May - Update 2

Geoff Freed — 02 May 2011
Former forensic technician and scientific & medical researcher, lecturer, workshop leader and psychotherapist, Dr. Geoff Freed reports on what is happening energetically on the planet at this pivotal time in history.

SOMETIME BACK I blogged about the next stages in the 'game and scenarios' coming up. The stages mentioned were, 'the beginning of Cyber Wars' this then is a definite proof.

In that blog back then I mentioned I thought the mysterious grounding of the super UK submarine and the strange rocketry event off the West Coast of the USA, may have been as above. Whistle blowers think so too. UK_News_Second_UK_News_Article_Teaser_Region_7

The next ' wars' is Telepathy wars, instead of subliminal messages there will be 'fill in' data sandwiched between digital information or rather encoded in the icons, numbers, symbols and so on. Regarding digital.

In a lighter vain;


COMPARE THE ABOVE WITH THIS. Also Russian and they are far more open about ET than others. A CAT AND A DOLPHIN. KIND OF SEQUEL TO DOG AND DOLPHIN. Lovely. Thanks Daph for sending.

Now for the UfO and Mysteries, its all kicking off and as I type this [May 1 2011] there is G1 outburst from the sun and the Aurora Borealis is seen as far South as Michigan, USA and the New Moon on 3rd May 2011 with close Mayan second night commencing on May1/2. This might cause 48 to 72hrs later some large perturbations. Those that experience ascension symptoms may find this rather taxing, I do.

BOMBSHELL ABOUT PLANET X, NIBIRU, WORMWOOD AND THE LIKE, THE DARK STAR. ANCIENT SPACE CRAFT NAMED VIMANA. A MUST READ, BEARS OUT SITCHIN AND MY UFO STORY. and previous blogs mentioning the Late Sir Mortimer Wheeler who claimed he found radiation evidence in ancient archaeological sights. Later taken off the web. Evidence of ancient explosions as above. MIND BLOWING UFO STUFF BY SCIENTISTS, ARMY PERSONAL, AIRCRAFTSMEN AND SO FORTH. AMAZING AND COMPELLING. BIG FOOT, YETI. Daylight Robbery.

'Triangle UFO cases increasing nationally' This from various articles which say about the above.



Thanks Lyn for sending. An amazing railway feat.


Figure 1. Looking from this view it really is a miracle that we live here. 7 billion of us, plants, animals, trees, fish and air we breathe. Trillions of life forms. Who are we? Where do we come from? Why are we here? Who created us? And Who created the Creator?

When will we be free to choose our treatment medically, naturally, herbal, homeopathic, healing without authority approval? When will cost, pride, dogma disappear and total embrace of living respect and rights be honoured? Soon as the ego melts itself in its own deception. This below clip says it all in many ways. DinosaurWorld/Modern_Day_Sightings_of_Strange_Creatures.html Hey a thought, could the transforming energies, the heat of ascendancy, activate old DNA stuff preserved in the fossils and palaeontologist paraphernalia? Could a frozen mammoth be 'unfrozen' in nature as some deep glacier melts, a kind of cryonic au natural process? Remember little ole big foot as well. YOU WILL NOT BELIEVE WHAT YOU HEAR AND SEE. ITS NOW REALLY AND TRULY OUT IN THE OPEN.

"What is the meaning of retirement if the only way you
can live is to work?" asks Notre Dame professor Teresa
Ghilarducci "The answer is there is no meaning to
retirement anymore. We are now shifting from lifetime
pensions to lifetime work. It's the end of retirement."


Often it is heard that erosion of personal freedom is being 'shaved', here is something that puts it into perspective.

'Anton Chaitkin, Editor of "Executive Intelligence Review," published by the controversial political activist group, the 'LaRouche Movement,' accuses
Dr. Ezekiel Emanuel of reviving various eugenics Nazi policies, such as influencing health insurance companies to deny coverage to the elderly, who the Nazis described as not "having lives worth living."

Dr. Emanuel, who reacts by abruptly leaving the gathering, citing an "important meeting," is a fellow of the Hastings Center for Bioethics an Public Policy, which advises the US Government. Dr. Emanuel is also the brother of President Obama's former Chief-of-Staff, the Mayor-elect of the City of Chicago, Rahm Emanuel.' Courtesy of Forbidden knowledge.

