A New Note and Resonance

Geoff Freed — October 2010
Former forensic technician and scientific & medical researcher, lecturer, workshop leader and psychotherapist, Dr. Geoff Freed reports on what is happening energetically on the planet at this pivotal time in history.

THIS MONTH WE WILL LOOK at the resonance between the Earth, the Sun and our minds. To introduce this concept, I include below some exerpts from various journals and newsletters on how there is resonance beteen our minds and the rest of the universe.

Many of us are preoccupied with whether or not the recent blizzards, flooding, intense heat waves and other extreme weather are related to global warming. But, what we haven't stopped to consider is how these extreme weather conditions may be affecting our own health.

Lightning and thunderstorms create very-low- requency (VLF) atmospherics, or 'sferics'. These are short, weak electromagnetic fields (EMFs) in the 1-100 kHz range that settle down to a common frequency of 10 Hz, which is tiny compared with the much higher frequencies bombarding us from our computers, TV s and electrical appliances. Nevertheless, growing evidence shows that all living organisms respond to buildups of K\l energy from the weather on earth, and that these faint, dampened impulses profoundly affect all of our biological systems-and possibly far more than does the sea of EM 'noise' all around us.

The level of circulating sferics largely accounts for what is being termed 'meteoropathy', or illness due to the weather. According to German research, some 30 per cent of Europeans are weather-sensitive (J Sci Explor, 1998; 12: 455-68). Those affected react to changes in air pressure, humidity and even temperature. During buildups of sferics, pain is intensified, illness increases, moods worsen and people get the 'blahs'.

Researchers at the Department of Clinical and Physiological Psychology at the Justus Liebig L'niversttv of Gicssen, Germany, have discovered that pain from all manner of sources-scars, brain injury, angina, asthma or migraine-c-is more intense during high rates of atmospherics, with increases beginning one or two days before a change in the weather (Reiter R. Meteorobiologie und BektrizitfJ.t der Atmosphere (Meteorobiology end Atmospheric Electricity]. Leipzig: Akademische Verlagsgesellschaft [Academic Publishers] Geest & Portig, 1960).

When sferics are high-say, during geomagnetic storms­blood viscosity (stickiness) also dramatically increases, as do heart attacks (Clin Cardiol, 1985; 8: 149-51). They also increase the pain of rheumatism, migraine, sleep disorders and general tension. Bad weather also .. ,ears to have a profound effect on human mo~. -iolence, accidents (including traffic accidents), suicides • I U criminal behaviours increase when EMFs build up in the air (J Sci Explor, 1998; 12: 455-68).

Atrnospherrcs can also interfere with concentration. Students make more mistakes on tests when sferics l'-ere high the night before. Our ability to react quickly also suffers when the air is heavy with sferic activity.

But why do we feel these faint pulses and not the louder ones? The Giessen group postulates that each of us possesses a biological 'window' through which we receive and respond to a specific band of frequencies. Thus, we arc only susceptible to waves that correspond to our ideal frequencies.

Participants exposed to 10-kHz sferics for only 20 minutes show a large shift in their alpha band (7-13 Hz), the wave length of meditation and alert reccptivlty (Tirsch WS et e/. 'Sp8Ctroanalytical investigations about the influence

of atmospherics on the human EEG' [Abstr). EEG Symposium, Obergugl, February 1994). Other studies have shown an increase in both alpha and beta brain-wave activity (13-40 Hz).

In our human evolution, the brain may have worked best when tuned in to 10Hz, the frequency of our alpha cycle-quiet, meditative alertness-and the same as the Schumann resonance, the most common frequency of EM waves that encircle the earth.

James Oschman-author of EnerkLv Medicine: The Scientific Basis (Churchill Livingstone, 2000)-belicves that, when we're in a relaxed or meditative state, the pulse of the earth takes over as our brain's 'pacemaker'. Some have even concluded that the Schumann resonance frequency creates our own internal rhythms. When people in an underground bunker were exposed to Schumann-like extra-l ow-frequency (ELF) waves for a week, they displayed more accurate circadian rhythms than did the controls (Naturwissenschaften, 1968; 55: 29-32).

The Gicssen group has also examined reports showing that these low, faint fields can affect cell calcium, as all the important ions of the body are in the low-frequency range. Such interaction affects the delicate balance of melatonin and serotonin, the brain hormones that regulate mood, set our circadian rhythm and may be involved (through the pineal gland) with the workings of a number of the major organs.

The brain uses these oscillating cellular calcium ions to regulate a range of bodily functions. Like the rhythm set by an orchestra conductor, the 10-Hz pulse of the earth's weather gives us the world's best beat. As a tuning fork tunes a musical instrument, it may be that we need to be 'tuned' by the Schumann resonance to be at our own peak performance.

Also, we may have evolved to pick up these changes in the weather several days in advance to give us enough time to find food or shelter, say the Gicssen scientists.

The Schumann VLF fields build up primarily during fair weather. So, it may well be that we humans were designed to function at our best when it's sunny, and to give in to the impulse to hibernate during stormy weather.

Lynne McTaggart

WDDTY vol 20 no 1115



The second article in our series on how weather affects your health

American essayist Joan Didion once wrote about the Santa Ana wind of Southern California "drying the hills and the nerves to tlashpoint". Travel writer Peter Mayle warned of an increase in

lunatic behaviour among the inhabitants of Provence during the season of Le Mistral.

