The Key and Impermanence

Geoff Freed — February 2010
Former forensic technician and scientific & medical researcher, lecturer, workshop leader and psychotherapist, Dr. Geoff Freed reports on what is happening energetically on the planet at this pivotal time in history.

IN THE 1967 WRITINGS it stated that 'the Earth was a fundamental key to the expansion of the Solar System' it then in précis went onto to state how this was so.

The Earth has a very unique set of inhabitants that are part of a very intricate ecological system. This system is fragile to a certain extent and their interrelationships with its outer layers were in congruity. The lessons of the human element, part terra and part extraterrestrial, were to fulfil the self aware human brain and its gift of ego and choice, to willingly subscribe to this harmonious set up. In other words compassionate co operation and surrender to the greater good of the whole.

However, although some scientists and their governmental industrial counterparts as it were, do not as yet recognise the resonance or underlying communication that the Earth has with its companions in the solar system. The reductionist 'dead' matter universe seems to many just a floating mass that over millions of years just evolved by chance to balance each other out, a kind of random get together for survival, no plan just by chance.

In a way the above may have a nuance of sense in it. The Cosmic evolution takes time to evolve and it may seem slow to us, however, it is evolving and that the solar system and its attendant life forms, familiar to us or not so on other planets, may seem like random lumps of rock, no plan or intelligence, yet beneath this non intelligent so to speak dead materialism, and us the only life form with intelligence, a paradox for sure, a good Koan, deep in the infrastructure is the invisible energy field of consciousness which is an intelligent life force, which is the blueprint of the Universe.

This field is being recognised by some switched on scientists, doctors, philosophers, awakened people from all denominations, race, and religion and so called non qualified populace.

The sun as Nassim Haramein video, 4-hour mark demonstrates this intelligence and resonance.


It will take a big and open mind from the egocentric attitude that we are the only intelligence. The Key is the Earth. You can see we have been given a second chance as in part 2 above. [Move timer to 1½ hrs in and watch for two hours if you are short of time, you can pause and return if concentration goes]. Why have we been give a second chance? Because we are the key to the solar system. The Sun as stated a blog or two back has responded to the Earth's lowered magnetic field and could scorch us, and although the sun is quiet now and should be very active, it realises that its precious relative is developing a embryonic next step and so is responding to this need. That explains why we have been given a second chance, and possibly many others.

This may seem childish simplistic, however I feel this is true, for me that is. What is the next step then? When humanity per populace awakens sufficiently, we will be allowed to colonise, explore and regenerate planetary and other 'solids'. We will have the understanding, the intelligence, the compassion and a fully developed intuition which is not dependent on the ego. Sometimes intuition can be linked to ego and this I call' fools intuition' like fools gold.

Why should we want to colonise outside Earth? Some will say we have over populated, polluted and destroyed our home; it may look like this at first glance. There are numerous schemes of private enterprises, the Eden project, Findhorn, private houses built on ecological lines, Sir Richard Branson's outer space flights and so much more. We are in the first steps. When more and more folk see the outer reaches of space and then look back they often have a change of mind. They see the beauty, the fragility, and above all the stupidity of war, religious enmity, border disputes, they see a seamless whole and not a materialistic reductionist lump of non intelligent matter, they see with their heart, not their bank balance. Indeed those who travel into space as passengers are those who can afford it. Maybe this will challenge them to do something more altruistic than hoarding and hedonisms. When we see with our hearts we see beauty, awe and are childish. When we wish to see the Kingdom of Heaven see it through the eyes of a small child.

Maybe this is the plan. As we develop we may be the life givers, regenerators of lifeless planets so to speak, or give form to unformed life forms. This is why I feel we are the Key.

One of the keys is also the contemplation of impermanence. The first real touch of this came to me at the tender age of four with my NDE and then my Zen experiences along with powerful reminders such as forensics, United Nations FAO lecture in Rome [all in back blogs].

