Deadlines and Timelines

Geoff Freed — March 2010
Former forensic technician and scientific & medical researcher, lecturer, workshop leader and psychotherapist, Dr. Geoff Freed reports on what is happening energetically on the planet at this pivotal time in history.

THERE APPEARS TO BE A GREAT DEBATE regarding an asteroid named Apophis and this is causing some consternation as to Edgar Cayce's, Nostradamus and many others. You Tube videos show anything from doom and gloom to violent impacts and redemption with repentance. A report by NASA is not clear as to the impact or near miss. There is a rough deadline to figure out impact or near miss.

Then we come to 2012 and certain prophesy. The link below is a good synopsis in brief of the Mayan material and common sense.

This brings into focus several points. A timeline of 26,000 year timeline and an apparent deadline.

Other points are that there is a connection between human consciousness [see back blogs on the heart, the mind and consciousness and its propensities to lessen any impacts. See Institute of Heart Math and so forth. See also Nassim Haramein video, 4 hrs in]. There is no doubt in my mind that we were 'saved and given a second chance and we live in a sea of grace'.].

We are at a point where the materialistic reductionist Darwin, Newtonian model is at the end of an era too. Epigenetics, Chrono Biology, Quantum Physics, studies and proofs of consciousness [see video below]

[Here is the combination of deadlines and timelines.]

Just as a serious illness or drastic impact of calamities can awaken some people, so the full message of climate change may do this too, or drive many to distract more, more denial. My feeling is that with the information and data now available the infrastructure collective unconscious will like a yawning sleepy lion arouse itself, have a stretch and prepare for action.

Global warming is some ways a misnomer. Perhaps a more appropriate term might be climate change. Droughts here, floods there, cold here, hot there in not the usual locations. Like our crumbling values, policies and the like, there is confusion, no pattern, just a sort of chaos and those who seek power play on it, milk it, a convenient cash cow.

Please refer back to the blogs on Prigogine and the wonderful explanations regarding chaos. Also see the difference between random and chaos. The tipping point is another view of this. Again I stress to this as a dissipative structure, a tipping point. [November 2009 blog]

Within all systems there is a timeline and deadline, we even do it commercially with 'built in obsolescence', in order to make money on repairs, spare parts, more up to date models and warrantees. We are sold this idea by authorities like the messages' three score and twenty' 'You're getting old'. NHS will take care of you and yet world statistics show that the third most cause of death is iatrogenic responsibility [death by doctors, allopathic medicines or procedures]. Yet a war against herbs, supplements, homeopathy, is accepted.

Hold on ladies this is going to push buttons!!!

A surplus of information out there, book magazines,TV, mobile phone, internet, text messages, advertisings, fashion, all fighting for the lime light. Terrorists doing more and more daring events to attract attention, celebrities, soccer teams, TV programmes, New Age therapies all clamouring, we are the best, we are right, join us, subscribe to us, listen to us, must have the vaccine, the new model, must look glamorous, have the best CV[ Yes kiss my a---e Sir Alan], swear the most, be the best chef, kill the most, be the most ruthless gang boss, and be the most to myself most.

All this is a timeline to dog eat dog, a Darwin survivalist modus operand; we only co operate until we see an advantage to be the top and then you're fired, kicked out.

Real team play is found when we stop looking outward all the time for the solution, the fix, we eventually exhaust the predatory hunt for more and more. We lay panting and pill popping on the deserted beautiful beach we yearned for, to find it, like supermarket chemically dosed food, eating without real taste and pleasure, full stomach, no nourishment. In the end constantly looking outside for the answer to all things that disembowel us, saps our gut and the gut is where health stems from as well as looking and cultivating inner resources. A certain amount of will power, yet mainly inner peace, calm certainty through serenity.

Imbibing this inner faculty we automatically become a real team player, one for all and all for one. A strong chain because the chain in its entirety gives the links its love and all accompanying field of it health and status, empowering the links as well as its wholeness. A world that works for everyone everywhere.

