Geoff Freed — September 2010
Former forensic technician and scientific & medical researcher, lecturer, workshop leader and psychotherapist, Dr. Geoff Freed reports on what is happening energetically on the planet at this pivotal time in history.

THIS TO FOLLOW is known to many, however it maybe worth a glance and a reflection.

Using analogies we could start with the void, zero potential, the quantum vacuum. This in esoteric terms from Tao and Chan [Zen in Japan], issues forth from nothingness, no mind. In quantum stuff it becomes a conglomerate of particles, waves, possibilities and probabilities, chosen by mind of humans or naturally by the creative intelligence[not recognised as such by science more like from chaos to order by its self regulating inherent structuring].

In esoteric terms it becomes bi polar, yin and yang and so subdivides into many divisions, two become four, four to eight. This is also seen in cellular divisions and the gestation process. Rather than the opposites being in antagonistic juxtaposition they are complementary. The world ethos have them in antagonism or competitive, the new way will be in compatibility and complementariness.

Let us now see how this may work psychologically. We build our basic system, the foundation from early womb impressions[non logical as yet] and are stored in the cellular magnet energy fields as feelings, impressions and foundations. Then on growing up boundaries are set, the walls of the house of ourselves built on the foundations. Then the décor, the furniture, the experiences we gather, this cementing into the infrastructure of our house, our body. The house is fortified by the strategies and attack and defence with coping systems and to the family of houses that surround us, which are joined in a common ethos, religion, culture, politics, peer stuff and national attitudes, customs and so forth. This is our base and reference for every experience we have, at most modified, and usually protected, defended and cherished.

Then the crunch or crash. A tragedy a breakdown. If the event is to the foundation and its coping strategies, strong tiles, good bricks, strong emotional loving open base movement, then a few tiles, a few loose bricks and all is well. Adaptability and inner resources come to the fore.

If the house crumbles and ones house blue print is retained, the inner road map and one builds the house back on its original foundations and one has not learnt the lessons, then repeat patterns come into play and attract the same circumstances, maybe in disguise until there is a breakdown and one learns to build the house on new foundations and new blueprints. This is self growth and psychological behaviour therapy, or sometimes life experiences and their wake up calls.

In the study of epigenetics it is seen that by just saying affirmations, praying and the like, sometimes and more than often even with strong intention the requested outcome does not arrive or manifest. Why so? In kinesiology or if a good dowser one asks a false or untrue name, then the arm will go down, or fingers fly apart[two ring finger clasp], or dowsing instrument [maybe a pendulum or wand, tea cup or coffee grinds, a medium, etc.,] supports the non affirmative. This is because the UNCONSCIOUS, the foundation blue print does not recognise or in is accord with the conscious request.

The automatic robotic nature of our programming, our conditioning rules us UNCONSCIOUSLY, in other word we lose the witness, the presence, the mindfulness and we react unconsciously, we automatically respond. WE REACT from our foundation, the way we know around our familiar house.

Changing one's furniture around one for a time finds oneself going unconsciously to the old place where the bureau was or the sofa. Then we do the routine many times and the change once again becomes the norm, the familiar, and we are still in the same house and the same surroundings, at best we have done a makeover. Then the satisfaction may wear off. The foundations remain in tact.

To change the unconscious one has to be a witness, an observer in an unbiased way, attention without intention, looking without opinion, a non judgemental spectator of oneself and then one releases the attic or the basement door and observes the reactions, emotions, the fears, the unconscious storehouse, the mausoleum, the library, the record collection, the bookstore, one is given a history lesson, a cameo and scenario of one's life and maybe of other lives. One sees the overview, the karma, the pain, the love, the frailties and strengths. With this there is the chance and let go and stop living from the UNCONSCIOUS storehouse, the PAST, letting the FUTURE evolve from life, letting life unfold and feeling, intuiting the beauty and right action.

