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Geoff Freed — April 2012
Former forensic technician and scientific & medical researcher, lecturer, workshop leader and psychotherapist, Dr. Geoff Freed reports on what is happening energetically on the planet at this pivotal time in history.

Hello Folks

Well things are heating up.

http://www.phibetaiota.net/2012/02/sepp-hasslberger-fuel-free-generator/ Another free energy machine or device. How long are we to put up with paying for free energy?

Our fear of making people redundant because of the power plants being closed down, or the phantom wave medical breakthrough causing doctors, hospitals and so forth to almost be not needed, the petroleum industry and so forth not needed and the mass hysteria of no work or money.

We are now facing mass unemployment and all we hear is to generate more jobs. This means building in some cases, like the high speed rail to Scotland and another bridge across the Thames in the UK and similar projects world wide.

I know I am comparatively well off on a state pension and a small works pension [the two of them cost me £17.00 income tax a month, and it might have been better not to have a works pension] plus now the policy is being considered to take away freedom passes on buses and trains for the over 70s and a cut in winter fuel payments and for the over 75's no exemption from the TV licence.

This would mean for me an £12.00 a week for travel to obtain food and for some social isolation and misery. So those on pensions and those unemployed it would seem a miserable scenario.


As long as the scenario of the financial dogma persists and the media brain washing is kept up about money, money, money then the mass population 'buy the ticket' that success financially at the cost of health and well being is the standard to live by. THIS IS THE WAY THE GOVERNMENTS YIELD THEIR POWER.

I have repeatedly stated that we need to start street farms and home farming. This is vitally important as the axe over our heads will be when the food gets so expensive and the supermarkets raise their prices and cheap additive laced food is brought in to make it more affordable and so our health and resistance suffer. A fitting scenario for the one world dictatorship to float in.


IN THIS you will see exactly what the USA is doing. In Canada home growing is being threatened by various bye laws in some places[I have blogged on this way back] and this link above is very, very, very terrifying. By growing your own food you begin to break the stranglehold of dependence on the governments and large corporations who actually run the governments.

The EU is stealthily bringing this in with its supplements, herbs and crazy health laws.

http://www.videoman.gr/7402 IF this does not blow your mind then I do not what will. THIS IS a meeting of a jungle tribe with the first white person.

http://articles.mercola.com/sites/articles/archive/2012/03/08/you-can-do-this.aspx?e_cid=20120308_DNL_art_2 Well I am not sure I could any of the feats in the 2 min. video but I could certainly say' I CAN DO THIS' with many fears I have, and recently have done a few things and overcome them physically.

I/we need to beak the mould of victim mode and follow the advice I can do this, become as self reliant as is possible in our individual circumstances. Realise that our programming as the link says above [repeated below]

that believes it not 'minds 'energy of belief fosters and feeds the present dogma, ethos and paradigm. Breaking the mould the matrix of the money, finance, and political stranglehold with its minions of delivery, medical, oil, gas, electricity, mortgages, interest, taxation, survival of the fittest Darwinian top of the pile success celebrity driven culture fed by the media and glamour sport and movie/soap TV and hype porn generators, is no mean task and it takes courage and sometimes jeering from those near and dear. However if the planet is to survive we need to go outside the box, the prison of outworn belief and survival systems.

http://articles.mercola.com/sites/articles/archive/2012/03/08/monsanto-france-chemical-poisoning.aspx?e_cid=20120308_DNL_art_3 Now the French have a go at Monsanto while the USA passed a law giving Monsanto Carte Blanche.

'As night falls and the tide rises on the Indonesian island of Pulau Balai, off the west coast of Sumatra, more than an inch of water washes into the home of 20-year-old Busrani. In March 2005 a seafloor earthquake lowered the island by three feet. Busrani can't afford to raise his floor, which floods at every high tide.' Courtesy of National Geographic


http://www.guardian.co.uk/science/2012/mar/13/nasa-astronauts-eyeballs-deformed-space It talks about the discovery that in all astronauts who spend extended time in space, they come back to Earth with noticeable distortion in the rear of their eye sockets, which changes the quality of their vision! This is a fascinating result of long-term exposure of humans in space, but it also applies to the Starchild Skull. One of its most noticeable features is the extreme shallowness of its eye sockets, making them absolutely nothing like human eye sockets, yet they are stunningly symmetrical and therefore meant to be built as they are. [Courtesy Lloyd Pye]

NORTHERN LIGHTS: A geomagnetic storm is brewing around the Arctic Circle. Last night in Europe, Northern Lights descended as far south as N. Ireland, shown here in a photo taken by Martin McKenna at Ballintoy Harbour in County Antrim:


"What a stunning night," says McKenna. "Auroras were visible for more than 6 hours with two major outbursts and numerous rays. The lights looked amazing over the sea with the ancient rocks of Ballintoy Harbour below."

The cause of the display is the interplanetary magnetic field (IMF), which is tipping south and opening a crack in Earth's magnetosphere. As solar wind pours in, the sky lights up. More high-latitude auroras are possible tonight: NOAA forecasters estimate a 50% chance of polar geomagnetic storms as the solar wind continues to blow.

