go to work in a car, train or whatever, there is another realm a mysterious realm, at first ghosts, UFO's mediums, yoga, tai chi, taro, runes, massage and relaxation classes. The first conflict between graft, money, the family and two and half kids. Some start to question what Life is, is there an afterlife and so on. The veil is lifting or holes appear.

Many are now being born who come with the knowledge of the before Earth Life.


Then there is talk about the shift. The shift is the realisation that no thing is solid, it comprises of levels of vibrating waves, frequencies and energy matrixes, vortices, wormholes, black holes, mysterious interacting forces that are transformed and applied to commensurate forms. In fact all forms are but consciousness arranging them in their appropriate wavebands to depict the scenarios intended.

Yet still we are in the creator band of frequencies, the pot, and the machine. The Source, the Light, God has yet to be impressed to the mass as the Divine Principle behind and in, up, down, inside, outside, all and everything, the Invincible immeasurable Infinite Eternal Being.

So the slippery dawning message, here today and gone tomorrow puts the skids under the hoarders, graspers, vainly enjoying things whilst they last and desperately looking for immortality for that which rots, moth and decays. [Desperately holding on to the Euro Zone and currency, no matter who suffers].

So where is immortality? It is letting go of the solid, realising all things are transient, expedient, illusionary. Once this is sensed by the quiet mind, gently breathing and reaching that stillness, something other than the mundane is hearkening, beckoning, inviting. This is beginning to take hold in this world of hurly burly noise of bombing, disruptive cell jiggling music, chemical and electronic pollution and soon the world will wake up and realise the Invisible realms that hasten one onto Enlightenment.

The acquisition of hoarding to make one safe, when the items themselves are only artefacts, may go out of fashion, riches that are downed by a stock market twist, some took their lives when these events happen, the American dream of never ending riches and wealth, and today that country can only make its way by war, corruption and suffering. Even ethnic natives who live simply have a better life with simplicity until the western madness impinges on their dwellings we arrogantly call primitive homes and life styles.

Yet many of these dear sisters and brothers have seen the fallacy of materialism and are trying to get back their land and simply living.

http://www.shangralafamilyfun.com/prodigy.html This young lady paints heaven and the story about a little boy who says he knows the face of Jesus, all paintings shown to him were not right, until he saw this young lady's one. Do see video of her work. Also reconstruction of the 3D image of 'The Shroud of Turin' in its new form shows remarkable resemblance to the young lady

If this wasn't so ludicrous, that it becomes laughable, it is the sign of the day. Britain is doing the same thing. It is insane.

Dear Jane Burgermeister. Thank you Jane you risk your life over this video. Bless you.

http://newearthdaily.com/spontaneous-evolution-is-happening-now/ WITH the greatest of respect, many others and I have bloged this many years back. Do read website as mentioned in the video, especially about the boy with 3 strands of DNA. However its nice to be vindicated by the scientific community, especially the Western World which is 20 years behind the GDV and Phantom Wave of Russian scientists who are not driven by the same corset of the profit margins and Noble Prize acclaim only or in the pay of 'Big Pharma'.

The magicians trick is the illusion that is it real and mysteriously magic. The magician can then believe he has a power to control the audience, who are baffled and hypnotised. The magician can use these manipulative powers to seduce the many into false beliefs, this done today by digital science, hype, glossy huge TV's, now 3D. So we live in the trick, the illusion and because it is so delightful and hedonistic to the senses, we become addicted.

Those magicians who know how to use the seduction and hypnotic inducement and are selfish, powers seekers and manipulators are the so called 'elite'. In a way they are because they have mastered the power of seduction, mass grooming, know how to trick the masses into addiction.

There is another type of magician one who believes his own tricks as reality and does not realise he is the creator of the illusion and trick. This one fools himself into his own creation whilst the real master knows it's an illusion and uses it for self gain. Here we have those with a mind set 'I know it is all an illusion yet I cannot get to the power that created me the Universe, so I will use it to create my own and rule the world. I will become a king a supreme ruler and since it's all an illusion, nothing is real in essence; no one can be hurt or abused really, because we are illusions, unreal. It is only an illusion that we suffer, hurt, feel rejected, guilty, abused, so s-d them I can just go ahead and do what I like'.

