The Recalcitrant Ego?

Geoff Freed — June 2010
Former forensic technician and scientific & medical researcher, lecturer, workshop leader and psychotherapist, Dr. Geoff Freed reports on what is happening energetically on the planet at this pivotal time in history.

WHAT DOES EGO MEAN? Is it some form of monster or demon? How did it get there? Where is there? If we subscribe to the idiom that the ego is an illusion, then how did this illusion arise? The ego is a fortress of ideas, graphics which is surrounded by a self protective mechanism, it lives in a redoubt.

From this high view it feels real and because of the illusionary aspect involved with ego, the ego's own sensory system realises it is in fact an illusion or at best here today and gone tomorrow and so its roots are really non existent.

To shore up its transitory nature it deploys weapons of mass destruction under the leadership of supreme field marshal Fear. This general's grip is so intense that is superglue of immense tenacity.

The more one struggles to free it; the force of will power merely feeds the resistance to change and strengthens the molecular bond so to speak of the determination not only to preserve its life expectancy but to add to its scenarios of delusion. It may be redolent or onerous.

So Ok then how did it arise in the first place? If we should feel that the void, space, which may equate to awareness, pure consciousness, the witness, potential, creative force in suspension or whatever, then to experience itself as existent, and witness itself, it sends forth vibrations, frequencies [in the beginning was the word, and the word became flesh] an analogy, gaseous, liquid, ice, each a form of the other in slower frequencies and vice versa.

The awareness has its own intelligence and agenda which is not in the realm of human left brain logic thought and process known by a label as the ego. So creation and its purpose is not known to humankind, however, flashes of inspired intuition, not to be fooled by clever ego ventriloquism or mimicry, which I term fools gold.[I have enough of this to be a redundant millionaire!!!].

Let us surmise, again this is in the realm of the known, that the creative force issuing from the void of awareness, from potential, from gas to liquid[the etheric realms in this example] to form, so called subtle or solid bodies, is experienced and confirms' I Am Alive because I feel, sense, see and feel this experience'. I like the dream that seems so real, so comforting so alive and so reassuring, so I will store it, save it to file, to my hard drive. I will also have the ability to modify, edit the file, I can add to it, add pictures, get others to agree with my scenario or join with others and we will all delight or fear as the case maybe.

We now form clubs, communities, religions, politics, and cults and to preserve these we defend them, especially against new ideas which threaten the status quo and may shatter the seemingly real to mere illusion and defeat.

We take the graphics, the forms we created as reality and as such become addicted to our own reality. What we take as reality is actually a self made video at best. In fact 6 billion realities at large on Earth. One witness the only reality, lost in its own separateness through taking its awareness into the illusion, getting lost and addicted to its own illusion, the potter falling in love with his own pot and not aware he created it.

The pot, the vessel then becomes a substitute for real reality and because the pot can be broken, tarnished and so forth, then the potter becomes obsessed with protecting and cherishing this beyond sometimes reasonable care and behaviour.

Sometimes the pot gets shattered and the potter can make another pot and the whole process starts again. On rare occasions it is a wake up call and the potter begins to claw back his true identity.

The process of the 'claw back' may take many forms, from counselling, psychotherapy [providing the therapy does not endeavour to put one back into another safe pot] to a spiritual practice, which can be a very so called god pot, or to the realisation that one is the potter, a path that leads to awareness without bias, looking without intention, attention without intention, presence, mindfulness and the like.

It is risk taking and putting one's head into the lion's mouth an old Zen saying or 'on having no head', many books written in this vain. [When a lay Zen monk, a brother Zen lay monk and I published a book with no authors and just a title with blank pages, many years ago Watkins book store kindly let us put these on the shelves, at a donation price, the title was 'On having no head'].

What would it feel like to have no head? A way of simply experiencing this is to come away from the whirligig of thoughts and become aware of your breathing, after a while of no thought, accept from the thinking process pushing to come back, and then instead of fighting it, relax, accept, breathe, let go and when the quiet head without suppression, violent force naturally subsides, you may experience this inner peace.