I have come across many reactions to those who have contemplated or faced impermanence. Some feel so threatened by it they start to live for the moment with such phrases as' you never know what is around the bend, so go for it' 'Make money, enjoy, you never know your future'. Others may state 'Life is so short I'll just do whatever'. Among patients I found they did drugs, alcohol, suicidal tendencies', lost themselves in work, good deed and so on'. Basically the whole threat of bodily annihilation and with it ego death, caused a whole lot of fear and coping mechanisms. Religious or philosophical answers came, survival after death, energy changes form, heaven, hell or stark oblivion, which the oblivion for some was' I don't care anything is better than this and I will not know and so relief'.

When I first started to contemplate impermanence in Zen it came when I learnt Kendo [Japanese sword techniques]. Sensei [Master, teacher] gave us imagery, seeing us cut to pieces by a samurai sword [katana, wakasashi]. This was because a real sword could cut through three people at the waist [old method of execution of convicts to test some swords]. We only used real swords in kata [pre arranged form movements designed to improve technique and mind focussing]. One slip with these and you could get a serious injury, so we used shinai and boken, bamboo and wooden practice imitation implements.


At first the contemplation may seem threatening and by passively and yet with full awareness, alertness without judgement, looking intensely with curiosity, one stays with whatever arises and goes to the place in mind where the fear dissolves[may take many sessions]. I came to a black hole, an abyss, an all enclosing and encompassing darkness that seemed to suffocate me. Then on patient watching and much consternation, and still just watching, like a cat at a mouse hole, finally I seem to fall into this hole, like a trapdoor, and I was in the light.

Although I cannot say I am without fear, it did awaken in me the feeling that in me all was and is well, and that I can live with impermanence. Sometimes it is uncomfortable and just sitting still it dissolves more readily now. What it did do was to take away my ambition to hoard, it took away a certain amount of competition, and I never reached for the top of my profession, to write a book, to make piles of money and I can really say it awoke in me the realisation of the pain and suffering to those who fear for their permanence. That is one of the many reasons or rather feelings to become a therapist.

I saw in burglaries the pain of the loss of possessions [I do emphasise], I called it house rape. I understand the pain of loss through the contemplation of loss and impermanence. The difference being that I no longer am totally devastated by loss, or threatened by impermanence because not only have I been through it, but I know the light on the other side. Those who have not seen the other side of the coin are stuck with the pain and see no way out. Those that have seen the other side, not just a psychological placation like' Oh well, this or it is only — money, an object' yet still carry it, they are on the way seeing the light.

In the West we have to keep peeling the onion, and the deep layers of karma, the deep conditioning and programming, triggered into consciousness by events show us where we need to let go. The BIG LESSON on impermanence is that it is the mother of surrender and letting go. It also is the teacher of light to mind and the way shower to inner peace.

I have witnessed in hospice situations that some realised the 'worth of life' and others that they have to leave what they thought was their security in possessions behind' yet again those who said' I had a great life, went everywhere did everything I have no regrets, accept I wish I could stay and do more of it'. Then those who had a quiet peace and knew of other more subtle and ethereal things and those who would not let them go. Better to die now in the body to all things that are not permanent and so when one's passing arrives, one can float free and have nothing to tie them to their previous life. 'Ah sweet mystery of Life at last I have found thee'.

We now see everything breaking down and the vain attempts to go back to the past. The distractions, the glamour, the desperate attempt to make things permanent, solid everlasting with no built in obsolescence. Yet the very nature of the Universe is permanence in impermanence. The very nature of particle physics is as quoted elsewhere in a blog ' Ingrained and controlled cultural perceptions have led the way to a concrete view of the material world, rather than the more accurate vista that depicts an enormous energy field composed of tiny particles in motion'.

Why hold onto fleeting expedient pleasures which then dictate which we repeat this and feel so devastated when we cannot have them or they become a bore and we have to then keep seeking more and more, until there is no more and then crisis.

Constantly the universe is in motion, ever changing ever evolving, like the waves of the sea, here in form to see, then gone into the ever eternal sea of no wave. Glorious sun why are you setting? — Only to rise again.

