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Geoff Freed
Former forensic technician and scientific & medical researcher, lecturer, workshop leader and psychotherapist, Dr. Geoff Freed reports on what is happening energetically on the planet at this pivotal time in history.


In past blogs I mentioned how early experiments with meditation caused the brain to light up and that holosync and some binaural technologies assisted this. THIS FOLLOWING SET OF LINKS ARE VITALLY IMPOPRTANT AND THE PICTRES AND GRAPHICS PRESENTED BY DR JOE DISPENZA is amazingly important.

This is from a Hopi Elder.

I relate to Dr Dispenza's 'spontaneous remission' research as I have three such remissions in my life so far. There was a point spontaneously where there was a 'switch' to a different reality, it was if there was a joy, and knowing all is well, and then followed a convalescence and getting well. One of them was in a waiting room accompanied by my late dear buddy and friend Brother Woolf, and I was awaiting the results of the tumours found in my lungs and the biopsy results and the waiting room in the hospital was a mixture of Kidney dialysis patients and cancer patients.

The TV was on and there was typical morning chat programme on and my disinterest went into a kind of deep breathing and another 'altered state of consciousness' similar at times when washing and wiping up, the automatic rhythm, kind of took me into another reality, and that moment a silent gut/heart knowing, a silent brain /head, and flow of uninhibited joy flowed and I KNEW I would be well whatever the outcome.

The other times were similar in feeling, yet different in incident.

Regarding the Hopi link, I have always had a yearning to be one with the Earth Mother, and yet strangely I have not had a great contact physically with nature. In Qi Gong and Tai Chi I did practice Tree Gong, and knew that trees breathed in our out breath and we breathed their out breath a beautiful exchange and my year in the wilds of Spain in Minorca as described in a back blog.

There is also this yearning to be one with the Cosmic Essence and deep felt knowing we all come from the same source and as kid I could not fathom why there were wars, rows, disrespect and hatred. I still cannot fathom it out, and yet I know it is down to upbringing, programming and deep down past all that crap and mire there is the real person a compassionate, respectful being.

So who am I, well the same as you at essence and ground being? A compassionate, alert, aware and amazing human with a divine spark that is Life Eternal temporally embedded in an illusionary body made of seemingly real solidity—some work of art eh?


Figure 1 What's real anyway.


Figure 2 Fantasy?


Figure 3 Optical Illusion.


The power that Made The Body Heals The Body.

Think Greater Than Your Environment.



Figure 4 Shangri La. Another illusion. We make or break our illusions, the solution lies in not becoming addicted and let the flow of Life take us on a never ending adventure.

We like to stick to the past when the wheels fall off, yet this entraps us and keeps us in routine which then leads to, 'if we cannot let go of the past then we invent the future based on the past, and there is no present', yesterdays reinventing the wheel maybe the known and although unhappy seems safer than letting go in to the 'spontaneous stream of Life'

DO WE TRUST LIFE OR DISTRUST TRUST? Should we say Life gave us Birth and we blame Life for our misery or thank Life for our joy? Maybe we are all Joyous fulfilled beings and put the blame on Life when it is our upbringing which forced this misery and circumstances of world culture which we have mistakenly taken for reality.

Again 'there is nothing out there' our brain merely decodes frequencies akin to TV, Mobile Phones, Radio signals and from these frequencies makes them into a dream like reality all inside the Head so to Speak. Change the programme change the reality.

So what 'Soap' is your/my reality? Remember we are the cast, director, scrip writer, critic and audience.

So what is real? For me nothing known seen touched sensed or felt by the senses. I perceive them and acknowledge them, however, they are becoming as real as a TV show, their becoming less intrusive, and there is a kind of easy entertainment in them a kind com se com sa[comme ci comme sa, ]it is amusing a passing transitory expedience.

It seems that my attraction and addiction to outside form is fading, it is more like a fascination and wonder, the kind of awe I had when younger, a kind of enchantment to enjoy and let it go.

The butterfly held gently in the hand to admire, gasp at its exquisite beauty and delicacy, and happy to see it fly off and do its thing. A natural grace, a grace brought about by not being self conscious or looking for rhyme or reason for approval or not, merely doing what nature intended it to do. So its movements as of all things natural and unimpeded by ego control are light, in tune and harmonious and us as bystanders admiring the view and moving on.

The magic of Life, where did it come from? Who created It? Who created the Creator? The purpose of Life? These all seem to be not so important and it merely seems to my understanding now, let go, let the show unfold and SO THE MIRACULOUS CAN FLOW FROM Its Invisible storehouse, delight us and disappear and until the next performance. C' 'est La Vie.


Lots of Loving Thoughts. Geoff

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