Soup Cells and Us

Geoff Freed — April 2010
Former forensic technician and scientific & medical researcher, lecturer, workshop leader and psychotherapist, Dr. Geoff Freed reports on what is happening energetically on the planet at this pivotal time in history.

HEY THERE I CAME ACROSS SOME ANOMALIES during recent research and wondered if I could reconcile them.

I read two books by DR Bruce Lipton and simply glowed with the concepts and the absolute agreement with 90% of the work and its hugely significant work. Part of it describes the way of the single cell from the soup of creation coalescing itself to larger groups of cells and so forth through evolution and eventually arriving to this time and us. We are a many trillion family of cells we are a community and we work by co operation rather than the survival of a single part or survival of the fittest. The community endeavours for the survival of optimal well being and enhancement. Fine so far.

Even the big bang is acknowledged as part of a PLAN, a hint of Divine Consciousness. I have always felt the big bang was one of many 'kick starts' to a Divine or All Pervading Consciousness implementation of starting the ingredients for the cake. The fun of God's dream and mind to make another 'cake'. Hey what shall I make this time? It starts of the process and allows it to kind of throw the ingredients in and have fun with it. Hey Ho here we go. Let's see what happens with this recipe.

Figure 1 The Thinker and the next dream in the step of evolution or the plan of Cosmic Consciousness.

Next we come to the Mayan 9 step as seen in www.mayanmajix.com. Click onto learning Lab and it more or less confirms as above with Dr Lipton. Again I have no beef with this [vegetarian beef if offended!!!]

One sees in the steps of the pyramid the drive and rise in consciousness such as, Cellular Cycle 1st day 16.4 Billion years ago, 2nd Day Mammalian Cycle 820 Million Years ago and so forth until March 2011 Universal Cycle and Co-operation. This beautifully explained in March Blog by Ian Xel Lungold and many of Dr Calleman's videos available on his site and YouTube. They are much in accord with Dr Bruce Lipton's book The Biology of Belief.

Scroll down till get to part 1 and 2 of Mayan calendar

Then I pondered and thought what or where do ET's come into this not one mention so far as I have researched into the above two programmes? My research through the years with the UFO story May 2005 Blog, Lloyd Pye, Timothy Good, my prize book and research 'The Space Ships of Ezekiel' by Josef F Blumrich.

F. Blumrich is chief of the systems layout branch NASA. Born in Steyr, Austria, in 1913, he came to the United States in 1959, has worked on spaceship construction matters ever since, He is the holder of many patents and was co-builder of the Saturn V. Blumrich, who received the NASA "Exceptional Service Medal" in 1972, is also the author of many technical articles. 'Josef F. Blumrich Confirms Ancient Astronaut Theories'.

Another is Zecharia Sitchin, Nassim Haramein video [4 hr in re sun gods, UfO and NASA authenticated videos, Vatican, DNA changes and his YOUTUBE short explanations as to the wonder of pyramids and so forth].

Some more evidence can be seen in


However be that as it may are the aliens or ET out of the picture completely, a mere figment of fertile imaginations, wish fulfilments for a Knight in shining armour to come and rescue us from our polluted and somewhat corrupt world. Another view given by Ian Lungold is that the corrupt element or elite are doing a good job of tearing down the old and awakening the new, sort of like the Indian deity Shiva.

Maybe there is a place for both to run concurrently. Let us suppose there is a divine plan [I feel there is, shaped in outline, spaces left for us to shape it until it merges or is in sync with the overall vision. An apparently loose flowing project, a spontaneous thrown together cake mix, an experiment that in the end comes out a beautiful cake. However, in the making somewhat dubious and chaotic. [See chaos, tip over and Prigogine].

Maybe ET had a brief to watch and oversee without interference. Maybe they had made their cake and were here to inject a few bits and pieces of the ingredients as above suggestions. Remembering ET is part of the Universal cake mix as well.

Perhaps ET left without trace and apparently on the way back as part of the plan. Leaving after an injection to spur us on and not relying on them and coming back when the plan has come to a point where it meets them as equals, not in the sense of technology but in synthesising our consciousness [see Mayan last step 9] and would use their technology in co operative ways and not to dominate, play the old power games.

