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Geoff Freed
Former forensic technician and scientific & medical researcher, lecturer, workshop leader and psychotherapist, Dr. Geoff Freed reports on what is happening energetically on the planet at this pivotal time in history.


Greetings and as things 'hot' up we see riots on the eve of the huge solar output as in last post and almost at the crest of the 4th day of the Mayan chart and a very significant astrological point told to me by several esoteric astrologers and not forgetting as the days of the MAYAN Chart proceeds we get a 20% increase incrementally of consciousness which brings a commensurate increase in electron volts and flux which in turn commensurately coincides with full and new moons and CME's solar flares and coronal holes with streams.


Figure 1 It is not just external heat.

In terms of Kundulini which I equate to the transformation/ascension energies which in their turn are upgrading and reconfiguring our DNA which in its turn alters in some way to some perceptibly and in some less apparent physiology and solar coding which compliments by altered consciousness. So if the total is added up so far we have a rising energy/conscious level of 80% and the remaining three days bringing it to a total of 140%. Hopefully to Unity Consciousness.

Many blogs back it was mentioned about in the late 60's and onwards 70's I did workshops www.energygrid.com/futurity/geoff-freed/2010/05.html AND www.energygrid.com/futurity/geoff-freed/2011/03.html If you scroll down in this link you come down to a gold leaflet [first link shows front of a leaflet], go to subject 25 and you will see I was informing participants of the alchemic fire as it was called in the 1967 writings and some of the symptoms. I was often told I was amusing, far out and well wishful fanciful thinking, a great day out and better than the TV, many felt it to be accurate and filled in gaps. Hey Ho it's gone now and we are in it. Cast your Sherlock mince pies[eyes, cockney rhyming slang--I was conceived in Anthill Road, Bow near the Blackwell Tunnel and born in the City Road Hospital, makes me a genuine cockney, luv, darling, ain it], Sherlock is my words, on subject 24, these were just key notes for workshop participants and for me to espouse on. Many of these were weekend and day workshops. I could 'rabbit' on quite a bit, as those who know me will testify. Dare I say it; it seems it is all coming together now.

As these energies 'fire one up' it this causes several intensifying aspects. 1) Rage, temper, mood swings as one's buttons are pushed through seeming injustice, egoist territorial boundaries transgressed


2) Deep past issues rising due to the 'simmering' energy going through the meridians and body 'pushing and melting' the 'stored' energy blocks which contain past memories that have left unfinished business and traumas.

3) Those on self growth, spiritual paths so to speak, realise these need to be resolved, melted, let go of, and realise the 'fires' are a purging process.

4) Therefore the process is a detoxification and so measures to purify may be needed as an adjunct to the process i.e., Tai Chi Qi Gong, Yoga, dietary change [not necessarily vegan, vegetarian, but listening to the body {can fool one because of addiction} perhaps eating for your metabolic type and so forth.

5) Exercise. 6) Massage, Osteopathy, Chiropractic, Colonics, Sacral Cranial work and so forth.

6) For me deep meditation as DISTINCT from imagery, hypnosis, visualisations, chanting, prayer, affirmations and the like. Stillness a Quiet mind at rest.

The hothead above desperately wants to let off steam as the pressure requires venting otherwise explosion is felt and often released in a violent incident.

As we move on towards the end of the shift and the beginning of the revival and upgraded energies between October 28 and 2016, with the salient midpoint of December 21 2012 we will see two very apparent phases.


Figure 2 If the drains are blocked then pressure is felt.


Figure 3 Let us trust the energies will not do this to many and the raging torrent of heat will eventually melt the hard anger and soften to a gentle but firm heart.

Referring to the Inverted V, Prigogine, The Tip over and the like, October 28 2011 being the Apex and the ensuing few years inculcating the new synthesised way a sort of getting to know you and easing our 'consciousness feet into new shoes' and starting up the cleansing of the outside world, MASSIVE AND HUGE attempts will be made to sabotage this by the unconscious dark side of humanity and its accompanying demonic forces which feed off of the 'etheric auric' energy fields which are building up as the pressure mounts. [It has been mention before the astral and emotional field are being burnt off, this is OK in my view].


