Born Free Series — Post 3 / May

Geoff Freed — May 2012
Former forensic technician and scientific & medical researcher, lecturer, workshop leader and psychotherapist, Dr. Geoff Freed reports on what is happening energetically on the planet at this pivotal time in history.

Hello Folks

Trusting you are well and weathering the weather [terrible pun] and dealing with the most extraordinary energies of transformation which translate into physical, emotional and worldly events and contortions. Be it Earth shifts, political jostling, jousting or plain lunacy.


Figure 1 At times I have had the most incredible deep insights and felt mind blown and almost a shape shifter. Many have shared this with me.

May I now take the liberty to share one or two of these insights. Many will of have had these, I did on various ah ha's which gave me a deeper understanding and yet these 'repeats' seem to have reached much more significant and deeper levels, hit the spot so to speak.

What are you when all your money has gone and fear has left?
What are you when all your other possessions have gone and fear has left?
What are you when you leave your body and fear has left?
What were you before you were born and where was fear?

Then came the 'flash' 'LOOK AT THE LIGHT NOT AT THE LAMPSHADE' this was a very often quoted as In the 80's at 'Attitudinal Healing' and probably coined by Jerry Jampolski the Founder of Attitudinal Healing. For many years I used this and it was a convenient workshop ploy and cliché. Now it came as an experience at fundamental level.

Imagine a light, like a table light or standing light that had a revolving lampshade. The light bulb/lamp inside shines through the shade. Let us presume the shade is pristine clear and so the light is shining clear undisturbed straight through.

Taking the shade as having tiny miniscule grains, and let us say these are tiny unfinished business from another life, and the shade is the vehicle, the body that is the vehicle to expiate these karmas, or in a kind of similarity as in Homeopathy, a miasm, (in homeopathy) a supposed predisposition to a particular disease, either inherited or acquired.

I often in the blogs likened this to those pads we used to have with cellophane on the top and carbon paper underneath, and when one was finished and wished to erase the input, one pulled the cellophane 'draw' it erased it from the cellophane, but left an imprint or indentation underneath. In Forensics we often looked for indented writing underneath other paper.

fig02Buddha mentioned about these latent tendencies, and if they are large they can be past life flash backs, or their Vibrating [remembering that frequencies are magnetic and electrical, so thereby attracting like programmes to one's own and therefore causing the shade to expand its miniscule 'patches/dots' causing the light to be filtered through these opaque, translucent images onto the screen, which is the energy field of mind. Light unfiltered MEETS Itself on the Screen of Mind, Space is then just a reflection of Itself. Now the space or screen is or has a blotch on it. This blotch if large enough contains a DVD HOLOGRAM which contains emotion, drama, and all the sensory impacts. If it is too small it contains 'BEHIND THE SCENES FLEETING NUANCES AND FLITTING HAUNTING, I CANNOT QUIET PUT MY FINGER ON IT SO TO SPEAK.

Let us now say the shade has no miasm's. Then by the revolving of the shade which represents Life's journey the shade acquires experiences which it stores on its surface and can become so full that the light is all but blocked. However what the LIGHT does do is LIKE A FILM PROJECTOR WITH THE CINEMA TYPE FILM going through it, it projects the now quite 'HEAVY Patches' or DVD's onto the Screen of Mind and now Scenarios that are so real as in a Cinema, with its graphics, sounds, colours, 3D and so on, then one takes the experiences as reality.

The Light which is the Awareness and Life Force loses Itself in the programmed conditioned shade. The Mind then takes the Accumulation of these cameos, these scenarios as Reality and forms Itself into a Separation from the LIGHT and becomes the EGO.

fig03 fig04

The next process one begins to live through the OUTSIDE or what is on the shade. So we abdicate to the outside, we believe the DVD patches are real, and the light is forgotten as the real source.

This then becomes the disempowerment of the Self which is the light, we take the light that projects the film onto the screen as just an illuminator, and actually it is the Illuminated mind. The Illuminated mind is a mind that is aware of Itself without thought, not by suppression or stifling, or imagination, hypnosis, visualisation or auto suggestion. The awareness is the light is the Creative energy.