The right action is that which feels and acts rather that reacts. Impulse is merely a cheap imitation of right action, perhaps the word appropriate action is more to the point and helpful. We stop telling life how to be and rather let life inform us. We become observers and experienced beings in a conscious way, we have choice and not be the victims of our unconscious promptings from faulty foundations, which it would seem belong now to another life, another person. Those foundations served us well then, not now.

We see now the same old, same old in religion, politics, rhetoric in fashion, repeats, worn out weary world wars, bleating, terrorists, religious leaders, bored drugged people, seeking addiction from the drudge of unfulfilled dreams and aspirations, looking vainly outside to find happiness in someone else or thing.

Then one day, one special time, we can take no more and we come to that point of the inverted V, the tip over, Einstein/Bose, the Prigogine dissipative structures that I have written about so many times as in Jan, Oct, Nov and Dec 2009 then March and April 2010.

A beautiful 40 second representation of gravitational lensing.

A little more on the same theme.

This is a great one for reality seekers.


Wow, oh boy. This took me back a while and interesting if you are interested in The Philadelphia Experiment.

Thanks Fif for sending. The caption to this was I hope they go home with right tablecloth. I like the smiling faces and fun in this.

http://www.fullscreen360.com/st-helens.htm Amazing what this wonderful technology can do and what a view. Thanks Daph.


A really amazing picture. Again Thanks Daph.

http://www.puttingthehoofin.co.uk/2010/02/german-artist-at-it-again.html German artist at it again.

http://www.guardian.co.uk/world/blog/2010/jun/02/charlie-skelton-bilderberg-spain Very sinister and will explain in future blogs.

http://www.guardian.co.uk/environment/2010/apr/29/environmentalism-dark-mountain-project Part of this project maybe disquieting for you. Another response, which is even more pessimistic, is the Dark Mountain Project, which argues that the idea of civilisation itself is a myth that may be approaching its end, and that we need to think now about ―Uncivilisation. These responses are, like ―solastalgia, further signs of mass psychological reaction to the challenges that ―business as usual has created, leading to individual and group efforts at building thought-forms of solution.

Thank you for the Lucis Trust Quote from Newels letter.

http://www.nytimes.com/2010/01/31/magazine/31ecopsych-t.html Compliments above. Repeat from August 2010.


A beautiful Maori way of family and belonging.

http://www.newcastle.edu.au/news/2006/09/newsyndrome.html A syndrome which I feel has been known for thousands of years.

I feel at this point several misnomers have arisen. There are two issues over climate change. One is that we as a human race are destroying the planets ecological systems and of course altering its mini or local climate which in turn overlaps to other mini enclaves and could have a mount up and collective response. Then there is the cyclic sun/26,000 year cycle and milky way astrological and astronomical factors[such as evidence of the energy mass at centre of Milky way ah la Nassim Haramein and others, the latest from NOAHH which says the sun gives off CME's even in quiet times, the huge mass in the Virgo cluster gobbling up all around and even our milky way in billions of years time] and many other factors in blogs gone bye.

Then there is the rise in technology which has sharpened the local mini climates and as we have seen can cause this solastalgia and remembering the interface with the Earth's magnetic field and human consciousness affecting plant life[see The Secret Life of Plants by Peter Thomkins and Christopher Bird and some energy breakthrough appliances, at the present sparsely utilised, mainly due to cost, cultural barriers, global conglomerates blocking through fear off loss of profit and revenue, research by the Institute of Heartmath on human consciousness, heart coherence and the Earth's field]

Then this urge through the rise in consciousness [see Ian Xel Lungold], and the urge for knowledge and for many to go 'beyond the box', to be open to new possibilities and at the quantum level that's all that exists, potential, probabilities and possisibilities.

We live at the very threshold of the quantum age which Ian Lungold refers to as Galactic, yes we are now aware of more galactic vistas from Hubble, NASA Astronomy Pictures of the Day and so many films, videos, so huge to grasp the distances, the awe, the years, the power, so mind wise boggling yet staggeringly beautiful and urges us on to get out there and experience it in the raw so to speak.

