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Geoff Freed
Former forensic technician and scientific & medical researcher, lecturer, workshop leader and psychotherapist, Dr. Geoff Freed reports on what is happening energetically on the planet at this pivotal time in history.


Have a gander at this


GOES 5-minute averaged integral proton flux (protons/cm2-s-sr) as measured by the SWPC primary GOES satellite for energy thresholds of >=10, >=50, and >=100 GOES 5-minutGGg OES 5-minute averaged integral proton f(protons/cm2-s-sr) as measured by the SWPC primary GOES satellite for energy thresholds of >=10, >=50, and >=100 MeV. SWPC's proton event threshold is 10 protons/cm2-s-sr at >=10 MeV. Large particle fluxes have been associated with satellite single event upsets (SEUs).

GOES satellite for energy thresholds of >=10, >=50, and >=100

Once again not a dickey bird (cockney slang for word and gander above for a look) about what affects it has on us biologically, the hyped affects of the rioting seems to 'hot things up' on the mega crisis on the Inverted V and many are finding an inner calm on the mega solution.


This electron flux plot contains the 5-minute averaged integral electron flux (electrons/cm2-s-sr) with energies greater than or equal to 0.8 MeV and greater than or equal to 2 MeV at GOES-13 (W75). These data are invalid during a significant proton event because of sensor contamination at the GOES spacecraft. Enhanced fluxes of electrons for an extended period of time have been associated with deep dielectric charging anomalies.

No need to understand the technicalities it just to the eye produces the rate of heightened energy. This to some will 'hype' them up, to some cause fear, others the ascension /transformation symptoms, to others aligning with Unity Consciousness a kind of quiet calm.

So when to huge hype meets the unquenchable calm we come to the apex of the INVERTED V WHERE THE IMMOVABLE FORCE MEETS THE UNSTOPABLE FORCE, the two cancel out to find a third synthesized way, something out of the seeming duality of the seeming chaos that only THE UNIVERSAL CREATIVE Energy Consciousness can bring about -----SOMETHING WONDERFUL.

This 4 min jitterbug by seniors is wonderful, LIGHT HEARTED AND PROVES YOU ARE NEVER TO OLD. HEARTWARMING, FUN AND DELIGHTFUL. Thanks Fif for sending.

http://articles.mercola.com/sites/articles/archive/2011/08/10/fluoride-can-damage-your-bones.aspx?e_cid=20110810_DNL_art_1 APOLOGIES TO KEEP ON HAAPIING OOPS, HARPING ON THIS, THIS IS MY VIEW THE NUMBER 1 ONE 0NE SILENT KILLER. IT IS CREEPING DEATH. A BRILLIANT AND GREAT ARTICLE BY DR JOE.

http://www.unelected.org/audit-of-the-federal-reserve-reveals-16-trillion-in-secret-bailouts COULD THIS BE THE REAL REASON FOR THE DOWNGRADING OF THE USA ECONOMY?

http://articles.mercola.com/sites/articles/archive/2011/08/11/sulfuryl-fluoride-what-is-it-the-story-so-far.aspx?e_cid=20110811_DNL_art_1 Fluoride AGAIN, good information.

Dr Joe Answering questions on Fluoride.

http://uk.news.yahoo.com/video/apusnews-4482601/texas-towns-tap-toilets-to-beat-drought-26250530.html#crsl=%252Fvideo%252Fapusnews-4482601%252Ftexas-towns-tap-toilets-to-beat-drought-26250530.html DROUGHT IN TEXAS—SOLUTION LOOK AT VIDEO [2min]


Figure 1 DROUGHTS ARE WORLD WIDE--Emotionally, water wise, compassion, and the drought of denial.


As we go through the huge upheavals of the last few days such as riots in the UK and of course the world, Libya, Egypt, Sudan and Palestine, wars in Afghanistan, unrests in nearly EVERY COUNTRY. The environment pollution wise, climate changes, here on Earth and as far as we can monitor solar and Cosmic in immensity and distance.

Salient factors come into play. Regarding the riots there is denial by those who say it is not a marginalisation of youth through poverty, the lack of ambition and of course they are lazy and waiting for handouts, and rubbing their noses in it when they say ' we need foreign workers because they are willing to do the jobs the Brits will not do'. Well I have spoken to a few of these hoodies and they say they have been for jobs and found there are sometimes hundreds applying for jobs such as shelf fillers, street cleaners[cut backs on those by councils for lack of money]. Then when they are out of working for no fault other THERE ARE NO JOBS, they have to live on a pittance. HAVE YOU EVER tried menial work as it were, I had to clean houses and sweep streets for a while and the looks I got of derision and snooty noses, and the abuse from householders who displayed an arrogant superiority to me was quite demoralising. You could say that I brought this on myself for being resentful and yet as a Buddhist at the time I was seeing this as a lesson and Karma and was sought after for my willingness and cheerful demeanour.

The youngsters I have spoken too are a mixture of council estate one parent families living in squalid grey concrete buildings, where back alleys are full of gangs often in rivalry and drug dealings, protection rackets and all sorts of skulduggery. I used to live for ten years in Graham Park and know the 'story' full well and by understanding and talking to these disenchanted youths and older depressed people, often with little opportunity for education, local shops selling chemicalised Burgers, greasy fish and chips, shabby supermarkets with additive cheap packaged micro wave fodder. These hyping up the already rebellious youths because they feel 'there is nothing to live for and not future'.