The Buddha's knot is the knot of entanglement. When a shoelace is tightly knotted or a piece of cable, the more we tug the more we tighten. One of the lessons my Sifu [Master, teacher from China] gave us was to tighten the knot and by feeling the 'way' one unravelled the knot. 'The tangled skein of Life'

Buddha's Knot

Maybe if we felt more and thought less, maybe if our gentle feeling led the way, life would be easier and the grasping mind would release us from the anguish of possessions, of conquering, acquisition and lead us to realise we all have to leave behind that which we cherish the most, when we fully realise this we realise everything belongs to everybody everywhere. This then is another lesson of impermanence.

Another anecdote said elsewhere in a blog. Catching monkeys in Malaya. The cage has bars only as thin as a monkey's hand put in sideways. Food is put in the middle of the cage and the monkey slides his hand in sideways. The monkey grasps the food and because he has made a fist he cannot get it out. He is so intent on the food he is reluctant to release his grasp. He is then taken away caught from the outside. The desire for food is greater than the fear for survival at times. What is it in our lives we wish to let go of, yet like the monkey we are so intent that it is our survival and security that it holds us back from freedom and inner peace? The stories have told in past blogs of Zen Monks of letting go are classics and can be found in most Chan [Chinese name for Zen] and Japanese quotes.

The world now is giving this information. Even our climate, the nature of solids, the new field of epigenetics, chronobiology, the fading of Darwin, Big Bang, finances, property, the never ending rounds of dharma, karma, samscara, its all ending for a new beginning.

The old has a huge gravitational pull and will endeavour to suck one down into the pit. It may feel safe for a while and then staleness and stultifying putrefying energies come to drag one down into depression and lethargy. Here one festers not always in old age, but in youth as well. Keeping the mind fresh and courageous makes one young no matter the age of the body. So keep on keeping on. Krishnamurti quote' We want always to arrive, yes to rest a while and then move on'. Arriving at a permanent place is not possible. Our bodies are always in motion [see blog on body replacing cells and parts, and even in death, decomposing and so forth]. Yes some arriving and then moving. Can our world leaders, scientists, doctors, lawyers, priests and religions do the same? Our very future may depend on them doing so.

This video is astounding in its simplicity and authenticity. You probably are familiar with the science, however, it really helped me to a deeper 'knowing'. It's only 12 minutes. I mention time because so many people say I've not the time, I have not the concentration, or yawn, not another one.

The above link is an excellent addendum to the link above this. Short as well.

Large corporations often have the upper hand when they are to blame for the event. This young man had his guitar broken by a large airline. They refused his claim for damage and told him where to get off. He then said I will put it on You Tube. They scoffed at him. He did put it on You Tube. He got a huge response. The airline offered to compensate him. He replied in kind. The guitar company rewarded him because it brought extra sales for their free publicity and he got two brand new guitars. Hope you like his humorous rendition.

Please write to Amnesty International about this terrible injustice. Thank you.



There are a number of so called quack busters and this article in energygrid describes this type of person and their motives. [Scroll down to article in energygrid]. Many great people have been pilloried because they were ahead of their times. I can understand if it is a shock to the system and seems illogical or whatever. The thing that sticks in my craw is when it is done for money and power as in the link above this paragraph. Some blogs back I have it from a Swiss whistleblower that a Swiss University was paid a large sum to discredit homeopathy in return for a huge grant from big pharma and what is more they invented a virus, changed the name of an antibiotic so that the big pharma could sell a stockpile of redundant medicines. Reminds one of the global warming Suffolk University bods. As you know I was 'hung out to dry' on a quack buster website. This one 'done in' everything and everybody who was not mainstream. How on Earth can such downright bigotry help world peace, evolution and open fair mindedness?

I have come across in relationships in marriage and families where such recalcitrant attitudes ruin destroy and maim. In forensics I have seen the brutal 'ritual' murders of fathers deeply entrenched in their religions and have killed and cut up their daughters because of a seeming infidelity.

