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Geoff Freed — February 2012
Former forensic technician and scientific & medical researcher, lecturer, workshop leader and psychotherapist, Dr. Geoff Freed reports on what is happening energetically on the planet at this pivotal time in history.

Hello Again!

What an experience, I would love to have been there. This gorilla experience above shows the affinity that can exist between all organic living lives.

http://www.dovehealthalliance.org/overview.htm Good to see the scientific community going into this field of interaction with biology.


Some of you may have seen this before


However if it is authentic, and not just well meaning this could be the MAIN 2012 implementation.

The Above Breaking News is from the January 2 post. At the risk of being called negative and sceptic I would bring two or three points to your attention.

  1. Many years back the financial advisor to the IMF was applauded as a great spiritual leader as he did Transcendental Meditation and he with colleagues would lead the world to a better financial system and so forth. It got worse and more corrupt.
  2. Then we had David Wilcock announce the end of eight underground elite bases either nuked or ET erasing 60,000 personal and 4,000 arrests. Well you probably read my reply.

As regards NO 1 there has been as is a person going round for years now saying he is the personal or even reincarnated spirit of Count St Germaine and scammed many people, [me of £80.00] saying that the USA Federal Reserve Bank had trillions they were going to dish out to all the 'share holders', some Israeli contacts got scammed of £3,000 ponds each, I was promised £40,000 and they several million.

He was so plausible, then the camouflage became thin and I then alerted those in certain groups, I was castigated, and now thanked and have saved many a group and people of this person.

So it wise to hold awareness and 'watch' this space. Certain Guru, cult and of banker/government do the same ploy. 'Native American saying “White speaks with forked tongue”, and of course all denominations now. The Internet and Mobile phone aiding abetting this type of thing.

I am sure in NO 1 the intention is honourable and well meaning, NO 2 for me the Jury is Still Out.

The rising energy is getting to people in high positions and is pricking their conscience; however, we still have very high officials and religious fanatics who will scupper the boat if needed.

The binaural brain and DNA interface is now expanding causing unrest in resistant minds and the tip over is increasing rapidly. Hence the recalcitrant mind set of the remaining stubborn glory power hungry greedy so called elite want to censor the internet/mobile phone networks, bring in laws of incarceration without trial or jury or even told the so called perpetrators what offence has been committed.

Let us hope that the vast internment stalag type camps or institutions being built by THEMA along Central America are not for prisoners but an 'in case' of the New Madrid Fault Line Collapse. The USA like many other countries are now as suppressive, dogmatic and flagrantly abuse human rights while hypocritically denouncing other countries of the very same thing. When the shift hits the fan to the folk in the street we may see transparency really arrive. IT IS on the way and the crumbling stale bread of the old patterns rolling off the board to the floor to be collected and put on the compost heap for the new growth of now and tomorrow.

A lot of folk have raved over this 23 min video. A LOVELY MESSAGE AND GRAPHICS.


Daily Sun: 09 Jan 12: Solar activity is low despite the presence of several large spots on the solar disk. Credit: SDO/HMI

It goes to show that Ascension /Transformation symptoms and weather [patterns are not always linked to Solar Activity. The ninth wave or evolutionary drive frequencies come from a variety of sources. The Earth's, the Suns, planetary alignments, the solar systems travelling to new areas of space, so becoming influenced by differing resonances, background resonance, moon phases, the shifting tectonic plates and their magnetic impact on the Schumann Resonance and of course Cosmic Consciousness. All quiet on the Western Front, not on your nelly, always something going on, that's organic process for you.


Figure 1 Lovely Solar Flare on Valentines Day.


This was sent to me by Carl Calleman and he feels this is how the waves will develop through 2012.

This link of 3 mins is absolutely mind blowing

Another 3 min mind stopper of a giant footprint.

http://www.sheldrake.org/homepage.html This is the home site of renowned amazing scientist Rupert Sheldrake. When I was a member of the Scientiic and Healer Network I had the honour of meeting and sharing with him. The following is a small sample of his work,

The work of Rupert Sheldrake, and others, indicates that perhaps we make our way through our lives plugged into a source of information and memory that we are totally unaware of at this point. What could that be? Personally, I'm coming to think it may be in our so-called "junk" DNA. Junk clearly doesn't function as a part of what keeps us alive. Only 5% of our genes do that work. So 95% of us is extremely highly conserved, and yet it does...NOTHING?