So I feel as I did in the UFO May 2005 blog, they have a surveillance role and when the time is right they will once again ah la Egypt, Atlantis, Mu come again and mix freely with us. Their very withdrawal left clues for us to hanker after and mouth watering future contact and perhaps this alluring figment is what spurs us on and in this way consciousness grows.

This maybe part of the dream.


Check this site out.

Sample picture, they all have explanations go to site for them.

Figure 2 Sample picture, they all have explanations go to site for them.

There is nothing as provocative as a good old UFO discussion usually ending in a confrontation. I have done so many UFO workshops [do not do them now], the most provocative was in Lincolnshire. I went on Radio to advertise it; a small room was booked in the Town Hall. When I arrived there was about four hundred or more. After moving to a large room, in fact the council chambers and half hour into it, eggs and tomatoes were thrown and about fifty left, booing and sceptical. Then after the interval the time was extended for another hour, I got barracked by the religious folk and another hundred or so left along with reporters.

This left us with about 150 folk, who were not sure or just came for the ride and said it was entertaining. Finally I was left with 35 folk, we decanted to a large house where we discussed it all night and the next day and they agreed to the facts I presented. I had much the same numbers down in Herefordshire, they stayed. A follow up next year only had twenty and a few sceptical scientists who tried to smear my name. I threatened them with a law suit and was able to prove my credentials which they said were a fake. They backed down and have scuttled away like naughty girls and boys. Maybe the consciousness urge or surge as in Mayan explanation used ET as part of the spur and speeding up. After all Buddha, Jesus, Mohammed, Moses and the like all put their energetic facility in.

It is interesting even now how such so called educated doctors and scientists [some] can be so violent in opposing such things that are outside their box. I can see the fear of losing face [one said to me I am the pinnacle of academia, a professor, a PH.D I am the top of the tree, a consultant once said that to me, and I am the authority, none higher]. I replied why are you so violent and affronted? It is only a discussion. It is so piffling that it does not even warrant exploring and it is affront to my intelligence, was an answer I have heard numerous times.

Even at talks with the 'converted or believers' I have heard people have a real angry go at me. They have quoted their UFO Guru and when I showed them proof that I wrote or said this long before their Guru, they said I never mentioned it in the talk, when played back to them on tape, they said, So and So has written a book and been on TV, you are just an upstart. It seems that when we find a guru or authority anyone else's view is pushed aside. Our security is threatened, our familiar road map and sign posts are not there, we are in undefined territory, its foggy and we hurry back to the known.

Sometimes a leap into the unknown is scary but can be productive, expansive and can push us into the next step. That feeling of dizziness when the unknown beckons is akin to the tip over, chaos, Prigogine realms.

Figure 3 Follow the vortex and come through to a new order.

If we can breathe and follow the chaotic and racing thoughts through and let them be, breathing steadily and watching like a curious cat, not pronouncing judgement on anything, we might just feel the subsidence of the chaotic racing mind, rapid pulse and heartbeat, relax into and then perhaps, calm down, go through the calm and keep breathing, the breath becomes shallow, almost in some cases imperceptible, and then, and then, we may find ourselves in the space of no space, somewhere far away from thought, calm, serenity. We are alone with our essential self, and this goes beyond definition. We have used chaos and anger, resentment and tribulation, ego challenge and pompousness to find a realm, a space, transcendental to all known information or recognisable data, we have arrived at -------?

What can we say now about 9 steps, biology of belief, ET and the like? An interesting mental stimulation, a plan, a theory, who knows which is right. And yet it is all part of the plan. Is there a plan now? Does it matter? Well we shall see.

For sure as in the 9 step we can trace the steps. We can see Dr Lipton's future medicine will revolutionise current medical procedures, we can see science as it forges ahead with mind busting stuff, blasting through the current held paradigms. What then can we do? Follow our fears, joys, sorrows and elations and let them drift into the vortex. Let it get sucked down into the vortex and as information is so rapid, the whirlpool gets faster, causing the ascension transformation to push us into subtle felt pressures, relax into these. Keeping up with the latest information which is often in contradiction to the former outdated info. The experts themselves absolutely frantic to keep up too.