These are two of the so-called 'winds of ill-repute'-also including Canada's Chinook winds, the Argentinian Zonda winds, the Sirocco winds of Italy and the Sharav or Khasmin winds of the Ncar East-those special seasonal high winds that profoundly affect human behaviour and health.

During the seasons of these hot, dry winds, the local inhabitants complain of insomnia, migraines, nausea vomiting, anxiety and tension-and even diminished or dimmed vision. Tempers flare, nerves are frayed. hospital admissions swell and suicide numbers skyrocket. Even the psychiatric wards are more full than usual. Surgeons put off operations because blood clots more slowly, and judges have been known to deal more leniently with crimes of passion if committed during the Santa Anas.

Yet, despite all the folklore, there's a simple scientific explanation for their effects. These ill winds share common clements: a rapid rise in temperature of initially cold air as they blow down the leeward side of a mountain: an abrupt decrease in humidity; and, most significant of all. a sharp rise in the level of positive ions released into the air.


Researchers who have studied the Sharav found that half a day

to three days before the winds begin to blow. the number of atmospheric ions nearly doubles, and the ratio of positive to negative ions goes from I to 2 to I to more than J. This change in the air's ionic charge is directly related to the onset of illnesses experienced by the locals a day or two before the wind's arrival.

Ions are electrical charges in the atmosphere that are formed when a molecule is hit by enough energy to unleash an electron from it, thus becoming a 'positive ion. In tum, the molecule that the freed electron then attaches itself to becomes a 'negative' ion.

Besides cosmic activity, ions are also created by rainfall, air pressure, waterfalls and the friction caused by large volumes of air moving rapidly over a land mass. Both positive and negative ions are equivalent to a tiny pulse of static electricity, and the air we breathe is made up of billions of these tiny charges.

Good 'clean' air contains 1500-4000 tons/em- and the preferred ratio should be slightly more negative than positive ions-1.2 to 1. However, ions are highly unstable and. as we're now surrounded by electromagnetic charges

from artificial sources, the number of ions we breathe in is drastically reduced and the ratio is often upset, leaving all but the most robustly outdoorsy of us with low levels of mostly positive ions-which isn't good for us.


After studying these effects for some 25 years in a specially created 'air ion laboratory', the late Professor Albert P. Krueger, Emeritus Professor of Bacteriology at the University of California, demonstrated that changing the

level of ions leads to substantial changes in many animal activities, such as growth rates, sleeping periods, breathing rates-and even their output of urine or faeces (J Gen Physiol, 1962; 45 [Pt 2 Suppl): 233--41), Ion changes also increased the aggressiveness of laboratory rats and affected their ability to learn (Bernet MM. Effects of Negatively Ionized Ai, and Circadian Rhythm on Maze Performance in Rats (thesis). New Haven, CT:

Southern Connecticut State College, May 1980: 115).

Krueger's experiments revealed that changing the ion ratio in favour of negative ions is highly beneficial to all living things, and can boost healing of bums as well as healthy cell proliferation and regeneration (New Scientist, 1973; June 14: 668-70). Ultimately, he discovered that these charges in the atmosphere affected the production and oxidation of serotonin in the blood and brain of mammals, including humans. High levels of positive ions dramatically raised blood levels of serotonin whereas negative ions decreased them (IntJ Biometerol, 1973; 17: 267-75).

Serotonin, produced by the pineal gland, has profound effects on the endocrine and neurovascular systems, and helps to control metabolism and such activities as bloodclotting, blood pressure and smooth-muscle contraction. In the brain, serotonin controls the sleep-wake cycle, hunger and temperature regulation, and also mood and emotions. Excess levels of serotonin make you feci ill and give you headaches; low levels make you feel drowsy and depressed.

In susceptible people, levels of serotonin rise sharply two days before the winds arrive, and remain high to level off only after the winds have finally gone.

For those who arc weather-sensitive, most respond better to negative ions (although some do better with positive ions). Such symptoms are now referred to as 'serotonin hypcrfunction syndrome', and are only relieved when sufferers arc exposed to high levels of negative ions or given serotonin-repressing drugs (IntJ Biometeor, 1974; 18: 313-8).

Children, the elderly and the ill all appear to be particularly sensitive to ions and, indeed, some researchers have postulated that hyperactive and generally unruly children are deficient in such "vitamins of the air".

If you are one of those who reacts to sudden changes of weather, then being around lots of plants, an indoor source of constant running water such as a fountain or even a good­quality air ionizer-all sources of negative ions-is a safer and more reliable way to re-establish equilibrium.

Lynne McTaggart

WDDTYvoI 20 no 12 15


Weathering Geomagnetic Storms

The Russians have a new take on prcvcntativo medicine, In a room at the (;eorl.\ian Techni­eall'nin:rsity ( .n : in Thilisi.

three sets of Helmholtz coils dotted ahout the place bathe the room in a powerful maunctlc field. The plan is to hegin using this set-up for eardim'as­eular patients. particularly those in intensive care. with the coils offering compensatorv shielding a,gainst an invisible threat-a killer that is more potent than diet. lifestvlc or even genes.