This practice can become a ritual, so make sure there is awareness with it and you are not cultivating a 'redoubt' in the mind. J Krishnamurti once said at a speech [the only one I ever went too other than our 2, 1 hr chats, see back blog with how this came about]' You want a mantra then here is one Coca-Cola, say this enough times and you become a vegetable, the mind is frozen, this is taken as enlightenment and you become a vegetable, dull, inert and stupid'. He didn't mess about.

I have heard people say to me I would rather be a vegetable than suffer. Ah well it takes all sorts, and whose to say they are not correct. Vegetables do have their nutrition as well.



Enough Ego bashing. Let us now see how the ego can become our saviour. Suffering for some can be a way of life. And is attention seeking. Naughty or sick children can get more attention than 'well behaved', hopefully not bullied, cajoled and suppressed, nor unruly and accepted, and healthy kids.

So we can blame our Karma, and we pray, do workshops on pre-life agreements so we do not have to come back to this life of suffering, or maybe we had such a good life we want to come back and make this choice, or I will stay on the other side I have had enough of this. [See March blog on 'giving up section'].

Through suffering we may seek to find the cause of our suffering and so the ego which produces the thoughts, which we created in the first place, and solidified it into reality, becomes the investigative tool for our liberation. We shift the focus of outward blame to inward blame, to parental, past stuff, then to realise there is no blame, just an old dusty, moth eaten accumulation of outworn patterns.

We may then seek to remodel. Cosmetically alter the patterns and then realise if fortunate enough too, that it is the same old, same old and merely a makeover, redecoration until that gets cracks in it too.

Is there no way out? I will seek inner peace and enlightenment. We take up a discipline, a way, a promised salvation through praying to God, a guru, surrender to a deity, yes, and it works for a while. We then seek the character of the role model, and we lose our self in an image.

A famous guru was obsessed by the image of the Holy Mother. Night and Day he prayed, saw only in his mind, his imagination, bliss came from him and he had a world following. Yet deep down he was depressed, bothered and was withering. He was 'borrowing' the energy from the image, as beautiful and holy as it was. Where could he turn? Who could release him from this torment? The image was holy alright and peaceful, yet it was not his joining to the source. Even the multitude of followers did not appease him.

One day he heard a noise in the refuse bins. He saw a naked ash smeared, tousle haired man, chasing away, rats, mice, vermin and all manners of nasty smells. The Guru challenged the man. The man took a piece of broken glass and pierced it into the third eye of the guru. The guru recoiled in pain. The naked Yogi said' this is the pain, the sword which will cut the image of the Mother from you and set you free'.

The guru used the suffering and pain and the image of the Mother was removed from his mind. The last bastion of the ego was breached. The guru found inner peace, tranquillity without image. Just a flow of source to him and through him to others. [a true account from this guru].

What can we learn from this? The ego when it rears its head it is fierce or it can be mellow, seductive and seemingly logical, practical and that can be useful for everyday living.

When the ego and its repetitive patterns arise we are witnessing the illusion of ourselves and this when observed becomes the very path we tread. Thank you great store of experiences, you have come to show me who you are. I appreciate your transparency, you are doing me a great service, you are showing me that you are willing to expose yourself and allow me to see through you. Great ego you are willing to sacrifice your entirety to me so that I may find the way out of your grip and fortress. You then show me great love in granting me freedom. In return I will take you into the sea of seamless nothingness and we shall dissolve together and the two become one. This then becomes the ego the saviour and the emptiness of the ego's vault, the clear out of the programmes leads us to emptiness, not replacing or a discipline by rote, but just by cleaning the slate of impressions. The empty mind witnessing, witnessing and perhaps something else which is beyond the witness. This is the indescribable and yet is beingness.

This picture is named the crazy frog. What has this to do with the above? I have no idea. It's a just one of those things or is it?

