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Geoff Freed — March 2012
Former forensic technician and scientific & medical researcher, lecturer, workshop leader and psychotherapist, Dr. Geoff Freed reports on what is happening energetically on the planet at this pivotal time in history.

Hello and Welcome

You know there is a theme rumbling around in my head; - The Great Spirit gave Life to all and everything and this to me as well. It is a constant puzzlement to me, WHY on Earth can’t I just rest and surrender to this, to that, to IT. Surrender to run my Life without fret or care.


It seems so simple to let go. I know all this stuff about the collective unconscious, the ego, Karma, programming, conditioning, God working His experiences through me to realise He created the Experiences in order to realise they are not Him.

Its like saying ‘ That is BIG G, Big I, gave you or created for you this crap, this illusion, or gave each form the capacity for FREE WILL, except the animals and plants and so on, so you can create your own crap, and so the two of us in tandem can mess it all up until we get sick and tired, worn out of hoarding, power games, loving, hating, being gay, straight, androgynous, god fearing, loyal, evil, materialistic, poverty stricken, atheistic, spiritual, oh for pities sake, the pain, the burden of carrying this mental conceptual luggage.

It is indeed tiresome, fatiguing to carry this round ONLY when one becomes aware of this. Up until the point when one is asleep to the ‘burden’ it is indeed the everyday flotsam and jetsam of living, C’est la vie.


To be carefree without necessarily being exceedingly wealthy, healthy, married, employed, single, a monk, or any particular nomenclature, category or definition.

It is indeed the weariness I feel at this moment, just before 2012 and about three months before. It feels these pieces of Luggage of tiresome, boring, the end of their use and is not the building block of my world, and there is pressure to oust them, this is surfacing from the files of my unconscious subconscious.

A real worn out pair of shoes. These shoes have trodden the familiar path for so long now and I feel to walk barefoot, in fact be bear, naked, pristine, and free.


Lately I stare out of the window at trees and I know somewhere in mind that are a tree, yet I marvel, am in awe of not only the tree, but everything. I feel like a ‘Stranger in a Strange Land’, like a child looking at things for the first time, not having a reference to ‘hook or define ‘the form to’. I do actions, whose hands are these, who put the trees there, how did I get here, and who am I?

Who am I? I am Me. Who am this Me? There is no answer only an intellectual conjecture, a scientific, religious or some gabled gook, an attempt to ‘know that I Know that I Know. To feel safe. Then when the definition, the ‘foundation is rocked’ by some challenge, makes one feel uncomfortable, then one realises who I thought I was, is not so.

If the ‘Who am this Me ‘is really pondered, a Koan, this paradox, this esoteric conundrum, then there is a stultifying ‘void, a kind mind stopper, a shock, sometimes a fear and trembling, heat and cold, numbness’ this silence that can follow, the lack of thought, not the suppression of thought, a kind of still quiet empty, light dynamic, in which one is aware of one’s awareness. Then on recovery delight, freedom, joy and other indescribable adjectives.

This emptiness of dynamic nothingness is pure potential and be equated to the zero potential field of all possibilities and probabilistic computations, either by the Divine Mind or one’s desires. Here one can lose the ability of freedom and become the slave of that which issues forth from the void, rather than the void itself.


Sometimes when in deep quietness and aware of my body I can feel the throb of Life, not just blood pulse, it feels cool, yet warm, flowing, bubbling, like bubbles bursting forth, sometimes like a mild electric current, a buzzing, almost inaudible, yet tangible.

One has to be still, aware and relaxed. It is in these moments, one is aware of the Life Force, the Chi, the mild form of kundulini. It is in these spaces that one can feel rejuvenation, regeneration, resurrection. It feels clean, refreshing, energising and replenishing. It can be lost by anxiousness, ill health, innutritious food, pollution and so forth.

One feels the touch of the Universe, the safety of no safety and the everlasting arms that are not there in form but in feeling. Yet one cannot even demand to keep experiencing this. It is gift of Grace. It is spontaneous.


Any attempt to consciously, willingly, contemplate, manipulate, repeat these will only be a mind graphic, another hook to enable the mind to form Itself into a library of experiences and recreate the ego on another platform, which in time becomes another piece of luggage.

Also of Late I have felt that the perfect blueprint, the DNA wave, yes a kind of Universal Circadian Rhythm, a kind of Frequency Pulse for Source, that courses through the Universe, entangled to all forms of endemic Strands of the Blueprint may be ‘out there’ if there is such a thing. For all our circadian waves are in/out/ somewhere/nowhere, so are deeply enmeshed shared human DNA, Heart beats and so forth. So I ash myself, why cannot I tune into the Universal Perfect DNA for me?

What seems to whisper to me is that by being still a gateway a portal is opened and my wishes, desires, wants, thoughts cease and then am co joined or coalesce with the essence, the ‘field of possibilities’ and it here, where is here, here? It is here that the Universe takes over and the DNA of oneself, the Cosmic Circadian Rhythm is automatically imbibed. IT is a case of surrendering, of inviting from and in the Stillness that which the Cosmic Intelligence has in ‘Mid’ for oneself.

The bag of ego, the luggage, the attic of accumulated debris of the past has to be set aside and the emptiness of Stillness, which is awareness, comes through the space of the vacated ego.

This natural Grand Circadian Rhythm Frequency Wave is the regulator of Death, Birth and all else appertaining to any particular form. I guess Let Go and Let Flow. Any attempt to intellectually, wilfully engineer this will be a pale ghost and a illusion compounded by all other illusions.

To Let Go is to realise that holding on is -----?