In a strange way there is a diabolical logic in this. The ego, which is the personality, in the terms of the Cosmic Consciousness is limited and transient, like clouds passing by, here today and gone tomorrow, and yet the all pervading blue 'sky of Cosmic Mind' is eternal and all encompassing, in those terms, it would seem the ego personality self is but a passing cloud against the background of an eternal being. This would imply we are taught to suffer, be hurt, to be abused, to be demonic. So in this transient illusionary state hurt, fear and abuse is only an illusion as well. For instance, the Buddhist Monk who sets light to himself, those who lay on beds of nails and a concrete slab put on them and hammered to break the slab and have not even a mark on them, I have seen Shaolin Buddhist Monks do this and more, my teacher tapping oak to break, not been irradiated by Nagasaki atom bomb and many more examples.

The above implications would suggest once we truly breakthrough the illusion we too would have the power of true consciousness. There are some that have relatively broken through but that retaining part of ego still has that manipulative selfish part. Those who breakthrough completely is one with the Universe which is benevolent.



Yet perhaps through realising the 'illusion' of suffering, illness disease, it can be 'sword of Pain' that cuts through the dream, clears the mist, a wake up call, the light on the road to Damascus. The light that Paul witnessed on this road, is the light that illuminates the dark corners of the mind that is cluttered in the attic of its past and tribulations.

When a river becomes sluggish it forms sandbanks, gravel and so the living life stream, the river of light, gets trapped, and this river gets stilted, it becomes its own little world, and instead of flowing becomes stagnated and diverts the stream. The river of life/light flows on regardless, ever fresh new and evolving. This is not to say we have periods of rest on the banks. However, to become to comfortable which is lovely to the senses, which only last as long as the body, makes us become sluggish, this can cause the bodily functions to be so as well and a mind slowed down and sometimes senile or dull, depressed. We can become comfortable with the journey. The Universe is a creation in progress and process and as such is constantly like particles on the move, exchanging the Wu Li [particles atoms in Chinese] which is dancing particles, the dance of the atoms. I call it the excuse me dance, this is a dance so arranged that after a short while, usually the male, can say excuse me and change partners. Particles do this they bump exchange and change. There is a book by Dr Gary Zhukov on this title Dancing Wu Li Masters.


So in the Quantum world, which is supposed to be the fount, the foundation, we have this mysterious illusionary debacle. It is as if the whole caboodle is an illusion, a giant thought process as Sir James Jeans suggested. So where is this suffering, this torment to vainly? Why do we hold onto the conjurors trick? This is the lesson we came to Earth to solve. The Koan and riddle, the paradox. If it's an illusion, why do I suffer? How did I become addicted, conned, tricked? Who started off this illusionary Universe? Was it some bored old lonely eternal being, playing mind tricks to amuse him? Maybe there is some truth in that, perhaps it is not him, her, and maybe it is not lonely, maybe it is a mystery and even the cosmic consciousness is attempting to find itself in its own consciousness. Without the mystery, there is no challenge, no creativity. Ah, sweet mystery of Life and for me not likes the song I have not found thee. Yet if I had I would maybe I would be bored too, and in that very boredom is the seed which sparks off Life anew. Or do we settle for the easy chair and just let life drift by in the fog of the news, our favourite football, cricket, tennis or whatever, to lift us out of the dream and to submerge once more into the dirge of life mundane.

A COSMIC COLLISION, 2 mins video.

Hey Folks not only are we getting information from the main stream scientist that a new element found in the sun or formed by it is a DNA interface interacted transformer and the three year Alfie Clamp from Warwickshire has a 3rd Strand DNA and the binaural brain corpus coliseum as back blogged and so forth are we witnessing the first physical signs of the shift?



The above diagrams show that new atoms are being found.

'For the very first time, a NASA spacecraft has detected matter from outside our solar system — material that came from elsewhere in the galaxy, researchers announced today (Jan. 31).

This so-called interstellar material was spotted by NASA's Interstellar Boundary Explorer (IBEX), a spacecraft that is studying the edge of the solar system from its orbit about 200,000 miles (322,000'

For me this is excitng because like said in blog of July 2012 the splitting of the atom punched a hole in the veil of solidness and materialism and has yet to penetrate, percolate and be understood by many, that nothing in essence is solid, so why try to hold onto it anyway? When this is intergrated, deeply and significantly digested and felt at an intuitive level, then the transciency of this transitory existence will be a[appreciated and materialism will be enjoyed in a different manner. Appreciated in the moment and let go , shared, not idolised or worshipped].

The reason it is held onto and attached, obsessed that is to the soldiness of things, is to try to preserve flesh life and put off dying. I need a solid foundation, I am not here forever in this body, I take my body and all solid things as real, and I really know they are not here forever, so I vainly look to shore up the fear and torment of: one day I will die and not be here'. Actually realising that the very flesh body is made of that which is non perishable should be a comfort. I am a recycleable being, not necessarily reincarnated but an energy being of some sorts[see GDV and Konstantin Korotov and Gariev, Phantom Wave etc.].



