Born Free Series - Post 1

Geoff Freed
Former forensic technician and scientific & medical researcher, lecturer, workshop leader and psychotherapist, Dr. Geoff Freed reports on what is happening energetically on the planet at this pivotal time in history.

Hello and Welcome to Born Free and this clip expresses the theme of this offering.

It seems most natural phenomena, animals, plants and us and a plethora of many other parts of life 'have to be managed'. It seems the ego the mad separated mind has to be in control and not allow the 'The Natural Rhythms of Life to Flow'


When communing, walking in nature a still energy pervades and there is a natural blending of colours, sounds, aromas and the graceful movements of animals and birds, insect life, the ecology of co operation, nothing wasted, efficient, yet so simple and economical.

I often wondered why is it so that animals are so graceful, dignified in the right place at the right time. It came to me that they are free of self criticism, natural as a child unhampered as yet by too much human interference, they are not complicated, do not have the pressure of conforming, seeking approval.

Yet they fight for the right to breed and hunt for food, and even in the few cases where it leads to tragedy in most cases a show of might, a fend off is sufficient.

Because nature follows its inherent signals, codes and DNA interfaces, it allows not by control, and even allowing is not appropriate, it JUST DOES ITS THING. It does not have the rules laid down, a system, a penal code and greed. Yes it does have territorial agenda, worked out for food for all and in many cases a built in breeding programme which organises the amount of births per food supply.

Some animals do not breed when there are droughts and a sort of inbred accounting system which intuitively arranges this.

When one lives in a concrete jungle as below and even in less so in some urban areas our minds become concrete, more logical left brained and uniform, even in neatly arranged rows of urban complexes, the rows of uniform houses are still uniform, so our minds become structured enclosed in this type of uniformity.

We become commuters, packed in trains, buses, cars, a few cycling to work wearing face masks. Then we decant into tiny air conditioned offices and make a living either for ourselves or the boss or corporation.


Something in us is gradually dying, other than the natural process of ageing. We become introverted to limitation, our lives become cramped and we may turn to Tai Chi, Yoga, Meditation, we go to Gyms, yearn for the holidays, the weekend, we yearn to get back to FREEDOM.


The high rise blocks of flats with their passage ways, dark and dingy, their outlook often just looking at a similar block, parents often single, shops full of disgusting cheap additive food and the gangs that rival one another, drug dealers, muggers and so forth.

Is there blame on these people—not to my mind? The social housing scheme did bring homes to many, and then it became a haven for poverty, drab buildings, and a feeling of being in a concrete prison. I know I lived in this for ten years. It was meditation and Tai Chi, Qi Gong and fortunately a good job and presenting workshops that 'lifted me out' of the doom and gloom. [True I had been mediating from the age of 5 through a NDE and had Japanese and Chinese teachers].

I got to know and speak to the gangs as depicted below and they felt despondent, no way out. I took a few into the country, they hated it, felt exposed, alienated. I know this seems exaggerated when I told them milk came from a cow, they laughed and said'nah milk comes from a machine, some of it may come from a cow'.


When we passed some urban houses and large mansion type dwellings, they got angry, resentful and sullen.

These gangs had bright intelligent, keen kids, crushed and ignored by society. Many of them said they were 'dead inside' had no hope and just felt they were victimised as dirty, lazy, scroungers, ruffians.

When you look back at the poor houses long before high rise buildings and council estates you see the same conditions, the have's and the have nots.


Interestingly where there have been places where youngsters who are said to be 'persistent violent offenders' and are offered places with farms and animals then a wonderful transformation occurs.



It is not just a case of walking in nature, doing some 'spiritual' practice, neither is it a case of just meditation. It is from the stillness of nature, the imbibing of the energies, the flow of rhythmic practice, the quiet in meditation WHEN THE LEFT CONCRETE brain quietens down and one feels the flow of pure awareness, joy, freedom within oneself that we start to attract ways not by logic and planning, that may arrive later but synchronistic events brought about by the natural flow within.

Concrete jungles be they city, urban or high rise, be they medical dogma, greed dogma, religious dogma and so forth all concretise the mind. IT IS NOT THE BUILDINGS AND INSTITUTIONS it is the mind SET that imprisons us and cannot let us break out. We are trapped by the boundaries of our minds and the perimeters of our thoughts. Imprisoned by thought and robbed by our surroundings of freedom and so we believe the outside set of circumstances, and they are imprinted in our formalitive years and the mind set is projected outward as reality.

There are countless movies, documentaries of people who broke out and went on to other things. Mostly wealth and acquisition.


We can see the finance, food, medical, environmental world systems breaking down and like the so called hoodies, offenders, many of us seek freedom. Many wealthy people I know of frightened of losing their wealth and one multi millionaire I know said' I am getting down to my last 25 mil and I am shitting myself'.

This is not the freedom to be impulsive, destroy, pillage, rape and go on a rampage, get stoned, pissed or become a hermit, run away, bury one's head in the sand—NO this is break out of the world mind set and claim through quiet reflection, deep inner peace the real freedom. FREEDOM OF MIND FIRST not through a mantra, guru, an ism, but sitting still in a quiet place and watch, listen and be. Watch the restless mind, the urge to escape, to distract, to go into fantasy, to fall asleep, to run, hide, OR to even use this quiet place as a sanctuary.

The River shapes its own course, so let the free mind, this quiet mind, this empty mind, this alert wonderful flow of life lead one, like the animals, fish, plants, streams, oceans, insects, reptiles and so on, lead one to find the right place at the right time led by nature and the Life that Created Us Surely Knows and Has in Mind where we should inherently and rightly be.

Nature knows where we fit into the puzzle of Life and will provide if once again we return to be native, ethnic, and surrender once again to rhythms which flow from the Universe to Nature and Us.

How many times have I heard 'I do not who I am, who am I, I have a well paid job and yet I am bored, there must be something else other than this, what is the meaning of Life, who created life, I am broke, I never seem to fit in I am a misfit, I was always different as child from other children and did not feel at home with parents, I always have bad luck, why is it that some people always land on their feet, I am depressed, and countless other statements'. Yes I have had these as well. Some might say I was born spiritual and my family and friends were not.

It has come to my insight that for me these are all ego patterns endeavouring to fit into a world made by ego and not nature.

Deep within us Life, Nature is calling us and it starts with a whisper and then grows loud until we cannot ignore it.

We desperately in some cases try to bury this unease which is calling us back to our roots. In some instances it takes a serious illness, disaster to 'make us' listen. If we continue to ignore this, great tragedies may befall us, even death.

Perhaps now as never before through the internet, mobile phones, fast communications we are getting this clarion call. The unease of us creates false media news, destroys nature, and makes more despair in an attempt to destroy that quiet still voice, to dampen the call of Nature and Life. To fit us back into the madness we are straining to avoid.

So we need to be brave and trust that which we desperately have been trying to distrust. God is not out there. There are no knights in shinning white amour. The quietness of us, the empty cup, and the cup that eventually with trust flows over and abundance which is our needs met is accomplished.

Take care and lots of love.



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