In the psychotherapy, counselling, workshops and so forth, political agendas, personal life situations, dysfunctional attitudes [seen some of those in me and appreciated the learning in the mirror of relationships] and I realised how I repeated them because they were automatic and I did them by rote. When the automatic pilot came off, by becoming awake and aware, then I found I could break the cycle.

Breaking the cycle does not immediately wipe the slate clean. The roots go deep and the many times dysfunction and its many masks and guises arise seemingly different and yet camouflaged in order to get pass the censor. These seeming different appearances are most likely the same theme. The ego is very clever with its graphics and juxtaposes them, juggles them, does amazing makeovers and yet the same base is underneath all. This is the false covering of the 'who I really am'.

This falsity, this insidious 'fooling and denial of oneself' is the programming that is pounded into a culture, like a pestle and mortar, ground and trodden deep into the recesses of the neurone network. This like religious, scientific, political rhetoric is taken for truth and profundity. This is the lie we live now. It probably was appropriate to a degree when it was appropriate. Now times have moved on demanding us to shelve security of enclosure, to selfish hoarding, in which the cache is our security and the fear of the loss of it our downfall.

The very nature of security breeds anxiety as we lose trust in our inner resources which becomes usurped by outer icons. Symbols that represent self. Money replaces if in excess the cover up for being with self and can breed loneliness. I have seen wealthy people keep going on tours, gambling, endless cruises, drinking, constantly updating, and when denied these through strikes, illness and such like feel emptiness, a void, boredom. Those less well off see the trips, cruises and they seek to become like the well off, and they feel deprived, lonely and empty too.

Krishnamurti often said "all we need is some food, a few warm clothes and shelter". Jesus also reminds of how many coats do we need and the words of the lilies and birds in the field and so forth. It is not so much greed that is the crux, it is the feeling that outside acquisitions feel good, they can be touched, seen, held and cherished, this then feels secure, safe and so the addiction to feel more of this, to surround oneself with more. The downside when these are not available or we run out of innovations or become deprived through circumstances. Depression and anxiety then arise. The less well off dream of power and wealth so they can acquire the perceived security of those seemingly better off.

The amazing thing is like in advertising, the jingles, the catchy tunes, the glittering clever poster, the constant repetition of chanting religious tomes, the rhetoric of the politicians; we begin to believe our own propaganda. This is compounded and then becomes the world we live in. Then we become lost in the fog of delusion and illusion. If we are fortunate a warning bell sounds and the awakening process begins. Perhaps withdrawal symptoms start and the alluring call of the denizens, the seduction of the materialisms may tempt us back and the slope of the downward incline has the assistance of the gravity of the tempter. Who can resist this titan of materialism with its attendants, greed, lust and power? This is the journey and path we are all on now. Will we succeed? That is up to the world awakening and the energies of transformation. Like the story of Moses and Pharaoh 'Let my people go'.

Let us not worship false idols and gods. The great God Mammon has had his day. The great prophet Darwin, Newton and Reductionist science and harsh medical medicines, power politics, these will have to find their proper place. They are not cruel; they are outdated to this next step in evolution. The ego is not a demon; it needs to find its new place in the evolving scheme of things now arising from the infrastructure.

Like the plagues, pestilences that beset Pharaoh [using him as a symbol for big pharma, political manoeuvring, killing nature by chemicals and all that]. How many more viruses, pollutants', corruptions, world government threats, terrorist's incidents, spurious laws and officials, before 'Let My People Go'.

The Israeli scientist I mentioned Joseph Moshe who was brutally kidnapped is still in jail, see details in above link. They are trying to misinform. This disinformation is refuted in the link and my whistle blowers assure me the incident was authentic.