So we see the pressure mount and if relief is not found and the pressure valve is stuck then we shall see violent explosions, earthquakes, floods which relieve the tensions, solar bursts as the cauldron of the suppressed energies of past accumulated atrocities, KARMIC DEBTS are brought to the surface for cleansing.

Should one be AWARE and WATCHFUL then one intuitively, instinctually allows the process to unfold and inner wisdom then aids one to cleanse and let go of the impediment.

Should one not have the capacity to be aware and watchful and so either Suppresses, Disowns which is usually in the form of blame, judges and goes into denial and the like, then REACTION enters the game and the process will keep repeating itself, often in different guises in order to fool the Watcher and with that Karma and unfinished business will keep going round like the merry go round.



Figure 4 The Merry Go Round of Life Can look dull and colourless and to some exotic and fun.

Many depressed folk these days see their rights taken away, oppression, food choices, living space, noise, pollution, poverty, famine war. Many see their inner peace shattered when they start to awaken to the meaning of Life. Life calls to them and 'says' “What is the meaning to you of Life, What are you here for?” These are folk who are awakening and their old way of life of accumulation, acquisition, and sheer hoarding just mean nothing anymore, many wealthy people are tired of just having everything they can have, vainly looking for the next car, house, jewel, the next million, the drug addict a stronger drug another high, the thrill seeker a bigger jump off a mountain and so on, the 'so called spiritual seeker' coming to an impasse inside and desperately wanting to jump into the void and the last vestiges of ego massively defending its exclusion causing the pressure and the Cosmic Orgasm, the pressure valve to release. It is in a way a very sexual experience, the foreplay which builds up the anticipation to the event whether it be sexual or just any event build, the caresses the act and the release. To some after a let down as in a high of drugs, to some elation after competing in an event and won and in intercourse the pleasure of the act and unification with one's partner or self.

In all of these events as above one loses ones sense of egoist self for fleeting moments, for the accomplished meditater this loss of identity with the go is more prolonged and so brings about inner peace.


This is a topic which many have contacted me about and has led to numerous long discussions and debate. As you will know by now from my CV and mentioned in back blogs I had two mentors a Japanese Roshi and a Chinese Sifu. I find now this subject the loss of self not in psychological or mental terms and the depiction below to me of enormous and pertinent prominent requirement to Unity Consciousness.



When I was a Zen Buddhist and did Za Zen, many times I found myself in no place inside my head, a kind of vacant pleasant spaciousness, just awareness without the smidgeon of a thought or emotion in the sense of something that ruffled the stream of the surface of the ocean of being, there were no ripples on the surface, no wind to whip up thoughts and emotions Here if one can call it here, there was no identification with Geoff, it was a comfortable sense of 'loss of a personal' self, and yet there was a Self that was not personal, it was spacious all encompassing wide consciousness. I was informed by my mentors that the next experience is just being It and not even the witness to IT.

Leaving the Zendo [practice hall or monastery, practise of Budo which I did as well and later the same place when the Roshi went and Sifu came], and for many days after I felt this benign softness and great compassion. Love without emotion I termed it. I felt like


the picture, I had a belly or as I preferred to call a Hara and then a Tanden, those who know me certainly the ears. I used to annoy some people because I had this smile and it got up many peoples noses. I just could not help it. My heart felt free, my belly expansive and my energy flowing like a river of Light.

Then I became embroiled in Life's mainstream. My football stuff, the family became poor, I got on TV as a pro wrestler for a while under the name of Jeff Ashley the Australian Kangaroo, my Judo training helped and the pay was good, then as an apprentice electrician, student of physics,

Professional scientific engineer, did work for the 'ministry of funny walks', took degrees of various sorts, went travelling, took sabbaticals, took more degrees, became a teacher of Tai Chi, Qi Gong, Judo, Kendo, Aikido, meditation, presented workshops, took qualifications in psychotherapy, counselling, healing and got involved in many relationships, ended up in Forensics which took me into the darkest side of life that you could imagine and then some.

