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Geoff Freed — 04 April 2011
Former forensic technician and scientific & medical researcher, lecturer, workshop leader and psychotherapist, Dr. Geoff Freed reports on what is happening energetically on the planet at this pivotal time in history.

http://ssd.jpl.nasa.gov/sbdb.cgi?sstr=2000%20PN9;orb=1;cov=0;log=0;cad=0 See Diagram and animation for 23187(2000)PN9 and another line up Sun Earth and above on Aug 9—Sept 20 2011.

Due to the proxmity of its orbit to Earth and its diameter, 2000 PN9 has been classified as a "Potentially Hazardous Asteroid" by the Minor Planet Center.

If one takes the same line as in Elenin and sun line up then there could be a small 'tug' as it were here. We shall see.

Information from echo.jpl.nasa.gov/asteroids/2000PN9_2006/2000PN9_2006.planning.html

Now a debate. If you backtrack to April 2 update and go to Dr Paul La Violette, he arrives at the conclusions gathered from his PH.D at ice drillings which he did in the 'field' as it were hands on about ratios and I add isotope signatures which can tell if the ice samples and their 'fillings' are Earth or Cosmic. The Astronomy and Astrology from Paul is fantastic and a back up from this highly intelligent lucid man. So he says in particular about gamma bursts in particular the 2004 December Indonesian Tsunami. It was a definite in his opinion and scientific research Cosmically initiated.

Now we go to the update and scroll to end where there is the video of 'Japan is doomed and so is the USA'. Here the presenter says it is HAARP and it is mainly conspiracy and planned to bring about economic chaos and I suppose part of the elimination of the worlds population as is being espoused.

JUNE 2011

This I go into in detail about HAARP and events. Just to say I support Dr La Violette. My stance has been CME, Solar Flare, Coronal Holes, Gamma Rays, influence of the Sagittarius Dwarf Galaxy and the excitation of our Sun by bodies of all kinds, especially the huge black hole at the centre of the milky way, maybe resonance would be a better word or even a fractal event. I still hold out that our position at December 21 2012 will have some affect/effect as to the position of the sun and Centre Black Hole earth alignment.


fig 01a

fig 01b

Figure 1 Both these are taken from the above link

The Pc1 waves are often created as the solar wind compresses the magnetosphere facing the sun. They then move towards the ionosphere along the magnetic field lines, interact with the ions and fields they encounter and finally end up being measured on the ground, (which was first observed by Sucksdorff in 1936).

Compare this with the to 'Japan is doomed' graph they are similar to supposed HAARP.

fig 02

Figure 2 The nonspherical shape is due to the solar wind. The surface facing to the sun is flattened; while the surface facing away from the sun has a tail, also called the magnetotail.

This flattening in my view and supported by science is that it compresses the magnetosphere so causing the Schumann resonance to alter and create in my view eddy and harmonic currents.

fig 04

Figure 3 Visible phenomena from the collision of charged solar particles with the earth’s magnetosphere are called auroras, or the northern and southern polar lights.

So the graphs in the 'Japan is doomed' could have been culled from a site of a natural event as it were. See also http://www.energygrid.com/futurity/geoff-freed/2010/12.html

fig 04

Figure 4 Earths Magnetic Field. Courtesy of NASA

There are also other sources causing variations in the earth’s steady magnetic field. Waves originating in the outer regions of the magnetic field propagate along the fields and reach the earth’s surface where they can be measured. On reaching the earth’s surface they cause minute oscillations in the magnetic field, and are therefore often called micropulsations. Magnetic pulsations have been classified into two types: pulsations continuous (Pc) and pulsations irregular (Pi). Because the frequencies are so low, they are usually characterized by their period of oscillation or the time it takes them to complete one cycle (periods from 1 to 1,000 seconds), rather then by their frequency as expressed in the number of cycles occurring in a second. There are a variety of interesting mechanisms that produce such low frequency waves. One mechanism is the resonant oscillation of the earth’s main magnetic field in response to interactions with the solar wind. In simple words, we can imagine a wave travelling along a stretched string. The magnetic field line tension is analogous to string tension, and when the magnetic field is "plucked" by a perturbation, the disturbance propagates along the field line.

It may well be that the cut off point mentioned in the 'Japan Doomed' could have been because of a rift in the ground, causes a miniature cross magnetic current, analogous to micro climates, or as is known radiation and magnetic currents are often caught up in a kind of funnel arrangement like a an event horizon and singularity, in my view.

Below we see how currents, fields, energies are kind of harnessed or bound by magnetic tethers as it were.

These are my speculations of course. No doubt in June blog 2011 this will be expanded but not scientifically.

fig 05a

fig 05b

Figure 4 We could be such a system of spiralling energy information, and we are contained in our auric body or sheath. It is the information in energetic terms that condition the 'container'

Just a couple more thoughts, the presenter in 'Japan is doomed' suggests that HAARP can slice the Earth up like pieces of cake. Then no doubt it can cut or blast Elenin if it gets too 'hairy scary'. A charitable thought is HAARP and other countries equivalents done to protect us from outside ET [not UFO, although there have been rumours Earth’s military have declared war on ET as ET kicked us off of the Moon, a lot of this in back blogs]. ET in the sense of asteroids, intrusive Cosmic material. Food for thought. Perhaps they whoever they are, the others, are not so bad after all. Almost turns one to distraction and drink.