These well meaning experts try to hold onto their pet theories, relating to their incomes, which in turn relates to power and prestige. Theories are abounding, diets, meditation techniques, what's good for you. Butter not in, margarine yes, red wine wow, not so. Belly fat for older people OK, no, no, thigh fat is now OK. This goes on and on, breast feeding urgh, now yes, yes. In every field, you see TV with science stuff and wonder why the people in the medical, agriculture cannot take it up. It moves so fast now. The acceleration, the pace. Even in soccer Commentators and pundits talk about the pace. When I played soccer with the big boots and studs, the ball like a lump of lead, the diet and training so different, the money in sports. A fiver some years ago was the top pro footballer wage. Now £150.000 a week or more, transfer fees of millions. Tennis, snooker and the like the same. Films with more graphics of super hero's massive speed. Violence and loveliness together.

Where will this end this pace, this whirlwind, this pressure, this existence? It will take us down the vortex. Many will spin out. Tossed off by the centripetal and centrifugal forces of the wheel of Life. We will reach such a speed that it will come to standstill as it were. Yes some of us can feel this, it manifests in various ways. Lifestyle speed, thought speed, anxiousness as we struggle to comprehend the changes. Policies changing, internet speeds increasing to download more and more information rapidly. Mind blowing to such an extent as to blow your fuses.

To many the chaos has not yet hit home. When it does one has to stay with it in the ways described by the tip over, chaos and Prigogine. If the higher form is not reached then the system collapses. Yes a brave new world. It will take courage, commitment and a deep rooted inner strength, not all will power but an intuitive recognition of the Divine Within. This must be felt, not a dogma or the right of one or many persons, this must and will be everyone's everywhere, and this is what is so threatening to those few who hold the masses to ransom. This will usher in a world that works for everyone everywhere; we are indeed the people we have been waiting for.

Check this latest Photo reading, it is genuine I know of a place where it is authentically done, it is immensely faster than speed reading. I know three people who do this. Mind blowing, mind boggling and amazing. Yes anyone can do it. I am not interested to do this. Again the paces, the appetite for more information, more speed, more, more, more and speedy as well.

Contemplate what would happen should everyone in the world do this?

In some parts of Afghanistan people are being denied even basic reading and some parts of the remaining deep forest and mountain areas peoples may not have radios, books, television, radios. The whole world is still not as one in very many differing ways. What life style would you choose? What with the pace we are going doing you feel or think life will end up like? Please refer to the Mayan calendar as per Ian Xel Lungold as in previous blog, and see what you feel then.

Sometime back I did this as below in a blog.

Figure 4 Left side mega crisis, right side mega solution.

If you take the nine steps of the Mayan Calendar ah la Lungold one can see a corollary [March 2009 blog], plus the tip over theory and Prigogine there may be the following synthesis.

Take the inverted V above as the steps of the 9 Mayan Calendar and see as the years diminish there is a ratio as follows; as the decrease in years, the increase in energies which are synonymous to raised consciousness.

Raised Consciousness is therefore the motivator, the divine idea or plan or similar phrases for the evolutionary urge. The evolutionary urge is the energy derived from the phrase 'energy follows thought'. Energy is the carrier wave of thought. In this case the thought of Creation, Life, and Beingness. Thought causes ripples in space and sub divides into interference patterns so to devolve into synecology. This is synergism, seamless interaction in motion.

The mega crisis then proceeds to breakdown and go into tip over or dissipation as in the dissipative structures of Prigogine. The counter balance mega solution then does its job to urge on the crisis and produce overwhelm as the two battles it out and yet compliment each other. This then quickens as more energy and impetus is added.[ examples allopathic harmful medicine mega crisis and counter part natural medicine{herbs, acupuncture, homeopathy and the like}.

This quickening then takes us to the apex. Mayan wise to December 2012 and as seen Universal Consciousness. In my inverted V to the top and then mega crisis and mega solution, the two meet, blend, synthesise, implosion meets explosion, immovable force meets unstoppable force. The two then synthesise into a third way that is not common to either and yet is acceptable to both. Not a compromise but a higher or expanded order. [See detailed explanation of Prigogine in October 2009 blog, about half way or so down, in my opinion the most important concepts and for me truths, analogous with Tip over and Inverted V and Mayan Calendar, In October blog go to figure 3 the inverted V and continue down thank you ].

This quickening would eventually transform our DNA in order to accommodate the new information and also expand the brain for the same reason. Maybe we will end up with large heads and small bodies or the way the obesity obsession is going thin bodies. Remind you of something? Aliens nah !!!.

