Geoff Freed — January 2010
Former forensic technician and scientific & medical researcher, lecturer, workshop leader and psychotherapist, Dr. Geoff Freed reports on what is happening energetically on the planet at this pivotal time in history.


AGREAT STILLNESS fills me as I look outside my window I see the trees in warmer clime I sit under to read and take in the sun or just sit, and do Qi Gong and Tai Chi. Often I have done Tree Gong, stood, and hands by abdomen sides, palms facing inwards communed with the female and male trees. I have touched them and loved them.

This moment, this deep stillness, the quiet room, the inner peace all pervading, seemed to melt, suspended the thinking processes and it felt that the trees, the grass, the sky, clouds all merged into a magnificent oneness. In that moment oneness, unity and the seamless interrelationships, the ecological magic of endless interactions without the use of thought, the flow, the cascade of endless Life was experienced. It existed; it is and always will be.

"Everything should be made as simple as possible, but not simpler" Albert Einstein. Stillness is simple and in its emptiness there arises a deep throb, a deep heart chakra pulse, huge swells of love, compassion and gentleness are evident. The power of this gentle surge is enormous.

The ego power of individualism is lost; there is no awareness of a personal finite boundary. Territory is non existent. There is a sense of inclusiveness that begets this experience. Mine and thine are things long gone by. A feeling to live quietly, to walk the Earth softly, to eat less and feed on lighter fodder. A sense of well being and gratefulness pervades and joy with bliss joins as companions.

One has to dissolve oneself of ego, to let go of the personal, to set free human notions of love to find impersonal love which has an unconditional flavour. To rise above so to speak, the pettiness, selfishness, greed and avarice of the tiny I Am to the Universal I Am. The I Am of all I Am's. This is a Koan and Paradox. Yet this conundrum maybe the saviour of humankind or at least one of the jigsaw pieces that constitute the ecological completeness.

To give up everything, to become a nothing in order to be the very thing we maybe have been seeking. I gave up myself in the stillness, I poured out my ego into the desert of the emptiness. I lost my sense of me as a person to be a something in everything that cannot be described that is the all in all, is perfection, is endless and continuous, a flow without beginning or end, and what is more has nothing to do with me what so ever. There is no explanation for it is beyond words and logic. It defies any rationale and can only be experienced. It cannot be sought. It can only be courted and the Beloved by an act of Grace imparts this when and where the conditions are right. Maybe being still is a plea of the soul 'Be Still and Know I am God within Thee' 'The Kingdom of Heaven is within'. It is in the wilderness of the soul, the sheer desolation of the sparseness, and the starkness of the emptiness that we may create a vestibule, a crucible, and a chalice for this capacious grace to fill. 'My cup floweth over' Nothing is simpler than nothing.

Is nothing frightening? To the ego it may seem desolate and vegetative. True nothing is the gateway to everything of the inner realm of soul. The outer world then loses some of its glamour and addictiveness and one tastes of the waters of quiet sweetness, the shining beauty of inner peace and tranquillity. This is not the same as withdrawing and becoming introverted, cut off, dull and psychologically impaired. Quite the contrary one's mind is sharp clear and aware. Colours, sounds, shapes, textures and so forth take on a radiance not seen before and yet there is less thought, less fear and one seems to be viewing this from a distance and yet absolutely in it.

One is of this world and yet not in it. One has died partially to the pull of materialism and the clutch of the hand of hedonism recedes as on comes more and more into the real realm of Universal Consciousness. Death has no hold here and on that great birth one merely enters in full into the grace and this is prepared by the 'dips, sips and visits' one has accrued as in the above sequences of events.

