Dismantling the Scaffold

Geoff Freed — December 2009
Former forensic technician and scientific & medical researcher, lecturer, workshop leader and psychotherapist, Dr. Geoff Freed reports on what is happening energetically on the planet at this pivotal time in history.

FLOATING ABOVE THE SCAFFOLD that seems to resemble my skeleton and what appears to be a covering of transparent pinkish material and strange pulsing pipes and blobs. This I realise is my body. I look around at others and some are floating above their scaffolds and others deeply immersed in their structure. What a strange scenario. Is this some dream or mental aberration? What does this mean to float above ones body, to be spaced out? Is this a sign of delusion, wishing to be somewhere else or is it a progression of a sort?

It seems as society world wise crumbles the foundations are being exposed leaving the building blocks the exoskeletons bare of flesh as it were. The seemingly impenetrable outer material now being seen as vulnerable and defenceless.

My sense of this is that the stand back from the body, the kind of non identity that so many are experiencing is the exposing of the myth of who we really are. [Back blog on my 26 yrs old experience involving my late dear brother and I, and 'I know that I don't know but when I need to know I will know'].

Our bodies are amazing, 98% of atoms go and come in just under a year, a new skin is made once a month, a new skeleton every three months, new stomach lining every five days, brain cells are not there from a year ago and the genetic material which contains many years of information comes and goes like phantoms. Yet our base foundation thoughts and emotions, our conditioning, our cultural background barely in most cases change radically, they are mostly modifications or cosmetically changed, a mere makeover. We are caught in the net of conditioning.

Figure 1 Layers of conditioning and the real 'I ' behind this network of complexity.

It is when this net is being picked apart that the light of who we really are becomes revealed. There is no definition or corporeal being here. It is consciousness in its primal and stand alone propensity. Gradually the net becomes more open and one sees through the spaces and in so doing realises the falseness and illusion. What seemed so real seems now to be a mere film and scenario no longer required.

The floating as described above is the separation and the awakening as to who we really are. This is a temporary event until the time when the scaffold is not needed at all. This we name as death. Those who are immersed deeply in the scaffold this seems the end and terrifying. To those having tasted real identity it is as being dead in the scaffold and yet entirely alive and hopeful. They know innately there is no death.

Perhaps a return to the first paragraph. My perception was that I am gradually dismantling the structure and that a new form is waiting in the infrastructure. The difference being this form has a different mind set, based on the wider spaces in the net so that the messages in the forms of DNA and neuropeptide with transmitters will change the body, the scaffold and its accompanying body parts in subtle and hopefully healthier ways.

This is happening world wide. As the awakening progresses, as the great time clock of the cosmos ticks on, as the planetary alignments, the sun and central sun, all part of the components of the time clock, the mechanical parts as it were, the great wheel turns on the signals and all of the cosmos changes, from the mighty hour hand of the Universe, to the tiny second hand of differing units, us being such a one.

Slowly and some cases rapidly the dismantling occurs and with it the old identity begins to fade. This then can cause a period of chaos throughout all levels of the structure. As these adjustments take place, discomforts, aggravations, seeming illness and some cases severe illness may ensue. Many may choose to leave the planet, others struggle on and yet the struggle has a sense of purpose and not mindless pain and deprivation. They know it is a process and not a mindless punishment by a demented and ruthless God.

This period of chaos I have explained in the tip over theory and Prigogine's theory of dissipative structures. Psychologically, mentally this can seem like withdrawal symptoms and are akin to ascension or transformation stuff.

As I watch the scurrying, hurrying, scampering people below in the street from the perch above my scaffold I see them caught up in this dream of apparent reality. I too get caught up in this mayhem. I see and feel many like myself, wonder and question why I am here, what is life about, is this all it is? The mortgage, the annual holiday, the kids, relationships, is there more? Many turn away from deeper searching and get back into the distraction which this society has a plethora of.

Yet those who pry deeper into the seemingly dark abyss of the mind and its convolutions begin to fathom the meaning of Life. It veers away from accepted standards and logic and yet has a sense of its own volition. Those who feel the attraction, the inner voice, get the courage to go deeper into the depths of their inner space and become innernauts. This is the process of dismantling the scaffold and the outer world no longer holds its seductive glamorous promise of lasting happiness. Here the magic fountain of life is revealed and the patience, perseverance with an intuitive determination pays off eventually.