ATREX EXPERIMENT LIGHTS UP THE NIGHT SKY: Before sunrise on March 27th, sky watchers up and down the eastern seaboard of the United States witnessed a strange apparition. A quintet of milky-white plumes appeared in the night sky, twisting in the winds at the edge of space. "It was pretty unreal and very exciting to see," says eye-witness Jack Fusco, who sends this picture from Seaside Park in New Jersey:

NASA once again messing about with things I feel that they do not give enough thought too.


The plumes were chemical tracers (trimethyl aluminum) deposited in the upper reaches of Earth's atmosphere by five rockets launched rapid-fire from NASA's Wallops Flight Facility in Virginia. The goal of the experiment, named ATREX (Anomalous Transport Rocket)


The Result of the huge amount of activity of the Solar activity over the days from 5th March until 11th March 2012. This is the Aurora Borealis. Beautiful and amazing.

ONCE AGAIN NO MENTION OF THE EFFECTS ON HUMAN OR OTHER BIOLOGICAL ENTITIES. There was mention of the astronauts being protected from the radiation of the CME's and high flying aircraft passengers being exposed to higher risks of radiation.

Airlines either divert or lower the altitude of flights mainly over the poles, however, if it affects us at ground level then what at higher altitudes? I stay away from flying at all for many reasons.


The ramping up of the solar activity is as forecasted at its maximum at the end of 2012 and sometime in early 2013. Could this be synonymous with the 2012 events?

It talks about the discovery that in all astronauts who spend extended time in space, they come back to Earth with noticeable distortion in the rear of their eye sockets, which changes the quality of their vision! This is a fascinating result of long-term exposure of humans in space, but it also applies to the Starchild Skull. One of its most noticeable features is the extreme shallowness of its eye sockets, making them absolutely nothing like human eye sockets, yet they are stunningly symmetrical and therefore meant to be built as they are. Courtesy Lloyd Pye


http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/science-environment-17370170 WHO ARE WE REALLY? ANOTHER TWIST IN OUR EVOLUTION?


An impression of what "Ardi" would have looked like based on the fossil finds

An ancient human-like creature that may be a direct ancestor to our species has been described by researchers.

One anomaly that is coming up again and again is the rapid evolution of the varies species of our ancestors, some suggestions we are alien ET hybrids? Where have I heard this before? Apparently religious authorities are blocking evidence of other findings, as it conflicts with biblical and other religions events of creation.


I have never received more comments about a news story....

....than the one about the "Red Deer Cave" skulls and other bones that were recently announced in China.


As the article makes clear, these are not human bones. In every way they are the skulls of primates, with heavy brow ridges, wide cheekbones, flat faces, wide noses, prognathous jaws, and no chin. Perfect hominoid faces (like we would expect to find with Bigfoot, Almas, Yeti, or Agogwes) on bipedal bodies, but living in the range of only 12,000 to 13,000 years ago.

This date creates an enormous problem for mainstream scientists. They MUST find a way to classify these beings as some kind of aberrant humans, or they would have to face the obvious fact that these are the bones of hominoids (bipedal, hair-covered primates), which would immediately shove humans off the flow-chart of life on Earth. That would drive a spear through the heart of human evolution, and cause a nuclear meltdown in mainstream ranks!!!

This is the same problem they faced with the Hobbits of Indonesia. Remember those? The little dwarf-sized bipeds that also looked entirely non-human? Yet they, too, lived well within the cut-off point for so-called "prehumans," the last of the Neanderthals at around 28,000 years ago. And keep in mind that the Neanderthals have skulls much more like both the Red Deer Cave people and the Hobbits. Neanderthals were nothing like humans as we are today.

This problem is what created the infamous "Missing Link," a mystery hominid that is often touted as being found, but never really is. There is NO possible "transition" species between Neanderthals and humans because the change in our cranial structure is so profound. Every single aspect is different. There are NO areas of direct, perfect corollary. Just as that is true with the Starchild Skull. There is not a single corollary with a human skull....NOT ONE!

So the Red Deer Cave people are another form of Hobbit, and they will be treated the same. A way will be found to shoehorn them into the "human" category, where they will fit as well as chimps or gorillas might, and as the Hobbits have been forced to do. This is so science doesn't have to face up to the possibility that humans are recent arrivals on Earth, not part of the native species, and that we might actually have been genetically engineered!!! Courtesy of Lloyd Pye.

This is a WIKI LEAKS UFO FILM. Maybe significant as above texts.


http://naturalsociety.com/chemically-induced-infertility-threatens-human-race/ INDUCED INFERTILITY. MAYBE PART OF THE YOU KNOW WHO DASTARDLY PLAN. ANOTHER REASON TO GROW OUR OWN GRUB.

There are some very bad things in the air these days - pollutants too small to see, but just the right size to get into cells throughout your body.

Most are 'nanoparticles' which have been known for a long time to damage respiratory systems and blood vessels. Now comes disturbing information that they cause brain damage too. Recently more and more studies have been highlighting the inflammation caused by these 'nano-pollutants' as a potential source of nerve damage.

