This month's entry is in two parts:

PART 1: Energies, More Energies and Consciousness

PART 2: Blown Fuses, Wiring Overload, Fairies, Gnomes, Elves and Goblins. How about that?


PART 1: 


Energies, More Energies and Consciouisness

Geoff Freed — May 2010


THE INTERNET IS FULL OF CHANNELLED WRITINGS and I suppose my 1967 download may have been that as well. Channelled writings, videos and the like can be found in abundance at


Then there are the more scientific interviews, personal opinions, videos of 'the names' that do workshops, seminars, and self growth and can be seen to be coming from research, science and spiritual acumen such a one is


There are then the Yoga, Tai Chi, acupuncture, homeopathy, osteopathy, TCM, Ayurvedic, Aromatherapy, Rolfing, Astrology, psychic reading, Mayan, Native Canadian, Native American, Aboriginal, Maori, Inuit, Magic, healing, the list is endless so it seems. Then when clicking on the site there are many other links.

The Mayan calendar which I feel expresses this best is found at


Scroll down to Mayan Calendar comes North by Ian Xel Lungold.

To me this huge outpouring of energy is synonymous with Consciousness. Consciousness to me is awareness. Space of awareness is emptiness of thought leaving the observer, the witness.

The witness then provides the space for the content of mind to arise. This then allows mind to send ripples across space, the twanging of the guitar string so to speak, which sets up the resonance and frequencies in magnet fields of pulsating energy which contain the seeds or templates, the blue prints for form.

Awareness then is the chalice, the womb, the fount which is potential. Potential is then sent forth [the bullet in the gun is potential, when fired becomes the outcome of the potential.

Time is speeding up or is it consciousness. Have a look at Dr Calleman's short video.


A good representation of consciousness speeding up rather than time speeding up.


Oh God no. Another video this time one that is--- and what long!!!!

This one backs up Free Energy the race to Zero point 2008 backs up Ian Xel Lungold and Calleman. The amazing inventions, the fantastic philosophy the spiritual coming out in scientific inventions. AND you see the duplicity and agro that new inventions and ideas provoke.

So many are now feeling the intensity of the transition and the term time is speeding up is and is being redefined. Time as a clock or timepiece is the same, psychological time is the same, however, the push of the transforming energies which are the carriers of information is felt as time speed only, it is indeed consciousness change.

As the awareness or space of observation, the witness takes over or is recognised, the memory function is superseded or made to be felt or perceived as redundant or surplus to requirement.

The plethora of information is so great it is outweighing the brains capacity to process it and in this mode the memory is 'overfed' and sort of mind constipation or diarrhoea sets in. Then information is so changeable that yesterday's data is today's garbage. What do I keep? What is the right information? Can I keep up with the change? Shall I keep what I know and be safe? If I take on the new will I be sure it is correct and so forth? This can be very confusing and we can get into burn out and brain fag.

figure 1

Figure 1 So many minds in disarray and helter skelter.

So many people becoming addicted, so many craving for peace and yet not realising it is inside not out there. I get a lot emails and phone calls about peoples past haunting them, lots of wild dreams, great rushes of heat and guilt, insomnia. Mainly because of the 'speeding' up and its side effects of altering the spin and centrifugal and centripetal forces that throw off the heavier 'past' accumulated crud[1967 notes referred to this a s cell disgorging]. Many a workshops done in the 70's and 80's when doing this cell stuff people threw off muck of different colours which resonated with an experience of a past occurrence.

Some people have told me of debris coming out of the pores of their skin in past regression and sweat lodges which have an accompanying emotional trauma. I had three when working in a certain restricted area as it were. A snake out of my head, black oil from stomach with yellow puss from throat. This then facilitated an emotional release.

Sometimes the kundalini, an emotional turmoil sensed to be released, a trigger event, or some such inner sensed phenomena builds up heat, like a pressure cooker, almost like a birth moment, a climax, an emotional orgasm and it can be physically painful, a feeling of craziness, madness and then if one is sufficiently aware and in touch it is released. This is the beauty of being the witness, the impartial witness.

figure 2

Figure 2 The hot sensing of material coming to the surface to be released

This material will keep trying to surface until the ego is ready to release it and not feel deprived or endangered. In a way this is a false statement. The ego never wants to release unless it has gains. The trick of the ego is to fool itself by allowing a release and then modifying it with a sensation of release. So it is a pacifying reassuring self satisfying process. Give the child its dummy and it is OK until the next time.

A real release is when it is observed and gone. No rehash of old material. The ego makeover system is disabled in this particular instant. Constant witnessing of this process without bias [trick is to realise you must witness and say I am witnessing, this is the ego bringing in its 'false witness', at first this happens and then that is realised as an ego deception, when that falls way one is witnessing], this then deprives the agendas' the scenarios of judgemental values and so their food, their nutrients are cut off and they wither into the nothingness they were in the first place. This proves the illusion of coming from nowhere to return there.

We may build our reality or perceived reality from the grounds of illusion or the graphics of illusion, solidify it with the emotional safety and security it affords, we keep it, repeat it ,it becomes more and more solid and real and this is then our reality. How many years of reinforcing do this take? Layers upon layers, tamped down, pressed in, etched in, and then we lose ourselves the witness in this, there is no witness, accept the witness created by the illusion. The illusion created its own loop feedback, its own witness, its own mirror, and its own self assurance and so the self deception goes on until we no longer know any other reality than the false world we created.