The outside madness continues. The destruction of the rainforests, huge banker's bonuses, crazy wars and retaliation by terrorism, child abuse, drug and drink issues, yob behaviour, the countless laws to stop the erosion of respect, care and beauty. The ugly face of punitive government, the centralisation of a world, European government, ever increasing big brother surveillance, yet the unrest it causes as both factions battle it out is the very energy of turmoil that can be the catalyst. There is a Yoga that I found that is called the Yoga of Discontent and a Yogi explained to me that a pattern, habit and the like can repeat and repeat until the mind suddenly realises it is outworn and not useful anymore. It is as if the innate wisdom finds a spontaneous gap in the net and shines through and the illusion of the once held reality is dispersed. At some points in my early training with Koan's as per Zen Teacher I felt this sudden vanish of this unwanted material and the saying from Zen felt to be appropriate 'A worn out pair of shoes'. When I lived in retreat in Menorca in the 70's, I used to walk up and down from near the sea to a little village in narrow pot holed fiercely hot lanes with many junctions. Many times I saw these rubber tyre sandals just abandoned by the wayside as they were worn out and not reparable. I wondered how the previous owners hobbled home on such daunting surfaces. In those days I used to walk the lanes and the locals named me 'loco 'and the phrase mad dogs and Englishmen go out in the midday sun' seemed to fit the bill. I used to be deep in meditation and oblivious to it. When coming to a shallow sea by a stony beach at times I would just walk straight in and then come out and continue walking. My jeans shorts became very holy [excuse pun].

Then on returning to England a massive chest infection due to the pollution, unbearable noise and the frantic pace of life. Went back to work and it seemed I 'lost' the quality of my meditation and went through a lean time. My meditative ways have since then have oscillated. It seems that I have to experience the 'dross' of life, and believe me forensics can be just that, only to be background conscious of the deep awaiting ananda [bliss]. These apparent periods of infertility and drought are documented in many treatises.

To me these perceived lapses are part of the package of living in the busy world as in a monastery or enclave community. It seems the starkness and the pain are predominant at such times, however when an occasional quiet peak arises then one realises there is a remote awareness watching this almost imperceptible process. It is as if the grinding stones are wearing away the tarnish of the net as above. Some writers have stated that when enlightened it may take years to integrate this and become the 'norm'. Why so? The polishing or grinding off of the grime still clings to delay the eventual shine beneath. Analogous to this the scaffold that is being dismantled even though the witness is free above and yet it is timely still to live in the scaffold but not be of it. So it is dismantled and reconstructed.

This process of reconstruction has to be a material as it were construction and so it is piecemeal. After the entire scaffold is in the 3D world or so called solids and the witness not so.

I feel society is very much into this and the telltale signs are when the repetitions become more rapid and then it comes to the bifurcation [see Prigogine] and it is release or bust. It is in a moment when the mind controller, the sentinel, the ego guard temporarily relaxes its grip and the net expands and hey presto that which is uppermost and pressing is released. If this is spontaneous it is healing and does not return although ghost images are sometimes there but are seen through. If the release is forced by drugs or alcohol and sometimes severe therapy, then the pattern may return in disguised form or cause a trauma which the mind then sets up a defence system to protect a repeat performance.

Figure 2 The everlasting wheel of Karma

Figure 3 Can we get off of the repetitive wheel of Life? Or do we want to?

The pressure is like a dam that feels its walls pushed to almost breaking point and then a leak and a plug to stop the leak the water then searches for another weak point and another plug until it collapses. This process of dismantling the scaffold and the collapse of the dam may appear to be random, haphazard and seemingly reckless in its format, and yet under the guidance of the new energies which are hand in hand with the Cosmic Intelligence and plan a seemingly disastrous, headstrong destruction might seem extreme. Yet there is a sense of incrementally and intelligently dismantling. Chaotic, idiotic to the ego and threatening, hence resistance and pain. Yet despite this if one is aligned to the process taking place and although not entirely comfortable it will proceed with or without the ego's permission. Those immersed in the scaffold will not come across this decision. Having said this an event such as job loss, relationship breakdown, illness, accident and so forth could cause the awakening response as a life altering situation becomes the saviour, albeit traumatic in the first instance and seemingly painful for a while afterward, due mainly from the withdrawal symptoms from the proceeding life mind set, the gains of freedom and insight start to prevail.