So the quickening goes on. Sensitive's feel this underlying infrastructure upheaval. The pulse quickens and so the kundalini fires up in proportion to the need, like a fire, or high powered pressure hose, your choice of description, and like the story of Hercules and the Augeus stables is depictive of this.

Heracles was saddled with the unpleasant task of cleaning out the stables of the largest herd of cattle in the country - in one day.

Heracles (Roman Hercules) had the enormous task of cleaning the Augean Stables in one day for his fifth labor. The stables were home to the largest number of cattle in Elis, belonging to its king, Augeus. The stables had never once been cleaned out.

This task, Eurystheus had hoped, would be incredibly humiliating to Heracles, and lower his luster among the populace, in addition to being quite impossible to accomplish. However, using his wiles and his great strength, the hero was able to re-route the Peneus and Alpheus Rivers, which helped to successfully flush all of the filth out of the stables quickly.

One could liken the waters of Aquarius, to the kundalini, the quickening energies of Cosmic Consciousness, and whatever metaphor or adjective to use in this indeed invisible but measureable only as a depiction.

Articles in the Daily Telegraph July 5th 1995 Science Editor [see blogs back] and Nature November 20th 2008, say similar things about the energies and so forth.

Science Editor of Daily Telegraph. Scientists in America and Japan revealed some startling findings. Rays of millions of electron volts are known. Over the last two years they have measured rays to the power of 320 billion, billion electron volts. 'Something out there – no one knows what is hurtling high energy particles around the Universe, in this case the most energetic ever observed by scientist….Not even the power released by the most violent exploding stars could account for them. Indeed conventional theory says such particles should not exist.' [July 5 1995].

Once again are we looking at energy follows thought? Is the Cosmic Mind thinking up the next part of the dream and us its co partner, we dream the dream of God and add our bit too? The ripples of Thought issue forth from the Creators Fount and the frequencies, the waves, the vibrations, the carriers of information impinge on our consciousnesses. Even though we may not be aware of these, never the less the pressure is there and the eventual break through will come. This will be for everything everywhere.

Again we see the pressure of overwhelm, the tip over, the inverted V and the dissipative structures of Prigogine.


Have a look at this beautiful NASA picture of the day; I view these every morning as an inspiration and reminder of our wonderful physical Universe and its Creator. The Archives go back many years. See the cocoon effect. As above so below.

This short clip of Echart Tolle says it all for me. The Zen Master I had from the Butotokwai Monastery from Kyoto in Japan and the Chan [Chinese word for Zen] Master from the Shaolin Monastery in China along with Krishnamurti were the clearest and for me the most poignant. Albeit I knew Echart as Ulrich briefly before his transformation and briefly afterwards. This above however is one of the most eloquent, poetic and clear exposition I have heard in ages. I feel Echart is the 'man' on the block to spirituality as Nassim Haramein is to science.

This UFO one gives pictures of ancient stuff. Worth a 5 min peruse.


More controversy over body scanners at airports. I feel all radiation has an effect and just what I do not know. I am glad I do not travel much these days. Once again is it for our safety? Is it to take us out, make us sick and earn money from this until demise? Who caused terrorism in the first place?



This incident is increasing in the USA and is being ramped up by Obama's food police. Please note the EU is intent of doing something similar with its witch hunt on Homeopathy and vitamins and supplements, nano foods and such like. Please use your vote sensibly and write to your MP or parliamentary representative. USA readers write to Robert Kennedy.

Regarding homeopathy, it seems reductionist Darwinian, Newtonian scientists cannot accept that diluting, seccusing and other homeopathic preparations can work as a remedy or medicine. My take on this is that by dilution the memory in the water molecules and crystals [see Masuru Emoto] the intent [see again the effect of prayer and thought by Emoto] takes the potency to more refined energetic or subtle layers. I feel at the very highest which is the deepest potency it reaches the quantum memory field and is stored there ad finitum.

This then when ingested and before hand protected and inserted properly entangles or resonates with the subtle cellular magnetic fields of the individual. It is important to note that the remedy be kept away from other strong influences. This is because the 'stored' potency in the remedy can be entrained or obliterated or even changed into a non helpful substance.