With the experience of this energy of the Light Within, and begs the question is it within or with out, is it inside the mind or outside? This illuminated mind is omniscient, omnipresent, and omnipotent, and is non local. The mind that is limited to the shade scenarios are bound to the shade is egoist, limited and local and is a shallow imitation of the Light Within. The screen at most picks up the filtered messages, images, nuances of past gathered libraries, mausoleums, skeletons, ghosts of the past, so the mind lives in the past, at most mixes, juxtaposes the graphics and what is thought is the past becomes the future and is a restoration or innovation of old material, in other words a makeover.

Should one sit often in the light, the quiet mind, the mind that is not ruffled by the thought, no matter how subtle and seemingly not there, apparent, the breathing shallow and deep, relaxed and at peace, the thoughts, irritations of the body cease by themselves, not suppression, one hears thoughts as it were as loud as a ghetto blaster radio, eventually letting them go their way like drifting clouds, until it becomes quieter, being aware that sleep may come and seeing that drift away not by force, just by letting go then one sees the 'sky' clear the mind quiet, the light shines forth, and one resides in this, in fact that is who one is, the light.

In sitting just in the space of no space, one may hear a silent almost imperceptible whisper, a whisper that is a feeling a knowing, and one realises this LIGHT, this Awareness has Its own INTELLIGENCE. In fact it is Information Intelligence and has feel that is not like anything before experienced, is always unique and fresh, pristine and youthful, it also rejuvenates one in the sense of energy.

IT IS NOT THE SAME as a mind buzz or high. This is false Intuition. So many have been fooled by the Ego manufacturing the imitation of true Intuition. One is divine the other a shallow shady imitation. Many a prophet and wise person have been fooled and advised others of the cunning of the mind/ ego and is a hatful of tricks and magicians conjuring illusions.

The mind/ego will do everything in its power to get one to live in the shade projections, which are the material capitalistic, communistic, fascist, religious, cultural façade. To lure, seduce one away by the alluring graphics, to live by mammon, separate one from nature and throw one into power, crushing, elitism, and reducing many to disempowerment, depression, lack of self worth and illness and disease.

True Self worth is be identified by being THE LIGHT. Being is the Light and with it comes all ones needs supplied and one's wants become non existent. Desire is quenched however needs are met, like nature, simple, at the right time in the right place and self sustaining.


So the wheel of Dharma keeps on perpetuating itself until it is outworked, expiated, until the drama and magnetic hold is broken. This is likened to Prigogine, the tip over point, my Inverted V. The form no longer holds the desire and the ego seeks more thrills, more attractions and diversions to escape capitulating to the Light.

'Stop the World I want to get off'. To stop the never ending cycles, the quest for acquisition, status, power, importance we have to centre ourselves to get off the never ending cycles, seasons, rhythms, impulses. The hurry of deadlines, the importance of social standing and on death, yes one may have this fleeting feeling,' I had a good and wonderful rich Life And have no regrets', if one can lay down one's life in this Earthly form, great, and Karma hopefully, unfinished business will not lure one back into a another wheel as below.

Yes and one can have a worldly Life as long as the Shade is realised as a magician's illusion and one does not take the illusion as reality and perceives the underlying reality.


This underlying reality is formless, it consciousness and is the creative potential.

The light within the mind that explodes in Inspiration, the arrow of true Intuition breaking through the brain and logic into original, spontaneous [as in contrast to impulse] originality. The genius of the dynamic Light within wishing to Express Itself from the purity within Itself.


The ego's assistance in this is to build the inspiration from the materials available and to be faithful to Life Force Blue Print Model. The ego is the handmaiden to the Light.

The brain is therefore the transducer, the translator, the mechanical computer to decode the Light Signals. This is interfaced by the DNA and other antennae.

As there is a constant interchange, an exchange of information throughout the Source, The field of All Information which sources all other fields within fields, which are specific to localised information, it therefore is aware, it knows about everything everywhere, and by that it is constant update, adjustment with reconfiguration.

Now is merely an exchange, a dynamic fleeting nano second. It is an escalator of moving dynamic evolvement; it is a never ending process. This process leads to a form of structure which is intrinsically in itself a moving dynamic in temporary alignment and congruence, then to break up as new information which in its turn breaks it down to chaos then to reform into a different seeming structure, which is the equivalent of death, birth, death, birth and so fourth.