The quantum as I refer to it the same as the galactic yet the very small. We know the mind, consciousness interfaces or can influence quantum experiments, yet humanity at present is glued at the collective consciousness programmed limited choice. So the endless possibilities are channelled into a few events. Money, power, territorial boundaries, cultural adherence, dominance and control by a few over the many.

However there is this underlying urge to break out of the adhesive of limited ideology of constraint or acquisitiveness, worship of the god Mammon, a closed or limited heartfelt only to those of the same ilk, cultural and racial prejudice and so forth.

The new ecological technologies, free energy supply, international boundaries abolished, goodwill and genuine compassion for the land, people, animals and nature will usher in the solvent to the glue of oppression and constraint.

It is this underlying energy that is causing the discontent which many feel as unease and fear as the uprising of consciousness coarses through the infrastructure urging, demanding change and restructuring.

When will this come about? The cracks are appearing and as this happens the other side who wish to establish to old order and disguise as the new order, are applying divisive tactics. [see August blog 2010 from David Ike link to two below]. They feel their power is being slowly leaked way, mind their power is massive, yet the cracks are appearing fast and furiously.

Both the new beings are feeling unrest and uncertainty as are the elite, illuminati, each with a different agenda. One is using solvent the other applying glue. [See my inverted V, dissipative Structures, Tip Over in back blogs, if you are not sure where to find them by now go to my blog or energygrid, top right hand corner is a search panel, put subject and geoff freed], if not email me, address is in blog.

The pushing energy will facilitate a strong tightening of the power mongers[the glue], the new beings[the solvent] will create a strong inter force field struggle. Those that patch the dam, those who remove its bricks.

Eventually the dam will loosen brick by brick, for a sudden downing of the wall, the deep embedded concrete structure, analogous to the solid blocked stubborn mind, would cause rioting, complete anarchy and terrible hardship[see looting at Earthquakes, floods and other instances], so the mass mind has to be taken down bit by bit, and instead of greed, lust and avarice, the very things most people have had suppressed in them and only the elite allowed to enjoy, would let go the flood gates and the masses may react as the elite do.

So a planned subtle yet seemingly random breakdown is occurring, it is from the consciousness of evolution and is unstoppable.

The glue faction hypnotise by football, glamour sports, big money, sleeze films, fashion, celebrity culture, terrorism and fighting as an outlet for rage and suppressed and out dated views, food that rots the brain and so discrimination, as Carl Marx once said 'religion is the opiate of the masses' I say that the media is as well.

Scientific cover ups, giving people two views on scientific evidence, confusion. Divided we win, united we win. When I was at work I was constantly told by my bosses divide the staff and rule. Let them see you as the solution though their confusion.

By learning or experiencing one's inner power, not wilfulness, impulse or logic but by the quiet mind and intuitive feelings and whispering, then we empower ourselves again and we are joined to collective spiritual and disconnected from the collective unconscious mass mind.

There are many aspects in the collective unconscious which are commensurate with the collective spiritual, the intuition will know this and trust in this is very beneficial to the advancement of the new world. Do not be fooled by politicians who rant on about a new world order, they mean a world with what we have now, the few controlling the many through false claims of recession, terror and deprivation.

Animals sense this too, they are bang deprived of their habitat and have to use violence in order to hunt their prey in restricted areas and their prey disappearing as well. The urban fox, hated as vermin, hunted as a pest, no wonder they attack, they are frightened, they sense their very presence is hated and so they recoil, after all they only want food and live like we do. We do to them what the glue mongers do to us.