This is not to boast, we all have our drama, our story. I lost this compassion, not the smile although there were frowns and grimaces. At times the compassion and quietness arose. I did not meditate for many years, and yet left in the quiet it became that beautiful rest of a mind without thought.

I lost myself, that spacious self to the busy hurly girdle of materialism. All my lovely lady friends and my beautiful partner Gilly for twelve years, Greta the only one who knew me well remarked, 'There is something in you we cannot fathom or reach', Greta knew she felt the same. She had been in Japan, India and China and studied there, she had been on TV often and was a choreographer; she had this same experience of the quiet and knew that 'once one has that deep prolonged experience all outside things dimmed by comparison'.

In fact that river was running in the background all the time, I would catch glimpses of, sense it in my darkest and most preoccupied moments, it was if I had to experience the outside world as it were, to realise there was no equal to that who I really am. Who is this AM? There is no description OF THIS SPACIOUS COMPASSIONATE AWARENESS, and I realised that my journey was to understand the addiction to the outer materialistic world and somehow to feel that longing to return to it and yet the power, seduction, temptation and allure, glamour, intoxication, that tenacious superglue, tacky adhesion that the addiction of form life has and the lessons of how to detach, not in the sense of recoil or refuse to acknowledge, but to let go in a release with full consent, not through fear, retribution or to hell with it, but through the realisation that freedom is better than addiction, and in that freedom love is felt as compassion.

The monkey that puts his open hand into the cage to grab the food and cannot get his hand out because his addiction, hunger and appetite holds him relentlessly tight fisted and the bars of the cage are slim and not large enough for fist, and so is carried off a prisoner and captured monkey on the outside of the cage.

How many of us are captured to the outside of Life's allurement be it misery or delight, and our minds prisoners as it were inside. Maybe we have to let go of that attachment to the form and just be who we are. The silent witness within, that which sees all and is always constant in its beingness.

Now we are on the verge of an unprecedented change, financial chaos, droughts, wars, famine and yet there are those still filthy rich and coining it on the very back of the poor and down trodden.

I have very wealthy people c------g and s-------g themselves as they see their perceived wealth dwindling, and some of them telling they will do anything to preserve it. THERE SENSE OF SELF IS WEALTH, when the addiction is denied WITHDRAWAL SYMPTOMS ARISE.

Likewise I have had poor people, disabled people and the like also seeing their freedoms, sparse incapacity and social housing threatened by a mean draconian government who still favour the wealthy, and these impoverished dear folk are c------g and s-------g themselves as well. There sense of SELF IS IN POVERTY AND ILL HEALTH. Whether rich or poor I have and still feel these addictions, so there is no criticism intended, just a heartfelt compassion for both sides.

However, for me it just reminds me to drop these polarities and go into complimentary mode which for me is the quiet breathing, watching AND INNER ATTENTION and after a while the noisy buzzing of restless fear thought, also the pleasant reassuring ones as well, subside OF THEMSELVES not by judgement, pushing away or encouraging, and one once again is left in the flow of the river of peace.

Here we are today[ August 7 2011] as this is typed and we see in the news, celebrities, power politicians, the Bilderberg, fabulously paid soccer stars, the constant glamour magazines, supermodels, film stars overdosing, relationship break ups, police brutality, judges in corrupt decision, wars for gain and not justice[no war is justified] corruption beyond all comprehension, single mothers, street people, refugees, drop out, drop ins, channelling, ET to rescue and the Messiahs[nice thought—won't happen]. All of the above looking out for change.

The beggar at the city gate for many years on his demise a grave was dug on his spot and there was a treasure he had unknowingly sat on for years.

So now we come to UNITY CONSCIOUSNESS and in my view the loss of identity, which is the abdication of the personal ego, has to melt, not be a shambling vegetative vacant automaton, but a smiling peaceful compassionate being, free from WORLDLY ATTACHMENT, not by choice or wilfulness but by a natural succession of the ego, which is still there only in order to function, we become like nature intended a being of nature like the rest of ecology, knowing where we fit in the grand scheme of things and where our supply and nourishment comes from.

Thank you dearest friends and blessing to you.


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