Strangely enough street gangs do this in a perverse way. They will kill to prove their loyalty, they wear their badge. Soldiers do this, terrorists do this, and even employees do this. Killing and putting down others in a ruthless competitive way for ideals, money, boosting ego is a primitive form of NOT animal behaviour. IT IS PRIMITIVE HUMAN BEHAVIOUR. We should not denigrate animals to our bestiality. Some of us are the beasts, the devil incarnate.

The next step in evolution is to wake up to the fact we carry a primitive form of behaviour in us. When altruistic love or rather compassion arises, when our hearts open. Then we will become outside of timelines and deadlines.

I know from my own experiences my heart chakra is opening, I can feel the deep layers of auric impacted cellular memories giving up their relentless grip on me, as I begin to see the dysfunctional conditioning and programming surfacing for dissipation. Heart attacks and strokes are so common, probably because of the 'lack of heart', the oppression, depression and lack of care due to the recession and fiscal prominence, driving many to anxiety, desperation, lack of identity and generally apathy and loss of 'appetite' due to unfulfilling jobs and a subterranean undercurrent of planetary unrest and Earth changes.

Figure 1 The pick axe analogous to the crumbling layers around my heart chakra to bring me to the bedrock of ground being.

The predators [not sharks they only kill and prey to eat, not to have properties and kill for the sake of killing, even snakes do not do what we do], of this world are feeding on our fears as well as feeding these fears. They are claiming to ally our anxieties at the same time promoting them. Good marketing strategies [Your employed-Thank you Sir B------s]. However one slip not on top of your game, losing deals, conniving deals that go wrong. Your fired, Oh god what am I to do Sir? Get a life, get a grip. Thank you Sir. Pro footballers and managers are in this too, the pressure to succeed to earn money to be top of the pile is enormous. I do feel for them.

When the top of the pile collapsed for me in my own relative experiences [as did the yuppies years ago with the famous stress syndrome yuppie flu, and some of them did outrageous things, peeing in public, drunken orgies, rapes, car bashing and so forth], it was a shock and then relief, a relief from constantly having to justify myself and self approval. [Approval messages to please parents and so forth from formative years, residual as nuances and ghost feelings in the unconscious that drive us as if on auto pilot]. [see Dr Bruce Lipton's 'Biology of Belief' book].

Some of the former yuppies that I knew went to live quietly in the countryside or form charities and so forth became creative and the like. I went into workshops, therapies, taught meditation [if you can ever do that] Tai Chi, Judo, Kendo, Aikido and even now still getting more simple, less workshops, no patients, no teaching, lots of phone stuff, lots of being. Not so much head stuff lots more feel stuff. The last to go was the job at Forensics, living on a basic state pension [some serps, now Chancellor Darling has frozen this, reduced pension because I took sabbatical leave of four years at various times. The understanding was you had a job to come back too but you lost the pensionable years. Now you can have the lot, I suppose not for long. Yes they tax us on our combined income]. This forced me to a more frugal life style, until it dawned on me, this is not frugal, it is simplicity, it is life enhancing, it gives me the opportunity to really see and appreciate what is without extravagant trappings. This is not survival this is awakening. [Through a painful separation from my partner Gilly and some really hasty financial dealing, I also have to pay off a still rather large loan and this will end in 201?]. At first I thought panic, cramping my style, where do I turn. Then the realisation that it at first cuts the cloth to suit, then living with it, and finally so I thought well this is an opportunity for growth and trust, then I became acclimatised to it, and I thought acceptance. However, there was always a slight 'shadow' of a niggle, a jealousy of those better off, and then a dissolving of the issue. [Our family were always in poverty due to my late fathers gambling and constantly on the move as we lost our homes.]

