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Geoff Freed — July 2012
Former forensic technician and scientific & medical researcher, lecturer, workshop leader and psychotherapist, Dr. Geoff Freed reports on what is happening energetically on the planet at this pivotal time in history.

Hello Friends

As I sit here typing this post a quiet calm and peace seems to fill me, although going through some physical discomfort, which feels like a fire going through me. On closer aware 'inspection' just patiently breathing and 'looking without opinion and bias' a fire, a kind of incandescent glow in my 'HARA/DANTIEN, the abdomen' seems to be growing into a flame.


It feels like this fire is burning away the dross. The dross of unconscious and conscious inharmonious thought and accumulations of programmes, rituals, disciplines, cultural inheritance and religious, political and media bombardment, cluttering pesticides in food, and the feeling of the heavy burdens of the past, be it this life or many incarnations.


Merely to shrug this off, to bury my head in the sand, to distract myself in some way would put off the 'day, the time' to face this and go through it. I feel that therapy is useful, however in this instance it feels like a purging by the fire.

A shift in the blogs or way of presenting has occurred, there are enough sites and blogs on Mayans, ancient races, predictions and so forth. Conspiracy data, financial skulduggery, political shenanigans, intrigues and so on.

Then another shift, whatever our beloved sun is doing, and it is a beautiful loving intelligent being and has its own agenda for its life and its role in the Universe and science, in fact all science has lost its panache for me and something has arrived.

This something is the inner Sun, the Inner light and the dear old ego doesn't matter either.

This Inner Sun, the Light is the all pervading omnipresent, omnipotent, omniscience, the alpha, beta of all. The clouds covering the inner sun are the programming and conditioning, the misty thought forms that scurry through the clear mind space, some staying longer than others.

Feeling this Inner Light, a knowing dawns, the yearning to be one with this light, to be consumed by it, surrender the small 'I' to this and this burning yearning to be at one with God, the Light, produces the fire to cleanse and purge all that is not of the light.


In a way to say like many have been taught ' I am unworthy to say I am a child of God, I am sinner, just a human, a feeble worm that is not fit to kiss the Masters Feet' and so on, is a denial as to who one really is. Yes, we have to identify with the inner light of all being, and be purged and surrender to the Essence of Who We is, but not to be manacled to the thought of an evil sinner.

A sinner to me is a person who is out of touch with the inner light, however, not be judged as beyond hope and not be made guilty, for deep down many know they are out of kilter, out of sync, but to find ways through the inner light guidance to facilitate change in the outward reliance on form and materialism.

For as long as we have a body of flesh and blood then we are subject to some physical 'laws', simple wholesome natural unadulterated food, a change of clothing for warm and cold, and small warm dry accommodation, clean air and water. A compassionate attitude that is Heartfelt.

On reflection the word sin is not appropriate; perhaps it would be apt to say a person who looks to the outer world as the ultimate reality, when the entire so called outside world from bacteria to planets dissolve and disintegrate whilst the ultimate everlasting reality is the joining with the Light within.

Deep Down inside as it were, not so much the body as in the mind, there lays the jewel, the golden substance of eternal life. Here if one is quiet, sincere, non judgemental, and is patient, breathing gently and watching with interest and not judgemental, a quietness happens, by itself, it is as if IT has waiting for one to discover IT.

It has always been there, it is not a new comer, it seems as though we have sought it out, discovered it, however, the truth is it has always been there awaiting us. It is in every cell, every atom, particle, molecule throughout the Universe, it is the centre and all pervading field in which everything moves and has its being.

This field is beyond or contains the Quantum vacuum or zero potential. This Field is Consciousness and moves the quantum particles as it were to form objects, form, universes and so forth. So the quantum field is like God's leggo, meccano set, modelling clay. So the array of endless combinations in that field give rise to the endless possibilities and probabilities, however, the limited human mind can intentionise or one can align to the light and be that possibility, the result a divine human being.

What is a divine human being? One who is one with the light? There is evidence now that the body when pronounced dead has a replica body in the 'etheric' and one becomes a 'body' of light. This light body may be 'dragged' back to form, the so called flesh body we experience now in order to clear up unfinished business, which is that part of us not identified with the light.

When I had my NDE, I experienced this light as many others have in NDE's and in meditation and so on, I have always wanted to get back to this light, as I sensed at the age of 4[1942] the peace and everlasting Life in that, however, this was not to be, and being sent back to Earth, and losing so to speak this light, I have always felt different.

Not different because of culture, religion, not because I had a difficult life and so on, as if this world was a shadow of the light 'world' that this world of the Earth Realms as beautiful and lovely was but a reflection of a more amazing realm. I found even as a good athlete that this was ponderous, that we could move as light beings by mind alone.


Then I realised I had to go through the trials and tribulations of being entrapped in a limited flesh body, as lovely as they can sometimes be. I realised that I had to go through dross, my Forensic work, the blood and gore, the unhappy childhood, the story and drama we all have to some extent.

The purpose to help others come through the journey and find what I was searching and yearning for, this through countless workshops, counselling sessions, healings and so on, yet all those dear ones were and are my teachers, they showed me where I was and am stuck., and so I found that giving up ones attachments allowed me to come thus far in the journey, which never ends, but transforms and is called the process. Maybe I was reincarnated to give up what was and am my unfinished business.

So the giving up of science, counselling, healing, and workshops have led me to where I am now, in the process of reconnecting to the light.

Whether this means me leaving the flesh body either some years down the process road or imminently, matters not. Maybe the devotion to the inner light and eventually enlightenment, which to me means a body full of Light. In fact our bodies are full of Light as you know from reading back blogs on Bio Photons.

Science in the Western World is dogmatised and restricted by strict rules and is Nobel Prize orientated and competitive in an unhealthy way, oriented towards chemicalistaion, military, commercialism and profit. Many other scientists have and will find that light, not as sunlight or electric light, but is an Intelligence of all pervading consciousness and some Russian Scientists have touched on this now.

The future of our world depends on those who connect with the inner light and its transforming propensities.

In the 1967 writings it said the process of the energies of transformation was to bring about a change in the human body to 'the new Aquarian resurrected Light Body' of which descriptions have been given in back blogs.


Dearest reader and friends I trust you will have got something from these ramblings above.

With Love. Geoff



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