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Geoff Freed — February 2012
Former forensic technician and scientific & medical researcher, lecturer, workshop leader and psychotherapist, Dr. Geoff Freed reports on what is happening energetically on the planet at this pivotal time in history.

Fig 01

Hello Friends

In the 70's I spent a year at Findhorn, and it did not look anything as above, yet it has developed into this amazing place. Elsewhere in blogs I have described the various impressions of my stay and so forth.

One of the highlights was the visit of Dr Marcel Vogel

Marcel Joseph Vogel (1917 - 1991) was a research scientist for IBM's San Jose facility for 27 years. He received numerous patents for his inventions during this time. Among these was the magnetic coating for the 24” hard disc drive systems still in use. His areas of expertise were phosphor technology, liquid crystal systems, luminescence, and magnetics.

In the 1970's Marcel did pioneering work in man-plant communication experiments. This led him to the study of quartz crystals and the creation of a faceted crystal that is now known as the Vogel-cut® crystal. The Vogel-cut® crystal is an instrument that serves to store, amplify, convert, and cohere subtle energies.

Marcel's research into the therapeutic application of quartz crystals led him to the investigation of the relationship between crystals and water. He discovered that he could structure water by spinning it around a tuned crystal, altering many of the characteristics of the water and converting it into an information storage system.



Marcel led the group into plant communication and telepathy as did Cleve Backster as in the Book 'The Secret Life of Plants, by Peter Tompkins and Christopher Bird, the bible of this early research.

looks at this for 10 mins about plant communication.

The above then led me recently to Professor Stefano Manucuso in Florence Italy and Dr Frantisek Baluska in Bonn in Germany at their research facilities.


http://www.linv.org/linv_research.php About the technical research with pictures.

What follows are my research notes over the years and updated as the years passed by.


Figure 3 Human Brain Denditrites.

How many roots have a single Rye plant got 13,815,672 and at root apex 11,483,271 as you will see in above link?


Figure 4 Typical root system in a plant. This is not necessarily a rye plant.


Figure 5 Tree roots, similar to human brain dendrites.

The early research by Dr Cleve Backster and Dr Marcel Vogel showed that THERE IS A CONSCIOUSNESS transfer between plants and between humans and plants and visa versa.

This showed me a neuronal network, an internet of COMMUNICATION and the purpose INFORMATION. Shared information. This comprises of signals, codes that facilitate growth, protect, survive, propagate, and evolve. Evolvement through shared intelligence. The Universe has this in Its 'dendrites' and plants can interface with the Universe. How is this so; 1) By resonance. 2) By magnetic vortex and frequencies. 3) By consciousness.

So this vast Internet exists to co ordinate all the units and served by the ' net of Universal Communication and Information' a vast Cosmic Internet in so called' silence and invisibility' to the human senses, although some sensitives may catch glimpses of this or rather be aware of them.

Humankind may only perceive the solid form, the logic, the solid. Behind or deeper is the molecule, the atom, the sub atomic particles and so on to? The Uniform Field, Zero whatever! This is the so called base line, a crude analogy, this is the intelligence behind, beneath, in front, everywhere which way. It is this intelligence of everything expressing Itself, its unique sameness through Its Network.

This explains non locality, how an identical electron can be in two places at once-over vast distances, as if they were the mirror image of the other. It is joined by the information field.

This then infers that humankind should be able to tap into this vast field of information.

The ego or the separated mind has its own agenda, its programmes, conditioning, and brain washing through cultural, political, commercial, religious indoctrination, an addiction that separates and causes non communication, albeit limited and to its own kind. It has limited sharing and so growth is stunted, or merely a variation on a theme.

The average mind is constantly thinking, buzzing, either consciously or unconsciously, so it is not 'open' or quiet enough to pick up or 'listen' in the stillness to the deep communication of the Universe. 'Be Still and Know we are a Node, a point of contact like a computer on the net'.


Figure 6 Our Brain as a node in the Cosmic Universe Internet.

What programme we surf or log into, the choice is up to us?






It could be said that Life is a pulsing dynamic field of potential expressing Itself through Information.

This information is carried via fields of energy, frequencies, vibrations which in turn are picked by aerials, antennae, which download to the expressions of whatever form they appear as.

Following on from this what of my so called flesh body? Nature is the INFORMED FIELD that produces Its Forms, and our bodies are linked or tuned to it, and we should be in coherence with her information field.