When we fully realise it's a game, a dream, then the frog has its meaning. What's the meaning for you? Or is there a meaning? Can we leave it? Is Geoff being clever? This is madness? Watch the mind come out of the head, be still and then what?

In the video [hopefully restored] Quantum Apocalypse, a scientist remarked' an atom is spread out all over the place and so when a conscious observer observes it, it creates it'. From this and flowing up on May blog and the above, we see that focussing through a scientific instrument to see the atom, we through our belief system then create this atom to our hypothesis. This when agreed by many makes our reality safe and feel good. This goes with politics, religion, cults, and medics and so on. Any challenge to this is sometimes violently rejected, shunned and so on. A classic example of the rejection of homeopathy, some scientists without the slightest experiment just dismissed it out of hand without a so much of kiss me a---e as they say in cockney. So threatening to their beliefs that they cannot even look at it or discuss it. Haven't we seen this in so many other areas of Life? It is however, coming to a crunch as many more are prepared or are preparing to look 'outside the box'.

We maybe having to look more outside the box because the present agreed realities or paradigms are breaking down and just not functional, pragmatic or just worn out. Sometimes breakdown is prudent.[see tip over, Prigogine and overwhelm]. The prejudice experienced by new inventions, medicines and the like bring hostility to the point of insane and maniacal behaviour, and it will accelerate as the incoming quickening arrives.


Outside the box?



More Transparency and cover ups. It's all happening folks.

Amazing and Wonderful


Have a look at this article and related ones below. You will hear that the scientists are confused about climate change and they DO NOT KNOW THE REAL cause, hence the launch of this spacecraft.


More on the above. By the time you read this we will know whether the launch was successful.



I thought so!!!

A coronal mass ejection hit Earth's magnetic field at approximately 12:30 UT on April 11th. The impact sparked a G2-class geomagnetic storm with auroras over Scandinavia, Scotland, Canada and north latitudes of the United States


More on this CME and remembering the effects and affects on the DNA. There is a very strong link to the ascension transformation symptoms and the Sun and Central Sun Activities. Many people have contacerd me with mass symptoms that seem to be world wide felt. Me too.


First the Suffolk team of scientists were cleared of the global email scam [see back blog and hacked emails] another convenient enquiry that was 'pre-arranged. December 2009 blog at end]. This is link above another load of spoof. My take on the above is the Schumann Resonance coupled with the Eastwardly Drift of the Magnetic North Pole has 'pulled' the Jet Stream off of course so to speak. This would mean some cooling and flooding in some areas and more arid in others. Seems like our world affairs and emotions. See also March 2009 blog regarding the Sun's activity, Themis Project and Nassim Haramein video sciences at energygrid.

Many scientists hide themselves in enclaves and do not share their knowledge with other specialists. I know of quantum bods who feel Astro boffins have killed off seamless interdependence, and Astro bods feeling that biology has nothing to do with the Newtonian view of lumps of matter floating in space. Similarly there have been a number of TV programmes where palaeontologists, archaeologists have disagreed that the tyrannosaurs were extinguished by meteorite/asteroid devastation and that it was indeed climate change and a natural cycle.

One scientist showed ice core samples at the North and South Poles, dug up Earth and rock and showed through the layers that the climate had changed NOT because of a bombardment that changed the climate, but a sequence of cycles that repeatedly did this and so deprived the wild lives, fauna and so forth of their natural habitat and therefore food supplies.

When he was challenged by the disaster mongers re the extinction he showed the opposition the evidence and they remained ashen and haemorrhoidal. It seems that the whole thing is openly evident in the fossils, ice core drillings.



Wow. Ash stops all UK flights. Icelandic Volcano eruption. A couple happened last month. More on the way.

Great reminder of Schumann Resonance and connection with chanting.

This is from an email to me, my comments and links.