You may remember the above Arecibo crop circle type phenomena which hit the headlines way back and blogged and mentioned in the now blogged about Nassim Haramein lectures mentioned umpteen times, researched and is NOT A HOAX. It is mentioned in the reply they were silicon based and 3 stranded DNA! Perhaps another proof ah la physicale?


Figure 1 Courtesy of Duane Elgin

It is my view and feeling that all particles that form atoms are organised originally before human interference, by Cosmic Source Consciousness, it is this Intelligence that collates and forms the materials, Gods Mecanno or Leggo set, the clay that organises the Universe and is a NON LOCAL MIND. We as humans do the same by intentionising, scientist at experiments at particle level and the works of Dean Radin PH.D, all discussed in back Blogs. We are a composite of the Universe. As above so Below. As every particle/atom/molecule is at the deepest level in the whole Universe, its information is shared instantly and collectively throughout by the all pervading Intelligence which is consciousness. We are indeed a miniature Universe within the Whole. This is our destiny and journey to realise and abide in the Oneness.

So these new materials found by IBEX AS ABOVE WILL HAVE MORE THAN JUST SCIENTIFIC KNOWLEDGE, it will contain messages to the consciousnesses deep inside us, or maybe they are only deep because we cover them with clouds, mists and fogs of conditioning, programming and brain washing.[There is lovely Qi Gong form I do which is called 'clearing the fog to look for the clouds' I amend the name for this article to 'clearing the fog to see the clear blue sky' the uncluttered, unfettered mind].

This will no doubt facilitate more inspired ah ha's, insights and intuitive knowing. So science will see it as a material of left brain logical meaning, and is important, because the astrophysicist is gradually becoming to understand the Quantum anomalies and the Quantum realms to the very large. Both are converging into non locality and consciousness to a 'thought form Universe' in which Consciousness is the all pervading principle, intelligence guides by information and the overall guiding factor is omniscience, omnipresence and omnipotence.

for Duane Elgin

Of all the many stories that we hear
Of how the world began and what it's for,
Some meant to fill us with respectful fear,
Others to teach us rightly to adore,
The one that presently makes sense to me
Proposes that the Cosmos is alive,
Informed throughout with vital energy,
The Source of our intelligence and drive:
Our consciousness is Cosmic Consciousness
At heart, far deeper than our senses know,
Which only recognize what nerves express,
Not what the soul perceives and visions show.
If life on fragile Earth is to survive,
The Cosmos then must teach us how to thrive.

Dearest Friends Take Care and Much Love. Geoff



Please listen to this SENATOR in the USA. Please spend 25 mins listening. What he is saying is happening in EUROPE, creeping into the UK. With the banking crisis as it's in the UK and the cuts to child care, elderly care, I know because I live in sheltered housing, education, and like the Senator says, the wealthy are getting wealthier as the poor get poorer, and the middle class is evaporating. HEED THIS NOW AND LOBBY, FORM GROUPS TO PRESSURE POLITICAL OPINION.

The next stage of the occupy movements are arising. Not so much open staging protests at streets, because the police are corrupt, why so? Morally you do not beat INNOCENT PROTESTERS; you have a right to hold peaceful demonstrations. Whistle blowers should be allowed to reveal corruption, brutality and dishonesty. WHY NOT? Ordinary citizens are jailed for the same crimes as the 'elite'. The occupy movement is going into education, medical etc., and small groups going to meetings at the Town Halls, School Boards and the like where very few attend, and quietly and within their rights to speak out and vote on the local elections and write, this is now taking hold. SMALL IS BEAUTIFUL. It has to start from the infrastructure, not so much jobs, although important, it has to start within the mind set and consciousness first.

Some of the military and police are corrupt because they know they are morally inept, hard hearts, yet the pay cheque is paramount. Without the military, security forces and police, the corrupt judiciary who flaunt truth for clever excuses and behind the scene bribes or threats give ludicrous and downright disgusting shameless decisions and politicians not wanting public enquiries which will or would expose their lies and deceits. SHAME ON YOU THE LEADERS AND SO CALLED SAVIOURS OF OUR RIGHTS AND PRIVILEGES.

We do need police, security forces, and honest doctors. People of integrity who will keep a check on corruption, who will honour their vocation, who will care. Politicians and the wealthy to share and give some of their massive wealth to help children, schools, the elderly, to know that rewards are more than wealth and fiscal acquisition. AS THE SENATOR SAYS 'HOW MUCH IS ENOUGH'.


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