Nature and we are just a differing frequency as are all her co habitants and we interface through our DNA in order to receive and give an exchange of by communication that is facilated through a common internet of Information. It would seem that Nature is linked to us for the common enhancement, nourishment and care, and we should reciprocate by nurturing her with love, respect, and being aware of her needs. Our bodies in their natural state are in trust and in tune with nature.

It follows that when a distortion is Nature occurs by pollution, noise, chemicals and so forth, the field becomes distorted and we become distorted and dysfunctional.

In order to smooth the distortion it is needed to cultivate the quiet mind, a mind a rest, and in that stillness there is a dynamic, a potential, the realm of all possibilities and probabilities.

Can we be still, quiet, alert, present, aware to 'catch' the Divine Prompt, should it be there for our use and communication?


Figure 7 The Web or Internet of Life in this small example.

The Divine Prompt is the Source of All Information in the Natural Cosmos and is imparted to the open receptacle of the alert awareness which is empty of local thought which is egoist.

This maybe the holy grail, the chalice which is a mind, a node listening in the stillness and The Source supplies to that node the information that is commensurate and concomitant for its well being and growth. This can be felt as deep inspiration and sent as grace.

Many humans feel the Cosmic Internet rather than get words. It is feel hear, feel know, it is beyond thought and logic and it fills one with a special 'upliftment' that the go can never give, even if dredged up from the memory banks which are always the past regurgitated in the now and is never the future. There is no future for the present is now and now is all there is.


Figure 8 Nature and Us.

Grace is an out pouring from Source.

Surrendering to the Universal Cosmic Internet means 'letting go' of personal thought. To be empty, quiet, still, so that the noisy mind becomes quiet so that the one becomes receptive, a receiver, a cup, an antenna.

IT HERE the Intuition is born, not the computation of stored memory from the ego, the library of the past.

Maybe at the deepest level, the sub, sub strata, the rock foundation of being the Source, the Unified Field, the Source, all the possibilities and probabilities are there as a dynamic potential, not a stagnant pool of a dormant nature. This potential can be accessed as shown by earlier physics as shown by experiments in the book The Tao of Physics.

Many years back a book came out in a simple form before it complicated and revised named 'THE TAO OF PHYSICS' by Fritzof Capra.


Figure 9 Looks like the original

This is taken from one of my January 2012 blog [Post 1].

Many of the scientists had breakdowns as they confronted the 'emptiness' and the fact they could interface with the experiments, yes' mind over matter. The exasperated scientists divided into two camps, the new physicists who have gone on researching into non locality of consciousness and mind and those who cannot get out of their skull, logic and ego and are the reductionism almost not moved on from Newton and the Billiard Ball syndrome, the local mind genre.

Letting go is letting God or if one prefers letting go is letting the Universal Cosmic Consciousness or mind do the computing, this then becomes the natural order of nature. We are part of, a unit of, a node in the network; we are part of the non local mind.

However, the local mind, the ego, blocks out the Divine Mind or Cosmic Internet, or receives data and distorts it for selfish reasons, so blocking the sharing of truth, this then causes a bastardisation of Natural Law and Order, which is always evolving in Its energy and time and may appear to humankind stagnant and not apparent.

It is because the human body as this present in 2012 seems to have a lifespan 0f 0-120 years or so that unlimited eternity is not comprehended and indeed the Universe evolves perhaps in a time span of Its own comprehension and the idea of no beginning or end foreign or at least hard to grasp by the local mind. This begs the question if there is no beginning or end, where or what evolves or expands? This leads onto is all a product of consciousness? Where did consciousness arise in the first place? If it is a Cosmic Mind and we are but a thought in it, we are an idea at most, where and how big is a mind?


Figure 10: I just love the caption" In the beginning there was nothing -------which exploded. That just about sums my view in Science and the BIG BANG [from Feb 2012 Post 2]

In fact that death or demise of the human body, hopefully naturally, can set the mind free of its fear; that is the local environment, habitat and stored mind graphics. This can set the mind free as energy consciousness which then can experience differing environments and scenarios and not limited by former egoist principle or localised Earth tabloids.