We all live on what is essentially a giant magnet. with its Xorth and South Poles-the two poles of the magnet­surrounded hy a donut-shaped mag, netic field. This nmbicut geomagnetic field. or magnetosphere. is constantly in flux, as it's affected hy the weather and any geological changes on cnrth-s­hut. most particularly, hy volarilc eh:mgcs of the weather in space. largcl~' caused hy the furious nct ivitv of the sun.

This benlgn srnr responsible for all life on earth is essentially a cluster of unirnaainahly hot hydrogen and helium criss-crossed with a layer of unstable magnetic fields. Xor surprisingly, this volatile combination results in periodic volcano-style eruptions that propel ,gas into space. while vortices of concentra­ted fields-the dark blobs on the sun's surface that we call 'sunspots '-pull apart and reconnect to form new arrangements. Despite this potentially anarchic combination. the sun carries out this aetivity according to a fairly predictable timetable; regular solar c .'ycles consist of ] 1 years, during which rime sunspots build up. discharge and IJCgin to wane.

During the waxing stage. as sunspots accumulate. so the sun begins to hurl its gaseous explosions, such as solar Rares. our way. This amounts to a billion ton's worth of g:ls and magnetic lields with the force of billions of

atomic bombs, all made airborne and aimed towards earth through the electrified gas of the solar wind-and all trmdling some five million miles per hour.

This act ivitv not only causes extreme geomagnetic storms in space hut also. durin,l.\ moments of intense solar activity. penct rates the earth's maunctlc field. During.\ any giwn 11­year solar cycle. we can expect to experience two years' worth of geo­magnetic storms severe enou,gh to disrupt portions of the earth's electrical power. interrupt high-tech communications systems. and dis­orientate spacecraft and satellite wl\-il.\ation systems.

Profound effects on life

I 'nt il only recently. scientists were dismissive of the idea that the earth's faint magnctie field-a thousand times weaker than the standard clnssruom horseshoe magnet-had nnv effect on basic biological processes. particularly as all li\'in~ things on earth arc now exposed to much stronger vlcctromagncrtc and l.\eomagnctie fields at everv moment of our modern. technologically dependent. lives.

Xcverthcless. the latest disc()\'eries have revealed that li\ing things have a small window through which subtle geomagnetic and electromagnetic fields-such as those generated by the earth. rather than the artificial kind gener~lted by technology-have the most profound effect upon all cellular processes in living things. Changes in this faint charge, particularly those of extremely low frequencies (less than 100 l lz), profoundly influence virtually all biological processes in H\'ing things and. in particular, the two major engines of the body-the heart and the brain.

The earth's magnetic activity appears to directly riffeet our cell

membranes and calcium-ion chan­nels. which arc vital for regulating enzyme systems within the cell. In pnrticular, the earth's geomngnetie field appears to target the sympath­eric nerves (those originating from the chest and lower-back parts of the spinal cord. and include the 'fight-or­tlil.\h t' response).

Of all the affected systems in the body. changes in solar geomngnetie conditions most profoundly disturb the rhythms of the heart. Indeed. in susceptible people. magnetlc storms can bring on a heart attack. Healthy hearts have a wide nmge of variation in heart fate. but magnetic storms decrease heart-rate vuriahility (Biomed Instrum Technol, 1999; 33: 152-87) and. in turn. increase the risk of all coronary artery disease and heart attack. When geomagnetic activity increases. the blood becomes thicker-sometimes doubly so--and the bloodstream slows dO\\11. both of which arc a recipe for a heart attack.

In fact. heart-attack rates and cardiovascular deaths closely follow increases in solar-cycle geomagnctie activ ity (Neuro Endrocrinol Lett, 2000; 21: 233-58). with the largest number of sudden fatal heart attacks occurring within a day of a geomagnetic storm (Solar Physics, 1977; 51: 175-83). One L'niverslty of Minnesota study found a 5 per cent increase in heart attacks during times of maximum solar activity over a five-year period (J Atmos Solar-Terr Phys, 2002; 64: 707-20).

Besides heart effects. the sun has a profound cffect on the other electrical centres of the body: the brain and nervous system. Scientists in the Soviet bloc discovered that;: even in healthy volunteers, electrical. :\Cthity in the brain is highly destabilized during magnetically stormy days (Proceedings of the Space Weather Workshop:

Looking Towards a European Space Weather Programme. December 17-19, 2001, Noordwijk, The Netherlands). Indeed. the nervous system's signalling itsdi is corrupted. so that parts arc ovcractivated while others iail to fire (Astron Astrophys Trans. 2003: 22: 861-7).

Geomagnetic activity in space also profoundly affects mental stability: the higher the geomagnetic activity; the greater the increases in gcneral psychiatric disorders (Percept Motor Skills. 1992: 74: 449). thegreatcr the number oi patients hospitalized for nervous conditions and the greater the number oi attempted suicides (Int J Biometeorol. 1994: 38: 199-203).

There is even some evidence that epileptic tits result from or arc exaccr­bated by geomagnetic disturbances (BrazJ Moo, 1996: 29: 1069-72).

An earty-warninq system

The above-mentioned <iTt' cxpcri­ment was part of BI()( :<)S (Biosphere and COSl11os). a vast rnultlccntrc project begun by noted biologist Franz Halberg and Universitv of Mmncsota's Chronobiology Laboratories to act as an early-warning signal by monitoring the physiological variables caused by thc sun and other planets.