I am not sure I am as magnanimous as I could be. I have a very open heart and have compassionate feelings to all and everything, yet I have 'buttons' when pushed bring out anger, frustration and very strong emotional rebuffs. I would like to think I am a compassionate new world citizen, yet in truth I am partially on the way and am at least aware when I have vengeful thoughts and feelings, angry at injustice, and it is this awareness, this witness to myself in action, that which facilitates the elimination by mindfulness not suppression or blame to the ugliness that can arise. It is not so automatic now. This I feel is happening to many of us on the path now. It is being truthful with myself. By that witnessing my reactions, my reactions now are lessening and more action from source is growing. Where to now, keep witnessing, being present, watching without opinion, this allows the buried to surface and then seen to float away. The moment judgement arises, we evaluate and either reward or punish. By freeing ourselves of judging ourselves, we arrive at peace. If urgent jolts of energy prompt one to impulse, breathe and watch.

http://healthfreedoms.org/2010/06/30/eating-healthy-food-is-now-considered-a-disease/ Er oh well hmmm???


The Law of the Wild says Eat only When Hungry. Amazing Cheetah's pat baby Impala.[ idea from Daphne ]. Pictures from internet and authentic.

http://www.beautifullife.info/art-works/unbelievable-pencil-art/ Amazing. Thanks Daph for sending.

http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sciencetech/article-1290843/Archaeologists-begin-dig-buried-stone-circle-TEN-times-bigger-Stonehenge.html Link says it all. Thanks Fif.

There is a lot about crystals, pyramids and other activations. Food for thought. The higher vibes are causing this to resonate so thereby raising our matrix and crystalline interfaces. Water as per Emoto are crystals and the pyramids are pointers to astrological alignments, time recorders and transmitters of energies. There is a resonant frequency link between all henge's and pyramids.


The first solar powered airplane to fly through the night.


UFO over Chinese airport. Re found from Daph[this means Daph sent it to me in email form and I researched it on internet.]. Thanks

http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/science_and_environment/10564798.stm Read what David Ike said about the oil stuff and you will see why help was not requested sooner.[ re found from Daph]. Thanks.


This is technology at its best to save space and is a brilliant invention. Thanks Fif for sending.

http://articles.mercola.com/sites/articles/archive/2010/07/10/girls-now-begin-puberty-at-age-9.aspx This trend can also I feel apply to boys because of same reasons and maybe cause different illnesses.

Whilst this very intriguing to train a parrot to do this sort of thing I felt somewhat embarrassed and felt it is kind of exploiting. Daph sent the original in email and I found it on YOU TUBE.


This is in fact an extract from a film he made so it is applicable today. His work for wildlife is fantastic in real life. Read his messages on wildlife.



GM foods and how dangerous. New evidence.


A little light relief and beauty.

http://www.dc2net.com/Old-Barns.htm I love the colours and the feel of this old barn. I would love a chalet type home made out the wood and exquisite weathering texture. Re found from Daph. Very similar to the feel of my temporary home in Minorca and the dacha in Russia[ back blogs Dec.2009 and May 2010. Article and Dacha from my research. See Minorca in home in blog.

Figure 3 Two Dacha from Russia


Strange luminous beams seen in China skies9re found from Daph mail0. Some say it was from a new chemical plant just opened, official version nothing seen.

http://www.getxnews.com/2010/07/mystery-symbols-of-an-alien-sky-man-made-or-natural-phenomena-red-dragon-rising-gogmagog-and-the-chinese-ufo-anomalies/ Like some mysteries? More from China.

http://joyofsix.typepad.com/joyofsix/2006/07/the_computer_sw.html A great fun poem.[re found from Jean and Ken email]. Thanks.

http://www2.cnrs.fr/en/314.htm These are only being freshly examined and looked at more closely now in view of all the earthquake and tsunami activities.

http://www.starburstfound.org/downloads/superwave/Nexus2009.pdf Once again I have confirmation of my theories of the 1967 original writings. Beryllium 10 dating, cyclic appearances, area of emanation and make up of electron volts, gamma rays and so forth prove a point or two.