Maybe this has been done before, that an old remedy by years of storage could be prayed over and brought back to potency. Certainly as we go deeper into quantum memory, molecular and cellular memory and various scientific disciplines share their knowledge, we may see homeopathy and like remedies have their day, and it will be a very different mind set to those of only allopathic medicine. I see a time when the best of both worlds come together for the benefit of the patients not the profit or egoistic agendas.

When hospitals and the like use radio therapy, radiation and the like, along with MRI they are using very large frequencies that can be measured and have to be protected from as in X-Ray when the technician and dentist scuttle behind the screen and leave you alone. I am not against this just a precaution of over use. Like Astro scientists who cannot see the oneness and unity because of the very large and quantum ones see the seamless interrelationships the two combined give us as above so below. Of course to generalise about all scientists is very judgemental and conceited of me. There are many awakening now including the sleep and slumber of myself.

It is interesting that scientists at quantum levels ignore spin to some extent and perturbations. A full explanation can be seen in energygrid Nassim Haramein video. Scroll down in link below until videos as above.


The day will come when my thoughts and ideas along with others will be seen and felt as incoming intuitive data rather than concepts which can divide. We shall all be ducts, channels not from beings but from BEING. Each like nature will receive that which is for them and be in sync with the cosmic plan, with room for innovation to an extent from us.

The Mayan Calendar ah la Ian Xel Lungold beautifully explains the next 'on rush' of energies in the sequences outlined, see March 8 2011, October 28 2011 and December 21 2012.


Scroll down to two videos for the above.

This higher energy or consciousness will purge out more redundant 'material', a kind of mind detox which of course will have a physical counterpart. As mentioned in previous blogs many are having spontaneous kundalini surges and concomitant and commensurate ah ha awakenings.

The kundalini has a differing effect than ah ha. The ah ha can switch one on and then be a precursor to a kundalini 'onslaught'. My feeling is that the more one clears the redundant debris of mind and body the less the raging fires of kundalini besiege us.

We're sure many of you can relate and have noticed how the energies are something that we've never experienced before. It seems to us like we can only hold on to our hats very tightly and keep our focus (those days when you are blessed enough to know what you want to focus on of course!). This "stream" of energies it's so powerful that our only real choice is to go with its flow and don't even try to paddle upstream, trusting downstream we'll find our wishes fulfilled. [Taken from Spirit Library February/March 2010 newsletter, thanks to them]. A nice complimentary writing to the Kundalini above this.

Spirit Library's contributors consist of channelled writings and although I am not a fan of channelled writings, it does show the enormous amount of information coming through from the psychic realms. Many of the abundant messages carry a common theme. It does highlight the huge awakening and never the less even if some of these contacts may seem dubious [not meant to be judgemental, it is my own ego, scientific mind and predilection, no offence, some of the writings I really look forward too, just as some of the contacts I have that channel cannot abide this blog, however, we are friends, viva la difference].

In compliment and contrast there is Consciousness Media Network which is hard to describe, has a lot of well known doctors, scientists and tends to be inspired, technical and researched. This is not to say that it is better or worse. It is 'horses for courses'. Inspired work maybe channelling in a different way. As I see it is work that comes through inspiration, intuition and may not have a 'beings name as say Archangel xx or Kiton or suchlike'. Whether this is more valid or not is left to your evaluation. Again the vast awakening, then the other sites with other topics as in previous blog, it seems endless. A Russian scientist and I worked out that in the Northern Hemisphere there maybe as many 22, 000 sites with thirty six million participants and then they spread it to others. This is the latest Andrei worked out. It varies as the net increases and some sites close down or the 'authorities' close down because of a conceived threat. Some of the vitamin, medical scams and political scam ones can get shut down. The usual excuse, inflammatory, not in the public interest and so forth. Mind you some of it should be closed down.

Short fun and educational. Look at the faces of the scientist behind the presenter.

Loving healing thoughts and feelings towards central Chile and the huge Earthquake that struck over 26 to 27 February this year.

Japan had already experienced a huge landslide and tsunami on one of it's Islands earlier in February and has issued a pacific tsunami warning as of the dates above.

A consortium of astro-physicists, cosmologist, and astronomers have warned that, unless we use this current flood of new galactic research sparingly, we risk setting up a dangerous scenario. If the whole data set from the WISE and PLANCK mission is released at once, as is planned, any new ideas that cosmologists come up with may have to remain unresolved because they will have no frame of reference to measure against.