This is what mainstream science expects us to believe because they have no explanation for why junk DNA is so carefully preserved by our bodies, yet seems to have no use. I suspect that IT is what is tapped into the Morphic Fields of Rupert Sheldrake. Imagine our junk DNA as the plug that fits into the socket of the universe itself, giving us life and consciousness and awareness and memory. This may not be the entire answer, but to me it's where we should start making a serious attempt to explore. My two cents worth....

There IS something more to conscious thought than what we are alleged to be doing in our brains. How can we know this? Because there are now on record multiple cases of seemingly "normal," or only slightly "subnormal," people dying and being autopsied, only to find that they have NO brain at all in their skulls! Only an atrophied brain stem, if that, yet they lived and spoke and had jobs and paid bills like the rest of us! So if this is true, and it obviously is, then what IS a brain good for? Is it really what we think it is?


http://www.belligerati.net/archives/2006/07/people_who_have.html Sometime back in 2005 or 2006 I commented and brought a number of proofs with people who live without knowing they have a brain the size of a pea or walnut. There was a brain scan going round the UK in those early days or before 2006 which tested the efficacy of the scanner. It hit the headlines and then religious, fear and political pressure took away any news. These people were to all accounts normal as it were living persons. NOT TO BE ASSOCIATED with the symptoms of hydrocephalus.

http://www.newscientist.com/article/dn12301-man-with-tiny-brain-shocks-doctors.html Should my memory serve me correct a man in Leeds had even a more amazing case, as he had no medical intervention and only found out through the above UK experimental scans.

fig04  fig 04

In so many back blogs I have mentioned there is no junk DNA. Should the word God not be appropriate for you in the above, then substitute your chosen adjective. Many scientists I know prefer Source, Cosmic Intelligence, and Universal Consciousness and so on. I went into many details with chemical, neurotransmitters and peptides, calcium thalamus cycle, brain as a chemical factory, thought and chemical influence, coded signals which activate the so called' Junk DNA' , especially from the Sun and Centre of the Milky Way Black Hole. Like sleeping cells the JUNK DNA would awaken when the trigger code in the form of MAGNETIC Vortices which contain spiral identification formulae and activation codes.

I then mentioned how these codes could awaken dormant DNA couplings and so cause a 'sort of rebellion' old cells addicted to certain codes, which came to them in the form of chemicals and minute magnetic fields of information would have to 'clean out' causing a kind of detoxification and this would and could be a considerable addition to the Transformation and Ascension symptoms. This was all part of the '1967' writings and shared in 2005 blogs onwards.


http://www.energygrid.com/futurity/geoff-freed/2007/03.html At one time way back Prof Chang and I had a brief exchange of ideas. Basically I agreed with him that Junk DNA could be ET planted in so far as it would be activated when the energies or frequencies were compatible and this would be two fold a) the ninth Mayan wave as per Dr Carl Johan Calleman [not know by me in 2007] or one could just by 'my 1967' time scale. 2) The rising energies, new position in the galaxy by spiralling travel of the solar system thereby exposing all and sundry to new activation codes, thereby like the journey of an Earth probe it has to meet its parabolic and spiral conjunctions. The codes are part and parcel of an evolutionary plan or design. NOT FIXED, FLEXIBLE, due to ego intervention [part of the plan] and will eventually arrive at its evolutionary destiny.

Each of these in Fig 2, being part of the ever increasing journey through the Universe, our Earth a giant Space Ship, a real Mother ship in deed and fact, travelling throughout time and space to an unknown destination until that part of the PLAN is outworked.