A series of crop circles sent by Fif and transposed by me.


One of the many after the eclipse. Blessings to the peoples, animals, plants, Earth and who else is involved.


There are great concerns over the Thermosphere. This can disrupt satellites. A possible reason are non linear waves from outer space.


In mathematics, a nonlinear system is a system which is not linear, that is, a system which does not satisfy the superposition principle, or whose output is not directly proportional to its input. Less technically, a nonlinear system is any problem where the variable(s) to be solved for cannot be written as a linear combination of independent components. A nonhomogeneous system, which is linear apart from the presence of a function of the independent variables, is nonlinear according to a strict definition, but such systems are usually studied alongside linear systems, because they can be transformed to a linear system of multiple variables.

Nonlinear problems are of interest to engineers, physicists and mathematicians because most physical systems are inherently nonlinear in nature. Nonlinear equations are difficult to solve and give rise to interesting phenomena such as chaos. The weather is famously nonlinear, where simple changes in one part of the system produce complex effects throughout

So once again I feel the interaction from the central galaxy, the energies that have been recorded and so forth[back blogs on increase in electron volts as to consciousness, sun activity, and gamma bursts with proximities to Virgo Blackhole, Central Milky Way activity, alignments and their gravitational and resonance, all are doing their bit to cause non linear perturbations. There is a correlation to Einstein Bose condensate, Tip over, my iverted V and Prigigone.

When the solar system travels through its rotation and also moves to a new position in space, the resonances and alignments will retune, refine and redefine the system. It is a constantly moving organic interrelated holistic system. Like the ice cube in a container, when melting all interfaces will adjust to each different surface and this is constantly in motion until complete meltdown.

This excuse me dance and rythmic interchange is constantly causing new standing waves, interference patterns and so 'breaking' up the harmonics, eddy currents and the like, and so the 'monarch' butterfly effect and the like. Who knows what is happening in deep space and coming to us to cause this sort of interference. I have done a more detailed study of some super wave theories in the November2010 blog.

http://articles.mercola.com/sites/articles/archive/2010/07/20/the-truth-about-statin-drugs-revealed.aspx More on the danger statins.


I have been protesting against fluoride for thirty five years now. There are really sinister reasons why authorities will not listen to the evidence.

http://wimp.com/dolphinbubbles/ Really fun. Hey Let's play eh.

Juggling like never before and to music with a dance. Wow. Re found and sent by Fif. Thanks for sending.

http://www.cropcircleconnector.com/2010/Woolaston/Woolaston2010a.html Again this coming up about waves. Thanks Fif.


A beautiful world message. Freedom is not only a country, a place or a situation it is a state of mind as well. Peace be with you dear friends.

http://apod.nasa.gov/apod/ Surprise, surprise from NASA. JOY, JOY, JOY.

http://www.beforeus.com/ In the newsletter I have got [25 June 2010], it confirms beds of giants 15' by 7' and complete cities with huge highways, massive doors and so forth, also cement discovered on Pyramids which baffles scientists and chemists. [ Archaeology newsflash 206]. Jonathan Gray (info1@archaeologyanswers.com).


Once again the pictures and evidence point to giants as above and connections with my UFO story[ May blog 2005].

There are correlations and all sorts of mysteries regarding the following. The landing at Mount Hermon, the sun gods, the giants, UFO story[Geoff], The Book of Genesis 6.4-5-7, 11-12, Deuteronomy 2.11 -20. 3.11-13. Joshua 12-4. 13. 12. 15.18. Samuel 21.20. Then there are the books of Enoch and Nassim Haramein's video as described so many times back, plus the latest discoveries revealed by Jonathan Gray, the Vatican's Egyptian connection with their Sun observatory. Massive pyramids coming to light all over Europe, Asia and Russia[see Thoth site above]. Plus Sir Mortimer Wheelers discoveries and cover up's and so forth.

