Born Free Series - Post 4
A Few Musings

Geoff Freed
Former forensic technician and scientific & medical researcher, lecturer, workshop leader and psychotherapist, Dr. Geoff Freed reports on what is happening energetically on the planet at this pivotal time in history.

Hello and Welcome

Before I go into some esoteric musings a few thoughts about and from the last post.

I am unable to get clear information regarding the claim as in last November Born Free about the 8 underground cities/bases as described in;-


As I see it all this stuff with the EU and Occupy movement, the cynical 'take over ' by Twitter banning or side lining the Police Brutality methods in the USA against the Occupy people shows that the news is still heavily censored and the USA government is voting to censor some of the Internet. So the so called Elite are not down and out yet. Also some 60,000 missing people from the bases and 4,000 arrests would be very hard to conceal, UNLESS all these folk permanently lived and bred in these cities, and were genetically manipulated like some suggest with Alien DNA, a repeat of the UFO STORY IN MAY 2005 BLOG, like a Eugenics or Master Race, ready to emerge when the ONE World Government takes or took over.

If you still doubt YOU TUBE and the alternative media tune into RUSSIA TODAY you will get all nationalities uncensored news on Channel 85 or RT.com

These musings are purely my random feelings translated into thoughts from quiet moments. I claim no special insights and hope someday to embody them. [God is the overall being in an indescribable form or energy Intelligence, or whatever fits your custom and practice].

God is whole so therefore I am whole. God is healing and healed, so therefore I am healing and healed. God is Love, so therefore I am Love. The Ultimate Energy, the Ultimate Intelligence, The Ultimate Creator is God, so therefore in God's Image I have and am this too. The Universe, the form or body of God is regenerative, rejuvenation and seamless, a flow from form to formless, so therefore am I. God's body changes Its form and is timeless and perfect, so therefore am I.

Deep within me, buried by mundane trivia and habitual programmes is this consciousness, a consciousness of perpetual motion, the flow of Nature, the Dao and Tao, the effortless smooth transitions.

fig01 fig02

Perfection, wholeness, regeneration, rejuvenation is stillness, emptiness, space, quietness, seamless. The Flow of Life is beyond Duality. Yin and Yang---Birth and Death are but the swing of Life's Creator's tools. Life has no opposites but contains both polarities which are indeed complementariness.

I can feel this energy, pushing relentlessly, and imploring me to let go. Let Go of the old deep buried perceived safeties, securities, and throw myself with complete abandonment, to trust, have untaught and unthought-of faith in Life and what it holds for me/us/ the planet.

I can feel the pulse of renewal. The urge of the youth, the worn out systems of capitalism, communism, racism, and fascists, all the established rancid, dying, wounded old ways and means, let go let go, deep within is the pulse of new Life, codes itching, demanding, and burning to come through, to be released into this Aquarian event, this arena, this era.


The regeneration, rejuvenation is pushing against the stubborn, clinging to the Euro zone Ego, the USA hypocrisy, Chinese tenacity, UK old boy diplomacy masking self interest and dogged pomposity. Religions imprisoning the real God, stating God is out there and not in here.

This great heat, this uprising of the spirit, is fatiguing as if waking up sleepily after not too good a night's sleep, in fact a 26,000 year one. I can feel these energies, tearing, pushing against the deep long held obdurate obstacles. Those concrete mind blocks held in the mind synaptic, those conditioned neuro peptides, the cellular memory being challenged by the deep incisions by Cosmic Surgery, removing like a laser layers of crud, grime, rust and grunge, which served their purpose but are reluctant to be made redundant and let go.

These were the foundations, the platforms, the stances of an age gone by, the perimeters, and the boundaries of the Past. These were the safety nets, now worn with age, stretched and weak, now with large rents and tears in them. The new is flowing through the holes in the net, whilst the net desperately and futilely tries in vain to block and repair Itself. The Dam is being pressurised, the walls of the prison are flaccid and being battered down. The prisoner is waiting eagerly for release.