Although there is a dissolving it feels as though the emotional plight has gone, however, there is a fleeting shadow that comes up, my awareness sees this, recognises this, and without judgement or suppression it is there for an infinitesimal moment and the flame dies out where as before it would have ignited insecurity, doubt and anxiety. There are other areas of my life that do 'catch' fire. Being aware, present, definitely for me is the key and as these others issues surface and I learn to let go of the fear they may present by the recognition of them and the worry 'I may manifest them by their constant appearance', the allowance and permission to just let them be, takes the sting out of the thought package. I realise it is fear which is the superglue, the custodian and guardian, the force binding field, the electric fence, the perimeter barbed wire deterrent of my hardware unconscious storehouse library collection, buried deep and hidden, the secret hiding place of the ego, that is being exposed. The guardians of the cave of ego then deploy their weapons and they really do have clout.

This is what for years I thought me was. The cunning apparatus that surrounded this lair connived at times to fool me into thinking this was me. Finding out this vault of floppy discs, this duke box of juggling panoramic kaleidoscopic fantasy was an illusionary deployment meant to fool me, to cover up the real truth of me, the nothingness of everything I am, brought on the frantic histrionics of panic, which occasionally come up. As a sick child in the womb and out up till the age of 13[see back blogs], health is an issue which is still deeply embedded, and although I have been through devastating illness, survived and cured myself as it were, there still lurks in me the programme of that fear.

However, as I continue to meditate, becoming more naturally aware, I sense the triggers and so let them be there in full sight, and just let them be. It is almost as if they are saying, 'we need your frustrated and anxious attention with fear to fuel us, we cannot survive without the sustenance, the nurture of your anxiety'.

They appear in disguise wearing different masks, trying to trick and trying to entice me to anger, fear, seeking a solution [which maybe needed, however, by awareness in a non opinionated mode brings in intuition], or otherwise dissipates itself like water evaporating on hot surfaces.

This dissolving of the false 'me' can bring temporary weakness, fake illness, and skeletal pains as the 'scaffold' [see December 2009 blog] begins its collapse. Sometimes a collapse and sometimes a dismantling, which seems to be intelligently managed by an innate sense.

Then arrives the physical breakdown [see blogs on psychoneuroimmunology] 'change the mind change the chemical' especially at a deep unconscious level. The detox's that follow, the healing crisis, the purging and purifying, which often awakens the kundalini and especially pranic forces. The cellular' memory' has to be expunged. The cellular receptors, the membrane sensitivity and so forth. This is of course on a more dense levels take time to reorganise.

Another process comes in as we uncover more, so more is exposed and according on how much debris is there it could be a lengthy process. Many have commented that we are clearing the 26,000 year accumulation.

The ego comes to a point where it begins to realise that 'resistance is futile' [sorry Borg and Star Trek]

Figure 2 Maybe our 'debris' has made us to our mind ugly, to a Borg beautiful. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

Then the mind becomes compliant. It still may have seeds of discontent. Since the greater mind is a naturally aware mind. This then becomes a natural process. The ego or separated self, the small mind, finds it safe and secure in the big mind and then becomes still and realises its own shortcomings and then lies down. It realises not annihilation but absorption but salvation by surrender.

The Earth has its own karma and mind programmes and we can see it constantly alters itself and goes through detox, purifications, by fire, water, wind and shifting surfaces. What deep embedded patterns, programmes and the like are held in the fissures and caverns of our Mother Earth?

Figure 3 A beautiful underground cave. There are dark and foreboding ones. The lurking memory, the beautiful scene. The mural and tapestry of Life.

What vast secrets lay in her bowels? What lay in ours? http://bit.ly/80vkjQ

A brilliant article on this much maligned subject. I feel the future of homeopathy and its 'quantum' propensities are yet to be revealed when scientists wake up and see the real medicine is found in energetic and auric levels.


I have been campaigning against the use of fluoride for thirty years and still the government scientists refuse to recognise its devastating long term harm. Many dentists like doctors are brain washed into the belief that this kind of chemical is not so harmful.