Where are you now the ego cries out? I have tasted the living waters and I am thirsty for more. This then sets a longing to experience and slack of this thirst. 'As the hart seeks fresh waters to quench its thirst, as it panteth for the coolness in the heat of the day, so Lord I seek you too'

This then starts the quest for the inner life. This then is the royal path and it sets up the road to gradual or some cases immediate renunciation, to voluntarily giving up the former life of acquisition and hoarding. One becomes more content with one's lot and that lot seems less foreboding. Then there is the realisation that the former suffering had been necessary for the realisation, it had been an integral part of the 'plan'. That the highway to freedom was strewn with obstacles and these obstacle courses were indeed viewed as stumbling blocks, now to be viewed as lessons to reverse the pain of suffering into the liberation of the ego struggle. Pain is seen as a resistance to change.

So as the world populace struggles with the obvious changes in global strategies, brought about by the transformative energies, as indeed the solar system and beyond goes through its 'next step' in the Cosmic Plan[evolution], and the information revolution by internet, mobile phone, texts, fax, media, emails and the like, we see and feel this urge to break out. New policies, new politics, they will not work. This is in the realm of logic. We need the shift to the stillness where intuitive inspired 'policies' stream forth. Horrific to the ego, madness to politicians, doctors, religious fanatics and the run of the mill businesses and families. Yet these will come and they will come thick and fast as we speed towards the climax.

http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/worldnews/europe/bulgaria/ 6650677/Aliens-already-exist-on-earth-Bulgarian-scientists-claim.htm
Well here is an eye opener. Compare the picture to that of Lloyd Pye's book cover in Starchild project. Then go to the link of Ruani-Leena Luukannen-Kilde the Finish ex Minister talking about her UFO revelations.


See Part 1 and 2.


More ET stuff. However I need to explain this further on.


Quite an interesting article to be seen in the light of Nassim Haramein' video (4 hour mark) as mentioned in earlier blogs.


This is extremely, extremely worrying. In the light of the attack on the Israeli scientist in last blog----how far away from this in the UK, nay EU? Make sure who you vote for in the next election. For me out of EU and into democracy. See the ANH report on what EU has planned with WHO and Codex for our herbal, supplement and vitamin and minerals. Make no mistake we are facing the end times of a police and scientific godless world governed by megalomaniacs and power hungry beasts threatened by a world of simplicity, beauty, innocence and freedom with spiritual values.

This amazing video exposes the top people their photographs and emails in the global warming scam. This and the ET/UFO I will give my take on this.

May 2005 blog was UFO story. In this I detailed my research and have said that ET will not openly make 'official' contact until the consensus of minds are ready for this. Not because it would shock so much but would be another distraction and hand out to an easy 'someone else can solve my/our problems, and dissolve our responsibilities to a superior out there solution.' Inner change has to happen at least to the critical mass as per populace. The Bulgarian scientist in above links has said so as well. Another confirmation as to this work.

Also stated is that ET does NOT want to control lead, dominate, take over and the like. With their technology they could have done so many many years ago. Their worlds are not power struggle and Darwnism orientated. A good reference to this new idea is 'Spontaneous Evolution' [Our Positive Future (and how we get there from here)] by Bruce H. Lipton PH.D and Steve Bhaerman [formerly Swami Beyondananda, a very humorous and take on spiritual matters]. Actually it is not a new idea but enhances many other non Darwinist theories and exposes how Darwin got his 'lucky and sneaky break' and put God, spirituality and the like into the touch line.

There is a lovely story told which none is verbatim from the book, at a lecture the view by the lecturer was on co-operation as survival and not survival of the fittest. Which is also propounded by nature and other authors i.e. Lloyd Pye. 'Two men camping in a forest, a bear comes towards them, one puts on his shoes, the other man says" What's the use of putting on your shoes, the bear can outrun us"? The other man replies" Yes, but I can outrun you". [My take is perhaps by co operation they could have split up different ways or something and both survived].

We have been indoctrinated by phrases like' every man for himself' 'look out for number one' 'I am the gang leader, the top banana, the new man on the block' and so forth. Then is the other view 'I am nothing' 'I am here to serve' 'I must put others before me' 'I am a worm not fit to kiss the feet of the master' 'God is a fearful and jealous God'. Then all the psychological muck that we had foisted on us by teachers, religion, some parents and others, 'You are a waste of Space' 'I wish I had never given birth to you' and so many others. No wonder many of us grew up not only with these messages deeply embedded in us before we understood their meaning and so they remain as residual feelings with no explanation why we feel them. The real hand me downs from pre conception, already in Mum and Dad's unconscious passed onto us.

