April - Update 2

Geoff Freed — 02 April 2011
Former forensic technician and scientific & medical researcher, lecturer, workshop leader and psychotherapist, Dr. Geoff Freed reports on what is happening energetically on the planet at this pivotal time in history.

These dates and line ups may be very significant indeed.

Please look at:

Take notes of the dates and commentary. Animation 1

Check out the following one-page website for some very interesting information on Elenin and how its arrival fits with the Mayan and Hopi prophecies. http://elenin.org/ This site contains the software that shows the simulated pathway that Elenin will take and allows the viewer to control its movement. This also shows the pathway of ANOTHER comet called Honda that is arriving around the same time!

Now here is another detailed projection of Elenin's path through our solar system. Animation 3

The three animations together look at different aspects of Elenin, showing different projections.

Note these dates:

  • February 27 2010 Chile 8.8 Quake

  • September 4 2010 Christchurch New Zealand 7.2 Quake

  • March 15 2011 Japan Tsunami and Quake 9.00

  • September Alignment closer inside Venus orbit

  • October 17 2011 Closer

  • November 5 2011 Very serious prognosis

  • November 23 2011 again a very serious prognosis

All these dates are explained in the commentary at Video 1

THE next set of dates are the New and Full Moons, bearing in mind most effects take place two days before and after the times, sometimes 72 hrs after.

  • October 17 2011 between Libra Full Moon 12 Oct[0.3.07 BST] AND New Moon at Scorpio Oct.26 2011 [20.57 BST]

  • October 28 2011 End of Ninth Wave Mayan Calendar

  • November 5 2011 between New moon as Scorpio Oct.26 2011[20.57 BST] and Nov.10 2011 Full Moon[ 20.17]

  • November 23 2011 between Full Moon Nov.10 2011 and New Moon eclipse at Nov.25 2011 [14.37]

Since the Universal cycle of the Mayan Calendar comes in at Oct.28 as 0.64 years and by then it maybe that there is such speed that it cannot be collated or if some of the announcements above there maybe not much left to report on!!!

Let us now see if any of the dates line up with the Mayan/Gregorian Chart below. [Source http://www.4-ahau.com]

  • March 15 2010 Near beginning of first day and full Moon

  • September 26 2011 Near Autumn equinox and beginning of sixth night and New Moon Sept.27 in Libra[12.10 BST]

  • October 5 2011 Near the Crest of the sixth night

ninth wave calendar

Exactly what you may make of all this is down to yourselves. Remember the Edgar Cayce remarks at end of April Update 1 and that of Carl Calleman's Unity Consciousness as offset by Patrick Geryl and interview with Camelot.

then Dr Paul Laviolette is in the video below entitled SuperWave Theory 2012 Earth Changes:

Here is part 2:

And part 3:

Well what do you know.

http://www.allnewsweb.com/page1199999510.php Thanks Beryl for sending.

Oh my. The end of Japan and USA predicted?

http://articles.mercola.com/sites/articles/archive/2011/04/02/dr-philip-bereano-on-gmos.aspx Very, very informative.

I hope you can take this research further and enjoy discussions about the future for us all. Lots of Love. Geoff

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