Hi Folks  Nassim Haramein [see energygrid] his wife's experiences scroll down for link. When you look at ultra sound and see how a foetus picks up feelings, imagine the feelings of pain from birth by Mother. In my blogs I wrote about Prof. Cherenkov who had women give birth in warm water tubs with a dolphin present.  This was sensational at the time, some twenty or so years ago.  Also read Dr Farrant as above.  I know in regression I experienced my Mother's trauma and some mothers regret the pain [which is understandable] to such an extent that the child grows up with pain as its base experience and all built around that. This a wonderful way forward. Doctors and the medical people I know resist it, 1) dangerous 2) Puts hospitals and staff out of work30 huge paradigm shift. 4) Cost of retraining.  Lots of Love.  Geoff
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Subject: Nassim Harrameins wife - birthing pool experience
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Hi Geoff
Here is the you tube we talked about today.
Love and hugs........lyn


Thanks to Lyn Cornell for sending this. There are some spelling errors and so on, this happens when in certain circumstances. I have mentioned beforehand that foetuses often react in their own way. It has been shown that doctors who mothers like cringe by baby and vice versa. Remember like our dear animal friends they like babies and children sense before logic arrives. Both logic and sense in balance make for an excellent mind and soul. Pleasurable experiences at one time were banned by some religions and cults, only the upper crust or elite priesthood were allowed this or did it secretly. Some of the reasons were a) Detract one from god. B) Addiction to pleasure. 3) Pleasure was used as a reward and not a gift of God. 4) A joke; - A royal couple had intercourse and it was extremely pleasurable. The princess said to the prince 'Do the poor indulge in this'? 'Yes', said the prince.' It's much too good for them; let's put a tax on them' said the princess. Subject closed!!!.


Never pay council tax again, not a spoof.

Looking at Nassim Haramein's video [4 hours in and watch for two hours, can stop timer at bottom and have a tea, watch a soap, prepare food] link below www.energygrid.com/science-videos.html#haramein1. The following has come in, The Vatican is to receive a new binocular telescope made by a consortium of German Institutes and it is named Lucifer, the German observatories have a duplicate one. It is suggested that the Vatican are on the look out for Wormwood which could be a destructive asteroid or the like, or perhaps the return of the sun gods. Maybe as in Nassim's NASA genuine video it has arrived by that huge object that attacked the sun, which the sun zapped.

The book of Revelations 8:10, 11[King James Version] mentions this threat regarding the third angel. A great star fell from the heaven and so forth; by the way the second angel in the paragraph before is not so tasty either, in the light of the Earthquakes and so on and some Mayan prophesies there could be a link. Holds tight don't panic. Remember the redeeming words of Nassim 'Something out there saved us, we were given another chance, we live in a sea of Grace'. Interesting that the shadow or complimentary programme to DR Who [always saving the Earth and other Planets] was Wormwood.


A real treat. Messages not only for ecology, humour and sound common sense. A life saver and complete answer for food.

This train does not stop. It has a carriage on top which detaches; the passengers who wish to alight go into it. The carriage is then deposed at the station while another carriage is embarked by passengers who are then picked up. Ingenious and fuel and time saving. A great emendation to trains. In then second link look at the faces of the Chinese observers.

In all authorities today and at the last UK election I wonder how many e-mi-nence- grise were behind the scenes. You know the powers behind the seat of a figurehead or government are the ones with real power. The so called invisible or secret government.


I admire Stephen Hawkins greatly, however I do feel he is wrong and not in just this issue. See my UFO blog [search bar at top of energygrid page right hand top corner punch in Geoff Freed and topic. Are the latest talk about UFO's and Aliens a clue to what is going on and some are not telling us? The above paragraph over the link may hold a clue.

http://apod.nasa.gov/apod/ Another great Mystery.



Scientists are again waking up to something that has been around now for many, many years. I have written a lot in blogs Jan 06, June 07, March 09 and Nov 09.