The question is why is this coming to light and these discoveries so to my mind important? In the light of the Patrick Geryl video [in a later blog certainly in the November 2010] he is interviewed by Camelot on You Tube, take a sedative before viewing[yes I am typing this Sunday June 25 2010, because there is so much coming in]. Perhaps we are being giving a warning regarding changing our ways. Maybe we are being told 'do not let history repeat itself'. Perhaps we are being told watch it, change, it is not too late. Perhaps humanity like Sodom and Gomorrah, the great flood, the ice age, yes maybe cyclic, but perhaps be nature's way of cleaning house, because of the contamination we have caused.

There is a definite link to the sexual depravity, the raucous binge drinking, despicable mutations by GM seeds, oil spills, radiation, food preservatives and additives, cells and mutations by geneticists, pornography, infidelity, child abuse, paedophilia, massive war crimes, buildings that are built high[tower of Babel], lack of respect, racial and religious fanatics, religious intolerance, horrible ancient rites and sacrifices. [the mega crisis in my inverted V and offset by the huge awakening as seen on the internet of 'light' workers and their sites, millions now on mega solution] question who will win the race to the top of the Inverted V, no one, it will result in both coming to the top simultaneously when they will cancel each other out and a third synthesis way issues forth. If not see Patrick Geryl. Interesting that Obama has the power now to close the internet down for four months. Enough time to eradicate sensitive to the One World Government Plans and install huge propaganda and mind crippling frequencies. This is the finale and the curtain is raised for two years until the close of this 26, 000 year play in two acts of 12, 000 years. The effect and affects will take a few years to fully go through the mass minds as I have said so many times 2036 and 2075, if not harmonised then-------?

It reminds me of the legend of Heracles[Roman –Hercules], in his fifth task set by Eurytheus, to clean out the stables of cattle in Elis in Augea. The King Augeus had huge herds of cattle which stunk the whole land out and never attended to mess they left behind. Hercules went to work and diverted the rivers Pineus and Alpheus to wash away the piles of dung and other stuff. The King did a number on Hercules who killed him and gave the land to the King's son. The King had promised Hercules a tenth of the kingdom should he clean it up. Meanwhile Eurytheus did not think that Hercules would do this task because of its complications and lowly task. Hercules used wisdom and knowledge rather that just sheer physical strength.

Why to such lengths to write the legend. My take on this;- The land of Augea is the Earth, the cattle muck is the crud of the ages, the contamination or dung is the pollution as described above. Eurytheus is the watching sceptic who fears we have left it too late. Along come genuine scientist who are commissioned by the UN to clean up the mess. The scientists are Hercules in his lower mind form, they succeed with new found technology to a point and the King who is behind the UN the so called elite of illuminati, take over the world, and wish to kill off the populace, this Hercules will not have and he kills off the illuminati in a fierce battle, the terrorists who are using weapons to defend humanity and nature. The rightful son comes to inherit the Earth and Hercules becomes the hero. Who is Hercules? None other than us, not a fighting physical hero but an enlightened one. Who uses wisdom and spiritual acumen to save the day. When Hercules killed the double crossing king he eliminated the lower mind as above in himself. The rivers are the person with the water pot who pours out the waters of Aquarius and so cleanses the putridity from us and we rise into the third way of synthesis.

http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/science-environment-10790648 Life on Mars.

Figure 4 Mount Hermon where the Fallen Angels were supposed to have landed. Were they the Sun Gods? Were they the first UFONAUTS? WERE THEY THE ALANTEANS? REFER TO REPORTS OF THE SUMERIAN STONES AND THEIR HEIROGLYPHICS AS WITH SITCHIN. ARE THEY RETURNING

Mount Hermon was called Senir by the Amorites and Sirion by the Sidonians (Deuteronomy 3:9 and see commentary of Rashi ad loc; Psalms 29:6; 1 Chronicles 5:23; Song 4:8; Ezekiel 27:5), names which may signify a "coat of mail" or "armor". The mountain served as the northern boundary of the Promised Land (Deuteronomy 3:8) and also was the northern limit of the conquest (Joshua 11:17, 12:1, 13:5).

