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Geoff Freed
Former forensic technician and scientific & medical researcher, lecturer, workshop leader and psychotherapist, Dr. Geoff Freed reports on what is happening energetically on the planet at this pivotal time in history.


Now this is a mystery.

http://healthfreedoms.org/2011/08/10/orange-airborne-goo-mystery-solved/ ORANGE GOO—OOHS.

http://healthfreedoms.org/2011/08/10/how-did-those-vermont-fish-get-radioactive RADIOACTIVE FISH ER. ?

http://healthfreedoms.org/2011/08/10/our-apple-juice-is-from-china-laced-with-arsenic/ check your apple juice for arsenic.


What is arsenic poisoning?

Arsenic is known best as a deadly poison, although in small doses it does have medical benefits. BBC News Online looks at the workings of the chemical infamous for its deadly effects. Arsenic is a semi-metallic naturally-occurring chemical. It is all around us in the environment and we are all exposed to small doses on a regular basis. It is difficult to detect as it is generally odourless and flavourless, meaning people have little idea when it is around.

http://healthfreedoms.org/2011/08/10/medical-mj-patients-continue-to-be-targeted-by-cops/ More USA paranoia.

70 per cent of people taking an antidepressant aren't even depressed

Around 70 per cent of people regularly taking a powerful antidepressant don't have depression, and they have never been diagnosed with any mental health problem.


No cure for the common cold – but they've found a way to shorten its life

They may not have found a cure for the common cold – but they seem to have found a way of shortening its life.


Scary, scary – how does your garden grow?


The weed killers and insecticides we spray on farm crops, our rose bushes, and parks and verges can cause cancer—especially leukaemia in children, brain tumours and prostate cancer—as well as birth defects and arterial damage, independent scientists have established. They also suspect a link with Parkinson's disease, asthma and miscarriages.



'The sun unleashed a massive X-class solar flare on August 9th, the strongest yet in Solar Cycle 24, and scientists predict a wave of solar storms that could cause disruptions in satellite, telecommunications and electrical equipment. They can also cause excitability in people's emotional and electrical (nervous) systems which can outplay in social, political and economic disruption. It's very important that we intentionally maintain our emotional balance and increase our heart coherence at this time. By increasing our compassion for others and for ourselves, we remain more poised and positively affect the energetic field environment around us. As we discussed in last month's full moon Care Focus, solar influxes on our planet provide us with an opportunity to use these energy influxes to create humanitarian advances.

For this full moon synchronized care focus, we will continue the current GCI Care Focus, synchronizing our energetic contributions and commitment to increasing heart coherence as we send our care and compassion to the humanitarian crisis in Somalia and East Africa'.

Although posted late, this does give some biological input to the solar bombardment of late. Thank you GCI.

'"Through these changing times, increasing numbers of people are approaching heart-based living as an employment of common sense and practical intelligence. The desire to expand our heart connection and become "who we truly are" is an accelerated momentum on the rise, not just as a trendy notion, but inspired from Universal Source and felt within the hearts of individuals. This new momentum will birth and unveil the transformational power of "we the people," to progressively restore peace through heart-based living and compassionate care." – Doc Childre'

To join the GCI Care Focus in the Global Care Room, you can enter the room directly from www.globalcarerooms.org. Simply log-in with your e-mail and GCI password. Until the next synchronized Care Focus, it would be effective for the planet if we individually continue this Care Focus often in the Global Care Room.

Global Coherence Initiative – 14700 West Park Ave – Boulder Creek, California 95006 – 831-338-8500'

http://lifestyle.aol.co.uk/2011/08/11/have-scientists-found-the-cure-for-colds-flu-and-hiv/ WELL WE WILL HAVE TO WAIT AND SEE. BIG PHARMA WILL NOT BE TOO PLEASED; WE ALREADY HAVE THE PHANTOM WAVE CURE ALL WHICH HAS BEEN SUPRESSED.

http://video.uk.msn.com/watch/video/bat-on-the-loose-on-a-jet-plane/2gefnznd?from=homepage_slides once you get past the annoying advert it is a bit of fun.


I wonder where it will end up. In reality everything we perceive is just waves and frequencies decoded by the brain as reality. There is really nothing out there at all, although it may seem so. Many of us find it difficult to get 'our head around this'.

So we may end up realising and experiencing that we live in a virtual cyber space, that in fact NO THING is actually 'feelable, tangible, they are all programmes which through the millennia of the ages, through the Aeons of Time, we believe are solid, real, exist. Really it is all A DREAM AND WE HAVE AGREED BY EN MASSE THIS IS REALITY. After all how can one walk on water, breaking oak blogs back [oak with a finger tip, my Sensei story].