If one thinks this above is rather harsh and unreal. Look around at horrendous war crimes, religious bigotry leading to war, rape, killings and atrocities which defy logic or understanding. The madness of killing nature which feeds and sustains us. The barbaric road rage, the senseless drug addiction. In most cases we know we live in a crazy zoned out world, yet either do not know how to come out of it. So in love with the illusion and yet soured by it, so tired and exhausted that we give into to it and so on.

Yet there is stirring, a slumbering giant is gradually yawning and stretching.[one example the video on the new technologies coming from quantum states in last blog, the many websites on self growth, mind blowing discoveries, ET and so forth]. So we keep on keeping on. This tide, this express train is ramping up and it will sweep away the accumulated outdated crud, rust and decay. It will either carry us to a new place through expanded consciousness; take us to a new dimension through death of the body, madness, addiction, breakthrough or breakdown. Whatever it will do it will bring radical change one way or tother.

YOU MAY COME TO THIS SHOCKING CONCLUSION. CAN YOU LIVE WITH IT? Since we all create our illusions, the so called realities through the media of our beliefs, the backdrop of conditioning and programming, indoctrination, cultural brainwashing{we all pride ourselves on 'I have choice and freewill'---really?}, there is no common reality at all in the 3D world, only comparative perceived reality.

WE MERELY WITNESS the endless eternal illusions and realities of illusions, none of which is intrinsically us.


Do we take the trick for real and if so why? It is belief in the trick, we want to believe it, and this makes it insubstantially and unsubstantial, although fooling ourselves it is safe, real.

Where is safe then? Safe when awakened becomes undefined, space, emptiness. Empty of thought and the constant inner dialogue and drone. It has no central point of reference, so cannot be attacked or defended. So is emptiness reality? This is Koan. Go for it?

A Koan is never solved; it is the riddle of Life. There are more to follow, yes there maybe a respite, then the restless mind of illusion, because the mind contents were created from illusion, a programme, starts to question the nature of its own creation. Where was I born? Who programmed me? Huh I am a bunch of programmes! Wow is this my everlasting foundation? I will have to shore this up, make it more robust, solid. How do I do this? Build in more safeguards more programmes, more acquisitions. Oh No! I have to die one day. Never mind I'll reincarnate. You're sure of this are you? Oh s—t here we go again. Why can't I accept being the witness to the magician's game and accepting it? It is God's game, the eternal coming and going. Is that It?

This is the wheel of Dharma and Karma. Remembering the inserts way back when in a blog.

fig 3fig 3b




This will startle you. Please look at this short exposé on Face book. Thanks to Maurice for sending.

This is a companion if you like of the above and thanks to Ed for sending.

As consciousness speeds up giving the apparent sense of time speeding up, then as we head into the 'Zone ' or emptiness, intuition[knowledge or information that does not arrive from the 'normal' thought processes], knowledge from outside the box, inspired original data, then time in more emptier states of consciousness ceases to have 3D parallel or correlation. Arriving in emptiness so to speak, time ceases to be and all is in the present.

This will present itself in the 3D body; its delivery however, will be in synchronism. The realm of emptiness is pure potential and holds the possibilities and probabilities. Synchronicity is the link between quantum events. The more in the moment the more we invite manifestation in synchronous events, which appear to be in time and space, however, are a translation from quantum events to so called 3D reality. Again the filtering process can obscure the purity of the event such as channelling via a third party or intermediary or cultural and so forth programming.

figure 4

This is supposed to be the greatest astrological alignment of 2010 and the century. [Diagram courtesy of Jonathan Cainer]. Apparently according to Jonathan many astrologers have been anticipating this alignment with some trepidation. If you have any other ideas or views it would be interesting. I am not an astrologer so go for it.

In the January 2006 blog Tsunami and Telepathy there is mention of experiments in telepathy and some scientists stating the tsunami of 2004 slightly speeding the Earth up. Now they are saying the opposite. Hey Ho and away we go again. As we will be having some major shifts Earth wise and in ourselves we can expect more of these seemingly contradictory findings and reports. More evidence of the shifting and changing times.

Way back in the 60's there was a lot of chat in psychedelic, beatnik, flower power times about the atom bomb the splitting of the atom and so forth. Many were on about splitting the 'veil' between the psychic worlds and the form world of so called solid matter.

Emptiness, zero state, quantum vacuum and similar expressions were around later and it seems to me it gave the logical mind the first glimpses of the 'Zen No Mind', which may equate to Samadhi, satori, nirvana and so on.

I remember Fritjof Capra and early writers going on about the meditative states, equations being similar in Sanskrit print and the correlations between scientist like Einstein, Neil's Bohr, Heisenberg, Max Plank, when philosophising sounding like the Yogic and Zen terms.

It did open a window for many to grasp emptiness, nowness, mindfulness and I introduced to scientist where I worked to Sub Atomic Meditation. Many early scientists freaked out when they saw the mind observer connection with atomic phenomena. They retreated into logic and sheer mathematics. Some even had breakdowns. Some still do and phase out and go into denial.

Many scientists will agree that the observer has a connection and interaction with particles but not at large bodies as in Astro physics. Well that is debateable.

What strikes me as the most valuable is that nothing is solid, it is merely glued together, held together, bound by the energy of the concept and perception of the observer, not the witness observer, the observer through the veil of conditioning and programming.

Should this be so then 'ungluing' not by replacing one programme with another [a makeover] but by observing without intention, so seeing with emotive judgement, being present, awareness without bias. This then takes away bias which the programme needs to fuel it. Its fodder is removed and so shrinking them and uncovering the layered deposits deposited there by years of repetition.