Thermal Imaging

  • Early Detection
  • Non Invasive
  • No Radiation
  • No Pain

Protecting against solar activity

If you suffer from heart disease, epilepsy or any psychiatric illness, it is. worth following space weather for forecasts of heavy solar geomagnetic activity. The US National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) created the Space Environment Center (SEC), America's official source of space weather activity (www.sec.noaa.gov). Jointly operated by the NOAA and US Air Force, the Space Weather Operations (SWO) centre provides forecasts and warnings of solar and geomagnetic activity. For today's forecast. see http://sec.noaa.gov/today2.html.

All geomagnetic activity is measured on a 'K index', with 0 being the most quiet and 9 the most turbulent. The 'a index' is similar, but uses a larger scale-ranging from 0 to 400.

The SEC has also created Space Weather Scales to indicate the level of severity. with 1 being mild and 5 the most severe.

The project specifically targets a phenomenon called CII.\T (circadian hypcramplitudc tcnslonj-e-exccssively high blood pressure during part of the day caused by solar or other planetary activiry, During times of geomagnetic disturbance. for instance. heart patients may be advised not to exert themselves or engagc in any sudden strenuous activity, Alternarivcly, as heart infections often follow heart attacks. they could be givcn antibio­tics as a preemptive strike.

New 100% safe health giving sunlight all year round

The Phoenix Ambulatory Blood Pressure Monitor Project in the Twin Citic» of ~Hnnesma offers ambulatory blood-pressure monitoring so that patients can follow any arterial effects when solar activity is at its peak.

However, it may take many more years before orthodox medicine accepts the notion that. in the 1110re susceptible. biology is controlled not from within, hut by the wild and explosive aotivity of the sun.

Lynne McTaggart


14 May 2010


Apologies my scanner is an old OCR one. However, I feel you can get the main information. What I am about to share with you is vital, significant and really very important. I apologise to those who do not like my text and long winded explanations. However I would not go on if I did not feel this was so important. The articles come from 'What the Doctor's Don't Tell you'. Thank you Lynne McTaggart.

Please try and go with me for a long text. It could help your future and even save you. No matter how I tried to save this in my computer it deleted all information three times and I lost all the lovely pictures, stories and information. My sincere and utter apologies. I wonder if it had anything to do with what follows. [Typed 19 August 2010].

A few blogs back I mentioned an interview with a Dutch gentleman named Patrick Geryl and he was interviewed by Camelot in You Tube.

Many contacted me and were very perturbed. Camelot think his conclusion will not come about, so you may like to see it, if you have not.

In my opinion the nine part play over the last 16.4 Billion years is about to come to a conclusion and particularly Act 9 scene 8.

Patrick states that we will be all but wiped out in the next few years by a solar blast which will affect Earth's core and spin us around[details in interview]. Sweden, The Bush family and Geryl and friends are building survival centres in remote high places.

I say about the acts as above because my own findings lean towards Ian Xel Lungold

http://www.energygrid.com/futurity.html [scroll down until reaching Mayan Prophesy goes North].

Incidentally Geryl has many scientists backing him up and Camelot interviewer Bill Ryan states that a top scientist in ' the black ops' covert operations backs Patrick up and Ryan said he would reveal the name to Patrick after the interview.

To get into the seemingly desperate mire some scientists are coming in with some new evidence, one I have already gone into or maybe not[ excuse repetition, I do not know what I have completely lost], a non linear wave is worrying them and something is draining out the thermosphere. Then the latest which is another gloom and doom. [fear ye not redemption comes later--- some say good old Geoff---hey not so much of the old].

To vindicate what I have been saying for years scientists are now saying[the information is coming in so fast, especially because of the Wise and Planck spacecraft and is apt to change rapidly]

figure 1

Figure 1 Wise and Planck Spacecraft

Some scientists are asking for a halt because so much information is coming in it is hard to handle. So the next piece of information could change.

I have stated that energies coming in not only from the sun, central sun[black hole] the Virgo constellation Monster Black Hole, but from all the Cosmos. I also stated that our Milky Way generated its own energy. Now articles are appearing stating almost the same words.


"This finding was totally unexpected because the nuclei, more fragile than protons, tend to disintegrate into protons on their long journey through space," said Alexander Kusenko, UCLA professor of physics and astronomy and co-author of the Physical Review Letters research. "Moreover, it is very unlikely that a cosmic accelerator of any kind would accelerate nuclei better than protons at these high energies"

"When the data came out, they were so unexpected that many people started questioning the applicability of known laws of physics at high energy," Kusenko said. "The common lore has been that all ultra-high-energy cosmic rays must come from outside the galaxy. The lack of plausible sources and the arrival-direction anisotropy (the nuclei have different physical properties when measured in different directions) have been used as arguments in favor of extragalactic sources"

The information then suggests something is happening, moving in our galaxy. The space craft are delivering huge baffling discoveries about black holes, dark matter ,cosmic rays all these found in the[which are small]then bigger ones as gamma rays, larger still solar flares, coronal holes and CME's. These are all found in the charged particle spectrum.