What have an oil rig and a mobile phone got in common? Sophisticated technology and engineering. We are surrounded by the very large, huge skyscrapers, massive excavating machines, then the very small, silicone chips and nano implants, yes micro surgery and intricate devices to assist surgery and then allopathic medicines with drastic side effects and some actually bring on the very symptoms and defects the drug was meant to cure or aid. The medical response is like the health and safety risk weighed up against danger or likelihood of death or serious injury. When I was in Forensic/science/ soccer/ engineering careers another factor came in COST.

In forensics towards the later end it was based on the seriousness of the crime, the modern word prioritorising for example burglary simple dusting and search for tool marks.


In the case of aggravated burglary [attack on resident], DNA CID and so forth and so up the scale, of course murder all costs more or less ignored depending on the severity and MO.

In some science cost is prohibitive for instance research into alternative energy and the like, in engineering the cost of manufacture and its practicality with its marketable value or sale. In soccer whether to risk a slightly injured player if the match is important enough for a result of a league or cup place of status and the player was an astounding one.

fig04'Elementary school can be a challenging place for many children. It is here that they begin to form relationships on their own, experiment with their identity, and are exposed to a wide range of new people, traditions and experiences. This new environment along with the pressure to maintain good grades can be very stressful for a child. The pressure at school can lead to stressful feelings that can lead to depression, anxiety and behavior problems. Helping children to understand and manage these stressful feelings is very important to their wellness and their ability to succeed in school and in society.

We all know how badly we react to nonstop stress, why would we expect our children to be any different? All this pressure isn't resulting in better performance or higher test scores. In many cases it is leading to anxiety, depression and an overall feeling of sadness. The good news is that it doesn't have to be this way. There are things you can do with your children to help alleviate this stress response.

To help your child learn to manage the pressure, here are some things you can do:

  • Exercise; research shows that exercise is key to proper brain development and reduces stress. Daily activity is very important.
  • A balanced nutritional diet is important when it comes to focus and energy. Make sure your child gets a good breakfast, lunch and a balanced dinner.
  • Enough sleep is very important in the fight against stress. The amount of sleep students get at night has a direct impact on their performance at school during the day. According to classroom teachers, elementary and middle school students who stay up late exhibit more learning and attention problems.
  • Teach children about positive ways to cope with stress.
    • Created by the Institute of HeartMath®, HeartSmarts® teaches students to manage stress, improve learning and strengthen relationships.
    • emWave® Desktop has games that can teach children how to focus on their heart as they master visual challenges. '


Dr. Mercola Recommends...

Every "Like" Helps Support This Cause

By The Fluoride Action Network

It has been established that fluoride has the ability to alter your endocrine function, yet this fact is being ignored by the agencies and associations that continue to promote the practice of water fluoridation.

According to a 2006 report by the National Research Council of the National Academies1 , fluoride is "an endocrine disruptor in the broad sense of altering normal endocrine function."

This altered function can involve your thyroid, parathyroid, and pineal glands, as well as your adrenals, pancreas, and pituitary.

Your thyroid gland and its associated hormones are responsible for maintaining your body's overall metabolic rate, and for regulating normal growth and development. As all metabolically active cells require thyroid hormone for proper functioning, disruption of this system can have a wide range of effects on virtually every system of your body. Thyroid dysfunction is considered among the most prevalent of endocrine diseases in the United States'

'A council flat tenant is facing eviction after her 18-year-old son appeared in court in connection with riots in Clapham Junction.

The woman was served with an eviction notice by Wandsworth Council on Friday afternoon.

She is believed to be the first council tenant in the country to face losing her home over rioting and looting which blighted the nation this week.'

Is this the real answer? Maybe we should address the underlying anger and tension that led to this.

For ten years I lived on a council estate, which had back alleys grey concrete buildings, drug dealers, single parents who could not and would not take care in some instances of their kids, real terror gangs, the noise, the graffiti, the chip bags, pizza remains, stray dogs, and many afraid to go out after 19.00 hours, the elderly in squalid dirty accommodation, fumigation and cleaning fluid bleach like smells in lifts and corridors, emergency ill lit stairs, and the police were outrun and out thought, they fought a losing battle, these kids knew the place and could outsmart and manoeuvre anyone, they were street wise and highly intelligent if given a chance to prove it, these were all sombre and disheartening. Many police raids and the shops were dirty, cheap fast bad foods, sell by dates removed, additive and preservative laced, unemployment rife, many could not read or write, as one boy remarked to me' My dad was in out of jail and a professional burglar, so he taught me the trade, and I can get into any car or house, simple'. These guys could sense the 'Bill' coming and had a very sophisticated 'alarm' system.

