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Geoff Freed — February 2012
Former forensic technician and scientific & medical researcher, lecturer, workshop leader and psychotherapist, Dr. Geoff Freed reports on what is happening energetically on the planet at this pivotal time in history.

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Hello Folks

Just recently say over the last three months a great pressure has and is growing me and I writhe, wriggle and sweat like a snake[if it sweats or a lobster carapace], shedding skins. Great junks of what I relate too and relationships to people, possessions, money, my body, health have taken an about turn in some cases and completely lost a sort of pleasant amnesia.

Several folk have shared this with this and it seems that this is a kind 'next mass step'.

There is an old Zen story 'a great archer who was champion of Japan looked for more challenges. He was told to go up to the mountain top where an old master Archer lived. The old master said to the Great Archer go to the end of the highest cliff, stand on one leg and then draw the bow and shoot at targets. The great archer was terrified as looked out on hundreds of feet of sheer drop.

After two years he managed it and said to the Master what next, I need to prove my worth, I need another challenge. The Master then said 'go down to the village at the very far north of the mountain and ask to see the wise and greatest archer of all time'. The Great Archer went to the village and went to see this wizened old man and he bowed low and said 'I am told you are the greatest Archer of all times and still are, and presented the old man with his bow and arrows'. The old man looked puzzled, and a bit bewildered and replied' what are these things I have never seen these things before'

The Great Archer left despondent and confused and many years later in a Zen Monastery he realised that his ego wanted challenge after challenge to prove himself, when this passed away and he felt free and went back to the old man, who when seeing the archer, died and the archer took the seat and place of the old man.

Many of the teachings and quotes from the past which I am fond of writing or talking about as example, seem to drop away as if they have no meaning anymore, a huge relief was felt and a pace of no space accompanied it, this was followed by a realisation of 'how spiritual egotistical I am', all the workshops, lectures blogs a wealth of experience.


Yes some insights, some meaningful experiences, yet the word spiritual bugged me. It seemed to me alien, apart from life, a practice, a set of side. Then it blew into me, Spiritual is a cop out, Life is spiritual, what is Life. It is merely living, ordinary living, whatever one does is living and therefore --------? So for me anything from knitting, Qi Gong, watching some TV, preparing food, sleeping, cussing, arguing, feeling deep compassion, it is Life's rich tapestry.

What a relief was felt, and much of the pressure evaporated, I felt dizzy, confused, bewildered as the whole 'effort' to define myself as spiritual which gave me a kind of 'elite' frame of mind, verysubtle, that I was different from the terrorist, yet I have felt rebellion, anger and hate in me.


It is when these moments arise a little voice says, my conscience pricks me' that's not spiritual. You should suppress these thoughts or be aware of these by presence and so forth' I would often feel I let myself down, my image as a workshop presenter, lecturer, 1967 writings, Jewish/Buddhist/ Christian teachings, philosophies, tenets and so forth, KishnaMurti said this, Eckhart Tolle that, Deepak also', it was in that moment it dropped away.

There was a great emptiness and there seemed to be no morals, no religious or spiritual foundations, the 9th wave, the spiritual emails with lovely music and graphics, the predictions, the astrology seems to have no meaning anymore. Phew What a Relief. Nothing to live up to, none to please, just this empty head.

Having no morals or social graces always was a concern to me and I wondered what would be the consequence on 'having no head'. The feeling is empty, dynamic, aware, and yet strangely distant and simmering compassion.

There seems to be more spontaneity and I remembered that I was told the final stage of one's path in Life was to give up all notions of good, bad, spiritual, evil, and just be. There is this 'at a lecture a person said to a teacher' I have given up all my vices', the teacher replied now give up all your virtues''.

So what now? Do I give up blogging? Do I give up all quotes, not read so called' spiritual books', not give the odd lecture and so forth? No. It has to be spontaneous, not subtly contrived. In the moment, if the cap fits wear it.

Does a baby know its spiritual? Does a horse, whale, dolphin knows it's Spiritual? Before conditioning and programming, we are what we are and animals in the wild just instinctively, intuitively live Life.

This emptiness if trusted in the sense it is not contrived allows one to live as spontaneously as is possible in this hectic troubled world. There seems to be more 'distance' as it were between spontaneous action [not impulse] and reaction.

'A Hill was a hill, and then it became something else, until it became a Hill again'


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This 4 min NASA video sets a puzzle, a really well presented easy to understand, well done.

Another 4 min puzzle well presented. NASA is being a tad more transparent.

Beautiful reminder of our blessings. [9 mins] Thanks Lyn for sending.

http://365grateful.com/ If you're bored try this simply project. Maybe what we look for or desire is only an escape or search for who we really are. Thanks again Lyn for sending.