No wonder we do all sorts of things to escape these ghosts that flitter across the background of mind with no seeming solution or reason. No wonder we either become introverted, guilt ridden and possibly have interminable fear and psychological neurosis. On the other hand become bullies not only at school but in relationships, with ourselves and then we become bullies at work, become threatened [I know so many doctors, scientists, priests who feel so angry and threatened by another view, will not listen and put the fear of god into those not in agreement with them, leaving the victim to summon up courage and go their own way, or the victim is p-----d off with being brow beaten, they either give in through sheer exasperation, and possibly ignoring sound advice although it might be beneficial. How can one come to any solution or decision in this climate of derision and trauma].

This then is carried on to corporations and the executives of large organisations. The petroleum, Pharmaceutical, The World Health Organisation, Medical Authorities, Banks, local councils, governments, dictatorships, terrorists, religions, cults and the media. They become corporate bullies. They seek to cover up their inadequacies by amassing power, big bonuses, telling everyone they know best. Look at the links in December blog 2009. This is the survival of the fittest. Many have lived through so many wars as many are now.

We see this now carried over to feeling powerful carrying a knife, a gun, a weapon, an angry aggressive dog. What are we doing to the animals now? We are instilling, imbibing cockerels, dogs and other animals to fight and kill and be the fittest. In nature contrary to popular myth and stupid animal presenters who like to emphasise the predatory instincts of animals for glamour and sensation, many just fight for being the leader of the pack and the defeated just roams off and waits for another go, usually to become useful in tending and defending the pack and so becoming a useful member of that society. The few that die in mating rituals are then picked on by photographers and called beasts. Such terms as killer whales are not helpful.

Humans are the only ecological unit to kill and make war. We kill our kind in some instances without a thought. We kill to defend our beliefs, out of hate, alcohol, drug drunk, or for just the hunt and pleasure of it, gang wise to prove who is the 'man'

Animals kill or rather hunt to live. They never take more than they need. They take the weakest because the strongest would either fight off or outrun. In a way it leaves the fittest to run on and seems like Darwinist stuff. The difference being animals [includes all Predators, Sea, land and air], take what they need, often share and leave for other species to feed on when they are satisfied, only hoard for winter, and do not kill for the sake of killing. They will often defend their territory and be satisfied when the intruder runs off.

Taking another point of view. Whether you believe in God, source, creator, or even a big bang and it self evolved itself, self assembled itself, no intelligent guidance, no plan. Just out of Chaos evolution us, over the millennia self evolved and in that intelligence came out of no intelligence. The view that consciousness grew out of chaos and that inert whatever came alive spontaneously for no rhyme or reason, given even that, CO OPERATION in ecology is the number one priority. All for One and One for All. The survival of the fittest is a holistic organic process where everything works for everyone and thing everywhere.

Darwinist's subscribe to units, reductionism. The typical doctor and scientist reduce things to parts. The links of the chain are more important than the chain. Sure a weak link has to be addressed, however it could be that the whole' health' of the chain maybe affecting the links. The whole attitude in society with its 'dog eat dog' affects the individual by its fear dogma, threats and competitive nonsensical media hype' the distraught X factor loser, the fans hysterical over a bad refereeing decision that costs clubs millions, the pressure to be a somebody a celebrity, and the feeling of a loser, the celebrity and the loser often end up in drug rehabilitation. The poor envying the rich and powerful and suffer from obesity, bad food, diabetes and depression, the rich bored, over inflated ego's, above the law so to speak, indolent and also obese and searching for the security they thought wealth would bring, and the urge to earn more to acquire more security and when this does not work, they become morose, angry, revengeful and use their power to dominate others, especially the poor and under dogs who remind them of their original urge to become wealthy.