Many of the girls and young boys would stand on the high rise roof tops with binoculars and watch the police or vigilante groups, visitors, rival gangs, and use the old analogue mobiles, or torches to warn the gangs below or young boy 'runners'.

I lived in these flats for those years as it was near to the police college where I worked for the last years of my service in the Forensic laboratory and went out on specialised cases, also on my many travels abroad doing workshops I would sometimes liaise with authorities as an adjunct.


This is how I got information from NATO in Brussels, FAO United Nations in Rome and built up my whistleblower network in many other venues, plus of course the many overseas police officers and agents who came to the College. I MUST STATE CATERGORICALLY, I HAVE NEVER GIVEN ANY INFORMATION THAT HAS NOT BEEN WRITTEN ON THE NET OR CLASSIFIED. I HAVE ACTED FAITHFULLY TO MY SIGNING OF THE OFFICIAL SECRETS ACT. However I can and do comment with my own ideas, prompts and whistleblowers information, and they inform me if it has been in public knowledge or domain, there are things which have not been exposed to the net or public and they remain with me.

http://uk.cars.yahoo.com/12082011/74/man-s-amazing-parallel-parking-job.html GUINESS BOOK OF RECORDS, however he had to give the plaque back as someone else beat him.

' However he's already had to give them back as a certain Zhang Hua managed to flip his car into a space two centimeters shorter on the Guinness Book of Record's Chinese show.

Sadly there's no video of his stunt yet, but you can still watch C-Rock's no-less spectacular effort below'. [above as I have put it].

A REAL FUN 3 MIN.VIDEO. Thanks Heather M for sending.

http://www.guy-sports.com/humor/jokes/jokes_milkman.htm FROM AN EMAIL sent by Heather M AND RE FOUND ON NET a GOOD READ AND LAUGH. Notes left for the Milky in bottles.

It is not a negative thing sometimes to remember or recall the past, the secret not to dwell on it and live by it. How about the old rag and bone man. As a kid I used to do imitations and workshops participants will probably remember when I used to go into accents and popular politicians and new age speakers imitations. Most thought they were to the point of the workshop and others were perplexed and vexed, some thought I was a Mickey taker, and me I really flourished in it.


Figure 1 This was the first milkman and float I remember. Where I live we still have the electric milk float and bottles. I do not drink milk but make my own yoghurt.


Figure 2 I used to call out in a familiar broken tone voice 'hole iron' and neighbours used to look out of their curtains and realise it was me. Sometimes they brought their old tot to the door.

When I worked for the ministry of Funny Walks I was seconded to a certain place that housed many red faced gouty senior members of the Navy and they looked like many cartoon characters. When they spoke it seemed if they were permanently Brahms and Liszt's (slang for inebriated or p-----d) and a waffling delivery with a haemorrhoidal slouchy gait.

Those of you, who remember the late Ronnie Barker in the officers club, will know what I mean.

I was housed in a tiny office at the end of a large corridor with many phones of varying colours attached to the wall. I do a very good imitation of a phone tone and used to get these elderly senior officers out and answer them and many used to say in that tone above' Who the devil is playing, is playing silly b-----s', it took them eight weeks till I was found out.

Part of my remit was to take files to the 'masters' or rather their secretaries who were naval attaches and very 'Money Penny' James Bond Type but in their late fifties. They knew it was me and pretended to be very offended and indignant regarding the phones and the like. After all 'darling' we were awfully well spoken with plum in mouth and cucumber sandwiches with peel cut off and little finger in the air with the cups with motifs on.

I used to get the masters ring me and they always wanted a file yesterday as it were and always ended up with 'How Long will It Take?' I got so fed up with this that I started to answer the Phone on several occasions 'HOW LONG CHINESE TAKE AWAY' in an improvised 'Benny Hill Chinese' accent. I was sent back after this to my work place, as I was sent to the seniors as a punishment for being a naughty boy, basically a trouble maker as I cannot stand injustice and hurting people for gain and promotion.

The Seniors were very annoyed at the Chinese Takeaway and fumed in a slurry fashion as above' Who the devil are you and get off the phone you stupid, silly a—e.' This was too much and I was returned to base post haste.

When I lived in Spain in the early 70's they even then came round in England years before with the tinker and water cart.


Figure 3 He often had a hand cart, an organ with a monkey or parrot and he sharpened knives and did odd jobs on locks and garden fences. This chap came before him.


Figure 4 When in certain parts of Spain these kind of carts and some motor cycle engine type carts came round crying' Agua '.

Tengo sed. ¿En dónde puedo encontrar agua? I am thirsty Where can I find water?

My Spanish is almost gone as is my German, French and Italian. You know if you don't use it, you lose it.

I hope you enjoyed the liberty and trip down memory lane and little light refreshment from the heavy last few posts and world events. Thank you dear friends and readers.



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