Dear Past you served well joins the New, find new life, free yourself from the shackles of yesterday's year. Born Free and Fly, dance and feel the surge of new life. Just be empty, free, jitterbug without inhibition.

The renewal is as huge as the new codes, inspirations flood into our DNA, yea, beyond the DNA into the interface between DNA and the Cosmos, this is overwhelming and this causes a kind of backlog of eagerly queuing up in order to burst into the receptacle which is our minds/bodies, that it can cause sensations of dizziness, fatigue, heaviness and anxiety symptoms of raised pulse and thumping heart, almost paralysing at moments and a innate quickening of Spirit----Let Go, Let Flow ---------------Let?


ANH-Intl e-Alert: ANH morphs into ANH-Leaks

*** Apologies for the lack of images in this eAlert - our move today to a new server has prevented us from uploading them. Pictures will however magically appear on the stories on our website next week! ANH Team ***

What we did

Our decision to leak a Reading University academic's letter, that used misinformation in an attempt to influence the UK's Health Minister, wasn't taken lightly. Information can look very plausible when it's on a top university's (top 40 anyway) letterhead — and there are still some people out there who believe that academics are impartial and care about the greater good for society.

Why we did it

The problem is that Professor Elizabeth Williamson — either of her own volition, or because she was put up to it by others — was trying to get the UK Health Minister to push his medicines agency to ban a wide range of food supplements relied on for years by thousands of UK consumers, and practitioners. So, yesterday, we not only leaked the good professor's letter, but we also put our responses online and sent them electronically and hard copy (yes, recorded delivery) to both Professor Williamson and the Minister, Andrew Lansley. Oh, and we copied the letters to a string of people and organisations, ranging from MPs, MEPs, government officials and many of the key Ayurveda and traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) associations.

What you could do if you're British, or even European

It would be really helpful if you shared the story as widely as you can, because we're only going to find a solution to the madness if all the arguments are out in the open

Anti Radiation help as water is now polluted, See March Updates as well.


Kelp and other seaweeds (high in natural iodine)

Zeolites (to neutralize radiation) or bentonite clays

Ashwaganda (an adaptogenic herb)

Fulvic Acid

Reishi mushrooms (strong immune support)

High-dose vitamin C



Coconut oil, which supports optimal thyroid health

Astaxanthin (has some protective function against ionizing radiation)

Chlorella (contains chlorophyll, which will increase your resistance to radiation)

First do no harm

fig04Medicine is a dangerous thing. In fact it's likely the most dangerous thing you will encounter in your life. It's a peculiar thought when it's meant to be the very thing to help us stay healthy. Our issue, at the ANH, is that medicine has forgotten that staying healthy is all about nurturing. And, unsurprisingly, the best way of nurturing is with nature.

Side effect and surgical disasters of the week

Let's remind ourselves what's really happening in mainstream healthcare. Take two cases that appeared this week. First, we have the 13-year-old schoolgirl who has been left with extreme exhaustion and is unable to walk or talk since having the controversial HPV vaccine. Next there was Graham Lord, an Australian man who was misdiagnosed with stomach cancer and then had 80% of his stomach removed before the mistake was discovered.

Let's face it, if you get hospitalised, you could be exposed to very significant risks from infection, you could get drugged to death, or you might be cut open unnecessarily.

Pharmacy and polypharmacy: more harm than good?

In the UK, adverse drug reactions cost the NHS £2 billion annually. A Swedish study has revealed that 3% of Swedes die from adverse drug reactions, making them the seventh most common cause of death in the country.

Subject: Fw: Wonderful!!!! Wake Up London
The planet is really starting to wake up!!
Flash mob' meditations awaken public interest
UK / Wellbeing
11 Sep 2011

Popularity of group meditation increases across London

Meditation 'flash mob' in Trafalgar Square, 2 June 2011 Photo © Kiran Gupta

Hundreds of meditators are converging in public spaces in London to take part in 'flash mob' meditations. The pre-planned events have startled passers-by when, following a signal, groups of strangers seemingly going about their business have suddenly sat down to meditate together.