And it's OK to be wealthy, poor or anything that you become that benefits society. What benefits society? To become aware of our place in the scheme of things our place in ecology our comfort ability in evolution. What does this mean and how do we get to this?

We perhaps should strive to go beyond our subconscious programmes. To go beyond our conscious ones is easy; a simple change of mind is all that is required. The subconscious programmes are the ones that auto pilot us. This can be accessed by being present [Tolle], Mindful [Buddhist] awareness without bias [Krishnamurti] looking without opinion, awareness without bias [Freed G]. This does not mean one cannot express an opinion. The opinions expressed are those that are factual i.e. that if one takes all the raw materials, rapes the Earth of her resources, the dwindling resources hoarded and stocked so that those stockist hold the rest to ransom, selfishly refuse to share as nature does. Then that is obvious. One express that view and is the realm of the conscious in WHICH case it is co operating with the subconscious BEYOND the hardwired so called parental hand me downs which COVER the real US which is a sharing, unconditional compassion and co operation with all and all without subjugating who we are and feeling joy at this co operation rather than being forced or manipulated into it.

Once we go beyond the so 'called hardwired' unconscious programmes [see blog November 2005 and full Farant article http://www.real-personal-growth.com/res_fixing/graham_farrant/graham_farrant_interview.htm] [see look alike as in previous blogs. December Edith, energygrid and David Wilcock]. Once we arrive at the BEDROCK of who are NOT the indoctrinated, conditioned, programmed and brainwashed so we really THOUGHT AND UNEASILY FELT we were, THEN we AWAKE. We are stripped bare and we are one with the all and all. We become as a quantum quanta of energy, flowing, interrelating, exchanging freely, dancing the dance of life, we are here and yet everywhere. There is no separation between here and there; they are merely like a wave or particle. This then slots into the 'scheme' of things. Who are we? This becomes a redundant question. There is no explanation and yet we know it. Why do we know it? Because we have found our real identity.

Figure 1 Going through the doors to reach beneath the sands of time to bedrock reality. The real being.

We are at most caretakers, guardians and husbandmen to Earth. Our bodies, our lands everything of Earth are not ours. Everything is gifted to us, not even hired. The land is everyone's, it is common land, only humankind charge for land and its services. The land is our common heritage. Everything belongs to that to which it first was birthed from. Even if one says the big bang, whatever was the cause or no cause, god, source universal Cosmic Consciousness it was given freely, no charge, no agreements, no contracts, no strings. The only rule is, preserve, care, share, observe and be a one world family not a government. Take what is the need not the greed. This is the true survival of the fittest, that which is best for everything to thrive. Everything to survive and fulfil its highest potential within the whole.

It seems the 'sin or fall from grace' was the break away, the severing of the shared consciousness of ecological unity or wholeness to separateness reductive parts, mechanistic philosophy, and the link shows the property of the chain, whereas the chain shows the whole condition causing the link to be as it is. This mechanistic view, the body is a machine and replace the parts and all is well. However, what may have caused the parts to go awry is of no consequence. Consciousness we know can affect the body and the new study of epigenetics and chrono biology show a different picture to the 'genes cannot be altered, they are hard wired'.

Many of us do not even care take of our bodies let alone our minds. I know I often ignore the messages my caretaker sends me. Maybe the caretaker is the innate wisdom which whispers to us in a 'silent' voice, which is felt as a feeling knowing intuitive voice. This is the still voice that sometimes in the quietness of oneself seems to thunder and reverberate in the mind. Once or twice I have such a definite knowing it was almost tantamount to an obsessive repetition and I knew that I knew and something in me was insistent I listen, take heed and act accordingly.

Twice in my working career to earn more money because of financial difficulties I was a cleaner and caretaker in a part time capacity. It was interesting how I was treated as opposed when in full employment in forensics, workshop presenter, psychotherapist, counsellor, Tai chi, Qi gong and martial arts instructor. Now as a 'retired' pensioner in sheltered housing, visiting care workers, doctors, social workers, visitors to neighbours, delivery men, maintenance men approach and speak to me. My postman even with Dr on envelope speaks slowly and shouts, and explains things in simplistic language. And proceeds to ask if I can open a bulky parcel or envelope, and when I engage the others and he in a conversation, they look blank, ignore it and think I am senile or just it does not fit the picture, so ignore it, go into denial.

