June - Update 5

Geoff Freed — 07 Jun 2011
Former forensic technician and scientific & medical researcher, lecturer, workshop leader and psychotherapist, Dr. Geoff Freed reports on what is happening energetically on the planet at this pivotal time in history.

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Figure 1 Rough Diagram I took down at UNI.

Many years back [said in croaky wavering voice] I sat shocked at this revelation in this hastily drawn note. Something rocked me back, hit me in the guts. I knew this was highly significant.

What is missing is a little caption which should say the half circle in the larger one, which is the eye and skull, is the brain within the skull.

In the light of the diagrams on Echelon and NSA and so forth this now has as I did not know then in 1957 [54yrs back] what a vast shift would take place. [Diagrams found in May Updates 2011 3 and 4 with explanations in blog].

What impacted me was in 1957 atoms and the particle world were known but not as widely as now, and even now some people find it hard to grasp the world of millions of particles forming apparent solidarity. Many will say 'yes I know this' however to really 'FEEL' this as a 'real experience' is another thing, even some physicists have said they see it, yet are unable to fully 'grasp' it as if one can grasp the intangible invisible 'Will O the Wisp' transient quantum 'goings on. This is why they must intellectualise it and mathematically configure it. We know from many whistle blowers and Nassim Haramein.

http://www.energygrid.com/science-videos.html scroll down to Nassim Haramein how scientists make a 'constant' to insert to make equations correct. See the first part for this.

The real visionaries and geniuses get inspired and work from a non egoist logical consciousness.

AS the energies of transformation get finer, more subtle with commensurate technologies becoming smaller in physical form down to nano technology, so the ego/logic will gradually become more accustomed to 'space, void' emptiness and eventual consciousness Itself. The realm of the formless Being.

Now to return to the EYE above. It struck me then that all of so called solidarity 'DOES NOT EXIST OUTSIDE THE BRAIN' this to use a modern expression blew me away and I understood in depth how my Sensei 'shattered a lump of sturdy oak with a tap of his forefinger'[told in back blog http://www.energygrid.com/futurity/geoff-freed/2006/04.html Update on that it was in 1952 which makes it 59 years back. Sensei explained that if one has the 'consciousness of Emptiness' then one can 'see' all levels of frequency 'guided by the Intuition not by psychic mind attunement'. He felt and saw the atoms as if they were golf balls so put his finger through them and shattered the oak. Similarly the monks with Sensei in the I think Hiroshima Atomic Bomb absorbed the radiation without ill effect, the USA radiation suited boffins asked why are you not irradiated ' He replied ' The universe is made of atoms, so are we'. He later explained to us awe struck pupils that 'one becomes one with what is and so cancels the non aligned frequency'. Wow.

So now we see that all is frequency, invisible waves in space,[ analogy TV, Radio , Mobile, Wifi,] all have to be decoded into a reality on screen, phone and so forth. So the brain decodes the frequencies of a tree, a car or whatever. Actually they are NOT REALLY OUT THERE'. WHEN ONE FULLY GRASPS THIS AS A 'REAL' EXPERIENCE---NOT A LOGICAL AH HA. ONE IS IT,THEN CONSCIOUSNESS IS NEAR TO HAND AS A REALIY, IN FACT---THE ONLY REALITY. [The so called objects out there are only pulsating frequencies which when decoded are the form of so called solids].

So now one can see how easy to those who have a fundamental grasp of energy and frequency, vibration and the like to impact this by A) Duping many that all is solid and Newtonian. B) by educating people that Darwin, religion, politics' and culture is the norm. IT THEN BECOMES COAGULATED a Hard Crust of assumed truth and brandished by force as a reality to control people whilst the perpetrators know otherwise.

Is it now becoming clearer that Echelon and Co can and has advanced whereby the basic reality accepted by most 'the collective UNCONSCIOUS' is becoming more and more UNIFORM and so a field of 'entrained energy' is sweeping across the unquestioning mind'. The break up for religions, cults etc., making us more uniform, prone to advertising and marketing.