The high places of Mount Hermon were used by the Canaanites in Canaanite mythological rituals. They referred to the mountain as Mount Ba'al-Hermon (Judges 3:3). It is also called Mount Sion or Mount Siyon (Deuteronomy 4:48).

The Gospels tell of Jesus and his disciples journeying north from Bethsaida on the Sea of Galilee to the city of Caesarea Philippi at the southern base of Mount Hermon (Matthew 16:13; Mark 8:27). There, Jesus revealed to them his purpose to build his Church and to go to Jerusalem to die and be resurrected (Matthew 16:18-21).

Mount Hermon is a possible site of the Transfiguration, where Jesus, according to the New Testament, took three of his disciples, Peter, James, and John, up on a high mountain for prayer. Jesus is reported to have became radiantly white and conversed with Moses and Elijah, who had appeared beside him.

In the Book of Enoch, Mount Hermon is the place where the Grigori ("Watcher") class of fallen angels descended to Earth. They swore upon the mountain that they would take wives among the daughters of men and return (Enoch)

The mountain is also known as the mountain of the Chief. In previous blogs I have outlines my opinion of the fall and its consequences. I reiterate;- The tree of Life is the genetically altered human genome as a result of the 'fallen' ones scientific genetic engineering, the snake the double helical of DNA, and the apple the chimical formulae that contained the codons. Adam and Eve were the first human clones.

Sodom and Gomorah were lasered and the pillar of salt was the result of lasers on human flesh. Moses received the ten stones of the commandments from a UFO craft that etched them into stone. The burning bush was encounter with UFOnauts. Moses wore special clothing and shone brightly and communicated with Aron telepathically. The Hebews fllowed a bright light during the day and a cloud of brightness at night for forty years.

Any person touching the ark had rashes, calcyfying bones, vomitting and death. See a the spaceships by Ezekiel by Joseph Blumerich a designer of the Saturn Five Rocket, the book is a jem and pearl to real researchers. It is thought Jesus had his transfuguration on Mount Hermon, aslo this radiance is depicted for Moses and in other holy books and writings. Is this to do with the many UFO contacts who see huge light[close encounters films], radiance, light.

Is this to do with whom we may become in the third way or synthesis. Could humanity be wiped out or transfigured either in one swoop ah la Patrick Geryl, or does the ninth wave of the Maya ah la Lungold and Calleman of Unity Consciousness arrive and we merely step into a new consciousness, retainng our bodies in a tranfigured DNA?

Is the synthesis, the end of the Mayan callender a wipe out of those who cannot sustain the new higher frequencies? Are the present day illuminati and elite the remnants of the 'evil' ones as in the book of Enoch, the percentage of those left over to erdicate evil or sponsor it? Will the elite inherit the Earth or the meek? We now have the choices laid out and we can with intuitive and deep insight begin to use the fact we are co creators with the Universe. Not intending for more acquisition but to will to the will of that which serves everyone everywhere with equality, respect and compassion, with sharing, tenederness and dignity. We are the people we are waiting for.

Would the return of the Sun Gods which I feel the Vatican and all ancient artifacts show and so many cover up's to their real nature be a good thing if we knew? The giants of the past were not all that tasty as they say. Have they evolved? Maybe our benign UFO friends are of a different ilk, and not of the Giants.

I repeat a neat little sharing. In the time dilation theory


Well in my research

It shows as in Einstein that differeing gravities produce differing time sets. So if astronauts went away from Earth on a five year mission, their time in their Earth clock would show five years. However, if they encountered differing time zones, their clock may still show five years and then another five on return. On Earth maybe a hundred years had gone by and no one unless recorded or survived would have known they had gone. Supposing they returned and no one recognised them and Earth's peoples had mutated. So to the Earth's peoples depending whether they were more advanced the Astronauts would be primitive, or if the Earth's people were more native and simplistic[no offence I feel natives are the true people], then the Astronauts would appear God's or something like this.