Therefore and thereby, the past is always a flux, a stateless state of modification, this is Cosmic Evolution. To work through repetitive programmes, rote, in a fixed mode holds back information and evolution. This is stagnation, rancid and counter productive to Life.

However, entropy will eventually break down the most reluctant and recalcitrant systems.

This then can ensue to no past, present or future or now.

Every pain can be a sign, a symbol, and a piece of information: (i) Something is out of sync. (ii) Something in the body. (iii) Pain is a resistance to Change, to let go, let flow, keep moving on. What do we tell ourselves, consciously or unconsciously and the internal dialogue, what information do we feed ourselves, and build up energy fields and matrixes?

What a mind may think is the end, say death even au naturale. Or a stuck repeat programme in the unconscious [a field of information or series of interlocking magnetic energy fields, matrixes of information maybe dysfunctional in some cases] like manifesting as illness, disease, cancer and so on, is indeed an information packet.

So information is translated or manifested in the gross of forms seemingly solid objects, be they organic 'flesh', plants, rocks, all as seen in nature or the Planet/Cosmos.

It would seem that death and birth are interchangeable and are complimentary to the same process, in fact yin and yang of Life. There is no death or birth it is a constant spiral, a helix of interchangeable permutations and interchanges which are in constantly exchanging information and so the process continues in perpetual motion known as Life Eternal.


Figure 2 Bubble Chamber in Collider

Differing kinds of visual exchange mechanisms, behind these are the magnetic life force fields, the energy matrixes, the morphogenetic fields and the resonance and entrainment set up within these systems.

The so called non connected planets, nebulae and so forth denied by some astro physicists, yet probably endorsed by some quantum physicists are like non local and local consciousness' or minds.

Quantum to Astro is all one entangled system in constant exchanges of information and thereby an organic process of shared --- Life.


Fear then becomes the separation from the process which manifests as the process, Life, evolution.

Fear then acts as temporary block on evolving Life, although Life can continue within fear, however it is limited and controlled, stultifying and eventually leads to death of the fear, however, since this fear is embedded in the matrix of this energy, its nature is to resurrect itself into and reincarnation wheel in order to fulfil its purpose of fear, and will only exchange in its own separate system of limitation and at best a makeover new graphics, the same old, same old.

True evolvement involves the iceberg syndrome, form through the freezing of the particles so to speak, ordered by the energy invisible magnetic spiral morphogenetic information field matrix, only to dissolve, melt into the process sub stream and exchange itself through its gathered experience as an iceberg and adds to the 'history' bank which is shared with the shoal/ whole. This then modifies by shared intent and purpose and so evolves the whole to its next step. The Iceberg will only dissolve when it has served its purpose and like the tip over, Prigogne, the Inverted V it will dissolve into the field of all possibilities and probabilities which are the Intelligence of Creativity and will be modified from the chaos of non activity or pure potential and be ready to spring forth, like the jack in the box or wave from the sea.

Fear then is the lack of trust in the process of dissolving and reforming in original creativity, and not a remake of the old, it is false security and lack of trust in the process of Life. Fear is death without rebirth.

The way which is the process in motion and always is in motion becomes the goal, a goalless goal. Sometimes the process seems destructive, painful, and by trying to change it, running away from it, ignoring, it, denial, suppressing, distraction, we deny the change that evolution may bring, and we may endeavour to be our own supposed saviour from past memory graphics, seemingly for our highest good only to be led astray by wrong or rather inappropriate information.

In a way we block the information feed to the whole, the collective. However, this can be because like a river with a large rock fallen into it, the river will find a way round it, and even in 'time' wear it down and the wearing down may deposit minerals further down for growth and healing.

Awareness of the stream in this analogy is the river of Life and all that is required. Quiet unbiased observation. Then in that quietness which in itself is healing and regenerative and imbibed as is of itself self regulatory. Then one may arrive at something far deeper than thought, logic, or a creative impulse, an arising, a whisper in its own unique way. One knows—it is a knowing feeling, uncanny, magical and is all and everything.

It is not a buzz, a high, an ah ha, it is the way, the process, Life in its deepest communication with its unit in the network of evolution. In that emptiness of the quiet mind, being awareness itself, the personal aside, the process, Life can pour into that 'space' the required 'information'.



Lots of Love. Geoff


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