At the start of the Mayan charts 16.4 billion years back ah la Calleman and Lungold

http://www.energygrid.com/futurity-videos.html Mayan Calendar Goes North, Ian Xel Lungold,[scroll down] and its culmination as in charts of March update 2011 1, April 2011 Main Blog and April 2011 Update 2, it is seen how the single cell went into expansion in half periods of 13 'units' each succession adding EXPERIENCE TO THE NETWORK. So a field of knowledge, information spread. As the field halved itself because OF ITS INFORMATION, causing innovation by accessing information and juxtaposition, mix and max, in other words increased energy, more complexity and so all stemming from the evolutionary drive or impulse. The information consciousness is responsible for the increased speed. Consciousness increase = increased energy and speed = leaps in evolution = raised awareness = more subtle in frequency and perception = more detoxing of old outworn yesterdays' solution today's nightmare.

So now we arrive at a period of 18 day evolutionary change and 20 fold increase in energy and consciousness, so let think of the layers of CELLULAR MEMORY ACCUMULATION the racing energies throwing off these deep layers and as they come to the surface they begin to saturate the finer levels now being accessed and burnt up by them.


Figure 2 The analogy of impacted cellular memory now coming to the surface, to the light or transforming energies.

The fields' fast becoming like a 'cloud' of dense invisible frequencies released like plasma from a volcano or cracks venting from a quake, spewing forth all dense tacky treacle like stuff is pulverised as hits the more refined high frequency ascension energies and the strong solar input.


Figure 3 The dense accumulated crud is raised from the depths of the deep strata of deep karmic past and are dispersed into the 'collective' where the dense matter evaporates and as it does IT RESONATES WITH THOSE STILL INTO ITS MURKY OUT DATED SELL BY DATE. THIS THEN IS ENACTED OUT -- Road rage, porn, wars, corruption, old dogmas and cult revival-- BODY PAINS AND TRANSFORMATION SYMPTOMS, the body throwing off, sloughing off a massive detoxification.

Perhaps David Icke's London—Rome—Beltane and my comments now make it clearer as this massive shift, that is from deep accumulated 16.4 Billion Years to now reaches its CLIMAX between now and 20135/75.


Part2[both 2 mins].

http://video.pbs.org/video/1860945977 AN interesting psychological view----:-

http://blog.reidreport.com/2011/03/frontline-explores-bradley-mannings-troubled-life-stepmothers-911-call-plus-excerpts-from-the-guardians-manning-book/ This profile is important-----Why?

Putting on my psychotherapist /counsellor's hat as it were, perhaps one can see this disaffected young man in a different light. Here is a young boy missing his Father, who is away a lot, bullied at school, a small sensitive young boy. The divorce, and Bradley goes with Mum. He then seeks out his Father and then his step Mum throws him out after an altercation. He finds friends with a hacker group. He tells his Father he is gay and a school friend.

He joins the army as an intelligence officer after psychological problems and tantrums. He cannot tell the army he is gay. This is not allowed. So he is frustrated with the Army, he is disenchanted with the sensitive information he is allowed to see, and so to make a name for himself and be recognised he leaks this highly confidential stuff to Julian Assange at Wiki Leaks--- apparently or allegedly. Bradley admires Julian immensely. What on earth were the USA Army doing when they vetted his records. Is it not appropriate that the USA stop shamming and allow gay men and women into the forces and be open about it?

One can see the suppression and hurt, the non acceptance, the reclusive shy boy, the feeling to 'come out' to be who is and again non acceptance by his family, friends and the USA authorities and to boot be in Iraq with all that going on, and now in Guatemala lock up. What will that do to him?

When will the pain and ridicule, the prejudice, the stigma no longer smear and devastate lives. I guess this is the 'last line' as the dark forces of the 'elite' ramp this up and disempowering us by the rape of nature, free choice, natural food and environment. The final acts of this are being played out and the bestial suppressed layers of the ages gone by, make their way to the surface to be cleaned, scrubbed and absorbed into the light of Love and Compassion.


http://wn.com/Global_2000 AMAZING AND TRUE. I POSTED THIS WAY BACK--- A MUST READ.[4 mins]

http://wn.com/Global_2000 [7mins].

http://www.forbiddenknowledgetv.com/videos/depopulation OH MY JUST HAVE A GANDER OR 'BUTCHERS'( cockney expression, rhyming slang---- Butchers hook= look).

What can one say about this horror. Jimmy Carter now a 'Elder' Well people can and so change' I have posted many articles about Eugenics. The worlds wealthiest people are giving load of dosh to the Eugenics, whilst planning to crop and prune the population.