The hardened stance is because of the dumping of it and disposing of it is so toxic that we become the waste disposal means to do so. This chemical concoction is a waste product of the aluminium and fertiliser industry, need I say more. It is a bio plasma hazard and it builds up over many years, and is very, very difficult to detox. [There are literally hundred of reasons more and I devoted some years ago half a blog to it]. [During World War Two the Nazi high Command on the advice of their scientists was to use fluoride bombs on London reservoirs. The effect of really high doses affects the brain and rots certain parts that have the function of discernment. It was interesting that the Conservatives always promoted this and Labour opposed. Now new labour brought this in almost at once. The conservatives just kept quiet when lobbied. Maybe this is another way of suppressing the rising awakened informed public].

The gentle art of blessing. In a battered world this is a tonic. A daily blessing can bring miracles.

This is dynamite. Please note and read.


This is dynamite too. Wow.


We are not the victim of our genes. I have mentioned epigenetics before.


Top expert explains so much why we are so depleted of real food.

The following is the clearest exposition and amazing fluent and simple clarification of the Mayan Calendar.

2012 - Ian Xel Lungold - Mayan Calendar - June 19, 2008
Ian Xel Lungold - Mayan Calendar Comes North... 1 of 16.
The sixteen are well worth persevering with; they are roughly about 10 mins each.


Yet another climate change scientist dubbing down the 'popular' view and a hint of sucking up to political bosses and funding research for 'saying what the boss wants to hear'. You can see this in the emails from Suffolk University [blog back to December 2009 and addendum January 2010].


Thanks to Beryl Whiting for sending this is and the kind words in support of Michael our editor and energygrid. Beryl has her website at www.berylwhiting.com

A lot of folk have contacted me and I have the same, an itch, fire and causing me to scratch. The above link can explain the kundalini rash. I have tried various remedies and so far [February 3 2010] no change. The transformational, ascension energies and kundalini are in my opinion the same if not similar. You can see from the Mayan graph that the energies as stated in many of back blogs are incrementally increasing, by February 28 2011 the pace will get even faster, see the graph and 16 videos by Ian Lungold.

In my opinion this is the most important video of them all. Hopefully Obama's food police do not close him down. Anastasia's revolution [see Ring Cedars] and the Russian Dachi may in times to come be the only solution to humanities survival.

This is a companion to Nassim Haramein's SOHO NASA satellite.


If you do not wish to see complete video, move timer to 4 hrs in and watch for two hours. The YOUTUBE one is 4 minutes. Mind blowing. [You can always pause the timer and go back or stop and go back on longer videos] http://bit.ly/ckP0Jl

Its not often you see this about big pharma and vitamins.

This is another example of science and media hype. You may remember the strange spiral that startled Norwegian people with the spectacular images in the sky as in the above. The Russians claimed it was a rocket which misfired and spiralled down. Then there was all the talk about HAARP and their stuff. However I would suggest you look at Nassim Haramein's video, he explains the black hole and at last he is being recognised. I repeat if you cannot watch the whole 8 hrs, then move timer in till reach 4 hr mark and watch for two hours you can stop and return to timer if cooking, TV programmes, social commitment and so forth] here is the link below.


More UFO news and the usual debunking by a scientist especially the one mentioned. Oh well the old gang of dinosaurs have to keep their world alive.

You may have had your doubts about education, wait until you see this mind shattering short video of a whistleblower. Here we go again 2010 the year of transparency and exposure.


This is hilarious but so sad in a way. If you think this general knowledge is taxing look at this fun thing, short, serious, humorous and sad. Part of education Eh?


This is officialdom gone mad. Latest all patients and people must be 120/70/60, eye pressures down to 20, cholesterol in men 4.9 and women 3.2 and son on. No allowances, no ethnic background, age or size. This means extra medication. Some thin BMI index people have fat around organs and are considered obese. Thigh fat and bottom fat OK now, belly fat no way. May GP's I know say it is unworkable and that they are medicating people unnecessarily because of these targets? Is this NHS preventative medicine or Big Pharma at it again, culling the worlds population, making people sick before they die, getting money out their sickness by medication which was not necessary in the first instance. I reiterate, some medication is vital and life saving.

Until next time. Take care. Lots of Love. Geoff

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