Then they read these celebrity magazines and see the footballers, golfers, film and TV celebs and envy creeps in, and so drugs and alcohol to relieve the pressure and forget the dowdiness of their existence, bored and seeking power and acknowledgement, and this get through mugging, heinous crimes, become emotionally and morally dead, yet praise and hero worship from their gangs, which are the extended family. Do I blame them—no? Do I feel it is right-no?

Their parents are often second generation of the same ilk, and one young burglar told me some years back 'it's the trade my Dad taught me' and this behaviour is often a hand me down. This was and is apparent in Ireland, parts of Africa and Palestine where youngsters as of the age of 5,6,7 are brandishing fire arms and recruited guerrilla warfare experts by the age of 11.

The causes are deep and underlying. Years of abuse by a wealthy greedy authority making slaves, subservient populace and the rise of technology, the greed for acquisition and recognition and one's status in society as a bench mark of success. This is not to say that there are and were many altruistic philanthropists.


Figure 2 Che was and still is the icon for this kind of wafare and hero to many disaffected people.

I remember the Shell and Fiat companies advertising their environmental campaigns while promoting their virtues were enslaving indigenous people and wrecking rainforests'

Elsewhere, this notorious goings on and never condoned or brought to full media attention. An odd documentary, a BBC Horizon programme, and people in the majority looking at the TV programmes saying 'oh good footie is on, X factor, !!!!! got talent'. Then there are those who say 'Well what can we do about it, it is hopeless and I am a small insignificant individual'.

From the light of recent events one can see that Governments, the Judiciary, the Medical Profession and so forth have become hand maidens to the multinationals and huge business conglomerates and the media dominated and controlled by a few moguls that monopolise the press and TV coverage.

Please refer to the Updates and post where I have given the alerts to technology and the digital ways of technology. Reminding us that the rioters were using primarily Blackberry mobiles and message could have been digitally implanted and in the large diagram of Echelon frequencies to the brain can be administered from Helicopters and this device easily put into phones.


When Lenin remarked' Religion is the opiate of the Masses' one could apply this to the social, fashion, and advertising marketing 'your fired says Lord B--------s' and the need for making piles of money on clever marketing and off of peoples backs is proliferate.


Figure 3 Do you really want several marriages, rehabilitation in drug clinics, look like the celebs without air brushed photos and makeovers. Feel unloved and unwanted when the IMAGE is not needed anymore, back on anti depressants?

In one way the socially deprived as it were, albeit money, poverty, are all seeking a way out when the addiction to 'I am useless, where is life going, I cannot get a job, life is a bummer and has a down on me' or 'I cannot get another part in a film, my looks are going, I need to cover my loneliness and find a partner, my football days are over, I have millions and I still feel life is empty'. I have heard these stories from all walks of life. It is always seeking something out there, out there in the material world, the world of form and glamour.

The more we rely on the 'out there' we become victims to who supply the 'out there', of course we need the basics, some wholesome food, warm dry clean clothing (not necessarily fashionable, but natural and functional) and accommodation that is clean, natural and dry with warmth and habitable. This is what Native Ethnic people have if left alone and unfortunately refugees seek in the shocking and awful sadness and depravity we see so graphically portrayed in Somali and other places.

We see in past posts how the USA barons and captains of Industry are draining the water from their own people and how they have money in Texas to Tap the Toilet above.


Figure 4 Basic Living

Where did or does it go wrong or rather askew?

In my view we have become compromised, we have become hypnotised and seduced by hand outs [needed when needed and not to be relied on as a constant supply], however when the basics are removed by drought, perhaps caused by humans denuding the land for gain and profit, such as logging in the Amazon AND IF THIS GOES ON THEN ANOTHER DESERT AND REFUGEE problem.

However we can regain our power, not egoistic dominance but the quiet assurance of inner peace and confidence in this inner beingness to align us with a greater alignment. 'Many years back when I spoke to the Maharishi Mahesh Yogi he had this to say' How does meditation help a beggar? It makes him a happy hungry beggar, however, it is known when one feels quiet, happy, then mysteriously one draws supply and contentment from the Universe, from God'.

When in my poverty and deprivation I learnt to let go of the negativity and reached that quiet space and place as it were, something always came along, NOT AS I WANTED BUT AS I NEEDED.

I found that my wants were my desires as I had seen others have, when I let go of these, the envy, the jealousy, the why me, then this inner [you might say what is inner?] to me inner is merely directing my attention to my thoughts, feelings, body sensations and emotions, and watching quietly these qualities, entities, emanations, sitting still, breathing gently, even if the inner storm is raging, waiting patiently until the storm subsides, not by manipulation, encouragement or suppression, the storm blows itself out and one is then experiencing and left with the indescribable contentment and inner peace, and this draws to it all the needs that one is naturally and inheritably granted by birthright to a being born out of the Comic Source.

This in my view should be taught in kindergarten to University, businesses should come together in silence for a while and parliament should devote period of contemplation and meditation for all parties and have a space to do this before sessions. THIS WOULD BE NON RELIGIOUS, NO PARTICULAR TEACHER OR GURU SHARING THIS AND NO ONE IN CHARGE. NO SECT SHOULD BE ALLOWED TO TEACH THIS BUT A CROSS PARTY SELECTION OF PERSONS WHO ARE QUIET AND NONE BIASED.







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