One is set free to explore new vistas and not get lured back, seduced by the magnetic lattices, spiral networks of glamour, power, and eroticism which were the domain of the former local networks. Death then takes on a new meaning; it becomes a gateway, indeed a star gate, a rebirth to the unlimited scenarios of Being.

So what then is fear? Fear in the light of the above is the local limited life and experiences in a human body in this example as in contrast to the Cosmic Vast Mind and Consciousness as it were if one is talking in atomic form and not just as a mind. This stored or personal Life achieved by culture, religion, politics, indoctrination, conditioning, grooming, brain washing and programming, that in the terms of death is here today and gone tomorrow, born with the body and dies with it.

This can lead to questioning ones own existence what is my life? What is life? What is the purpose of creation and my Life? If I am a mere idea or figment of a Cosmic mind, and how big is a mind, I suppose as big as the thoughts within it, and I do not know what a mind is, and on death my mind may not exist as some scientists say that mind/consciousness is a mere activity of electrical impulses in the brain, and there is nothing or no survival after death, then what the heck?

Deep contemplation, introspection and yes thought may eventually lead one to the Cosmic Vastness, the Great Mystery and realise how limited is the small local ego mind and what a localised being I am this leading to a seeming block. It is too big for me to even entertain.


Figure 11 Wow is I that small really?

Following this on another question may arise, who am I really? The small self then becomes aware of its smallness, its limitations, its temporary, transitory existence, its fragility and it may feel exposed, naked and insecure, this is felt as anxiousness [ not particularly about anything an underlying sense of shifting sands and nowhere to rest ones head as it were]. This is an opportunity to surrender to emptiness, not boredom and a blank vegetative mode of mind.

The frightened mind then adopts counter measures to allay the insecurity and starts to build defences around a bunch of thoughts bundled together which it assumes is reality. Then it compartmentalises into My Territory, My Body, My, My, My. It builds strategies and blame, guilt, duty and then thinks in some cases so what I'll be amoral, immoral, a right tight mean vengeful hoarding so and so, after there is no after life, god, or retribution but good old Darwin and the survival of the fittest. One can get into addiction, despondency, depression and all other fantasies and trauma. You name it you can be it.

Then one can come to the realisation to just simply let go, swim into the mystery, go into the Vastness which is ever large, expansive, take a risk of relying on the emptiness, the dynamic pulses and throbbing of life felt in the body and mind when one does let go and one realises that Life is a Mystery and yes I feel Life and eventually come to trust IT.

Trying to grasp this with the logical local enclosed ego mind only leads to exasperation, desperation, hopelessness, frustration and merely trying to box it into a neat formulae or mathematical equation can lead to further trauma, addiction. Yes one can feel that one has sussed the mystery of life, yet then suddenly another theorem another equation and on death it is still unsolved and should one believe in reincarnation one may come back to finish off unfinished business.

One realises the local mind is indeed local, and at best it can play endless intellectual buzzes that give an intellectual high, I understand it all now, I can package this up nicely get my Nobel Prize or Whatever, become a wealthy CEO, I am now the top banana, the man, the King ------- The King is Dead Long Live the King.


Figure 12 When we are caught in a net to free oneself is to become aware that this is an acquired net through false beliefs and a mind which is restless with thought. When it dawns on one that I created the net, then dismantling becomes Life's work. The result freedom.

The intellectual buzz can lead to further the enquiry, the enquiry has to be genuine, not based on previous data, and an open mind may lead one beyond the box, the net. The pain may set in as the temporary massage of the buzz fades, if successful as it were, the drive comes to 'let go'' the nice comfortable interlude diminishes. I must know who I really Am, the pressure builds up, and simmers, it boils and if one is courageous enough, it blows and one is free.

Then one may ask what is free? Who is free? [not the freedom of drug high, intellectual pride, being stinking rich, being in a commanding position, these are mere ego freedoms, they also contain the sense of' What if I lose my wealth, my job, my relationships and so forth?], what or where is freedom?

There is no description on utter pure freedom. It an experience like no other and there is no turning back, and there is no doubt in it. Turning back-------back to where?

The journey never ends or indeed ever began ------what then is fear here?

Let us review the original plant and tree consciousness which prompted the above. They grow silently to our ears; they have surrendered themselves to the network of Cosmic Consciousness, they inherently comprehend, intuitively they are looked after by the consciousness which is the network in action.

Can humankind evolve to this?

Take care and lots of Love. Geoff



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