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Geoff Freed
Former forensic technician and scientific & medical researcher, lecturer, workshop leader and psychotherapist, Dr. Geoff Freed reports on what is happening energetically on the planet at this pivotal time in history.


Some of these natural disasters that have been intensifying (floods, heat and cold waves, fires, extreme winds) are partly caused by human effects on the climate, but the same cannot be said about the seismic phenomena that are outside of our control to cause or manipulate. This is even more the case for so called Earth Changes generating altered coastlines etc that were initially predicted by Edgar Cayce as coming, but erroneously predicted to occur in the years 1958-98. Given the great interest in such today it is relevant to ask if they to some extent could be part of the cosmic plan and thus be predictable from the Mayan calendar. In The Mayan Calendar and the Transformation of Consciousness (2004) I wrote: "At least some minor earth changes may thus result from the high frequency change in consciousness that the cosmos is now undergoing. But the reversal of cause and effect to generate a doomsday view where such earth changes are presented as the very purpose of this particular phase of creation is untenable. Any possible physical effects should be seen only as by products of changes in the consciousness field […]" and I still consider this statement as valid and important. Since the high frequency change in the Ninth wave is operating at several levels of the universe simultaneously, such as cosmic, galactic, solar, planetary and human, we would expect to see it manifested at all of these. While it may be hard to study its manifestation on the cosmic or galactic levels it seems possible to do so on the level of the sun, which increasingly is receiving attention for its flares. Are these flares, the largest of which within the Ninth wave have been summarized below, then related to the Mayan calendar?

Major Solar Flares

Cosmic Energy Change

X 1.5 – March 9, 2011

Beginning of First day (March 9)

M 9.3 – July 30, 2011
M 9.3 – Aug 4, 2011
X 6.9 – Aug 9, 2011

Beginning of Fifth day (July 31)

X 2.1 – Sept 6, 2011
X 1.8 – Sept 7, 2011

Beginning of Sixth day (Sept 5)

X 1.4 – Sept 22, 2011

Beginning of Sixth night (Sept 23)

This is a complex question that would require data accumulated over large periods of time to be analyzed that is essentially missing. Yet, it is noteworthy in the list above that there was a large solar flare at the beginning of the Ninth wave on March 9 as well as those at the beginnings of the fifth and sixth days. Hypothetically there might then exist a link between these flares and the Ninth wave of the Mayan calendar. Even though an intensification of solar activity is expected as part of any regular solar cycle, what is unexpected in the current one is that this activity seems to have been delayed for several years and is made evident only now in apparent synchrony with the Ninth wave. If this is true an intensification of solar flares would be expected towards the end of the Ninth wave in its the seventh day beginning October 11.

When it comes to seismic activity on our own planet, the link to the Mayan calendar is more clear as I have discussed in The Purposeful Universe. Thus, the continental drift is caused by pulses from the planetary tree of life in the Mammalian Underworld and this drift (also called Plate Tectonics) is the cause of all earthquakes and volcanic eruptions on our planet. Since the calendar is now about to come to an end we may thus also ask if the continental structure of the Earth, the global brain, will now be completed and if this will affect the stability of the Earth's crust. If it does then maybe, the increased seismic activity in recent times derives from the fact that the inner core of the Earth, is now being fine-tuned for the transmission of the new unity consciousness from the Cosmic Tree of Life. Such a fine tuning may however from the perspective of us who live on its surface be experienced as particularly "fine" and could in fact have quite dramatic consequences. Regardless it is important to see that these are part of a purposeful plan.

Courtesy from Carl Johan Calleman


My own interpretation is that the posts, updates and blogs have said, there is a link between Magnetic Flux, and Electron Volts in relation to the up step in energies that to my 'task' as outlined in the 1967 writings urged me to research over the many years and on the net trough the magnificent backing of the Editor of Energygrid since 2005.

I wholeheartedly agree with Dr Calleman that the little chart insert above gives a classic example of the energy in put, in this case from the Sun and Its relationship to the Mayan Charts, this is clear to see.

Then as I see it the tip of the Inverted V which is my expression correlates to October 28 2011. THIS IS NOT THE END OF THE WORLD and Dr Calleman expresses this is stated in his brilliant article "The 'End' of the Mayan Calendar Solar Flares and Earth Changes."

The Tip of the V is the Tip over point, where 1) The binaural brain is formed see the corpus coliseum 2) Ultimate Evil meets Ultimate Good, The Immovable Force meets the Immovable Object, 3) Where Polarity Ends and Complementariness Commences. 4) It is the Prigogine Dissipative Structures and the Einstein Bose Condensate emerges and activate.


NOT every person will be into UNITY consciousness; there will be relays and the same old same old will continue until the critical mass is reached, this may take until 2032 or 2075, however if the inertia is overcome by human choice then it could be today, tomorrow or pick a date out of the hat.