So maybe UFO'nauts ah la today are Astronauts who went so far out they came back and are actually our future or past selves?

http://healthfreedoms.org/2010/07/23/raids-are-increasing-on-farms-and-private-food-supply-clubs/ This will spread to the EU. Be watchful. Read in conjunction with Canada

http://www.starchildproject.com/reports_vatican.htm Wow another peg in the mega solution ? More UFO and ET news.

One of the rports in the above bears out my theory told in my UFO lectures of years back about time dilation and our furture selves. Nice to have confirmation again.



Be Kind a message from a child. WOW. Thanks Daph.


A smile, a dance, hope and laughter. WOW. Thanks Fif. Re found.


Amazing Russian Act. Pheew.


This just shows how the world is deteriorating in medical matters what happened to TCM. [Traditional Chinese Medicine]?.


This is getting into fever pitch now. There was an article on airlines turning off fat people because they take up two seats or making them pay double.


This says it all.


It 's been a long time coming. A good start.

www.myscience.cc/wire/icecube_spies_unexplained_pattern_of_cosmic_rays-2010-wisc More evidence of the Cosmic rays and confirmation to the earlier theories I set out.

In the study of orthogonal[ having variates in an experiment which can be treated as statistically independent] and anisotropy[having properties that differ from direction of measurement] it is found that a substance can have variations of differing measurements in different directions. This then found in the above article and states the nature of the organic universe and its constant change and in this change producing new signals and codes that are so far undetected { This is my take}.

http://www.greatdreams.com/2012.htm This is a great site and covers all sorts of things.

I am going to have to almost stop here, there is so much information coming in that I have already started all the months to the end of the year. I am about to start the December 2010 blog and it is only June 30 2010 as I type this.

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In 2000, reporters from the German environmental magazine Natur went on an expedition to the beaches of Brittany in France, which in March 1978 were seriously polluted by an accident on the oil tanker Amoco Cadiz. The Amoco Cadiz sank off the coast of Brittany and dropped 230,000 tons crude oil on the beaches. Just over 20 years later, the Natur reporters, accompanied by German scientists, spent hours digging in the sand without finding any trace of the oil pollution! A French biologist said, "When the disaster happened, we thought that nature would be spoilt for decades. However, even after six months there was hardly any oil to be found anymore." Billions of bacteria, supported by the warmth of the sun, had cleaned up the mess.

After the Amoco Cadiz disaster, the Centre of Documentation, Research, and Experimentation on Accidental Water Pollution (CEDRE) was established in Brest, France. For the past 30 years, the institute has researched many smaller and bigger oil spills. The institute has concluded that clean up operations are generally more harmful than helpful. The chemicals used undermine the power and effectiveness of naturally occurring bacteria. It is also important that an oil slick is not dispersed, as bacteria can be more effective when the oil sticks together. CEDRE argues that the most effective human activity in clean up operations is shovelling polluted sand from the beach.

[Geoff typing now. There are other examples where the clean up has been slower as in Alaska. Scientists reckon it was slower because the sun is cooler there--- big deal].

I wouldn't suggest telling big pharma or the CEO's of multinationals this, it could give them a licence to 'kill' a corporate 007.

Thanks Fif. This reminded me of when I was at the Attitudinal Healing Centre in London and at the mind body festival we used to give free hugs. One light moment is when a very large lady said to me ' Don't let me old man see this' and I split my body warmer in the process. I really had tears of joy when I looked at this. Wow.


Flu vaccines under way for children already and causing seizures. Thanks Daph.


The Big one. Large CME. 31 JULY-----7TH AUGUST 2010.

His Holiness The Dalai Lama. What a way to end this September Blog.


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