Since June 2011, events have taken place at Trafalgar Square, Covent Garden, and City Hall by the river Thames. They are coordinated by Wake Up London, a group of 16 to 35-year-olds inspired by the teachings of Zen master Thich Nhat Hanh.

Wake Up London believe the flash mobs are a demonstration of peace and show how anyone can sit down and experience inner silence, even in the centre of a huge city.

Elina Pen, a member of the group, says the events raise awareness of the joy of meditation while enabling people to unite as a multicultural group of all ages and backgrounds.

"We are a microcosm of the rest of the world here in London," says Elina, "and we are very proud of that fact."

Marie Kennedy, also a representative of Wake Up London, adds: "Meditating together creates so much peace, within and without."

Simultaneously, significant numbers have been gathering together in the more traditional setting of the Swiss Church in Covent Garden, for group practices of transcendental meditation ™, organised by a new charity, the Meditation Trust.

What is a flash mob?

A flash mob is when a group of people assemble suddenly in a public place, perform an unusual activity for a brief time, then disperse

"Over the past few months, diverse meditation groups have seen a significant and what seems to be a spontaneous growth in interest and enthusiasm for group meditation experience," says Colin Beckley, director of the Meditation Trust.

Marie Kennedy agrees. "This has gone global. There are more and more groups being created every day; pods of meditators."

Wake Up London is working with an international movement called Med Mob, which is coordinating meditation flash mobs across the world at around the same time each month. Fourteen groups are involved in the UK, from Aberdeen to Brighton, as well as many more globally.

Innerspace, a meditation centre in Covent Garden run by spiritual education organisation Brahma Kumaris, is also experiencing a surge of interest. The centre's co-ordinator, Arti Lal says that although meditation has become more fashionable in recent years, there are more people not just attending their meditation sessions this year, but wanting to explore the practice more deeply.

"People are looking for two things in particular," she says, "to create a better quality of life with more personal responsibility for their own peace of mind and emotional responses, and to develop a meditation skill that can be used anywhere and at any time."

The Meditation Trust meanwhile, has opened the second half of its regular 2-hour group sessions, beyond TM practitioners to any member of the public who wishes to sit quietly, practice their own silent meditation, or use a simple mindfulness technique as instructed.

"The public are invited to experience some degree of the power of a group meditation," explains Colin.

Meditators notice that even in a group of two there is a greater settling of the mind, and this effect grows in accordance with how many people gather, says Colin. "Regular meditators have reported much stronger experiences of silence and bliss than they normally experience alone or in their usual groups of 20–50 people."

This effect even has an impact upon others who are not involved, Colin believes. "Mothers learning meditation have noticed how their children begin to behave better and school teachers see the same effect on their classes.

"This is because consciousness, the silent level of the mind, is a single, unified field, known experientially by the yogis of India for thousands of years and now inferred from the discoveries of quantum physics. Or, as the yogis have always said, we are all waves on the ocean of being."

http://www.dogwork.com/brpsk8/ A 2 min fun and amazing interaction between a cockatoo and husky type dog. Thanks Fif for sending.

When you think it took 20 eggheads to figure this out and the money involved then you KNOW THE WORLD HAS GONE STARK RAVING BONKERS and the top of the list are the bent banana, carrot, cucumber idiots at the EU and they want a United States of Europe--- someone please tell me we live in cuckoo land:-

NaturalNews Insider Alert ( www.NaturalNews.com ) email newsletter
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Dear NaturalNews readers,

In an extraordinary show of total bureaucratic idiocy, the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) has declared that water does not prevent dehydration. Any bottled water company that makes such a claim will now be in violation of the law across the EU.

This cognitively retarded ruling has now become an EU directive, and it only took 20 scientists a couple of years to come of with this genius conclusion, if you can believe that.

Here's my full article on this finding. I pull no punches in ripping into the lunacy of this latest "scientific" pronouncement:

On the positive side, the EU has partially banned the very same naked body scanner technology used by the TSA in the United States:

We could not even laugh as it was so preposterous and inane, I cannot find enough adjectives to express this, and some of the UK public still wish to be in the EU and REMEMBER the money the fat cat EU MP's are getting. I used to lecture at the EU and saw the scams; I came home sick, hurt, bruised and deflated.