A study carried out in India on animals and humans also demonstrated that humans and animals can be affected by Pc frequencies (Subrahmanyam et al., 1985). The experiments on the animals showed changes in the electrophysiological, neurochemical and biochemical parameters. The following results were observed:

  • Changes in the cardiac functions during exposure to 0.01 Hz and 0.1 Hz frequency waves.
  • Biochemically: the exposure to 0.01 Hz to 0.1 Hz (facing North), caused an increase in blood sugar in animals.
  • Brainwaves (EEG): An accentuation of alpha and beta rhythms was observed in humans facing East, indicating a state of restful mental alertness. Yoga practitioners had a more prominent accentuation of alpha and beta waves. The subjects felt calm and relaxed and reported a state of pleasant feelings.
  • In normal subjects facing North, the EEG was reduced considerably (as compared to before the recording). The subjects experienced uneasiness, confusion and restlessness and a lack of sense of well-being when subjected to the pulsating fields. Some complained of headaches. The effects were less severe in yoga practitioners.

Obviously, the geographic location will impact the experience of humans and animals, when exposed to the magnetic waves in the Pc-1 range and more experimentation is required to study the effects at different geographical locations.

Subrahmanyam et al., 1985, found, that yoga practitioners were able to better remain in balance when subjected to stress generating fields. Almost two decades of stress research carried out by the Institute of HeartMath also provides evidence that humans are better able to adjust to stress when trained in heart coherence. The advantage of heart coherence is that even for people with very little time to spare, a few minutes of daily heart coherence practice can help to significantly reduce daily stress. — Courtesy of GCI.

Another good reason to do www.doasone.com and Institute of HeartMath and many other meditation [not affirmation, intentionising, imagery].

Welcome to EISCAT. ‘EISCAT is an acronym for the European Incoherent Scatter Scientific Association. It operates three incoherent scatter radar systems, at 224 MHz, 931 MHz in Northern Scandinavia and one at 500 MHz on Svalbard, used to study the interaction between the Sun and the Earth as revealed by disturbances in the ionosphere and magnetosphere. At the Ramfjordmoen facility (near Tromsø, Norway) it also operates an ionospheric heater facility, similar to HAARP. Additional receiver stations are located in Sodankylä, Finland, and Kiruna, Sweden. The EISCAT Headquarters are also located in Kiruna.

EISCAT is funded and operated by research institutes and research councils of Norway, Sweden, Finland, Japan, China, the United Kingdom and Germany.


stereo.gsfc.nasa.gov/browse/2011/04/03/behind_20110403_cor2_256.mpg Stereo A and B spacecraft as mention in animations at April Update 2.

JAPAN IS SLIPPING INTO A 20,000 FOOT TRENCH- OFFICIAL FROM ESA. This could lead to problems with USA. SEE Last Video in Update 2, do not agree with HAARP stuff, however the rest is mind blowing.


Cloned meat betrayal: Unlabelled dairy and beef products to go on sale here after OUR minister sabotages Europe’s call for a ban

A campaign to put controls on cloned meat and milk was killed off yesterday by the UK Government and Brussels.

The move signals the start of a free-for-all in ‘Frankenfood’ – despite claims the technology is cruel and unethical.

Shoppers will be left in the dark because products from the offspring of cloned animals will not require special labels. One MEP warned supermarkets could soon be flooded with their milk.

More than 100 clone offspring animals, mostly dairy cows, are being reared on British farms. Meat, milk and cheese from these and similar animals could go on shelves within months.

Caroline Spelman, Tory food and farming secretary, led the moves in Brussels to sabotage attempts to regulate or mark food from clones and their descendants.

Commission officials joined her in arguing that such controls could provoke a trade war with Washington.

Most MEPs, on the other hand, called for a complete ban or, failing that, clear labelling.

However, in marathon talks which ended yesterday, the labelling compromise was rejected by the Commission, the UK Government and Tory MEPs.

The failure to reach any agreement leaves the 27 EU states without meaningful controls on clone farming and food.

Two MEPs, who led negotiations on behalf of the European Parliament, condemned the Commission and the European Council, which represents national governments.

It is deeply frustrating that the Council would not listen to public opinion and support urgently needed measures to protect consumer and animal welfare interests,’ said Gianni Pittella and Kartika Liotard in a joint statement.

Parliament had overwhelmingly called for a ban on food from cloned animals and their descendants.

We made a huge effort to compromise but we were not willing to betray consumers on their right to know whether food comes from animals bred using clones.

Once again a betrayal by our coalition government.

Emotional Baggage: Don't React, Just Respond

fig 06

Figure 5 Love is What makes the world go round

Lots of Love. Geoff

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