Gradually and sometimes suddenly the programmes are exposed and each viewing can remove another layer of varnish until the bare ground level is met. Dramatic explosions can usher in an earthquake or volcanic eruptions so severe that the 'mountain of illusion' the cassettes of accumulated programming are wiped out in one go. There are records of gradual and sudden in classic writings.

Seeing and understanding that 'no thing, nothing' is in its essence solid affords us the insight to dismantle the seemingly solid foundations [see December 2009 blog]. Intrinsically every and anything is vast amounts of space, relatively speaking at particle level and deceptively packed close together 'stuff' which on close and microscopic observation isn't solid either. It has the appearance of solidness.

So where are we in all this? Can we define the witness? Indeed not, on attempting to do so we will be up against a brick wall, and an impassable mind block. We can either try to put it into words, such as, consciousness, I am, The witness, in an attempt to 'solidify' and at most this is a mind game, and trying to put the invisible into tangible explanation for the mind to make a programme of, a definition of, puts us back into the realm of the programme and we then make a programme and ego illusion.

The mind block. The impasse, when observed, relaxed and steady breathing may dissolve. Then there maybe a feeling of letting go, a kind of beingness without effort and this then leads to an empty light mind, which is content to be empty and just observe nothing, very little thought, a bright awareness and in this one knows who one is. Once again there maybe and will be no explanation as one is aware that this is my ground state and is the emptiness and its perfectly OK.

The intention process works in the opposite way. One goes into the emptiness which is full of potential, possibilities and probabilities and from this matrix one steadfastly feels, not so much imagines, or rather feel see, that is imagery with potent feeling to match and so by constant repetition or a powerful mind manifests the desire.

The downside is this; If we all desire different things we could be at odds or even war over the differences. I wrote to the original Intent DVD and Book people as they were constantly going on a bout the dream house, the big car, the lottery win. I mentioned to them that we would just promote materialism. Surely those people who envy the celeb life or yearn after enlightenment are passionately doing the same thing.

Maybe there is another 'way'. Nature resides in the natural element of consciousness. When I asked my Zen teacher what is enlightenment he replied' a log, a tree, a frog, a bee, they do what nature intended them to do'.

What if I let go and let my life be lived from emptiness, like the forms that come out of the void. My intentions would be that of that which brought forth nature. I would be in the Zone, flow, spirit. What would my life be like? It would be like a flower, a tree, a bee; I would be doing without much thinking that which intuitively is in accord with what is.

So if nothing is nothing, empty and is only a façade of something, why hang onto to it anyway?

fig 5

When we dissolve and become one with the void, surrender to God, the old self mainly and largely vanish. Certain traits which nature then benefits us with, the gifts are enhanced. A giraffe, a lion, a tree, You, Me. Who knows what we will be when we pop out of the emptiness of the Ocean Of Being. 'Bible quote—Behold I make all things anew'. Other quotes in brief mention' those who wait upon the Lord shall run and not faint--- shall rise up as if upon eagle's wings'. ' . He restores my soul, gives me peace, and replenishes life and so forth'. 'Causes me to lie down by still waters and pastures'. 'In the beginning was the void'.


In earlier blogs I mentioned that from my 1967 'writing' it mentioned a lot about the centre of the Milky Way. There is now information arriving [looking for data from whistleblowers] that the Milky Way has a rhythm and pulse. See Nassim again and my blogs.


This is vitally important, because of the alignment in 2012 and the resonance it will change DNA [as it is already doing] and effect all our lives and climate change considerably.


Interesting and may relate to our heartbeat. Many arrhythmias' reported. Could one cause be the changing Galactic Pulse? Get this checked out by a health professional if not sure. Maybe medication if nothing is found and is only a 'safe guard or preventative' could upset the Cosmic Rhythm?


Wow. No wonder the energies are powering in. Many scientists are becoming overwhelmed at what is being discovered by the Wise and Planck craft. They have asked for a halt of the information being made known. A whistleblower told me it make s all new theories obsolete, makes their predictions or hypothesis appear 'numb' and most of all people like me [Geoff] look increasingly right. Great praise to Nassim Haramein, Mitch Battros and so many who have the guts to stick out the criticism and in my case castigated by the quack buster.


What is the source of this new data flow which seems to have made the field of solar-physics and cosmologist extremely anxious? It is the two spacecraft 1) WISE & 2) PLANCK

WISE (Wide-field Infrared Survey Explorer): WISE will survey the whole sky in infrared light, and will produce an all-sky image atlas and catalogue of over 300 million infrared sources. Things of particular interest to the scientists working on WISE are the structure of the Milky Way Galaxy, Ultra-luminous infrared galaxies, asteroids, large scale structure of the Universe, the coldest and nearest stars and regions of new star and planet formation.

fig 6

Figure 6 Wise and Planck craft


Ian mentions that every step is twenty times faster in consciousness and change. The increase not only is in electron volt but in apparent time speeding up due to consciousness 'speeding up'. So could this be expressed in formulae? Consciousness 'speed' =electron volt increase=proximity alignment December 21 2012 = solar CME's [solar flares]=DNA changes= Resonance factor=Earth changes=next step in evolution=years after mentioned in blogs i.e., I mention 2036, 2075.[these extra years are to ground the 2012 energy].

Some whistleblowers are kindly acknowledging many of us who work in this way and are open to metaphysics which as mentioned many times will be the co joining of physics, philosophy, intuition and Cosmic Download.