The above and added to by a Mayan prophesy which further fuels the doom and gloom scenario, by Carlos Barrios of the Ajq'ij [ Eagle Clan] that the energies of change are upon us and it is a sun fuelled event which could precipitate earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, tsunami's and freak weather. This the Maya in question say reaches its climax or apex in December 2012 with the alignment so often spoken about, co incidentally or is there such a thing, it coincides with the end of C24 the solar maximum cycle. The MAYA also state that a new 'energy' will be found that could trigger this as well as solar stuff. So all this backs up Geryl. Plus the weather articles and their affect on us at the top of blog and never mentioned by solar, volcanic, earthquake scientists. We do not exist only galactic and electronic equipment. So seemingly hopeless and fait accomplice.

The we come to Nassim Haramein who fuels the above and at the same time saves it.


Go to the 4 hour mark and watch for 2 hrs. The sun pulsing about throw off in time a huge CME. Yet a massive object diverted from destroying the solar system and us is a miracle. Nassim's words out of context ' We should have been toast, something out there saved us, we live in a sea of grace, we have been given a seconds chance'. So maybe there are enough 'light bearers on the planet to warrant saving'. Could this be the saving grace to offset and overt the looming disaster? Like Bible story of Sodom and Gomorrah.

Let us now look to redemption. I would like to refer you back to my model of the inverted V as mentioned in so many back blogs.

figure 2

On the left side we have mega crisis and Patrick Geryl and pollution and so forth fit the bill and very near to the top. So what have we on the right hand side to counter balance this as mega solution?

Let us examine the 'light' a little more to insert this as the counter balance. Scientist will only acknowledge that consciousness is a factor in quantum physics, however, in the galactic proportions, no way. However it has been found that consciousness is non local[many proofs i.e., Dr Larry Dossey's books, an amazing video' Something unknown is doing we don't know what----www.somethingunknown.com—various videos by What Doctor's Don't Tell You seminars and other mountains of research, What the Bleep, Down the Rabbit hole and so on and so forth]. There are a considerable number boffins who disagree and think that consciousness is localised to the brain and that the emanations from the brain are at most a few feet and so cause a small perturbation and are fuelled by the bodies own electrical system by cellular activity and life energy in the body. Galactic stuff definitely not possible. When we die consciousness dies with us and in us simply because there is no electricity 'it were' to fuel it'.

So any chance of consciousness affecting a disaster of the magnitude hinted as above is not on.

In my 1967 writings it stated 'the human body will transform itself into the Aquarian resurrected Light Body. It would seem heavier, but it will be lighter in weight, it will glow faintly, and will look androgynous. Procreation will take place as per human copulation, less frequent as the energies will have a cleared channel to Chakra 9 the halo about six inches or so above the head, this the ultra violet connection and interface to the Cosmos. Chakra 1 is the infra Red chakra found six or so inches below the groin between the legs and is the Earth interface connection. This creates the loop the poles like a magnet. The sheaves of the Earth i.e., thermosphere, ionosphere, magnetosphere and such like, are akin to auric sheaves.

figure 3afigure 3bfigure 3c

Having said this and then referring to Lungold we can see that each step of the way[see explanation by Ian] of how the proof that consciousness is expanding 20 times greater at each of calendar steps ah la Maya. The energies are also exponentially and incrementally expanding. This means there is a correlation between energies from galaxy and other sources, consciousness and so forth.

So now we see that the energies if they are indeed the energy of consciousness, thought ripples the waves on a still pond, have information, encrypted and encoded. This then also means we have a means of updating DNA[see epigenetics in particular Dr Bruce Lipton ' The Biology of Belief', which postulates and proves scientifically that genes are conditioned by the exterior environment]. The signals of the new energies are tantamount to facilitating the DNA change into the l967 light body as above.

Further to this let us examine the works of Fritz Albert Popp whose work on bio photons is fascinating.



It has been found that when in deep meditation certain areas of the brain 'light up' and the bio photons increase their light. Also in deep meditation and that feeling of oneness and inner smile the brain fires off tiny gamma ray emissions. I wrote far back about quasars, pulsars and various planetary alignments that 'bounce' or attenuate cosmic frequencies and have very important encodings and encryptions.



So we see that as we expand with our consciousness the left and right hemispheres also form bridges eventually to obtain a balanced harmonious brain and what I call the androgynous brain. The more meditation the more light. We are indeed light beings.

Let us now look at another great article in an earlier blog nearly half a blog long taken from Dr Joe Mercola.


What does this do to the right side of the Inverted V ? It says we are expanding in consciousness and will be expanding rapidly as the energies power in, not a disaster but a transformative process. The logical mind of course will deny this. This is why that at the present limited trapped in the brain consciousness which is seen to be local does not have the overview and vision of the non local mind or consciousness. Non local means all pervading, it is a mind joined to Cosmic consciousness and as Arthur C Clarke's classic film 2010 a space Odyssey words at end 'Something Wonderful,' is about to occur.

Now as we reach to top of the Inverted V we come to the climax, the orgasm, the apex, this is where the unstoppable energy meets the immovable force, where ultimate Evil meets Ultimate Good, where all the dualities meet and fuse and synthesise into a third way. What is that third way? Unknown as the Lungold chart depicts. Perhaps Unity Consciousness?

The logical left brain says, 'yes this is the disaster the catastrophic scenario we depicted ah la Geryl and co', the right side might say we synthesize and we shall have a new scenario, never seen before and who knows, but it will be 'something wonderful'. The left said the V collapses and we start again with a few survivors and at the bottom to start the slow process of evolution again as happened before. The right says this time according to the time scale of the Lungold Mayan steps, it is different because of the en mass consciousness expansion.

