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Geoff Freed
Former forensic technician and scientific & medical researcher, lecturer, workshop leader and psychotherapist, Dr. Geoff Freed reports on what is happening energetically on the planet at this pivotal time in history.


Once again into the psychic wars and this depicts the epitome of them and the back up to my back posts and updates on them. This I learnt from my teachers and various places I travelled to and met certain persons and we shared our experiences.

I would remind one of the recounting ways back, the event of my dear friend and adopted by deep friendship half brother in Carolina, Gill and I in Cornwall, psychic attacks in Colindale, strange experiences in Suffolk, these are real and relayed inn back blogs.

Taking the avid Icke London Beltane and Rome, the frenzy of the media you come to the above and the energy dark emotional entities, and those lining up to get into channeler's [see back updates and Posts] is now rampant with the wars, conflicts and animosities. Star wars 'Beware of the dark side' is so apt and prophetic.

AN OLD FRIEND REVISTED. If I had the £'s that I told this analogy, I would be a wealthy person. THIS IS A MASSIVELY IMPORTANT VIDEO [5 min].



SO THERE IS A SHORTAGE OF MONEY? Have a look at these stats. UK Premier Soccer league 22 teams each team needs at least 22 players, some on £250.000 a week, so multiply 22 x 22 = 484 take the average wage at £40.000 =£19360 plus managers and staff, stadium up keep that's about £25060 million a week, then there are the three leagues that follow going from 24 teams with say 15 players from wages of £30.000 to £750.00 a week plus managers staff and so forth, then the tennis players, snooker players, rugby players, pop stars, film stars, motor racing, then add this through EU,USA super leagues and rest of the world, then the wars, space stuff and keep on. Where is the shortage of money?

Only the poor are being cut down, told they are lazy, spongers then take MEP's, GP's, Bankers, Lawyers, and countless others, who is telling porkies?

Most GP's are millionaires with the bonuses for prescribing pills. Get paid every time they take blood pressure readings and administer a vaccine. Who are we making rich at the expense of those in real need?

Human cells that are healthy work on 70-90 mllivolts, unhealthy ones from 15-20 mllivolts, and the bio photons are released with each contraction of the DNA, so we see a low frequency delicate interaction. With fear the adrenalin kicks in and the frequency becomes distorted in sharp protruding wave forms. By coherent breathing one can restore the 'factory settings or default ones', this resets the alarm system to off, however, leaving a natural non fear alertness in place, the waveform returns to a undulating gentle wave form. See back blogs.' This from Jan.2011

The news, the 5th Day of the Mayan Calleman Charts and breakdown of 'the known' not only leave vacuums 'sometimes for unhealthy dysfunctional elements to creep in so called' power vacuums', particularly with rising food prices, job cuts and the envy and frustration of the 'earners of wealth' above that we can deplete our immune systems and our mllivolts. Be still, breathe slowly, and let the clouds of thoughts change shape, neither liking or not liking, let them be free to go their way. When the river of fear, emotions and thoughts NATURALLY subside without interference, then one realises 'I am not my thoughts, I am the observer, the witness of them' this then leads to 'WHO is this witness? And the famous cliché 'WHO AM I? I AM ME. WHO IS THIS ME?

Watching this and not interfering with this observation one may intuit,' there is no answer to this. I am this and leave an explanation, which endeavours to define the indefinable.

By trying to define the indefinable one is put back in the known, the logic, this then leads to the boundaries imposed by the known rationale and belief systems, the territories of the 'MAP or Region,' a confining prison no matter vast or small. One is held on a tether to one's thoughts and imagination which maybe limited to juxtaposition of the graphics within the library of the warehouse of the mind.


Figure 1 I can go only as far as my mind stretches and when my turn on's are exhausted I can get back to the despair of the limited prison of my own making.

So how do I break free? Do I imagine that I am free; this takes hours of intentionising, mind games affirmations which may leave the cause buried. Do I suppress it and get on with a hobby, a distraction, a relationship until the old problems arise, looking to solve the problem by deadening it with drugs, illness, hand outs from the outside world. Yet in reality we live in 'OUR BRAINS' there is no outside world, we merely DECODE VIBRATIONS, frequencies given off by the so called 'outside' to be formed into an INTERNAL MAP OF REALITY AND WHAT WE TAKE TO BE TOUCH, SOLID, SMELL, SENSE and so forth are decoded frequencies which have the APPEARANCE of being solid and real and yet are not. WE HAVE BEEN PROGRAMMED BY 'repetition ' from birth to believe things are solid, real, that one cannot walk through concrete, walk on water, manifest at will anything anywhere. I witnessed my Zen Master do this [see back Blogs]. Whether one believes in an Actual Jesus or not the words quoted' If you believe with all your heart, might and strength something, you could say to yonder mountain, be gone and it would? Raising the dead, water in wine. By the way Yogis and Eastern Masters have done similar things with many witnesses.



Many of us are ruled by the unconscious, the sub world, the underworld of shadowy illusions, sensations at the 'back of our minds' as it were and we succumb to the emotions of these spooky weak emotional feelings, and then they gain strength as they surface from the deep and become denizens and we are overcome and they swamp our minds and fill the world with their rampaging, riotous projections.

"The few who can understand the system will either be so interested in its profits or so dependent on it for favors that there will be no opposition from that class. While on the other hand, the great body of people mentally incapable of comprehending the tremendous advantage that capital derives from the system, will bear its burdens without complaint and perhaps without even suspecting that the system is inimical [tending to obstruct or cause harm] to their interests." - Rothschild Brothers of London


Figure 3 Many generations of impacting, ingraining, grinding, etching and compacting have imprinted to the depths our present karma. Huge Cosmic energy and awareness is now being applied to wipe the slate clean.

This is the process now being worked out by the world collective unconscious, the purging, the detoxification of the putrid atrophied gunk, the sewage of the filth of collective rotting thought horror and atrocities coming like puss from an open burst boil to be cleansed and made wholesome again. This is a 'job of work' for the individual, and the collective.


Figure 4 The dumped emotional and hurt of collective humanity. The refuse waste not being collected by our local councils. Who are they these councils? Those we have elected to take care of our responsibilities and we grumble they tax us and put up their wages unfairly. Perhaps the lesson 'clean up our own mess' and they would be out of work.

A clean and beautiful awareness that the mind cannot latch onto and the thinking comes from the source through to mind to reflect in a reality of the source, not the reality based on the past and its splinter minds called the ego.

The snow is white, pristine, primordial, untarnished and as such the Internal Map of Reality becomes the Mirror Reflected Map of Reality from Creative Original Source. Who is this Source? Known deep within as to Who Am I? And there you have IT? Do You? If you've sussed it you've missed it.


Hey from an unknown me Lots of Love.



Figure 5 I pasted this to remind me who I was, Am, totally confusing thank God!!!

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