Please be mindful, all emotional, mental, psychological, psychic and deposited blocks to body be cleared before getting into the science and cosmology.

Concepts may hinder the flow of new information and hark one back into logic and filtering through the belief systems. 'I see all this through the eyes of 1) old patterns, 2) New age and religious indoctrination. 3) I take comfort in the new scientific breakthroughs and ignore practical issues. 4) I don't care a dam. 5) Its all too much I will just phase out. 6) Thank God I will die one day. 7) What if reincarnation is true? Geez I may have to come back and work all through this crap again. So what.

Just be mindful of feelings, let them go, let the mind rest, feel into the centre of the peace. Find where peace is in the body. If it cannot be found, travel through the body until all parts is relaxed. Let the tense parts relax, see what feelings or experiences come out of this, gather their message, hints, wisdom, let this come without trying, without manufacturing this, let it arise naturally without force, let it go and travel on. A traveller without notion or forethought merely the interested unbiased observer.




Dear Friends Please be careful who you vote for in the coming elections and write to your MEP, MP and in the USA the FDA and Senators.

You may think you have heard all this before. I can assure you I went to FAO [Food and Agricultural Organisation of the UN in Rome] for eight years for three weeks to present workshops and have whistleblowers there and even in the 80's they were planning these things by stealth. Although I feel and think this will be defeated in late 2012 and perhaps from March 8 2011 till October 28 2011 we will see significant breakthroughs, you will no doubt if you have read my blogs that the end days will harden those who feel GM foods, chemical additives, massive number of vaccines and allopathic medicine is good for us will only present us with a slow decline in health while the pharmaceutical companies and food suppliers gain huge profits.

Please subscribe to Lloyd Pye's Star child site , ANH, NHA as I am getting more and more who want this information. I send this to my editor and he cannot always put everything in energygrid. I cannot always put everything in my blogs in energygrid.

Fear Not as mentioned before those who support GM foods, pesticides, additives, huge amount of unnatural vaccines, allopathic only medicines, banning of nature and its products, WILL harden their stance and then the energies like a tsunami which are increasing from the Cosmic Source [Mayan Calendar Ian Xel Lungold, my calculations of consciousness=increase electron volts=rate of shift= Earth events=increasing Solar events=scientists finding the resonance of the Central Sun, Our Sun and the 26,000 year cycle.]. This sweeping away which advocates of the unnatural world vote for, adore and plunder for, are aware of the changes to come and are doing everything in their grubby blood stained hands to sabotage it. Will they succeed? Never! They will take away many by varying means. Dirty underhanded ploys, which they will do, openly and without shame.

This kind of mind lost its plot years ago and the normal bounds of decency long gone. Drugged by their own power, seduced by the pleasures of flesh [nothing wrong in sexual pleasures within the framework of natural expression. I've never seen an animal in nature porn or blue film yet, and I saw many things in Forensics].

All natural acts are expressed in grace and beauty, not the bloodcurdling lust and thrust of war, rape, torture and abuse. This they get off on. This vibration is being put through TV, Cell phone networks, computers and the like and the digital age will assist this. However, when the new energies which are building up power and momentum escalate then they flush out this dross. Until this happens [only two to three years for the arrival of full Cosmic input and sixty three years to complete the process] as I have said there are windows for the completion to the mass consciousness 2036 and 2075{given in 1967 writings}.

Those of you who knew me 40 years ago I gave workshops and lectures [if you still have gold leaflets and single sheets] you will see I lectured and did diagrams of this and the years this would happen. Remember the bit on cell disgorging. Well we are really into this now. In my files I may find the leaflets and single page, I will scan [scanner not great but essence there] and you can email if you wish to get an attachment]. The gold leaflet had a symbol, a bright sun with a baby overshadowing the Earth symbolising a new era and the Sun's part in all this.

I used to be chairperson to Attitudinal Healing which was founded by John Hunt, Barbara Faloudi, several others and I. This was based on Jerry Jampolski's [Love is letting Go Of Fear fame USA] and later I became chairman and on the breakup I incorporated Elizabeth Kubler Ross's work with Jampolski and my own Zen,[taught Judo, Aikido and Kendo, meditation, Tai Chi and psychotherapy and counselling training] and formed Healing Attitudes and incorporated some 64 additional titles, did 616 workshops to date, seen over 3000 clients and worked for 13 years out of St. James Piccadilly as a therapist, healer and counsellor. Then toured UK and Europe with Canada over 36 years, also holding down job in engineering then Forensics. In this time also took degrees. Now am resting and allowing the energies to hopefully put my somewhat battered body back to some semblance of shape and health.

fig 7

It was a full schedule. Some weekends did Forensics on call, or travel to present workshops. Evenings when not on call, taught Judo etc., or saw clients, studied for degrees. Time for me, very little, time now very much. Michael in his kind comments in my introduction has made some remarks about a workshop he came to, that was fifteen years back.



Blown Fuses, Wiring Overload, Fairies, Gnomes, Elves and Goblins. How about that?

Geoff Freed — May 2010


In the last blog it was mentioned about overload. Lets us look at this a bit more. The human body has its own wiring system in the form of nerves and meridians. Each house wiring system has its own fuse ratings and wiring to accommodate the amount of current or energy through it. Any surge of current that cannot be handled either blows a fuse, can melt wiring or earths it because of a short circuit.