It might well be that as the synthesis takes hold we will find ourselves in a parallel world, in light but physical bodies, and on a different Earth. Why so? Because all those who obtain Unity Consciousness, that which is non localised, this means all pervading will be of one mind joined and linked together as a pure channel for the Universe to act through. The ego displaced in its central role and acting as an expression of Divinty and not a personal agenda. Like nature, one nature many forms. A natural harmony and co cooperation. No effort needed just a natural flow from source.

Until we reach this synthesis we are subject to the physical laws that guide us and the weather articles are of some use until we become transformed.

The 1967 writings state[ I have friends from 40 years back who will vouch for the workshops and sharing I did on the 1967 writings] that the pinnacle will be reached by 2012 and the process will be well in action by 2036 and 2075[mentioned many times in my blogs] however many will feel it greatly in the ways we are sensitive to the process.

The 67 mentioned [again in back blogs] that the astral sheaves will be burnt off and other auric layers, so allowing more infusion and imbibing of the energies into our systems. This would be done in a manner proportionate and commensurate to the beings ability to shed toxic body and mind matter. Many might find the process to laborious or taxing and get ill or pass over. The sexual energies[back blogs] would be taken to and distributed evenly though the whole system, this would bring about less lust and intercourse, and procreation through the facilitation of meditation and pre life agreements, so new souls would come in by agreement consciously and conception through copulation at an ordained time.

The circle at the top of the Inverted V then is the tip over point spoken about by scientists, Prigogine Dissipative Structures, Einstein-Bose Condensate, and My V, it fulfils all of those propensities.

Can we indeed help the process in us? Yes we can meditate[empty mind, present witness type, mindfulness], listen to our bodies, see if we can be sensitive to our intuitions and not impulses and see if we can discern the difference. The energies will rain down on us and we will be pounded by the new codes and encryptions. Our old programming will rebel, they will not be amenable to being ousted. Many of the transformation symptoms are those of the detoxification mode. In many previous blogs I went into how this new information sets up new neural pathways and so new combinations of peptides so causing our cells to expunge old material. An old leaflet back in the early 80's shows I was on about them then, some of you may still have them or remember seeing them. [Inserted at Addendum].

Have a look at number 24,25,33 and then to the bottom and see Ashprint, they are still there and I will check to see when I had these printed. I did not start to have printed leaflets until the late 70's I will out of curiosity see if they remember me and what year.

The only reason for this is that the information is only filtering in scientifically now and the Mayan Lungold bears out between them the 1967 writings and those things of androgyny, synthesis, tip over, Prigogine, the pinnacle of the Inverted V and so on.

Of course I may not be physically in my body or at least this one, by 2036 I would be 97 and at 2075 I would be 136 yrs young. Maybe in a new light body !!!!!!.?

How Your Biophoton Field Regulates Your Physical Health 

The DNA inside each cell in your body vibrates at a frequency of several billion hertz (which is unfortunately the same range at which modern cell phone communication systems also work).

This vibration is created through the coil-like contraction and extension of your DNA — which occurs several billion times per second — and every time it contracts, it squeezes out one single bio photon; a light particle.  

That photon contains all the information on everything going on in your DNA at that moment. One single bio photon can carry more than four megabytes of information, and relays this information to other bio photons it crosses in the bio photon field outside your body. 

All the photons that are emitted from your body communicate with each other in this highly structured light field that surrounds your body.  

This light field also regulates the activity of your metabolic enzymes. This corresponds nicely with the findings in the study above that show your light field ebbs and flows along with your metabolic rhythm. 

The information transfer on bio photons is bidirectional, which means your DNA sends information out on a photon, and on the same photon the information of all the bio photons from your body is broadcast back to your cells, and to your tubulin, which are light conductive molecules in your connective tissue.  

The tubulin, in turn, receives the information-carrying light impulse and conducts it at the speed of light throughout your body, where it is translated inside each cell into activating or inactivating certain metabolic enzymes.

Every living organism emits bio photons or low-level luminescence, and the higher the level of light a cell emits, the greater its vitality and the potential for the transfer of that energy to the individual who eats it.

Hence, the more light a food is able to store, the more nutritious it is. Naturally grown fresh vegetables, for example, and sun-ripened fruits, are rich in light energy.

The capacity to store bio photons is therefore a measure of the quality of your food.

I firmly believe it's only a matter of time before these truths will become common scientific- and medical knowledge. You can help speed things up by sharing what you know with your family and friends.

Here once again we see that light surrounds the body in a field and so cosmic and such like energies interact and interface into us, or is there such a thing as us. We are actually a seamless flow of continuous energy constantly exchanging information. However, as we see the mobile phone frequencies are in this frequency range and our overlaid ego cultural belief systems interfere with the exchange mechanism. This is rapidly being retrieved or transformed as the energetic signals, codes in the form of these huge energies flowing to us from 'out there' are like a huge high pressure hosepipe flushing out the old programmes, appropriate for their day and era, outmoded now. The resistance to the new, the stubbornness to allow change in a deep radical way causes the 'pain of ascension' in the body and war, violence, addiction in mammoth proportions in the world populace right now. I suspect as the energies increase the resistance will increase, until it bursts open, unable to contain the surge. This being the tip over or apex pinnacle point. The pressure of the dualities as above, mega crisis and solution push in order to reconcile their antithesis or polarity and realise in that synthesising moment of climax, we are indeed complimentary. This being the shift.