DECEMBER 2102 is a critical date ONLY in so far as 1) People manifest it by intent and to prove the supporters of this are correct. 2) Remembering that the so called elite can do a number with a fake UFO attack [whistle blowers have assured me this is the last drastic action along with HAARP or some such scheme] to re establish the old financial, energy, political, medical system with profit, power and greed over humanity, the few ruling the many and bring in the one world government and its sinister implications.

Greed and financial power, military might, cults, separatism is on the mega crisis side and left brain, sharing, altruism, compassion and oneness are on the mega solution side and right brain side. When the dualities meet at the tip of the Inverted V, then dualities are cancelled, some will make this with a welded as it were binaural brain, a kind of Androgyny[not sexually orientated] this corresponds to OCTOBER 28 2011. For many the PROCESS CARRIES ON until the tip over then is experienced and integrated. Dates after October 28 2011 ARE erroneous BECAUSE the Ninth day Process will continue in some form.

THE SUN will continue to do its thing as the solar cycle continues in its 11 year cycle until 2013, although this cycle is very surprising.

DNA WILL continue to change and empathise, synchronise, resonate with the new signals coming in.

TO REITERATE Solar Flares are massive energy events which do generate solar winds, HOWEVER, A DIRECT CORONAL MASS EJECTION [CME] along with attending coronal high speed emissions from sunspot coronal holes impacting full on K9,G3, R3, ON THE MAGNETOSPHERE CAN AND WILL do a big perturbation to Earth. If these are supported by a HUGE Gamma Burst and human fear and negativity then it's Good night From Him and Hello from Whomever. THIS CAN BE DUPLICATED BY THE TECHNOLOGY FIVE COUNTRIES HAVE AT PRESENT.

December 21 2012. This date is so firmly fixed in so many minds that the Hollywood Film Directors made a huge mega block Buster out of it. No wonder so many are fearing or hoping for this. I got one reader saying 'On high have told me Calleman has got the date wrong for the end of the Mayan Calendar, he has miscalculated it, it is December 21 2012' This same person gave me a ticking off saying some years back ON High TOLD HIM IT WAS 2016.

I may seem to be a hypocrite here as I have given October 28 2011 as a date, this is not an ENDING OR CALAMITY, and it is the end of an era. IT IS NOT A CUT OFF POINT, 1) It is for some a fulfilment which they will feel and intuit 2) It is the start of a process for many 3) As from posts and blogs for the proportion of those that AWAKEN, THESE WILL LESSEN THE AFFECTS/AND EFFECTS of those spurious channelled messages, often put out by the 'THE ELITE PSYCHICS', remembering the diagrams and warnings I gave from March 2011 onwards in energygrid about the ability by the elite to mimic and transmit through WIFI, Mobile/Cell Phones, Computers, Medical equipment, car electronics, especially the digital network [ see the diagrams given in the posts] and so forth.

Remember what was said as well, the cyber, mind, psychic and telepathy 'wars' THESE WILL BE RAMPANT AS THE THOSE WHO HAVE NOT THE INTUITIVE INSIGHT and the protection of the binaural brain and will fall victim to channelled false messages and mind blasting frequencies that are scrambling so many brains not minds, BRAINS.

Medical Vaccines containing awful neuro toxins, mass vaccinations planned, the human rights demolished, our supplements being taken away. The same person who harps on [excuse pun and irony] about Calleman being wrong had an argument with me about supplements his source said they were not to be scrapped. I pick out this person, who could be many who write in similar vain, and mark you I might be incorrect, it is merely my view. Our supplements are being devastated and see the new fluoride laws the UK are bringing in.

I have stated when ever there is civil unrest the FLUOIRIDE issue is raised by government and an urgency to fluoridate us. I have stated it rots the brain and the part THAT DISCERNS; it is accumulative and is hard to detox. It is a number 1 one poison, for those of you who read the Chemical Charts you can trace fluoride directly to the Thyroid gland.

Many young offenders and other youngsters pour down their necks drinks saturated with fluoride, toothpastes, and soft soda drinks, other drinks made out of additives, pesticides, neuro stimulants, they then can be easily bewitched, bewildered, seduced and mindless as these chemicals destroy their reasoning, stir up their anger and raise their sugar and obese levels and they have a attention deficit disorder produced by GM foods, the wrong kind of fats, the right kind are taken out and told are cholesterol forming, their dear minds are polluted by celebrity and cult gang culture, while others are trained to be successful, which sometimes encourages greed high competition for few jobs and a moral corruption.