Some local authorities are questioning the USA and its health policies, at last people are waking up. I expect the authorities will manufacture another 'deadly virus' somewhere in a biological warfare laboratory and another pandemic raised. A whistle blower told me that the 'elite' had antidotes; I trust this person's integrity. One day they may manufacture one that backfires and does some of them in too and force them to withdraw it. See link below. The USA citizens are very brave to protest as you can see from the Joseph Moshe incident, Guatemala detention centres and other places where citizens are incarcerated, harangued and ostracised that they run the gauntlet of a country that openly declares the human rights and Fifth Amendment. What ever happened to the 'fall' into such oppression and even more so condemning other countries for their lack of human rights?


We need to be vigilant because the move towards a one world political government, an EU political monster which could eventually join other 'blocks' to coalesce into a huge authoritarian bully. New labour and its erosion of human rights whilst adroitly championing them gives this illusion and delusion of human rights and freedom. The number of accounts relayed to me of consultants, GP's, local councils, police, solicitors and the like being bullies, outraged and not listening is mounting up. I heard one story of a consultant saying to a friend of mine 'You dare question my authority who do you think you are? I had a police officer tell me 'you have no rights you are in no position to question me'. When I showed him my pass, he said' Why didn't you tell me you were one of us'. I could give you countless examples.

With the scattering of the old paradigms, the values of society in the giant 'cultural mixer', grey areas appear and with very little inward reflection, the outside law of the jungle, perpetuated by Darwin and his present day cohorts[see story of the bear in the forest January 2009 blog] that the survival of the fittest survive. Nature does NOT give this message. It promotes ecological symmetry, co operation and does not kill for territorial rites or kill for the sake of it.


Check out these amazing crop circles in snow and the proof furnished with it as genuine.

An inspiring message for 2010.

A few quotes:

'Everything is perfect, but there is a lot of room for improvement.' Shunryu Suzuki.

'Knowledge is experience; everything else is just information.' Albert Einstein.

'What you are, the world is. And without your transformation there can be no transformation of the world.' J. Krishnamurti.

'Reality is merely an illusion, albeit a persistent one.' Albert Einstein.

'The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes, but having new eyes.' Marcel Proust

'To heal ourselves or to help heal others we need to reconnect magic and science, our right and left brains.'Carl A Hammerschlag M.D [The Dancing Healers 1988].

'To change the printout of the body, you must learn to rewrite the software of the mind.' Deepak Chopra M.D [Perfect Health 1990].

'Ever try to change your mind, only to find out that your mind has a mind of its own.' Robert M Williams M.A.

'I always wanted to be somebody, but I should have been more specific.' Lily Tomlin.

'There is one thing stronger than all the armies in the world, and that is an idea whose time has come.' Victor Hugo.

'The first problem for all of us, men and women, is not to learn, but to unlearn.' Gloria Steinem.

'Our scientific power has outrun our spiritual power. We have guided missiles and misguided men.' Martin Luther King Jr.

Check out these articles on climate change




These authors were mentioned at the end of Denie's addendum in January 2010 blog.



These two sites provide more information regarding our universe. The new technologies certainly open up amazing probabilities and possibilities.

http://www.spaceflight.esa.int/projects/index.cfm?act=default.page& level=19&page=792

Some more units for the ISS.


This Doctor is the world's most expert and insider and this exposé will reveal the lies and deceits. It blew my mind away. I have known this and now I can see it. How low can the authorities get. Believe me the depths have not been plummeted yet. Hold on we are near the end. See another addendum on same subject. Can you trust anything big pharma or prescribed medicine? In a back blog I gave a diagram issued by the BMJ and it showed only 12% of medicines had any benefit. This link below when scrolled shows graph.


Think how much money could be saved on redundant or useless side effects medicines.

Check out this one. The 2010 transparency continues.


So the debacle of global warming rages. This link below I feel is a short synopsis of a very good summary.



Some blogs back I did a feature on the Themis project by NASA and the above link proves about the 'breath' and rhythms of the sun and my explanation as to the magnetosphere 'door shut and door open'. This once again proves the 'intelligence' of the Sun and Earth [resonance] and that we live in an intelligent, amazing sea of consciousness. See Nassim Haramein video, 4hr mark.