Figure 2 Imagine this spiralling and going in a round or ecliptic circle, like the planets and Earth .Moon around Sun.

fig07 fig08


Figure 3 The above images conveying the ideas of parabolic and spiralling vortices. Many similar in back blogs. in FACT EVERYTHING SPINS, SPIRALS AND ENTANGLES. THE EBB AND FLOW, THE YIN AND YANG, THE COSMIC DANCE, THE INTER RELATIONSHIPS AND INTERDEPENDENCY, the ends and beginnings, the Birth and Death'

So to 2012, these inter acting waves, the 9th, the June 6 2012, December 21 2012, the 26,000 year one, the 12,00 year cycle, they are all rhythms, cycles, frequencies, orbits, parabolas, all these are but frequencies, vibrations, energies, which weave their tapestry and are shaped by Billions. Trillions, Billions of Trillions and Trillions of Trillions of interactions and are all within the field of the witness or pure consciousness which provides the backcloth, the screen which it Witnesses Creation and us eventually as Its co creators, until we dissolve into that which has no form and until it starts again, or does it?


Figure 4 Another Black Hole


Figure 5 A black Hole as seen by those who see disaster

Many people who feel the end of the world is nigh, not because of a great Tsunami or such like, but because of the breakdown in finances, war, drought, floods, disease and so forth see this in Fig. 5

However in figure 4 where is states 'Black Hole, called the event horizon, it spirals down to the tip which is named the singularity. I see this as the parabola as above, we spiral down to the singularity which is the end of form and is the witness.

The witness in all of creation is but one, a singularity, there is no separate entity or consciousness than that, it is pure consciousness. The event horizon is aptly named because it contains the many trillions of billions of forms. This is the play of the Universe to gather up its materials, which are merely interplays of frequencies, which are information codes to inform and build, create and experience, then to breakdown and reuse, a giant macro recycling mechanism.


Figure 6 Maybe a black hole is a Diablo.

Maybe on reaching the Centre, pure consciousness it spews out in a contra spiral rotation, the opposite to drawing say clockwise as it were to counter clockwise, so forming a 'Big Bang', [there are theories of black holes sucking in debris and white holes ejecting matter], to me more like an AH AH! And the explosion of an Idea, See, an Inspiration and this causes waves, ripples and so the first blueprints to be worked out into billions of new forms. The AH AH! MAYBE THE EQUIVALENT to 'In the Beginning there was a Void, -----the word -----became form' 'In the beginning was the word [sound some say OM and other sacred words and perhaps where it says and became flesh it became form, no offence to any religious or belief systems, these are merely my conjectures, and I further feel it was not a violent explosion but a pressure wave], I say AH AH!

And this form Says Bye for Now. Lots of Love. Geoff



http://www.disclose.tv/action/viewvideo/86924/MF_Global__Italy_and_what_s_coming_/ WELL YOU CAN CHECK ON THE EURO AND ITALY THAT THIS CLAIM MAKES.

Hey Feeling strange well the glancing CME on Jan 22 2012 could be one explanation, plus the New Moon following.

The Jan. 22nd CME also disturbed Earth's ionosphere. In Atlanta, Georgia, radio engineer Pieter Ibelings monitored a 4.5 MHz CODAR (coastal radar) signal as it bounced off layers of ionization along the US east coast. "The moment of impact can be clearly seen on the CODAR radar plot," he points out:


"The CODAR transmitters are located all around the coast and are used for mapping the ocean currents to a distance of about 200 miles," Ibelings explains. "These signals also propagate through the ionosphere so they can be picked up all around the world. The signals are almost perfect for ionospheric sounding since they are linear chirps. I capture the chirp with a receiver locked to GPS both in frequency and time. I then de-chirp the waveform so I can extract the time of arrival information at my location."

The CODAR echoes show ionization layers shifting vertical position by some hundreds of kilometers, changes that surely affected the propagation of HF radio signals in the aftermath of the impact. More information about Ibelings' observations may be found here.

Many of my back blog show the effect of these solar phenomena.

NOAA Scales Activity

Range 1 (minor) to 5 (extreme)

NOAA Scale

Past 24 hrs


Geomagnetic Storms

G1 none

Solar Radiation Storms

S3 S3

Radio Blackouts

R2 none

AS of New Moon 23 rd. Jan 2012.

http://www.energygrid.com/futurity/geoff-freed/2010/10.html May I suggest reading this up again about the weather and solar stuff. Thanks.

This is not the same as Vitamin D which is essential and probably the most important vitamin of all. Sensible sun exposure is essential.


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