The choice becomes mine, yours, ours, be open, invite new possibilities and probabilities, think outside the box, be original, daring and yet centred and intuitive. Go well dear friends.

http://mail.google.com/mail/?shva=1#inbox/12a8e05e02077237 A little angel singing. Something to break up the seriousness of above.


Love between a cat and dog, this one is amazing.

Imagine a group a mass of people so joined in raised consciousness, enlightened, then you have what is possible in 2012 and before. They as super consciousness, the consciousness of the universe, change the world into a heavenly paradise and that is what will in my opinion happen within a few years from now.

http://uk.news.yahoo.com/21/20100819/tsc-moon-may-be-shrinking-say-experts-4b158bc.html Better have a good look at the moon before it shrinks too much.

http://sammanjac.wordpress.com/2008/05/07/death-is-certain-to-those-who-mock-god-jesus-christ/ I trust you will heed these words. However I am sure Jesus would not have wanted to injure these people. Lots of Love Folks, be strong in the faith of our Great Spirit, God Almighty.

http://www.rense. com/general39/ scalarenergy. Htm

Again Scalar energy rears its head. Thanks Lyn.

http://articles.mercola.com/sites/articles/archive/2010/08/21/barbara-loe-fisher-on-flu-vaccine-changes.aspx You can be sure the NHS and the EU will push this to the limit. Big Pharma has to earn its corn and dough.

This the second soldier to speak out that I have heard. The authorities in Sweden are trying to frame the founder of Wikkileakes and this is the year of transparency. In view of my text above this is just the start. Hold tight and keep the faith.

http://birdflu666.wordpress.com/ Wales prepares for mass deaths from a viral attack!!!!

http://projectavalon.net/forum4/showthread.php?3524-Jane-Burgermeister-Placed-Under-House-Arrest-In-Shady-Circumstances/page4 Jane Burgermeister news. Hot, hot.

http://www.energygrid.com/index.html Please circulate this if you haven't read the front Homepage of energygrid.

The Glass wing Butterfly. Gorgeous. Thanks Fif [ re found from net from email]

Lots of Fun and talk about duality!!!!!!!. Thanks Daph.

http://articles.mercola.com/sites/articles/archive/2010/08/23/everyone-needs-to-hear-this-more-often-_2620_.aspx I LOVE YOU. Yes what a Video. I think and feel hugging and I love you are so important at least twenty times a day. Ho Opono pono[Hawaiian ---I 'm sorry, Please forgive me, I thank you, and I love You—not in the video above but in link below]

http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ho'oponopono A lovely way to heal. I have requested Hooponopono at my passing ceremony.

http://www.guardian.co.uk/business/2010/aug/24/vedanta-mine-plan-halted-indian-government A victory for ecology. Thanks Lyn [Re found]


The French and Spanish know how to protest and have backbone and guts. Come UK get off your Great British Reserves. I am not advocating violence but for goodness sake have some character. A bit limp like our soccer team.

Perhaps another solar system and a provoking animation.

http://www.break.com/index/remove_a_cork_from_the_wine_bottle.html This really works.

This really works too.

http://www.videojug.com/film/fastest-way-to-peel-a-boiled-egg This great too. These three re found from Fif and they save a lot of time and effort and I tried them and they WORK.

http://www.fwii.net/video/energy-healing-wolf-revised I cried with joy and such a swelling love in my chest and body.. I just love this clip. Thanks Fif.

http://io9.com/5619954/the-sun-is-changing-the-rate-of-radioactive-decay-and-breaking-the-rules-of-chemistry Yes I did go into this some blogs back but this is a better link. Thanks Beryl.

Good on you Lloyd. The truth come out and you can really sock it to them. Lloyd gives the truth about Wikipedia, mind you some of their stuff is great.

http://www.slideshare.net/Art37/anna-kostenko-painting-1-2858005 Remember please these are paintings. Thanks Maurice[re found].

http://cosmiclog.msnbc.msn.com/_news/2010/06/15/4508251-looking-for-alien-dna?pc=25&sp=50 This is a petition by Zachariah Sitchin [ Author of the 12th Planet] regarding to do a DNA test on the UR mummy. [ re found on net] Thanks Brenda for sending. There is a question and answer forum in the article.

http://helios.gsfc.nasa.gov/chole.html Interesting short note about coronal holes on or in sun. Shows what happens even at so called low times or quiet times.

http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/sci/tech/655082.stm Explains the above better. Read this in junction with the weather/sun at top. You notice again never a word about how it affects us.

'British scholars Robbie Graham and Matthew Alford recently uncovered a 1978 interview with Steven Spielberg in which he said about his then-newly released movie Close Encounters of the Third Kind, "I really found my faith when I heard that the government was opposed to (my) film. If NASA took the time to write me a 20-page letter, then I knew there must be something happening." Graham & Alford investigated the Spielberg quote and his link to political powers that manipulate information about UFOs and other sensitive subjects in Hollywood productions.' Further information: Part 1, Part 2. Thanks Daph taken from www.coasttocoastam.com a streaming radio programme in the USA.


http://www.earthfiles.com/news.php?ID=1761&category=Environment These are the links to part 1 and 2 as above.