How many of us do this. I do on occasions talk up or down to suit the situation. As I am becoming more aware I seem to relate from intuition or quietness, not to judge the person and so forth. There is not so much 'I must be correct, judge, make a fool of myself, not be understood, impress the audience. I realise being myself is being stripped of falsities and coming from that 'place' within where truth and sincerity abide.

Figure 2 The pulsing dynamic field of Life. That centre of Fire the core of Life. The secret of heaven is within. 'First seek ye the kingdom of heaven and then all else will be added unto you'. This is consciousness itself, in its primal form, that holds the seeds of life and the plan of evolution.


These are the mysterious lights over Norway last Month. A good video is included.

December 14 2009 heralded the Geminids meteor shower a remnant of the extinct Phaethon comet.


In previous blogs it was mentioned how gamma rays have this' love/compassion' noted in brain firing in deep meditation and the close proximity of the pulsars surrounding the milky way central sun. This web link is exciting as there is a video of this event.

Interesting, I feel that the video as above depicts as above so below, that the firing of gamma rays in micro seconds in our brains and in the Universe the Mind of God in action also having the gamma love/compassion as Universal/Cosmic consciousness is also in deep meditation.

I have this sense that many awake people see the truth either intellectually, emotionally, physically, psychically, intuitively and yet the 'authorities' apart from a few whistle blowers, silent protesters, sitting on the fence afraid of their loss of status or income [no blame or judgement here, I've been in this situation, it feels really uncomfortable to say the least] keep this obdurate denial. I also feel a kind of force field effect around them, as if they have no choice. I wonder if they are possessed or zapped. Maybe they have gone too far into their own rhetoric that their minds have been enchanted, taken over by the constant repetition of their propaganda and policies.

I get this sense of a membrane smothering them, like a thin plastic sheet, like cling film that suffocates part of their discriminatory functions of their minds. The fog of deception. Sometimes it feels like they are bombarded by frequencies beamed into them.

If I were a conspiracy person I would think that implants have been inserted and they are caught up in the net.



There is a kind of awful energy which goes with the above and I feel it is like the underworld, the dark denizens of hell lurk there. I mention this and the above links in passing and feel that this energy is from a distant and terrifying past and maybe associated with ancient rites of passage, violent spirits of the underworld. This demonic energy is in many of the powerful 'Barons of Industry'. This is being pushed through some digital harmonic frequencies in our networks. Digital frequencies contain just 'packets' of essential data, so there is room for the injection of other data in the 'off spins' or eddy currents which can and do subliminally enter and pass the sentinel of ego, the watchdog of conscious mind subtle levels and so infiltrate the programme library of the small self' the ego'.

Check out what is going at Saturn's Poles. Amazing!!!



Check out this magnificent art work in sand. I have seen many, to my mind this is extraordinary. From Russia with love.


So here we go again, the climate change conference and more interest in money. Amazing, I watched a programme on BBC 2 by a scientist on climate change. He demonstrated that beetles, bugs had been found that lived in a hot climate and that further digging revealed that a change had occurred in them in the same place because of the climate turning cold. He then said the climate changes could switch from cold to hot very quickly in relative terms.

This all occurred long before carbon emissions and I know from ice drillings, fossils found in deep impacted mud in Fjords that record climate changes as cyclic. Dr Stuart also [as in programme] gave the cycle as 11,000 or 12,000 years. THEN HE WENT ON THAT IT WAS OUR FAULT BECAUSE OF CARS, INDUSTRY AND SO FORTH. How crazy is that? Did we have cars etc., 11,00 years ago? Or was there just a lot of animals farting!!!. The week before he showed a scientist doing a carbon dioxide experiment with two water bottles. My Lord of course it would heat, however, there was no Earth, magnetosphere, cloud cover, rain---- what a farce. Then Sir Bloghworthy Whojar tried to defend the scam of the scientists leaked emails as in blog[December 2009], he looked so uncomfortable. I felt so much for him as he could not give assurance.