When I was in Forensics and I saw the maniacal onslaughts, the darkness and the unbridled ferocity, the mindless brutality, I could see the torture of battered minds; perverted people ravaged by their own tumultuous childhoods, deep cultural hatred, religious fanaticism, childhood abuse and could somehow understand the pain that drove these people to their atrocious acts of demolition. Then the drug infused addicts and medical drugs with their side effects, and then in my psychotherapy and counselling clinics, workshops, endless one to ones, I could see the same karmic arising of anxiety, insecurity, loss of self image, battered ego's and these dear folk came before it got to the 'forensic ' state as it were.

Then the mental torture, the imprisoning, the seduction and grooming, the satanic black magic, the cults, the secret societies, all this the flotsam and jetsam of humanity and the egocentric domination.


Figure 1 The eye of the ego. Desire and Domination.



Yes I can see the raison d'etre in criminal offences, abuse and psychological confusion. HOWEVER POLITICAL LEADERS such as the dehydration statement above, the farcical banana, carrot now altered the banning of supplements, GM foods, some vaccines that are recommended, more Atomic energy, obsessed with profit and so on, the very mind set, the urge to keep the bankers and the elite safe, whilst folk suffer is utter culpable, incomprehensive madness and extreme psychopathic disorder. We are being run by ruthless ego maniacs and we can see the occupy movement will probably end up with military rule, mass arrests and taken to the concentration camps built by FEMA, and rendition the accepted milto/political accepted norm.

However to counter balance this, the ninth wave is still active, the binaural brain still growing, more and more will awake, join in the movements for change-----and the BIG SECRET ------PEACEFUL PASSIVE RESISTANCE, NON VIOLENCE NO MATTER HOW PROVOKED.

I am not a very proficient role model in this and I cannot walk my talk as much as I would care too. To make an excuse would be an untruth, however, I feel the urge to be as above, and that is passive and resistant to the old worn out regimen. It is growing in me as shared above, and the pressure is showing in my body.

Just recently many people have phone me, emailed and written, to say their hips, lower back, knees, and kind of pressure travelling to the trapezium muscles and stiff neck and head pressure is prevalent and came on about the end of the Mayan Calendar October 28 2011.

My take on this is; the hips, spine, knees are the foundations of the structural body and correspond to the physical world, and some sensitive folk are picking up the collective unconscious of the falling, collapsing world structure, and as are doing a 'tongle' a spiritual 'taking on 'the karmic load of the world, of course Jesus and many Tibetan Lamas take this as well as Yogis and so forth. Many are 'Hidden Ones 'those light workers' and those who are cloaked in their spirituality. These are akin to sleeping cells that terrorist use, hidden and appearing to be ordinary, until a signal awakens them to action.

The hidden ones are the spine of the light workers and many a partner appears not be spiritual [whatever that means] and yet supports their wives, husbands, sons, daughters, friend and so forth. Many blogs back I shared how I was 'hidden' in some place and befriended by a high official from NATO. Now I just am what I am a few musings and mainly just doing 'inner work'.

Finally, I will leave you will a facinating video on the incredible characteristics of water, proving that it has memory and finally placing homeopathy on a serious scientific foundation.

Apologies for the long article.

Take Care and Lots of Love. Geoff



Courtesy of Lloyd Pye Starchild Project

I leave this Wednesday the 23rd for South Africa

From Bytes of Pye 20 November 2011......

fig8....at the invitation of Michael Tellinger (author of "Slave Species of God"), to lecture at his first annual conference in Johannesburg: UFOs, Science, and Consciousness. I will be among 15 speakers from around the world, and I am very excited to be a part of this grand new event.

That said, I am definitely NOT looking forward to 18 hours of flight each way, but I couldn't legitimately call myself a serious researcher into human origins if I didn't seize this golden opportunity to visit the "Abzu," the home of the Anunnaki gold mines (yes, the pun was intended).