EVOLUTION DOES NOT STOP ON THAT DAY. Evolution is a process; it does NOT have ends and beginnings. When we say begets spring, beget summer begets autumn which begets winter, OUR CALENDARS SAY this is the equinox, the solstice and so forth, and remembering our calendars are Gregorian and before that the derivation is hazy, the only real way we know is when NATURE INFORMS US. The leaves turn in autumn, sometimes earlier, winters and seasons vary. THE UNIVERSE IS ORGANIC. So all calendars are merely markers TO ROUGHLY INDICATE EVOLUTIONARY SPIRALS, CYCLES and remember they can in Cosmic terms be 200 or so years adrift.

Please bear in mind the UNIVERSE is a thought form Universe and us such it is QUANTUM PHENOMENA AT THE QUANTUM PHENOMENA ALL POSSIBILITIES, PROBABILITIES ARE AVAIALBLE. From early particle experiments it has been shown time and time again that mind interacts with matter [blogs and post galore on this] so the future relies ON OUR 1) Binaural attainment or THE SAME AS Unity Consciousness., Non Dual Mind or enlightenment. 2) Messages from 'on high' or the same as channelled messages, which are the dual mind, the channel and angels, beings and God. 3) This whole phrase 3D, 4D and so forth, some channels now quoting 5, 6, 7D. In quantum stuff and Unity Consciousness there is a seamless One.

The process in my view is to obtain or go from 3 above to 1.

This will mean all previous strategies, securities; belief programmes and life styles will have to take a radical, profound shift. This cannot be done by prayer, supplication, or rituals, religious fervour, governmental or terrorist manoeuvres.

This is a Universal Cosmic Shift. The Cosmos Itself is going through a fundamental upgrade. Evolution is Going through a Shift, we are only receiving IT now as it transformed down to our capacity, otherwise we would explode, and for some it is like an explosion. We see the light; all our past conceptions are blown away. The collective past [and individual] the ego, fights in vain to hold on and regain Its former status. As we approach the tip over, the apex of the Inverted V, October 28 2011, the accelerating energies of the 13th wave, or just a name of the high energy input WHICH IS THE SAME AS ENERGY = CONSCIOUSNESS. More Cosmic Energy INPUT [Kundulini, Chi, Orgone etc.], the higher the rate OF CONCIOUSNESS. Most Yoga, Tai, Qi Gong and Oriental teaching know this. However, this is on an En Mass SCALE NOW.

The madness we witness in the world now is commensurate to the ninth wave and the Inverted V, why so?

16.4 Billion years back the width at the base of the Inverted V WAS that length of years, so duality was very spaced out and slow, consciousness as we know it now, was dormant and at a very primitive level. Then each wave it halved Itself and you can see from the Calleman Charts It evolved, that is Consciousness was awakening, and if you follow the Lungold Calleman Charts you see how AMAZINGLY ACCURATE the years are, especially the more up to date and recent Calleman projections are. The more Conscious One is the More Awake one is. The sleepers still need outside messages and symbols. That is why I state the more that awaken the less the drama and drastic Earth changes and suffereing.

We now see the journey of the cell is the projection of Consciousness into form. Each era we have a more awakened intellect and for some intuitive awakening. The Intellect being left mega crisis and Intuition the right mega solution.

At this point in time[October 9 2011] the V has shortened so that the speed between both hemispheres of the brain is huge, hence so many oscillations between the world events and between some have said 'feeling sane and balanced speedily flips to confusion and uncertainty' between a kind of mad anger and a peaceful contentment, between hot energy flushes and a cool comfortable body' between energy and fatigue and accentuated Ascension/Transformation symptoms, between radical political financial chaos to a global attempt to stabilise and assure, between mega bucks rich bankers and their reluctance to share, between riots and unrest to groups seeking reconciliation, and forth. The pendulum is fast HITTING BOTH SIDES OF THE V. IT IS DOING THIS ALMOST CONSTANTLY WITHIN .09 OF A WEEK AND SOON IT WILL CEASE AT THE APEX, THE PENDULUM AT THE START TOOK 16.4 BILLION YEARS TO TRAVEL OR SWING, THEN HALVED TO 8.2 BILLION UNTIL WE REACH OCTOBER 28 2011 AND THE TIP OVER WHEN THE PENDULUM, THE INVERTED V ARE NO LONGER A MODEL, AND ALL IS A MOMENT BY MOMENT INTUITIVE PROMPT.


Thanks and a Happy Marriage. Geoff



Where it states consciousness halved I had to amend this to consciousness doubled, time halved, this is the swing between the pendulum. Each wave halved time as an experience. That is why time now seems to be quickening. The aware, the more time seems to speed up, this is not the same as having a busy life. I made a note of changes on left of rough sketch. Consciousness in fact doubled.

The fact there are nine waves are because there are nine chakras, the first half way between the knees and genitals, the ninth the halo rough nine inches or so above the crown chakra. Have given examples in blogs as to why.

1967 writings


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