Born Free Series - Post 2

Geoff Freed
Former forensic technician and scientific & medical researcher, lecturer, workshop leader and psychotherapist, Dr. Geoff Freed reports on what is happening energetically on the planet at this pivotal time in history.


The actual title 'Listen with your Heart'.

This wonderful video above epitomises it all. Just what is meant by heart? Well it is known the heart is more than just a pump, it has its own 'brain' and works with the cerebral brain, the technical details are to be found elsewhere in posts, blogs and updates away back.

When we move away from thinking, which is necessary for everyday tasks and can implement intuition, we may be able to sense that our thoughts are not really us; they are an adjunct to who we are.

When we see and observe quietly watching the kaleidoscope of mind, the cloud shifting of emotional thought, breathing gently and not encouraging or suppressing, neither reminding to watch or be detached, a kind of mind that the Sensei /Sifu termed in Nihongo [Japanese] Muga Mushin[Mind Pervading Body] a kind of scanning, a radar of input. Radar does not have thoughts, it can only scan and the person at the screen decides the outcome and interprets friend or foe.

So heart in this sense is being quiet, letting the input come to you, awareness without bias, listening without opinion, being without influence, observation without outcomes.

For me watching the above video in silence of the mind a natural compassion arose and my body was filled with something beyond love, beyond words and this seemed to be all encompassing.

In Article 1 of Born Free it was said that nature brings to one this compassion and an understanding in a deeper level than thought and that it is transformative. To me this beautiful video had the sensitivity and vibrational essence that goes beyond words. There is a communication that is not thought or word felt, a magical oneness and beauty. The deep essence of who I am and what nature is become one and I knew in that moment what unconditional love is and that which is beyond Nature, that created Nature, that 'spirit, that energy, that consciousness' is throughout Its Creation, and if we are still enough, quiet enough, empty minded enough, we can catch the perfume of It as it drifts through the form of Its expressions and in that rare moment we are one with the all and all.

This to me is listening with the heart. To me the heart in its energetic form is a chalice, an empty receptacle that is filled with Life, the life blood of us and its rhythm is attuned to Nature and is symbolic to the Sun.

Perhaps with the events of the uprising energy the pulse of Mother Earth married to Father Sun and the Great 16.4 Billion Year Pulse wave now attuned and attenuated, transformed to the greater cycles and rhythms of the Cosmic Heart and Pulse, is altering the parameters of blood pressure and heartbeats, and of course the interfacing and modulating of the DNA.

DNA upgrades which are like our computers being sent as the programmes evolve and need configuring. Here we are given the opportunities to be even more still more quiet, to still the media auditory bombardment and electronic fog noise [all frequencies have 'noise', colour and sound, and a musical equivalent, the sound of the sun, Saturn and so forth] a deepening of the QUIET which means our chalices become more receptive and in some strange way larger.


What awareness, what consciousness, what chalice contains the Universe, the countless galaxies, stars, planets, life forms and so forth, and yet we know not a thing is solid. Millions, yea trillions, nay trillions of billions of trillions of energy waves that conglomerate to seem to be solid.

What imagination 'pulls' them together, like a cake mix to form this myriad of unspeakable and indefinable awesome panorama of magical breathtaking magic. A consciousness so vast and yet how large is an awareness?

How large are our minds when we dream? Perhaps there is no size, no anything other than awareness and it has no definable perimeters or boundaries. SO what IS IT THEN? If you could answer this you would kill the Buddha so said my mentors.

Before we get into mind games, we become still and in that stillness one might stumble across a kind of answer in the form of Knowing, it is an instinctive intuitive understanding, beyond words and comprehension. ONE JUST KNOWS.


There is nothing to unlock, it is there, open and naked beyond all form. We came; everything came from that empty chalice, the space that is awareness, in which all form will eventually dissolve, like the clouds to leave a clear sky only to form again.

Sufi saying 'Glorious Sun why are you setting?—Only to Rise again'.

Be The Space That we Are. There is only One of Us in the Universe. The Awareness in you is in Me. When there is a clear sky there is no separation.

To the Seamless totally everything, everywhere, greetings to our oneness.

Like the Jack in the Box, form springs out of the void. The bible quotes 'in the beginning was a void a firmament' many other holy works say similar things.

Perhaps this is amusement for the Cosmic Joker and we take it too seriously.

This is Gods Game, Gods Dream says some scriptures and then who is God?

When confronted with a serious seeming insurmountable judo contest [told way back in a blog] and I was in great consternation, to say the least, Sensei said to me' If you think of winning, thoughts bring fear and many options, the mind buzzes, if you think of losing, no energy, if a draw [hikiwake] a compromise, if you think of I do my best, another compromise.


Become still, breathe, let go and you might find that the solution is CANNOT ALWAYS win, draw, lose, so only necessary to enjoy, only participate that is all.

In that moment thoughts ceased by their own and a strange calm and joy hit me and I won. The result did not exhilarate me, it seemed fun and natural. The result was unimportant, it was a joining with another 'mind' or unknown which did the play and worked through me rather than a mind plan, and the technique used was well outside the box and any repertoire.

It was spontaneous and in a Karate Kid Film, the mentor of the pupil, Miyagi Sensei broke the top of bottles and the pupil exclaimed, "How did you do this?" Sensei "Don't Know, first time".

Many Happy Surprises have a lot of spontaneous fun.


Just two examples of being in coherence. There are other ways as well.

More articles at times to follow tune in and check in to energygrid.

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