Fuzzy Thinking

People aged 40 to 65 living in large cities around the world including London, New York, Beijing, Hong Kong, Moscow, Calcutta, Sidney, SAndreas o Paulo, Montreal, and Dallas have all shown definite increases in cognitive dysfunction.

More importantly, as the November 2009 issue of Environmental Research reported, those who live within 50 meters of very busy streets exhibited poorer memory skills than did others of the same age who did not.

Besides the well documented pattern of fuzzy thinking these pollutants cause, impaired senses of smell are also being reported with increasing frequency. Scientists believe air pollution is to blame with nanoparticles being the prime suspect.

Antioxidant Protection

Last March I attended the annual meeting of the Society of Toxicology, where I met Professor Lillian Calderón-Garcudyeñas. Referring to her major study recently published in the September 2009 issue of Trends in Neurosciences, she mentioned that people living in over-crowded and highly polluted environments, should be eating diets high in antioxidants as they are the key to limiting nanoparticle-induced inflammation in the brain. Brightly colored fruits and vegetables are two good sources as well as – believe it or not - dark chocolate!

Vitamins A, C, and E, selenium, grapeseed & grapeskin extract, pine bark, CoQ10, astaxanthin, turmeric extract, L-glutathione, L-cysteine and alpha lipoic acid are all powerful antioxidants that have a proven track record of reducing inflammation caused by inhaled pollutants. Funnily enough they are all present in Cell Defence®, probably the most effective antioxidant formula ever designed.

If you live in a highly populated area, on or near a busy road, you should definitely consider supplementing your diet with this powerful formula. Courtesy of Nutri Plus.

http://healthfreedoms.org/2012/02/24/occasional-fasting-offers-boost-in-mental-health-and-longevity/ I am trying a diet of vegan/vegetarian and two meals a day and minimal food as well. I got the idea from some Spanish Pro football teams who are trying this. I have adapted the principles.

http://youtu.be/T4FIS1FnOQg The Power of the sea. Oh my.

This is a beautiful message from an Israeli citizen to Iranian people and posted on face book, this is so lovely. This Israeli man got many responses from Iranian folk. It just goes to show what one person can do. No wonder the war lords want to shut down the internet. No profit in peace. They fear the power of love and co operation.

Take care folks, things are getting near the edge now and we are into the tipping point and the past the point of my inverted V and we are now processing the new encoding and this will bring duality, controversy and dilemma to many. It is time to listen to our intuition, not the false programming from the unconscious, to cultivate sensitivity and withdraw one's support from the crazy political madness.

Just the act of withdrawing one's opposition, anger, wishing to change the evil or whatever, in being neutral, not even a whisper of recognition, not, not, suppression, causes hunger to the 'pool or cloud' of vibrating yet invisible to sight, not to sensitive's or some advanced psychics or to the 'bone fide' intuitive's, this malevolent cloud of dysfunctional and inharmonious selfish domain.

We are dealing with an energy Universe and as such there are many different frequencies, therefore discernment by awareness with out bias, looking without opinion, observation without judgement, breathing through and releasing tension, will wither the tenacious vice like grip of a few ugly persons who rule the world of finance, politics, environment, power hungry demonical entities that have possessed them or work through them and fire them up with sexual atrocities, sacrificial rites and ceremonies and all manners of perversion, suffering through poverty and taking away human liberty and so forth.

The end is nigh, however, the wounded monster is always more dangerous when it is fighting for its Life. Its survival instinct kicks in, which is primordial, deeply embedded and powerful.

Lots and Lots of Love. Geoff



The commentary is self explanatory and should this be correct, certainly the NASA images are, and the connection with Nassim Haramein and confirmation by my whistle blowers then this has big implications regarding ET, Egyptolgy and the recent elimination of the underground illuminati bases last September 2010 and this year 2012 March.

Considering in above and later and earlier this year blogs there was massive solar stuff and issing data in the periods of 11/13 March 2012 then this is photographic evidence of that reason for the omission.

I have said in so many workshops and I repeat; ET are not knights in Shining White Armor, they will only interfere if the planet is threatened with breakage, they only communicate with selected persons they do not use channellings, these are psychic ET who channel, they will not save humans only the planet.

The elite threat overheard was'We only let them live, and we have weapons that could destroy them and the Earth and I tell you this 'If we cannot have and rule the Planet, neither will they'.

That and other signs I feel are culminating to a grand fianale of some sort. I feel the battle will be between the elite so called and the those who know of their shanigans and the ET and with demonic psychic entities who possess the 'elite' and feed off of their hideous and heinous energies. ET will be aware of Haarp and other low and high frequency oscillitaory weaponery and aslo the hostile ET who will attempt to defend the illuminati. They are in for a shock as they have been Earth bound/Moon and Mars bound for too long and have no idea of the sophistcation of the Sun [for a want of a better word] technology.

This battle will be similar to the one's described in dear Zachariah Sitchin's 'The Twelth Planet'.


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