I'll be speaking for 90 minutes, doing about an hour on the new Intevention Theory eBook, and a half-hour summary of where things are now with the Starchild Skull, focusing on the DNA analysis. Michael intends to film all aspects of the conference, all speakers, so those who want the DVD of it should contact him and put in an early order for it. It should be fascinating!


The infant Conehead mummy recently found in Cuzco, Peru ....

.... has caused about 100 people from around the world to contact me about the many articles and reports featuring it in the past couple of days. All of those people want to know my thoughts about this astounding relic that has been examined by three anthropologists who have announced that it looks to be alien rather than human. The only aspect of this story that is a surprise to me is that mainstream anthropologists are actually giving it real credence as what all Coneheads so obviously seem to be---NOT human.

For at least a dozen years I've been saying that Conehead skulls are clearly not entirely human, if human at all. Yes, they have a human-LIKE face, but they have brains that are literally twice the size of normal human brains. And how does the mainstream explain this difference? With exactly what you see in the article I've linked below: the same excuse they use to explain the strange shape of the Starchild Skull---deliberate head binding.

The Starchild's brain volume is 400 cubic centimeters more than it should be. The Conehead brains are 1400 to 1600 more than they should be! Literally twice the size of normal human brains! So how does head binding not only reshape the head, but greatly expand the brain size at the same time? The painting of the Native American in the article proves my point---her head is reshaped, but not in the least enlarged because that is simply not possible.


I think this remarkable discovery deserves.....

.... every bit of the close scientific scrutiny we have been trying for so long to arrange for the Starchild. Look at its eye sockets! Look at their size! They're not like the Starchild's, they're something entirely different, but certainly not human, in the same way the Starchild's eye sockets are not human. Human-LIKE, yes, but NOT human.

Look at the size of its head! The body is the size of an infant, and the skull's fontanelle (the area of the "soft spot" on a human infant) has not yet closed, yet there seems to be adult type teeth in the mouth! This is very puzzling to me, and forces me to make some rather wild speculations. What kind of being has teeth in infancy? Or, conversely, what kind of being is so tiny as an adult that it has adult teeth but cranial bones that have not sutured?

All I can say is what I've been saying all along: the Coneheads need to be as fully analyzed scientifically as I'm trying to make happen with the Starchild. And to that end, I can let you all in on this: I have become friends with a man who lives in Peru named Brien Foerster. Brien runs tours to all the unusual places down there, and many of you have seen him on the TV show "Ancient Aliens." He will be on it again next season. He is a new force in our field.

Earlier this year Brien was able to secure bone and skin samples from four different Conehead skulls, which he passed to me, and I have in turn passed them to the geneticist working on the Starchild Skull's DNA recovery. As is always the case, we don't have nearly enough money to do what should be done with those Conehead samples, but the geneticist does intend to try to make some very basic recoveries to tell us whatever can be discovered for a minimal amount of money. When we can make more of an investment in those samples, as with the Starchild Skull, you can be certain we will.

Now we have two solid chances to make history.....

..... one with the Starchild, and one with the Conehead samples. I have always believed the Coneheads would prove to be non-human, just as I know for a fact now that the Starchild will prove to be definitely not human. But the amazing thing is that the Starchild and the Coneheads are from two entirely different types of beings! I don't know what the rest of the Starchild's body looked like, but we do have postcranial Conehead bodies, as seen in the small mummified one recently found in Cuzco.

This is, at the very least, one of the most cutting of the cutting edges in science right now, yet it's a subject that virtually no credentialed scientists dare to acknowledge. I'm astounded, frankly, that the Spanish and Russian anthropologists have stuck their necks out to say they think it's alien. But sooner or later this is where science has to go. Sooner or later they have to face up to things like the Starchild, and the Coneheads, and see them for what they are .... definitely human-LIKE, but just as definitely NOT human.

If you doubt what I'm saying, take four minutes to watch this video about strange skulls, most of which are coneheads, and see what YOU think.....

Absolutely and unequivocally agree with Lloyd Pye.


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