Also I have mentioned as the Earth's magnetic field varies it alters the timing of the 'door shut or open', otherwise we would be toast if Sun flares were abundant and virulent. [March 2009 Blog on Themis]. May I remind readers that my takes on science may not be acceptable to main stream science? I endeavour to give a metaphysical explanation which may resonate with your intuition or ideas. To repeat I do this explanation because I do not wish to offend colleagues whose scientific views are regarded as the 'truth' of today and may alienate them and offend my 'whistle blowers'. They are good people and mean well as do GP's and the like. It is hard for them to break the mould and their indoctrination, many see the fallaciousness of this present system but never the less have to live and do not want to be ousted from their livelihood.

A whistle blower in the medical field which deals with targets set by the NHS has revealed that when she travels to GP's surgeries they have told her the present day readings or measurements for BMI, BP, Cholesterol are unworkable as they want a 'one size fits all', and that the' goalposts' are being lowered. This means the parameters are such that more people are being diagnosed with target illness and so more allopathic drugs are prescribed. Am I being cynical if I say is this a big Pharma ploy to earn more money or is it part of preventative medicine so highly espoused by the NHS?

More links. HAARP over Norway again and related stuff.

Food contamination with nano particles and USA predictions for 2010.

http://beforeitsnews.com/story/2985/Gerald_Celente_Predictions_ for_2010

http://beforeitsnews.com/story/2724/Norway_Time_Hole_Leak_ Plunges_Northern_Hemisphere_Into_Chaos




A Large earthquake hit the capital of Haiti on the 12 January 2010 at 16.00 GMT. Many people were killed and buildings wrecked. Extending feelings of speedy recovery and healing is what I feel at this moment.

Unfortunately the Mitch Battros network did an interview with a Mayan elder who states many more quakes and related events will occur.


These series of books are causing a stir. Many friends have been inspired. I am yet to look into this [January 13 2010]. I did see sometime back a video or two, and I did not relate to it then. I will research and comment in March.

A mystery space object, believed to be an asteroid, is set to pass close by the Earth, NASA has said, as astronomers attempt determine its origins. The object, called 2010 AL30, is set to pass within 76,000 miles (122,000km) of the Earth, or just a third of the distance out to the moon, around lunchtime on Wednesday.

Its discovery earlier this week has baffled scientists, with some astronomers speculating it may be space junk given its width is similar to a man-made object. NASA said it was more likely to be a tiny asteroid, measuring between 33 to 50 feet (10 to 15 meters) wide, experts say it is too small to cause any damage to the Earth.

The object, which will pass the earth at 1247 GMT, was discovered by, NASA-funded Lincoln Near-Earth Asteroid Research programme on Monday and pictured by the Australian Skylive-Grove Creek Observatory in Trunkey Creek, New South Wales. Weds.13 Jan.2010


This link suggests that the Haiti earthquake was a result of USA tests. Remember that the attack on Israeli scientist Moshe, in the commentary it said they used a magnetic pulse device. [What about Princess Diane?].

NASA has as previously stated and link that the moon and sun maybe a contributing factor in earthquakes and tsunami and the like. In the light of the above could the timing be relevant? A whistleblower told me that the world security forces know and use bio rhythms' and some aspects of astronomy and astrology. Although this maybe sinister in a way as the Maharishi Mahesh Yogi said' let them experiment with meditation and other things, one day they will fall off into the mind of God'.

The first solar flare of cycle 24 occurred just hours ago. It comes from sunspot region 1040 unleashing a moderate M-Class flare from the far side of the Sun. This year, we will have new images from all sides of the Sun as a result of the STEREO satellite images. "It Has Begun…"

Appreciating this is a long article and is wondering if they are so large in the next few months to do a fortnightly one. However, you do have a month to do a paragraph or so at a time. So will probably keep it as it is. Thank you so much and really appreciate your support and continuing reading. Lots and Lots of Love. Geoff

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