Too much overwhelm in the brain can cause a mental breakdown in the neauronal network. In the body in can cause a spill over to organs and so cause heat and then in other instances cause the overload to trigger kundalini. The body thermostats and brain acknowledgement of these overloads or under loads causes the triggering of parasympathetic and sympathetic systems this in turn causes a change in P/H with hormone secretions.[see back blogs in depth of this].

In the 1967 writings it mentioned the specific words of 'cellular disgorging and flushing ', presenting symptoms of 'flu like symptoms and phantom illness'.[Those of you who attended my 1970 to 2003 workshops, may remember the gold leaflets and brochure in which these were mentioned and explained].

Any unresolved or unfinished business is deposited in the body somewhere and stored as well as 'cellular memory'. Although psychotherapy may release the emotion an energy 'signature' may still reside as a subtle field. This we know may appear by a trigger in a deeper level, the peeling of the onion experience. This subtle level of the experience beyond the emotions is then deposited in the fine meridian network which feeds the subtle magnetic field surrounding the cells.

This deposit then blocks or dams up the kundalini, this then creates heat and tries to unblock the debris. The pain or heat, cramp or whatever, the so called transformation symptoms, then proceed to cause an eruption or dam process and sometimes itching, hives, nausea, vertigo, indigestion and the like and this has to be to offset or dissipated. This is cell disgorging and meridian tenderness can cause bruising, circulation problems. [Seek health professionals diagnosis if not sure, some of these symptoms maybe medical situations which may need allopathic intervention].

Again the '67' writings it stated that the body will have to be strong to take these new energies. This may mean some sort of gym work at home or in a gym. A diet that suits one, not necessarily vegan, vegetarian or a fad one. The body will let one know. Yoga, Tai chi, Qi Gong, stretching for easing the kundalini through, and maybe some weight or resistance exercise to muscle and tone along with massage, and some cranial, shiatsu, osteopathic work. Also be prepared for long periods of rest and disruptive sleep, fatigue and so forth which facilitates the 'knitting together 'and recuperative process.

As the energies build up and the change around and the surges pulse in the pumping action causes a 'blow up ' eruption[big belly sometimes] this causes strain in the system especially where there is a blockage and as the debris is washed away, the eliminative systems go into detox, and so now the detox symptoms arrive. If the lymph, kidneys, liver, 'guts' lungs are clogged or not toned, this labours the system. My body has through the years taken a right old beating. Sports injuries, horrid canteen and night London food stalls whilst doing Forensics. Flights all over Europe, Canada, thousands of patients, shift work, horrific childhood illnesses and so forth has left me with a lot of clearing to do and I wonder how I am still here. So I feel the symptoms of detox very much and the energies of transformation. No excuses and of course 71 years young, I like many others in my case have an added 'cleansing'. This is why I am very fortunate to be here and to have the opportunity to have quiet rest and a lovely flat and situation with shops nearby, plenty of buses and trains. However, workshops, counselling, teaching all has stopped, well almost. It is fine. Just recently started more gym work again. It feels that I need to build up a stronger frame. This I feel [see Lungold and the onset of massive energies as time shortens and the energies power in]. I feel that I have to up the game. Apologies about me, me, me, however, many are in the same or similar to myself. Thank you for your indulgence.

The Earth has to realign and clear its meridians, which in turn alters the ley lines[earthquakes, tsunamis, floods and so forth], the planets getting their changes[back blogs], this in turn to galactic and Universal changes. As above so below. Similar processes in the sun in particular. See Nassim Haramein and plasma ejection and pulsing sun. See Link below. Especially 4 hours in.


I mentioned London Food Stalls. When on night duty I was called out and the Police Station I was covering, mainly Marylebone [behind Cumberland Hotel, Marble Arch and Paddington, Edgware Road], the canteens were pretty rough to say the least at the late night hours. So went out to food stalls along with the cabbies, late night delivery drivers, train drivers prostitutes, and homeless people. The food was burger stuff and the like, yet one could get eggs, tomatoes salad, cheese, and they were good. Bitterly night cold in winter, balmy nights in summer. My day would start at 09.00 hrs. Finish at 17.00, if not on night call out, at St. James for clinic, weekends if not on call, workshops, all over Europe and Canada and some 36 a year. Pretty full on. What with patients, the night people the experience of Life and the things I heard and what I saw in forensics, the stories of patients, the huge influx of energies at seminars and workshops was priceless to my education. Its downside very little rest, constant emotional bombardment, horrific scenes of murder and abuse. The switch between forensic in day and healing, counselling and psychotherapy in evening and weekends. It was the switch between left and right brain. Between strict logic and procedure and right brain as it were intuition. Also knowing the 1967 stuff and its implications.

We all have story, and I often wondered if these energies would come about, then the research as you have seen in previous blogs of the proof gleaned. This has led me to this conclusion. What I did is not me, that is what I did. I am not my doing, I am my being. I am not my past, I am not my degree, and I am not my story. So who am I? I am the witness to that. I am the space, the awareness that all these scenarios arose. I am the formless canvas in which my experiences arose in. Why did I have to experience these in this particular manner? My feeling is they provided me the opportunity to realise the impermanence, the illusion that is taken for reality and rendered to me the chance to see the fleeting experiences that seem to be my life, only to be seen as a fleeting transmigration of nothing but the ratification that all in the end has to be gone, to clear the slate, to rid one of the addiction that life is what you do and not who one is.