This article once again vindicates what so many of us have known[big head here has written so many times in blogs, and spoken to clients, lectures and workshops], soon they will find as have many and me that the planets, the Sum, Moon, have on our health. I have pleaded with my GP about blood pressure readings and so forth at full moon, and police know about crime rates at full moon. Typical Darwin and reductionist science to leave us out just as they leave out in physics perturbations, spin and measurement and location see Quantum Apocalypse[video science energygrid] and YouTube ' The Perception of Consciousness [9 min version]. I will endeavour to get the full link from Nature. I repeat if you if you really want to see the fiddle physicists do see Nassim Haramein video.

The one good thing that Dr Stuart came out with is that NOW climate change has turned another corner. See my blogs of the Sun and Earth Resonance [February 2010 and back blogs]. IN The Addendum see a brilliant article by Denie Hiestand named Uncommon Common Sense. Denie is from New Zealand and was recommended to me by Shala Mata who has a web page Light worker and the Ascending Pulse.


Shala swims with whales and lives on Vancouver Island, she is a very wise and lovely person and I am especially pleased to be her friend.

I would like to thank Michael my dear friend and editor for all the help and support he has given me, not only technically but his warmth and understanding, support and friendship has often kept me going during some transient difficult times.

So dear friends until next time take care of your precious selves. Lots of Love. Geoff



Uncommon, Common Sense

Global Warming
By Denie Hiestand

Time magazine in late 1983 was telling us to be worried about the impending era of "glaciation" that was upon us. In fact, earth was years overdue for a "cold snap." According to earth temperature history, (1) there has been a very sharp drop in surface temperature, on average, every one hundred thousand years, give or take a few thousand years, for the last four hundred thousand years. Preceding each of theses "ice ages" the records show a spike in warmer surface temperature. We are about twenty five or so thousand years late in experiencing this short warmer time which only lasts on average for ten thousand years. The rest of the time the earth is largely covered in ice. Eighteen thousand years ago a large part of the United States was covered in ice and then began to recede. At about the same time, Fox Glacier, on New Zealand's South Island's West Coast pushed out into the Tasman Sea for approximately 30 miles. Within the next five thousand years a large part melted but the ice sheet still reached down into central Ohio in the US and the Fox Glacier receded to dry land. A thousand years later the US was largely ice free and the Fox was retreating back to the mountains. "Be Worried. Be Very Worried," said the cover of Time in April last year, earth warming is here and us inconsiderate, car driving, comfort-addicted humans are to blame.

Strange that, I was not aware of any cars, SUVs or coal burning power stations built by us inconsiderate humans ten thousand years ago or for that matter a hundred and twenty thousand years ago, let alone the short warm period of about five thousand years, a hundred thousand years before that. Oh my goodness, we must have been real bad kids back three hundred and fifty thousand years ago because there was a ten thousand year warming. This current warming started thousands of years before gas-guzzling SUVs. The truth is, Earth goes through cyclic periods of warming surface temperature that has nothing to do with our CO2 emissions. Yes CO2 is in higher concentrations in the atmosphere than in the past, but is CO2 a major "greenhouse" gas? Logic and chemistry say all CO2 is the same, whether it is exhaled from the tail pipe of a BMW, or from under the tail of a cow, or wafts off the rotting rain forest of the Amazon or New Zealand's West Coast. Wrong say the greenhouse theorists. Man's contribution to the greenhouse is different and only man's exhaustings count. Let's look at this greenhouse theory of global warming. Earth would be just another icy rock hurtling through space if it were not for our atmosphere. This thin layer of gases allows the sun's heat in but resists its re-radiation back into space. Result: Earth is warmed. Our atmosphere is mostly composed of nitrogen (78 percent), Oxygen (21 percent), argon (0.93 percent), and CO2 (0.04 percent). Gases, such as methane, nitrous oxide and many others are present in trace amounts. The lower atmosphere, about 95 percent of all molecules live within the lowest 15 miles, also contains water vapor of varying amounts, up to four percent by volume.