Figure 4 Murky waters of the mind. When will the world muck clear? When the dam bursts the waters of Life may cleanse the stagnations of outworn ideas held in the collective Mind. TIME FOR CHANGE.

Have just read Dr Bruce Lipton's book the Biology of Belief. Please obtain a copy if you will. It changes round the ideas we are dominated and fixed by our genes and DNA. It suggests that the environment we live in influences the genetic action. I feel this is true. The messages coming from the Universe re light encoded information and then translated into the process as Dr Lipton describes [Dr Lipton does not say that the light encoded messages etc., that is my take], and in the way I have explained in many previous blogs. Dr Lipton does not necessarily subscribe to my explanations as I have explained I have my own take on scientific data. However, I cannot stress the importance of his work and I feel it is one of the most important books of this era of change. I wish every doctor in the world would read this and medical schools take on board his work. A bright light in a dark area of health care.

Again one sees the importance of frequency, energy medicine and the community that is us as a body. A fifty or 60 trillion community of cells that constitute the human body. The astounding fact that they have to work in harmony for health and congruity. The world of 6 billion people, nay five million cannot do this. What astounding rapid intelligence. We have it in us and yet we look outside and take from dysfunctional examples to live by. Yet, yet, the awakening is here, take heart, we shall prevail and the wake up call sounds out, the clarion call of the spirit calls loud and clear. Through the deafening noise, the cacophony of modern noise, the fear of silence, those who have ears to hear, eyes to see, minds awake and crystal clear, will respond to this ancient and yet so new call and will take that step and become another person.

We shall leave behind the grime and detritus, the choking pollution and rise to new heights. Then we shall celebrate that which we have longed, yearned and dreamt about, and it will be so.

Dear Friends the above link may seem sentimental yet I feel for it so much. I wish you Ho oponopono. Perhaps if we as a world and we as individuals could say this from the heart we may yet get world peace. Not just an end to war and poverty, injustice and hurt because it is economical, out of fear or because it is survival. It has to be meant, felt, and acted upon. The version in YOU Tube is the one with the green flower.

In a previous blog I mentioned how the quietness and loneliness of the Menorca retreat got to me. I will repeat this and please forgive the repetition. Menorca airport is named Mahon. When I arrived it had a small runway and a shed for a terminal. The person I was supposed to meet [another story], had gone away and so a Vietnam American War veteran met me instead. To say he was traumatised is not exaggerating.

A man of few words to say the least. [ There was a small island off of the coast which was a desolate and bleak place where several drop outs, war survivors lived and it was not advisable to go there].[see old film 'silent thunder' which took place in the USA but would fit the bill].

We drove to the village and thought this is not too bad. Then we veered off left down these hot pot holed lanes, me in a tie and suit my driver in shorts and thin shirt. I panicked how I will know the way back. I tried to persuade the driver on the way to mark the stones and trees. He declined.

We arrived by foot as the last 100 yards were too rutted by ancient steel cart wheels that the little vehicle could not accommodate and too narrow for any other. Then I really panicked. We were 1½ miles from the village, the house was a single story old herdsman cottage with side attachments for animals to live in, a well which I was assured was safe, oil lamps, and a camping gaz appliance to cook on. The bed was a door laid on orange boxes and a mattress atop. Red tiled floors and lime covered walls. The only other room was a small sitting room with a combination of a rickety table an old brown chair and a sofa that was very old. Upstairs, which one had to climb the outside foothold stairs was a barn type structure for grains that needed to dry.

The barn floor was not to be stepped on heavily, however the floor outside the barn was strong. I stood on this and on a clear night with binoculars could just about make out North Africa. I stood on the roof and then saw the village and so having a good sense of direction navigated eventually to the village.

The villagers named me 'loco' and I used to walk in the burning sun oblivious to the heat and rough terrain. I used walking meditation. Sometimes I came across a sandy or stony beech and walked straight into the sea and walked dry my denim shorts [old jeans cut down] and shirt. My shorts became very holy [excuse pun].

The quietness fell about me and this was so, so quiet it buzzed. I explored my surroundings over the next few days. Had to be careful of the sun at first, burning hot. I walked down a beautiful path, which only my intended host had carved out as he walked to the sea and caves. So many butterflies took off so that the sky was seemingly gone in a cloud of colour and glory. There were mysterious caves high up as if old stone people lived there and high ferns and one could imagine ancient creatures lurking in them. So many other wonders.