Thanks for Fif for sending this. Fif has a lovely site at http://people.aapt.net.au/~fhugenholtz/

See blogs June 05, Aug 05, Sept 08, Feb 09, March 09, May 09, and Feb 10. Fif is a great friend and a very wise person; she has helped me a lot with her wisdom and insights. See also May 2005 for UFO story also search bar at right of page at top and put in geoff freed online and UFO's. See alsoNassim Haramein's video 4 hours in till the end. See link below. www.energygrid.com/science-videos.html#haramein1

http://uk.news.yahoo.com/elections/dont-panic-post/post/dont_panic/16/exposed-government-relationship-with-shady-private-military-companies.html Terrible, terrible double standards. Enough said.


This is a comprehensive link to the Earths mantle and inner core. There is a lot of scientific talk about 'fluid displacement' and that it may have a huge effect on the shifting plates.


Professor Adam Schultz of the above link thinks that many scientists had not thought tectonic plates carried or conducted fluid. However, areas of high conductivity coincide with subductive zones; this is where subductive plates are below the Earth's crust. Subductive plates are relatively cooler than the material surrounding them and in theory should be less conductive. The possible answer is that maybe that conductivity in those areas are increased or decreased by the amount of water or fluid. [ Messages from water see Dr Emoto][Also What the Bleep and Emoto].

This then leads to the cycles of el and la Nino oceanic tides. http://www.bbc.co.uk/weather/features/el_nino2.shtml

Sometime back I interviewed on the radio a South American Farmer, who became a fisherman when the above reversed and a farmer again when restored. He told me generations knew this cycle. When the seas rose he became the farmer and when subsided again becomes the fisherman. The same he assured me was for those who lived across the ocean. As Usual the locals have this innate knowledge often ignored by academics. When you have an academic imbued with intuitive and native knowledge, this then is a most powerful being. Should their heart be open too then a complete soul and being has come to walk the Earth.

One can then factor in Gulf Stream, magnetic pole shift, Schumann resonance anomalies, climate change, sun activity, 26 000 year cycle and so forth, so we can see this is an organic process of constant movement and change, trying to predict or calculate such varying factors and making a mathematical formulae out of this or even a computer based module is at most an approximation. Just like quantum physics there are possibilities and probabilities, then there our intentions which affect this and the clash possibly with nature's intentions. Maybe our intentions should align with nature's intentions. We see in society no more evident than in medical circles a one size fits all. We are an organic process, Life is an organic process, each unique and yet the same. We are fractals, we are holistic. This is why natures herbs, natures cycles, natures rhythms should be honoured by our health professionals. However our beautiful, sensitive bodies and minds are shattered with electrical smog, polluted atmosphere, and unabated noise and chemically doused and infused food. The young baby, the child the older folk are the most vulnerable.

However things are changing and the clarion awakening calls resounding. See Ian Xel Lungold at http://www.energygrid.com/futurity.html. Scroll down until you reach The Mayan Calendar goes North.

You can see the acceleration especially from March 8 2011—October 28 2011 and then to Dec 21 2012. The electron volt build up, Prigogine, tip over, Einstein Bose condensate, my inverted V theory. It's all kicking off folks. It's going to be OK, a rough ride, yet all is well. [April 2010 blog about half way or so down].

I have this feeling growing me just how far I have veered from the natural rhythms', how entrained I have become to the hubbub of the franticness I live in. I know of those who have gone to live in the country and while it is easier, quieter, the 'etheric' of mobile phone, TV, Radio, aircraft, naval and other communications have with the collective unconscious vibes and one's own unconscious beliefs and stored memmories, impact on the sensitive's. How do we counteract these, for me, not escaping by defending, suppressing or fighting, but being aware, present, natural vigilance, mindful? I would say that moving to the country or a quiet place it is easier to do this. However getting over the buzz can produce withdrawal symptoms for a while. [December 2009 blog about three quarters down, picture of herdsman cottage and my experiences].

http://healthfreedoms.org/2010/05/05/australian-flu-vaccination-ban-goes-national-after-fever-convulsions-in-children/ Makes you think about other vaccines?