The death bed is a place to often too late [as I have seen in hospice work] to realise what have I accomplished. Some so called successful folk may look back and feel content and pass on and feel well good about their life, others regret leaving, not having done much, sufferers glad to go. However, if one realises we are the witness and sees the experiences as a temporary video in our sojourn here and is not living through and addicted to the experiences, then with this distancing one can enjoy, release and so every moment is like enjoying a soap episode, not missing it if missing one, and then releasing the emotional dependence on outside gratification. One has died to the outside world and yet enjoying its offerings, as take it or leave it. Not a sullen acceptance but a joyful participation with out the need for repeats.

This I feel my night life as it were with the busy life did in part for me, there are still 'hang over's' ghosting stuff, they are more fine and distant now without suppression. The fear of them, the allure is not so emotionally provoking. I see a shift in world issues in this too. It may start with disenchantment, boredom, in my case burn out and illness, dependence on the buzz of a busy life, not alone with me enough and then the penny drops. After the buzz the quietness of 'retirement', what fills in the gap? For me a return to the Zen of life of my teens and twenties. I had to see all the above in order to give it all up. I was offered a large house to start a movement, Universal Way, to write a book, even a TV contract to be a presenter and interviewer. What we all might have been, could have been, and yet the invisible hand working through circumstances, synchronicities, brings one to where we should be not always where we want to be.

Just a little night story for you. Many Arabs came to London around the Marble Arch Edgware Road Area; they loved the casinos, the girls and the all night restaurants. On many occasions young black guys would break dance, robo dance accompanied by ghetto blasters, the Arabic audience would throw money onto the mat, they often performed in large shop front doorways, and one would keep a look out for the police, and when the shout went out, 'bill', the were gone in flash. The police would ignore the Arabs. I used to know a few sheiks and princes. Great guys as well as the break dancers.

One more if I may. I used to have to travel in my car [VW Golf] with stickers on my window to let me into New Scotland Yard, Harrow Road, West End Central. Marylebone and Paddington Police Stations. One kept them in the log book picked up when on duty, and brought out on arrival or if challenged by plain clothes patrols, who often stopped others in the job, mistaking us for punters. I often used to take 'big 'Sue' a Women Police Sergeant with me because she may have to search the girls who had been 'nicked'. She knew all the girls and she often said to the girls on the street corners' right, one punter for rent, one for food, one for the kids, one for treats, one for a rainy day' . If I see you here again, your in' 'the girls respected this and they used to say' Thanks Sue, your sweet'. There was also good policing in this because these girls would impart information and were eyes and ears. Sometimes IRA and the like would go with one and so forth, petty street crime reports. Of course the brothel girls and pimps were a different story. Some of these stories are incredible, perhaps another time. Thank you.

Just recently the Anastasia books have hit the block. Ringing Cedars, the first of nine. Anastasia to me whether she exists in the flesh is the epitome of the feminine and Mother Earth. She is the like the maypole and Morris dancers. She is the fertility and fecundity symbol. She also communes with fairies, goblins, elves, gnomes and divas. In the books I understand she does extraordinary things. When I was a kid I sat in trees and watched and witnessed goblins and elves, and once at Findhorn, Pan, and in Suffolk nature spirits and their signs at Western House in Cavendish. There were witnesses to most of this. A few years ago in the Church [Swedenborg one] just over the road where I live, many healers, practioners and me have seen cherubs.

Many years ago I used to give auric readings, readings from objects [some of you who knew me then will witness have seen these] I do not do this now, although at times when needed they will arrive. Whether the so called miracles and strange events in all the nine books from Russia are true I feel to say yes why not? There are many dimensions and to be closed and not go outside the box is denying us of expansion. Caution is needed not to get addicted and stray from enlightenment. I feel about channelling about the same. I feel channelling comes from beings, and inspiration comes from being. Maharishi Mahesh Yogi once said' Why go to the manager when you can go to the boss? My Zen and Qi Gong teachers more or less said the same' why channel and let the ego convert the words from the being who has already converted the word from another being'? 'Are you so afraid you maybe found wrong that you hide behind a being, blaming the being, saying well I am only a channel'? 'So many channels, channel the same being all with different messages, true the being might speak to each one separately, however, can you not be open to intuition oneself and not need the crutch of confirmation ? The very uncertainty of not being certain can be the driving force to seek within and then learn to trust oneself'.

There are fairies at the bottom of my garden so the old poem and song go. I have heard many a child tell me of these lovely beings. A great friend of mine who I met when I stayed in Menorca for a while [I took four separate sabbaticals from work, hence a reduced pension] an American who lived in this lovely villa up the road from [see blog and photo of my place], that his daughter when four or five years was playing in their garden in I think California, with a poisonous large snake, when he saw this he rushed and got his gun. The snake went away and when he said how long have you been playing with this snake, the daughter replied two years. She said the snake fairy said it was OK. The snake never returned and the little girl was so sad.

It is innocence that absence from fear that opens the cluttered mind. Jesus mentioned about the child many times. It seems to me that if we adults had the wisdom of adulthood that is unadulterated and the openness and innocence of the child we may once again see fairies and walk with angels.

Is this the answer to our energy problems? Amazing technology. How will big fuel end energy suppliers cope with it?


The tsunami in 2004 shortened the day and slightly altered the axis as above in Chile.


How would you like to work in this luxury? It is powered by the bloom box as in link above earthquake.


Please make sure this does not happen in the UK. The forthcoming elections will or may not say anything about supplements. The EU will follow the FDA in time if allowed.