A lot of fun and talent, light stuff after the above. Re found from Daph.

http://endlessforest.org/community/sushi-soul-deer-visits-cat-daily A lovely and beautiful enchanting scenario. Thanks Fif. Re found

http://biggeekdaddy.com/humorpages/Humor/BestCardTrick.html An amazing, amazing card trick. Thanks Lloyd.

http://www.timothygood.co.uk/latest.htm No UFO's No Cover Up. Humpf.




http://www.davidicke.com/headlines/38298-credo-mutwa-before-my-eyes-close-to-death A most important message.


This is vitally important. Not only this but the EU from April 2011 will be taking off 14 supplements and a fine or imprisonment could be implemented if found to be selling. The crazy excuse is THAT IS THEY ARE SO EFFECTIVE, THEY ARE A MEDICINE, and must be licensed as a medicine. This would mean the chemical companies will manufacture them. More chemicalisation crap.

figure 4

www.healthspark.co.uk As above.

http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/worldnews/article-1310129/British-explorers-map-cave-network-underneath-Borneo-jungle.html Please read this and see what these giant hand prints mean to you. I have written in back blogs of Colonel Fawcett, his son, his son's grand nephew Timothy Patterson, Tom Walsh and Elizabeth Van Buren. They all went to parts of South America looking for the same thing at different times and not knowing one another and all have passed on and were great friends of mine. They were following up ancient legends of giant beings, the next race in evolution and the lost city of Ibez. Many, wonderful, uncanny photographs, remnants were brought back, mystifying scientists and archaeologists as well and of course like Lloyd Pye's project ridiculed and hounded.

This will make you smile. Thanks Jean and Ken. Refound.

I once had the pleasure of meeting Spike at a friend's house. We had a profound and serious conversation, also saw him again although no contact in a magistrates court when he was accused over failing to stop at a road junction. When asked have you got anything to say, he replied in a quaint goons voice 'Yes, the policemen saw me coming so they jumped out and painted the road with paint and the words STOP'. The court erupted in laughter and the chief magistrate said in a sonorous voice' Any more of this Mr Milligan and you will be charged with contempt of court.' Spike went away quietly and laughing.

I also met Michael Bentine we also had a serious talk about meditation and healing. I went to a few goon shows and for me I laughed for hours afterwards. The warm ups were hysterical and afterwards Harry Secombe, Spike, Peter Sellers and Michael Bentine and some prompt and sound persons would spill out after the show into the street and we got a free short show. Some of us actually interacted and joined in until the security guards and police broke us up. It was great fun and not in any way violent, we just blocked the whole street and pavement.

Many of you who remember my workshops will know of my imitations and the laughter, a lot of this was in goon style and satire as well. I really loved the fun we had. Thanks you so much those of you who attended all over the UK, Europe and Canada. I just love people and the to and fro of exchanges, there were some 'hairy scary' bits as well. Breakthroughs, healings, intrigue, passion and great sharing's. I learnt as much as I shared. A great saying' we only teach that which we most need to learn and we are each others teachers'.

http://articles.mercola.com/sites/articles/archive/2099/12/31/is-this-the-end-of-antibiotics.aspx Any thoughts on the Christmas Turkey?

http://noosphere.princeton.edu/ Check this out.

http://www.doasone.com/ Another great One.

Thanks Maurice for sending.


A good maxim for everyday.

http://emf.mercola.com/sites/emf/archive/2099/12/31/high-ct-scan-radiation-is-deadly.aspx Please do not ignore this advice.

http://articles.mercola.com/sites/articles/archive/2010/09/22/flawed-study-on-omega-3.aspx Another stitch up by Big Pharma and the FDA.

http://uk.news.yahoo.com/5/20100923/tuk-world-s-largest-wind-farm-opens-off-45dbed5.html Good news.

Lots of Love. Geoff



Untested swine flu vaccine offloaded on elderly and sick

22 September 2010

The untested swine flu vaccine is being included in the annual flu jab being given to the elderly this winter. Although health officials claim that swine flu could still become a major epidemic, it is being done to reduce enormous stock levels of the vaccine that governments were conned into ordering by the pharmaceutical industry. The policy, however, is exposing large numbers of vulnerable people – including the elderly, those with heart disease and chest problems, and diabetics - to the possible effects of the swine flu vaccine. The vaccine has never been properly tested, and contains thiosermal, a mercury-based preservative. Key workers who were vaccinated last year against the supposed swine flu pandemic reported having headaches, sleeplessness and stomach cramps. Despite credit-crunch times, governments around the world ordered billions of vaccines, after the World Health Organization – influenced by drug company advisers – declared that swine flu (the H1N1 virus) would become a pandemic, killing millions of people. This, in turn, triggered clauses in contracts that forced governments into ordering the vaccine. The UK government admits it wasted £200m on useless stocks of the vaccine, and has been one of the first to include it in the latest round of seasonal flu jabs. Other governments are expected to follow, and will use the WHO as the reason. The WHO has urged health agencies to remain vigilant, even though it accepts that swine flu will not be an epidemic, let alone a pandemic. (Sources: Sunday Times, September 19, 2010).


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