The Kyoto Protocol rated each gas for its warming potency. Nitrogen and oxygen are not greenhouse gases and have no warming effect. CO2 had LOW warming potency, but its relatively high concentration makes it responsible for 72 percent of Kyoto's equation. Methane (natural gas) is 21 times more potent than CO2, but its low concentration contributes to only 7 percent of Kyoto's equation. Nitrous oxide, mostly nature's creation, is 310 times more potent than CO2, but again, its low concentration keeps its warming effect to about 19 percent. And now, for an inconvenient truth about CO2 and where it comes from- nature generates about 30 times as much of it as does man. That's not 30 percent more- THAT'S 30 TIMES more. Yet the warming worriers are unconcerned about nature's outpouring. They-and Helen Clark-are alarmed only about anthropogenic CO2, that is, the 3.2 percent caused by us inconsiderate humans. This finger-pointing ignores yet another inconvenient truth about CO2.

The fact is that CO2 is a MINOR contributor to the greenhouse effect when water vapor is taken into consideration. When water vapor is brought into the equation, the greenhouse gases of CO2, methane and nitrous oxide together, produce less than 2 percent of the greenhouse effect. If you took the anthropogenic CO2 (the bit we make) content and brought in the water vapor equation, then us inconsiderate humans are only responsible for LESS THAN 0.1 OF ONE PERCENT of the greenhouse effect(2). If we stopped ALL of our CO2 emissions right this minute, not one bit of noticeable global warming would change. Earth is doing its thing and we are along for the ride. If water vapor is the dominant greenhouse gas (that's why you don't get a frost on a cloudy winters night because the water vapor 'clouds' hold in the heat), why is it, that Al Gore, Helen Clark and others focus on CO2. Let's call it "politics of the possible". Water vapor is almost entirely natural. Its production is beyond the reach of our spanners and screwdrivers. And, dare I say it, beyond the reach of the fear mongering tax gatherers. When 189 delegates met at Kyoto in December of 1997 to discuss global climate change (which is happening, has happened in the past and will happen in the future) they could hardly vote to do nothing. This current warming period will cost some countries many billions of dollars as food production, agriculture systems, water availability, weather extremes, etc, will force change on the landscape.

The money has to come from somewhere, and to create a fear, one that can be taxed, that the misinformed masses will embrace, then, as a government you have it made. Billions of dollars can be extorted from the people to fix a problem that does not exist. CO2 as an issue in global warming DOES NOT EXIST. CO2 is a trivial influence on global warming compared with water vapor. However, global warming does exist and is happening, but it is a natural and repetitive earth cycle. Yes, it will affect us all in some way and may well cost some countries many billions.

Fine, we can all accept that; just don't lie to us so you can tax us way before, or even if, it's needed at all. In New Zealand, a bit of warming will be a good thing. We get our wealth from agricultural exports, and warmer, wetter (more water vapor means more rain) weather is the surest and cheapest way to increase production. Also, just try to tell the folks living in Canada or the US mid-west that a little warmer climate is a bad thing!!!! One downside is that Florida may miss out on its winter visitors somewhat and our yearly trek north to the Pacific Islands might have a lower priority. In deciding that it couldn't reduce water vapor, Kyoto really decided it couldn't reduce global warming. But that "inconvenient" truth wouldn't make much of a movie and also make it difficult for the fear mongers to spin into taxation.

(1) Climate and atmospheric history of the past 420,000 years from the Vostok ice
core, Antarctica. J.R.
Petit, Nature 399: 429-436
(2) Richard S. Lindzen of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.
Lindzen is known as "the most renowned climatologist in all the world"
Last 400,000 years Earth Temperature Patterns


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