This scientist shows the ice drillings and such like prove the Mayan calendar. Fascinating and very credible. This is a great endorsement for the blogs done in earlier years, so big head feels OK at this information. Also shows the Egyptology, Mayan and other theories all coming from other astrological and astronomical angles tie in. The global warming and cooling debacle is exposed here and the dinosaur stuff espoused by the press as bit of a non runner.

The bit about the cosmic dust is a contentious point. I rather feel that the resonance between Earth, Sun and Moon and other bodies play a more significant role than the dust. I feel the fractal nature of the universe and proximity fuel the sun by the central sun to excitation, this causing CME's [coronal mass ejections or solar flares]. The proximity as shown by the astrological and astronomical displays depicts an energetic pattern that repeats itself. Sure dust will appear as this is a constituent to any array and constellation. Stars are coalesced and spun out of cosmic dust. The isotopic elements are merely commensurate to that particular array and maybe 'cloud' the real issue of resonance.




We now see how important to recognise research to spin, perturbation, bifurcation and the big one measurement problem. Nassim in first part points out the mathematical dodge used by scientists in their calculations. It's a disgrace and deceiving. Watch this space. Quote' an atom is spread out all over the place and so when a conscious observer observes it, it creates it'. Taken from Quantum Apocalypse, found in energygrid, menu science and below Nassim video.

Ultimately it may mean we have created everything we see. Was it there at all? In quantum Apocalypse it gives the example of the brain as a decoder. An analogy I use is; the TV programme [you can use mobile phone messages and so forth] is invisible to the eye a set or pattern of frequencies modulated from carrier waves. This being the composition of all forms. The TV, mobile phone, radio and so forth is the brain as it were, which decodes and presents a holographic picture as it is modified or INTERPRETED through the filter or sieve of our stored graphics, library, CD or video collection bound up in one as the ego.

As it is edited ah la our belief systems it shows why many individuals see the same thing as the same but with variations as to their upbringing. [see DVD 'What the Bleep do we Know' and follow up' How far down the Rabbit Hole' or many of my back blogs describing the shaman of the Kalahari Desert Bushman and Borneo first white sailors and ships].

Telepathy may not work if the recipient is thought occupied. The quiet unfocussed and yet attentive mind may provide a lower potential or lower pressure for receiving information. High pressure weather fronts flow to low pressure ones. Positive pressure to negative in batteries and circuits[terms in batteries are misleading, yet there is a potential], in plumbing the flow has to come from source to a sloping outlet, the source high pressure and the outlet tap lower, unless a pump is used, or some form of kinetic energy.

This is maybe how medium ship and such works, phrenology and the like. However, the recipient will get the information still from their 'filtered processes'. This maybe why many channel lings say from saint x or archangel y differ from one person to another or to be cheeky and facetious 'made up by ego' due to the lack of ability to contact Source.

I was given a remit re UFO and psychic phenomena by an organisation[mentioned in UFO story blog and elsewhere] and teams were sent out to investigate so that remote viewers and psychics might be used for certain purposes.

Many reports which bore out mine were as follows; there were genuine intuitive's known as sensitive's who went to source say Cosmic Intelligence, those that used or contacted beings either genuine 'departed Earth Plane humans or so called ET and angelic sources', some were ego fashioned to draw attention and fame. Some were telepaths, others were body and facial 'pick' up or body language and the facility to 'track and trace' and mind wise put together a picture from suggestions or simply feeds from subject, some very astute TV magicians can and do use this. The popular soap The Mentalist does this. Definition of mentalist; the doctrine that mental processes exist independently of, and can account for, their manifestations in observable behaviour.

If we view again the Quantum Apocalypse [10 min] we see we all create our realities and it begs the question 'is there such a thing as reality'? If so whose reality is reality? This then comes back to a repeated theme of mine. As the realities we create are 'illusion' because of this we shore them up so that the illusion felt deep down [death is feared because of this] is made more concrete, because of its transient nature. We inadvertently or perhaps unconsciously knowingly convince ourselves to make this as solid as possible.

The next thing is we make this our world, we employ and deploy weapons of defence and attack, we join a cult, religion, philosophy, political party, know it is all a phantasm and so do anything other than accept the empty mind. We even make wars, break relationships, become ill to defend this phantom, this self created mania. We may go to any lengths to defend this world delusion and illusion. Some channelers were found to be hiding behind the being so if the prophesy or information turned out to be baloney then the excuse 'well I am only a channel, or times have changed, I only report what comes through', a good cop out. Unfortunately many have followed cult wise these channels and have ended deluded, sad and hurt folk. I am also not saying that some thought they were genuinely into something really spiritual and uplifting. However, can we be sure that which comes via a discarnate source is absolutely genuine or that our filtering process has not deviated and distorted the information?

How does this fit into the world picture? I feel many know this illusion exists and when we see the digital graphics of modern TV and Cinematography, we see the workings of the mind, greater graphics, more thrills, more outrage, more protesting and so forth, and the stale outworn patterns become boring, jaded, seedy, then where do we go. More distraction, more, more, more or we just arrive at simplicity, rest, peace and begin the inward journey to discover where this arose, arises and quell the flame of desire which is the fuel of illusion.

Have we the courage to dismantle the scaffold of our illusion? [See blog December 2009]. Many see the quiet mind as vegetative, non productive. Some have come to the end of the illusion, had not the courage to jump into the void and went insane; some become introverted, shunning society and its mayhem. Some take the plunge and then the mind being open allows its contents to pour out. A venting, purging detoxification follows. This can be physically, mentally, psychologically and taxing. It is the quiet observer that lets the process take place without intervention, and eventually it settles. It still vents but the quietness is there and somehow there is a distance and that is accepted and one moves onto whatever, having leant not to store and save, but enjoy and let go.