I live in sheltered housing and gradually through government cuts we are losing our wardens, our support lines and being put under terrible medical and draconian assessments. Those in wheelchairs, walking frames and with serious debilitating health problems having to find the money for care. You see it on television buses and cars to take older folk to a social are being shut down, other than rotting in their flats alone. Then youth clubs shut down, care homes and libraries closed, police cut backs. Yet war in Afghanistan, Libya and the like paid for with NO MONEY. Aid to other countries, footballers on thousands of pound a week, bankers on huge benefits--------? Is there a shortage or is it a carefully planned attack on liberty through scare mongering and engendering fear? WHAT'S NEW. THEY ARE AT IT AGAIN. It never ceases to amaze me how top so called executives, ministers and the like are so insensitive, unworldly wise and plain chicken s—t dumb-----or are they? They must have a hide or bribe to match their inflated power lust.

Just to give an idea how indeterminate science is read this short link about AU, which is an Astronomical Unit, roughly based on distance from Earth to Sun, you see why I say roughly.

To ease your fears about Elenin C/2010 X1, Honda, see April update 2 Scroll down in this to second JPL diagram] and then to April 3 update at top link about 23187 (2000)PN9 another comet, YOU MAY see why I say ease your fears as there is a serious debate about distances and perhaps trajectories. As in above. So it all could be hype or guess work about Elenin/Nibiru. Panic Ye not. But be sensibly prepared.


Figure 2 Storm on Jupiter. See NASA Astronomy Picture Of The Day 02-05- 11.


Figure 3 These climbers do not use ropes or gear. Hang in there is an apt phrase and to some this seems to be the idiom for this age and period we are going through. Climber in Yosemite USA. This Glacier point is called 'Heaven'. JUST A FUN LOVELY THING TO DO AND LOVELY PERSON DOING IT. Important information and prevention.


Figure 4 The apparent death of Osama Bin Laden this weekend of the 02-05-11

Its strange to me that with Monsanto poisoning us and supported by Obama Bin USA, vaccines with deadly neuro toxins in, pesticides, additives in food, fluoride, deadly oil spills, cutting down the rain forests, the war on herbal medicine and all things natural and other long lists endorsed by the Western so called civilised governments, academic fundamentalist scientists, corrupt bankers and the so called Bilderberg, one wonders if they are not equally accountable and even more deliberate that the so called Al Qaeda. Maybe these are twin branches of terrorism, fanatical religious and dogma terrorists and Western Nuclear Mad Money Lusting Politicians. Bed fellows I feel.

Breaking news, are the Bin Ladin death pictures a fake?  Many proofs and sites say yes. Maybe this is a cover up and distrction from Obama fake birth certificate.


Obama's birth certificate a fraud and fake. You see much the same happened with NASA and Elenin in a different kind of way. Let's look at the similarities. NASA took it off and even closed the Buzz Room about Elenin, they hid it in another sight hinting it was a small orbit comet and they did the same with Nassim Haramein NASA video Scroll down to Nassim Haramein video and move timer to the 4 hour mark and watch for 1 ½ hrs and lies and the scientists who forced them to reinstall it and the fake tails, then removal and then back again as original without comment or refusing anymore information.

With Obama, watch how they took it down, put it back and so forth. This is so cocked up as with NASA. Do they think every one is stupid. 9/11 also so much evidence from senior engineers, scientists, chemists, architects, explosive experts, forensic experts. Well the wheel has certainly fallen off with all this and the cyber wars above. 'WHEN THE SHIFT HITS THE FAN' 2011 IS THE YEAR OF HITTING FAN.


Figure 5 Whose hands hold the controls


Figure 6 One World Government -- the manipulators. Whose side are you on. AWAKE NOW.


Figure 6 When the Shift Hits The Fan

Lots of Love and Hey You know who you really are.


Have Fun. Geoff


I hope this does not offend you. I felt this Sai Baba video to be universal and beautifully worded and illustrated. I am not a follower of Baba Gi, however his work for hospitals, schools and other wonderful things is commendable. I applaud all great beings and their work without prejudice, a great Being is Great whatever appearance they take on in their incarnation.

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