http://uk.news.yahoo.com/18/20100510/tod-starving-yogi-astounds-indian-scient-451ab4f.html A similar item which is mentioned in Yoga Ananda's book 'The Autobiography of a Yogi'. It mentions a woman in North India who feeds on Cosmic Prana through the 'mouth of God' at the back of the neck, the medulla oblongata. See more in link, http://www.energygrid.com/futurity/geoff-freed/2005/06.html about ¾ of way down. There is an association of longevians in Australia and in Brussels. A friend of mine of some years back has been without much food for some years, whether, however, we have not been in touch for 8 years now. I witnessed her getting thinner but full of energy and power, only eating a small meal a day for at least four years and saying she would cut down on that.

I interviewed people who had met ET and said that some of them ingested microbes from the atmosphere or fed on the essence of the Universe. Some ET absorbed this through porous membranes in the lips, some the medulla, some through the skin, and a few through a small mouth in which they sucked in liquids. There was an interview conducted by a few friends of mine who stayed in a monastery on the heights of Peru, where the priests claimed very tall ET visited them and the food they took were raw eggs, without the shells, sucked through a small mouth, almost tube like. This tied in with my UFO story. http://www.energygrid.com/futurity/geoff-freed/2005/05.html This story is a very short synopsis.

May I take the liberty to blow my own trumpet? In the UFO article above it is stated that should the Earth be threatened an intervention would take place. Please I urge you see Nassim Haramein's video, 4 hours in and watch for 2 hrs. You will see genuine NASA footage and a part when you will hear Nassim say and see this 'a rough quote of Nassim, 'something out there saved us, we have been given a second chance, we live in a sea of grace'. This describes a large object that was about to collide with the sun, the sun defends itself and it come towards our Solar system and would have annihilated many planets and us. Here is the link again. www.energygrid.com/science-videos.html#haramein1 4 hours in. It is long and one can move the timer, pause and so forth. May I say that I enfettered the UFO story long before I watched or heard of Nassim? Our editor says in my introduction he met me 15 years back, now nearly 18, at the UFO story workshop. So this bears out the testimony. Thank you for the indulgence.

http://bit.ly/bQe6K9 This is one of the sources of huge energies entering our system and entraining our Central sun super black hole, just another example of fractal hologram type occurrences. If this is so we are a miniature black hole and our cells with particles too. We are space illusionary filled with particles which appear solid.

http://www.marshall.org/article.php?id=96 There is further evidence gathering that these charged particles are like clusters or swarms which hit our sun causing the sun to shed its own plasma and this then affects our magnetosphere. This then goes along with increased electron volts, the Mayan 9 step acceleration as per graphs and the 20 times increase.[see March 2005 blog at top]. I still feel our own central Milky Way black hole is the main source as we align to it. Maybe Wise and Planck craft will pick this up.

Interestingly when the above link is read one can see 11 year cycles elsewhere in the solar system, again this above so below and fractal independence and interrelationships, cosmic ecology and so forth. The increase in energy is powering up for the tip over, the Prigogine, the inverted V apex synthesis point.


I know I am labouring this point, however, if you have taken in the power of CME's, charged particles and the acceleration of these energies you will see how it can effect not only the Earth but us and it is going to get faster and faster and we will have to let our bodies rest, eat well to our instincts, do whatever can assist our bodies even if it means going the allopathic way until 2013, that is if one's body is not refined enough through the meridians and nerves to carry the extra current.

http://bit.ly/aIkhxh This is very interesting because some Maya have predicted 'ether' which is important in the 2012 scenario. There was the photon belt and NASA talks of our solar system passing through a very highly charged particle area of space. Some Maya feel this 'new ether or element' is a substance or energy which help a transition of some sort. Maybe the science and predictions culminate here. There is also the fact of the increase of energies to 'drive' or push us over the brink.