Oh boy.


And to top this after shock on Thursday March 11 at 7.2.

Long-term scientific studies of long-term cycles all have the same answer. What is happening now and coming events in the months and years ahead, have happened many-many times before. Every historical science echo's the same results. -- Yes, all of them. -- Palaeo-biology - study of fossil Plants and animals; Palaeo-climatology - study of ancient climates; Palaeo-limnology - study of ancient lakes; Palaeo-ntology - study of fossils; Palaeo-pedology - study of early soils; Paleo-botany - study of ancient plants; Paleo-isotopic - study of charged particles; Paleo-ecology - study of past ecosystems; Palaeontology - study of prehistoric life and evolution; Palynofacies - study of organic matter such as sedimentary rocks; Palynology - study of fossil pollen and spores.[Thanks to Mitch Battros-- Earth Changes Media]

On Monday 5th April 2010 a huge geomagnetic storm hit Earth at 0.800 UT the most powerful since December2006. NOAA [National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration] space weather prediction centre in Boulder, Colorado, USA advised Crew and Astronauts of the ISS and Shuttle to take cover in specially designed compartment shields. The KP index which measures the geomagnetic inputs is calibrated at 1{mild} to 9 {high}, the Monday one was 7.

A cloud of charged particles {CME Coronal Mass Ejections, or solar flares} was spotted by the spacecraft SOHO on the 3rd April 2010 and travelling at a velocity of 500 Kilometres a second. It was suggested it would reach the Earth in three days.

However it hit the Earth's magnetosphere earlier than forecast said Doug Biesecker of NOAA. Could this trigger more landslides, climate change, Earth quakes and for those who feel the powerful energies of transformation and change, remembering we are an electromagnetic marvel as well.

Remembering the Vatican has an interest in all sun activities [see Nassim Haramein video 4 hours in and watch for 2 hrs]


Scroll down until reaching video.

There was a 7.8 Earthquake and a cancelled Tsunami warning 204 KM [127 miles] North West of Sumatra's coastline at a depth of 48KM near Sibolga and reported 3 aftershocks. Could this and the landslides near Rio de Janeiro be the result of the flares as above? In previous blogs it was mentioned the connection with the position of the alignment 2012 and build up, the power of sun and Cosmic impact of vibrations of impacting to Earth's surface, the geomagnetic and magnetosphere influences and changes due to the impinging frequencies.


Following the above you may be interested to read the link as the Vatican hosted scientists in order to discuss ET existence and the like. Hey Ho away we go. It's all happening folks.



fig 8

After the Solar Flare [CME] of 3-5 April 2010 there can be more earthquakes and such like. More on flare in June article.

Loving, peaceful thoughts and energies to the folks in the above region with animals and plant life.

What a basin full we have had with the energies of late. A large solar flare was spotted on the 3rd April 2010{ISS and Shuttle crew alerted to take cover], then the hit of it on the 11th although there was confusion as what day or time it arrived [said to be a glancing blow and KP 7. Scale is 1-9, so 7 are high]. Then the New moon in Taurus [Taurus governs the throat, thyroid, larynx, pharynx and all head stuff], followed by West China Earthquake, What a basin full!! we have had. Wow first a solar flare alert a massive meteor shower over parts of USA, then Iceland Volcanic cloud, and then see below chart of another flare at 5 levels.

Expert Mitch Battros who has called me a ------ and ----- in emails we exchanged has in his latest article as below,[go to page 18 for text continuing, thanks]

fig 9

Fri, 16 April, 2010 2:59:25 Something Not Quite Right in the Heavens. Mitch Battros agreed with my theory in part and you can see all of this in my blogs. When I suggested to scientists and Mitch about the effect of the Central Sun it was rejected, whistleblowers at NOAA and NASA agreed with me in principal as did climate boffins. At the risk of being a big head, it does vindicate the 1967 writings and so forth. [Blogs Aug 08, Aug 09, Sept 09, Dec 09 and Jan 10], are particularly on gamma rays which are associated with quasars. The brain fires off gamma rays in deep empathetic meditation. See blogs of why this is stimulating the heart chakra and central sun which 'focuses or beams' the energy into the solar system as a portal. [See also Nassim Haramein at Science in energygrid in particular video, this backs up the portal theory].













Those of us who are sensitive to these kinds of energies would have found it very intense. The transformation symptoms [referred to in other modes as ascension symptoms, symptoms of kundalini, Chi rush, ki push and so forth].

Well a lot more to cover in June so until then take care and lots of love. Geoff

ADDENDUM. There are some photographs that are NASA genuine material below.

So many scientists are realising the connection and the interdependency and relationships between space weather and our climate and indeed our health and well being. We truly are not alone. We may not be socially involved as it were and even verbally or consciously connected in this intimate relationship. However at a deep level, beyond the unconscious programming data, we are in a deep and very intimate connective relationship. The vibratory intensities like the twanging of guitar that's sets of the resonant note in another across a room, a tuning fork setting off another, this at a deep level sets the Earth, rocks, tectonic plates , plants, minerals, animals and us. At a deep level we are held in the loving matrix, the womb of creation, which also holds the blueprint and flexible plan.

fig 10

Figure 10 Quasar

fig 11



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