Figure 1 I just love the caption" In the beginning there was nothing -------which exploded. That just about sums my view in Science and the BIG BANG

The above taken from http://www.lloydpye.com/Interventionebooksample.htm Please support and purchase this online e-book.

http://www.ted.com/talks/louie_schwartzberg_the_hidden_beauty_of_pollination.html This beautiful video depicts the wonder of pollination. When I lived in Minorca:

fig07    fig08

Similar to my herdsman cottage. Had side rooms for animals and a balcony with a flat roof. Surroundings not so lush. Did have grasses and stunted trees, an outside loo which used lime to 'flush' toilet and a couple of broken down small barns the home to rats and snakes. The well was housed in a side building. All the buildings were built into the ground rock and so all movements of living beings could be heard and voices carried eerily, especially at night. Now the Island is built up with hotels and other modernisations. Where I lived is now a prime tourist complex of neat rowed holiday flats and houses. Full story of my stay in Minorca

http://www.energygrid.com/futurity/geoff-freed/2009/12.html Scroll down to Dear Friends. Butterfly Lane was full of butterflies just like in video above. It was a rough path trampled down by me as I walked to the sea or Yogi Rock, where high perched and field glasses I could see on a clear day or night the coast of North Africa.

I went over with £300.00 and came back with £25.00; my rent was half a crown a week [roughly 25p], my food bill about £1.50 and travel to other Islands and parts of Minorca about £30.00.

Figure 2 I had an inspiration said the sun----an ah ah.


Figure 3 Maybe these are the Earth's auras?


Figure 4 Did not leave out the Earth's other sphere.

'The Earth has a magnetic field with north and south poles. The magnetic field of the Earth is enclosed in a region surrounding the Earth called the magnetosphere. As the Earth rotates, its hot core generates strong electric currents that produce the magnetic field. This field reaches 36,000 miles into space. The magnetosphere prevents most of the particles from the sun, carried in solar wind, from impacting the Earth. The solar wind distorts the shape of the magnetosphere by compressing it at the front and causing a long tail to form on the side away from the Sun. This long tail is called the magnetotail .

Some particles from the solar wind can enters the magnetosphere. The particles that enter from the magnetotail travel toward the Earth and create the auroral oval light shows.

The Sun and other planets have magnetospheres, but the Earth has the strongest one of all the rocky planets. The Earth's north and south magnetic poles reverse at irregular intervals of hundreds of thousands of years. In addition, the poles wander over shorter periods of time (hundreds of years).' Courtesy of NASA.

I go back to the Sun/magnetosphere/ Schumann Resonance because of the weather patterns, position of the solar system in its rotation and resonance position to the transition across the Milky Way Centre and other relevant links and patterns. Especially the effect and affect of the fluctuating magnetic fields and its links to our biology.

http://www.glcoherence.org/monitoring-system/commentaries.html?mtcCampaign=9228&mtcEmail=13526879 found in many back blogs, it is long, however one of the best.

'The body is a vessel of consciousness, of life… When one dies consciously, one leaves behind the vessel and identifies oneself with that which the vessel holds… and that is God, the life force, energy, call it what you will - the stuff that dreams and the cosmos are made of… Dying consciously, with your eyes open is the way to leave this world alive'.

~Alberto Villoldo

This is what I hold dearly and wish that when my transition arrives I would be afforded a conscious rebirth to that place I came from.

I have posted this many blog back [6 mins] this beautiful wolf and other animals really touched me deeply, and to the lovely healer and carers.

Mars in stunning HD.[3 mins] Really Beautiful. Again thanks NASA.

THIS IS REALLY STRANGE. MAYBE A HOAX, MAYBE COLLABORATION BY CELL PHONE. STRANGE NOISES HEARD WORLDWIDE. Some people are saying it is the trumpet sound as in The Book of Revelation 8:1-13 about the final days, others say it is project Blue beam, a project by the so called elite or black ops, in which they would project by holograms the 'second coming' and inaugurate the ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT. There is my blog about the financial proposal


This could also be the last ditch to bring in the stricken ailing so called elite. The technology is in place, satellites, HAARP and of course the new digital TV and 3D. I am not sure atmospherics would enable this from Nature. Strange, you might like to feed back.

This is astounding. This village/town/city is seemingly a paradise. Yet the cars, the affluence like other places are polluting the air, taking raw resources from other parts of the world----IS THIS MATERIALISTIC DREAM WORTH IT. Thanks Maurice for sending. It would be nice if they developed the phantom wave medical device from Russia, compressed air cars from India, free energy devices and so forth. UTOPIA of the old energy systems has its drawbacks.


http://www.orbitaldebris.jsc.nasa.gov/newsletter/pdfs/ODQNv16i1.pdf Really want to know what space junk and dangerous chemicals are ejected from worn out satellites and so forth and how much is up there?


Expect a Miracle and Lots of Love. Geoff



This came as a surprise to me. I wonder if this 3 min clip will surprise you.

Prof Dean Radin on scientific scepticism in academia.

http://naturalsociety.com/edible-microchips-alert-doctors-patients-do-not-take-meds/ TO ME THIS IS ONE OF THE ULTIMATE NIGHTMARES, TO OTHERS A SAVIOUR FROM BIG PHARMA.



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