This is a problem unique to cosmology. In other sciences, additional information is always available: you can always reset and rerun an experiment, or go out into the field to collect more data. Because of our fixed location in the universe, however, cosmology doesn't have that luxury. There is only a finite amount of information we can gather about our galaxy and this segment of the universe. In this area of cosmic ray particles, we may never know the source of cyclical events beyond the Sun-Earth connection - and our rapid discoveries of the Galactic Core - Earth Solar System connection. Taken from ECM Mitch Brattros [subscribe to this news link. Mitch has inside contacts in NASA and other institutions. A great source of information. Thanks Mitch].

Many times it has been mentioned that metaphysics and physics will come together. Many whistle blowers in medical matters, scientific data, cannot keep up with the new flow of information. It unsettles them. For those of you who know my humour and workshops I predicted that doctors, scientists will get to the place where they get that stiff haemorrhoidal feeling, a pain in the proverbial a---e. They will and are reaching tip over, overwhelm and dissipative Prigogine.

The onrush of the new energies, the pushing and tugging of the information which the energies usher in simply gets them into overload. The world's collective unconscious RG's [Random Generators] are nearly ¾ of the way up the meters [see back blogs]. The world is really feeling the 'push'. Again I give this link to see how it matches up with my energy calculations as in previous blogs this year, Scroll down to Mayan Calendar Ian Xel Lungold.


The future and sequel is that the separative scientific and medical new data will have to share their knowledge, as it is overlapping into a seamless picture and not separate units of enclosed ego glory seeking Nobel Prize glorification. This is too big for single minds in reductive science, it has to move into holistic seamless sharing for the good of the whole not for a few isolated ah ha's that never get out there. There are magnificent healing technologies from Russia, massive research in Heart technology by the Institute of HeartMath, Weather Bureau research that GP's could use that would curtail the use of much medication and so much more, we are 20 years behind what could save the world and its demise. Politics' and Multinationals cannot or will not see beyond profit.

This information is pushing, the weight of this is causing the breach of the ego defensive walls and boundaries, in some it will cause breakdown and no recovery and go back to' safe', others in all fields, from economics, sciences, medicine and so forth in every field, way and aspect, will explode [see spontaneous awakenings in back blogs happening more rapidly] which may cause breakdown and chaos and then a new greater awareness and consciousness[see tip, over, inverted, Prigogine, overwhelm]. And for some the overload will blow their circuits and fuses and they may become seriously ill or leave the planet [this could happen to anyone]. In the words of Nassim Haramein' don't take it personally'.

This will flush out the false, challenge to logic, press solutions to arrive intuitively 'outside the box'. This will feel like walking on shallow and thin ice. It will mean to trust in the letting go and not know what one is letting go too. All that will remain is the awareness of awareness and in that space information will arrive and if it does not inner peace resides, as the witness witnesses itself witnessing.

I decided March 5 2010 to cancel all workshops, lectures and teachings, healings and so forth. Yet will be available over the phone, email. It came to me all 62 subjects I used to do workshops and the like were no longer needed. They seemed like a worn out pair of shoes. If I did the ones scheduled for this year I would do it mechanically, an act. It would not come from me. So until something else arrives I am here now.

Lots of Love. Geoff


Cycle name


Length of Days/Nights

End Results






 16 .4 billion Years Ago

 1.26 BY

1st Live Cells


 820 Million Years Ago

63.1 MY

1st Live Births


 41 million Years Ago

3.1 MY

Family Relationships


 2 million Year Ago

158,000 Yrs

Homo Sapiens/ Tools


 102,000 Years Ago

7900 Yrs



 3,115 B.C.

394 Yrs

Sovereign Nations/laws


 1755 AD

19.7 Yrs

Internet & Global Economy


 Jan 4th 1999

360 days

Ethical Considerations


March 8th 2011

18 days

Conscious Co-Creation


Please look at these two one and half videos by Ian Xel Lungold found in destiny in energygrid, he describes beautifully the events now unfolding. The graph above is taken from it.


This inspired video just 8 mins and story brought tears to my eyes. What an inspired young man William is and can be this simple act be the step in the new way for Africa? Thanks to Beryl Whiting for bringing this to me..


Madness upon madness.


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