I guess the Universe Let Go Of Itself to be One of Its Many forms, which is Like giving myself up to be there for everyone, and yet get the benefits if that the correct word to experience the joy of Loving emptying of the Self. It is as if the seed drops to die to be reborn, the dandelion above gives of Itself to be recreated in Its Offspring. Each birth hold the promise of Death which is another rebirth, yet the Underlying Life has no form and is not born or dies yet sustains Its Experiences through inexhaustible renewable perpetual eternal motion; the begetter recycles Itself into the Recipient, who in turn dies to be begot again.



http://vimeo.com/35630244 Often we hear and see Aurora Borealis, this is a 2 min beautiful video of Red Australis Borealis.

http://www.space.com/12475-ufo-ocean-floor.html CLAIM THAT A UFO HAS BEEN FOUND ON THE OCEAN FLOOR BY A SWEDISH SALVAGE OPERATOR. Incidentally I have always had a passion to visit the Baltic Sea and some years back I spent a day with my German friends there and was almost hypnotised by it. I wish I could revisit the name of the town was Laboe.


Figure 1 This a memorial at Laboe FOR ALL the sailors who died in the world wars.


Figure 2 A reminder of a U-Boat and all the advanced submarines that are so deadly and could be so usweful for other purposes. This is at Laboe as well.


Figure 3 Disc at bottom of Baltic Sea.

http://enjoyarmenia.com/archives/446 Check this out, a Stonehenge type structure in Armenia, purportedly 3,500 years older than STONEHENGE.






You may click on any of the types of radiation for more detail about its particular type of interaction with matter. The different parts of the electromagnetic spectrum have very different effects upon interaction with matter. Starting with low frequency radio waves, the human body is quite transparent. (You can listen to your portable radio inside your home since the waves pass freely through the walls of your house and even through the person beside you!) As you move upward through microwaves and infrared to visible light, you absorb more and more strongly. In the lower ultraviolet range, all the uv from the sun is absorbed in a thin outer layer of your skin. As you move further up into the x-ray region of the spectrum, you become transparent again, because most of the mechanisms for absorption are gone. You then absorb only a small fraction of the radiation, but that absorption involves the more violent ionization events. Each portion of the electromagnetic spectrum has quantum energies appropriate for the excitation of certain types of physical processes. The energy levels for all physical processes at the atomic and molecular levels are quantized, and if there are no available quantized energy levels with spacings which match the quantum energy of the incident radiation, then the material will be transparent to that radiation, and it will pass through.

This will assist in understanding the earlier blogs of the effects of the solar-CME-HSS and so on and the weather, Schumann Resonance and so forth.



These two articles and blog will be a reminder to the above graphs. It will also show the affects of mobile phones and computers which you can work out from the frequencies.

http://noosphere.princeton.edu/ Also related to above.

http://www.dailymail.co.uk/femail/article-2072383/Eccentric-town-Todmorden-growing-ALL-veg.html I think this lady is amazing, not eccentric. It just shows how far removed the press is from what is real and wonderful.

‘Conventional wisdom holds that Mars's atmosphere is vulnerable because the planet lacks a global magnetic field. Earth's magnetic field stretches far out into space and envelopes the whole planet in a protective bubble that deflects the solar wind. Mars has only regional, patchy magnetic fields that cover relatively small areas of the planet, mostly in the southern hemisphere. The rest of the atmosphere is fully exposed to the solar wind. So the loss could be caused by the slow erosion of the atmosphere in these exposed areas.’


Maybe there was a civilisation on Mars and they did what we are doing, raping and denuding the planet. The Magnetosphere is part of the Earth; everything is related and interrelated in a unique harmony and independent independency.

This oversight of not recognising the links in the chain, the eco systems can lead to a gradual eroding and then when enough units have gone, enough links of the chain sever, then a sudden collapse. A tipping point can be reached, a hundred monkey critical mass in reverse.

It seems many of us are suffering from broken chains, hearts and relationships. This is sad. However, maybe we have to totally breakdown before the mass population wake up.?


Figure 6 How long will it be before the chain breaks --- ecologically, politically, financially and socially?

In my now often repeated Inverted V, we are nearly at the apex and the demarcation and confusion between mega crises and mega solution are indeed so close as to be nearly blending, cancelling one another out and so synthesising into a third and new way, not to the left or right, or middle, but something original and marvellous, a dream perhaps, however, I feel a distinct possibility.

When we view ecosystems, plant wise, animal, atmospheres and so forth they are seemingly different, yet they co exist on every level for the good of the whole. It is not sacrifice. It is serving each other so all benefit.

Service without sacrifice or suffering is indeed compassion and altruism in its deepest and most profound aspect.

Lots of Love, Be well, best wishes. Geoff



http://www.workplaceinsanity.com/2010/12/what-horses-ass-said-you-should-do-it.html WHAT HAS THIS TO DO WITH THE SPACE SHUTTLE? Astounding.

http://www.starchildproject.com/dna2012.htm HELLO FELLOW HYBRID. I KNEW I WAS DO YOU?

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6gLCbTByAOE My Goodness what a financial massive scam.


NOAA Scales Activity

Range 1 (minor) to 5 (extreme)

NOAA Scale

Past 24 hrs


Geomagnetic Storms

G2 G1

Solar Radiation Storms

S2 S2

Radio Blackouts


On BBC 2 Tuesday 6 March 2012 there was a programme on the Sun solar flares, CME’s etc., they watered it down to say the least. Look at the above NOAA scale and see what these readings are ? http://www.swpc.noaa.gov/SWN/index.html



http://www.energygrid.com/futurity/geoff-freed/2010/10.html Here is a synopsis of the effects and affects of weather and solar weather and storms.


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