This kind of intensity could push those finely balanced over the edge either to madness and destruction or propel one into the void as it were of enlightenment or new upraised energetic consciousness. Could this be commensurate and concomitant with the 8th and 9th step as in Mayan charts and video? My inverted V, tip over and so forth? See again link below

http://www.energygrid.com/futurity.html Scroll down to Ian Xel Lungold The Mayan Calendar goes North, by the way our editor has added the Hopi prophesy at the head of this link and could the river be the massive energies and change, those who have the courage to leave the banks of security [pun intended], to join in with those swimming and surfing [oh gosh another pun] and not caught in the net [youch], to celebrate with what is to come.

Speaking about the UK elections fiasco in our local coffee bar an Italian run free style no hurry, where academics, browsers of the easy social life and air of nonchalance and abundance congregate I came out with the following 'we should Clog off, we are browned off and all go to the Cameroons, Blair our radios, play hide and seek in the bushes and dance the Obama Hama '. It gets you in the end!!! I usually have a lemon tea and a dark chocolate Kit Kat. No sponsorship or payment for this plug!!! There is something bon ami about sitting without stress or feeling the need to buy another drink or food in an old building, low ceiling, windows that are curved and seem rustic, a patio in warmer clime, the sun, good friends and mates, the casual acquaintance and meaningless conversations at times. Yes life can feel rosy and the Italian family who run this are welcoming, friendly and smile, smile, smile. Such is the simple good life where the troubles of the world seem far distant and the inner joy more evident. An oasis in sometimes frenetic and frantic world. The frontogenesis and frontolysis this is syncopated to another pun in the build up to weather fronts and emotional, worldly, political fronts.


Unfortunately forty years out of date see book 'Secret Life of Plants' by Peter Tomkins and Christopher Bird. Also, Findhorn Foundation, Scotland.

http://www.kachina.net/~alunajoy/news05-2010.html Great Crop circle and related stuff.


http://www.metro.co.uk/news/827189-maverick-frankenstein-scientist-creates-artificial-life You may not like the above, yet this is another astounding 2010 breakthrough. Amaziiingggg.


http://www.thesun.co.uk/sol/homepage/news/2981138/Scientist-creates-first-man-made-cell.html These DNA changes are a kind of right on time as I have repeatedly mentioned in all my blogs about the energies gradually changing our DNA. Now if you take the fact that at the quantum level all is seamless and as our DNA is the interface with the information field, the invisible all pervading energy field that contains all possibilities, possibilities and what is put 'out there ' in the field can be down loaded to human consciousness.

The only 'catch ' to the download is that the belief system in the unconscious says 'NO WAY HOSEA', whilst the logical top mind as it were says 'bring it on'. A good read to this question is the 'Biology of Belief' by Dr Bruce Lipton; I feel the best book of its kind explaining the new field of epigenetics.

This book also explains as I have done that the affirmations no matter how often said do not seem to come about or manifest. The logic mind says yes, the science is there I see this, it is utterly understandable. However, there is an override in place in the subconscious which says 'information not compatible', this override is usually deep seated and ingrained programmed cultural, religious parental, political conditioning and feeds the chemical equivalent to the cells. Long deep work on oneself can eradicate the override. Meditation, deep and profound psychotherapy, many deep and significant aides such as paraliminal work, holosync and such like [make sure you get the authentic help, there are many cheap imitations and seductive offers out there especially on the internet]. If the top surface agrees with the deep unconscious hey presto manifestation.

http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/sci/tech/7699672.stm Drilling for oil and gas can produce earthquakes. See also UTIG scientists regarding Texas.

http://bit.ly/cjrp6U Please see back blogs on fluid displacement and nature fills the 'void' where oil and gas has been pumped out. In my opinion it can also cause subsidence, cause magma shrinkage and so there fore acerbate already 'tender and close subduction tectonic plate issues.

Hey Atlantis, MU, Giants all ties in with the Egyptian, Orion, and much more.

I'll leave you with this. Lots of Love. Geoff

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