When I was employed by the 'Ministry of Funny Walks' the bosses[me being an under boss] were discussing about Euthanasia and the top banana said he thought it was a good idea. I asked' who makes the decision about who lives or dies'? He replied' the authorities'. I then said what if they took your Mother or Father first? He got angry and came toward me with a menacing clenched fist and walked away muttering about transferring me—he never did. He was later overheard to say' I'm in a privileged position, its people like the under dogs, non achievers, like Freed, who is content to just cruise through life, a waste of space, he is too laid back, he makes me sick, he would be first on my list if I were in charge'. Later on he was promoted and became 'very important' in the 'Funny Walks Brigade'. Strangely enough he had a slanting shoulder, loping leg walk and was always complaining of backache. He always said most people were a pain in the arse, especially women, he was not gay, and the little ladies were there to bare children and do housework. You know what he also had haemorrhoids, so he was a pain in the arse to himself.

http://www.forbiddenknowledgetv.com/videos/haarp/a-century-of-weather-warfare-transcript-of-dod-briefing-on-haarp-like-weapons.html URGH.


Figure 4 Good Ole Chemy trails --- pictures in the sky---ooof.



Figure 5 How much more will the USA citizens take? You know the 'elite' are now getting really desperate as the awakening starts in earnest.

http://shyylab.engin.umich.edu/research/micro-air-vehicle/ THE NEXT GENERATION OF DRONES. IF YOU READ THIS WITH THE PHOTOS AND IN CONJUNCTION WITH DIAGRAMS IN May 3 and May 4 2011 Updates you will begin to get the drift of cyber wars, nano technology, everything smaller, then these 'bug' delivering 'mind stultifying' chemicals and frequencies. IMPORTANT DEVELOP THE BINAURAL BRAIN THROUGH 'STILLNESS AWARENESS MEDITATION'.

More on the above with video [4mins].

http://articles.mercola.com/sites/articles/archive/2011/06/03/this-vitamin-can-radically-reduce-damage-from-radioactivity-from-fukushima.aspx MORE ADVICE ABOUT HELP AGAINST RADIATION, ALSO SEE MAY 3 AND 4 2011 UPDATES FOR HOMEOPATHIC HELP.

http://articles.mercola.com/sites/articles/archive/2011/06/03/why-are-nonorganic-watermelons-exploding-in-china.aspx SHOUT OUT THESE DANGEROUS CHEMICALS THAT ARE THERE TO PLUMP UP AND ENHANCE GROWTH. THEY CAUSE TERRIBLE SYMPTOMS--- READ HOW TO SPOT THEM.


Figure 6 This can and does happen when fast foods packed with additives, growth hormones, chemicals, plus electronic fog, fluoride laced toothpastes and drinks with of course vaccines.

These practices of farming or growing are beginning to affect the farmers and their environment. More and more are protesting world wide. In my view Farmers are the one of the most important people on the planet. We need to see them educated and supported for organic and whole foods production, not pseudo organic.

I was shocked just recently to see at first hand my visiting American friends and their children and their allergies, mostly all hyped up and taking dangerous medication. One of them told me their friends at school and the older ones said the same about Uni and their friends they were all hyped up, and some of them regularly go berserk.

Its not surprising the 'vibration, frequency mass collective Mind of the USA' contains an ethos of revenge, extreme punishment, a massive erosion of freedom, concentration like camps being constructed and the rest, the crimes are incredible. The problem is the EU and countries are also getting this madness as well. Part of it is the fact the energies are ramping up too. A cocktail of gut busting, adrenalin hot headed rage and moral abdication.

FEAR YE NOT RIDE THE WAVES OF TRANSFORMATION WALK THROUGH THE FEAR—BREATHE AND RELAX—GO DEEP WITHIN THE OCEAN OF BEING—PLEASE TRY NOT TO DISTRACT, RUN AWAY OR BURY YOUR HEAD IN THE SAND. STAND UP TALL AND REMEMBER YOU ARE A DIVINE BEING AND NOT A DISEMPOWERED SLAVE. WHO ARE YOU? WHY YOU ARE A-------? {We are a nowhere, everywhere being, no labels, no denomination, no religion, no cultural identification, we are law abiding in the sense we do not pillage, rape, intentionally hurt, steal, covert, nor do we despise or hate, we are not perfect but striving to be harmonious, we are not door mats, neither are we riotous, we are respectful and yet speak up with passion about the hurt to others, nature and our Planet. WHO ARE WE?}.

Lots of Sincere Love and Care. Geoff


Figure 7 Ever onwards and upwards, tread the path of tranquillity and TRUST IN LIFE.





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