The loneliness became sharply in me. The quietness, the lack of running water, bathing only in the sea, cold splash downs with a bucket [after a while I improvised and found an iron bath, put it on the roof, filed a hole in the side, found some old hose pipe, plugged it with a cork, put mesh over the bath to stop flies etc., falling in, the sun heated up the water, pulling the cork out gave me a primitive shower].

I felt the withdrawal from comparative luxury. The quietness and loneliness were freaking me out. Yes I meditated and did Tai chi and Kendo exercises only to feel desperately lonlely. I felt to go home, I missed going to football matches [I had a short spell as apprentice with a pro club in London but injured my ligaments and was advised to quit]. The smell of the terraces the shouting, my companions and so forth, came to haunt me and other attractions.

At one time I started hallucinating and day dreaming, fantasies and so forth. The cacophony inside my head, the din, the quietness, and the loneliness it got to a state one night where I could bear it no more. I rushed down a path which led to a gate that led nowhere, somewhat symbolic, I called this path' the path of no return and the end of the world', I used to watch the sunsets at ground level here.

I leaned on this gate and started to cry and shout, and the pressure became so immense, so tumultuous, that it seemed my head would burst open and I go stark raving mad, the fear and the pain was incredible. Suddenly I let go, god knows how or why, maybe those years preparatory to this had somehow given me some unexplainable strength. The balloon burst. A great peace filled me and I enjoyed the rest of my stay there. [See Prigogine and Tip over].

I feel that this is like the transmutation symptoms many of us are going through and perhaps all of us in the next few years. Yet with all this I still have fears which now seem to be receding into the background. However, it does sort of give me an inner knowing that this is not as important and is not of me.

When my time came to leave this haven the first large plane was to arrive on an improved runway and somewhat improved terminal. It was a TriStar plane. It just about made the runway with its nose almost hanging over the road. Luckily for me there were only three planes a day during my stay as I was near to the airport. One was a small mail plane and the other two were small tourist ones. My local farmer who I rented the cottage from[was half a crown a week, went up to three shillings] took me to the airport, back in my suit and no tie, my taxi being a horse and cart, the horse farting away like mad and me laughing my head off. I came back after having a letter from my late brother, and although seemed well, I sensed a big problem. I was correct in that assumption, my dear late brother's health had taken a turn for the worst, and I had to help the family.

I lost a year's pension off of my job and the home office very kindly reemployed me. Oh how that changed me, back in the cacophony and din of London. The first football match I went to did not excite me, this time it was different, I enjoyed it in a quieter way. There seemed to be a distance between the experience and me. It seems as the years have passed this distance I recognise as the witness, the being above the scaffold. Hardly anything now has the emotional impact as it used too, I realise I am becoming more and more the witness. I still enjoy and partake yet with less relish and addiction. I seem to be able to take it or leave it more with a sort of joy and not 'ah well there's nothing I can do about it', there is not the sadness of loss so much now. To say nothing bothers me is not true. There are ghosts that come to haunt and taunt me; however, I see this as a clearing. This is my process to mop up as it were the finer and deeper bits that stick to the side of the pot. Thank you for letting me share this.


Figure 5 Similar to my herdsman cottage. Had side rooms for animals and a balcony with a flat roof. Surroundings not so lush. Did have grasses and stunted trees, an outside loo which used lime to 'flush' toilet and a couple of broken down small barns the home to rats and snakes. The well was housed in a side building. All the buildings were built into the ground rock and so all movements of living beings could be heard and voices carried eerily, especially at night. Now the Island is built up with hotels and other modernisations. Where I lived is now a prime tourist complex of neat rowed holiday flats and houses.

Sometimes something amazing comes along. Jaytee Thompson and I met at a week long seminar held in Scarborough last year. I was presenting workshops and one to one's with other presenters. Jaytee and I made a connection. One of those friendships that last and his lovely partner Becky came for an evening and we connected too. Jaytee was a Royal Marine in the first Iraq war [Gulf War] and Becky a serving police officer. So there was a double connection as I have worked with the military and police during my forensic days. Jaytee shared with me what happened as you will see in the insert below. This is a genuine photograph. There were witnesses and this is like no other photographs I have seen. I assure you it has been examined.

You can contact Jaytee at

This apparition is Jaytee's mother's spirit and he will tell you the astounding account behind it. I do not want to relate it second hand. I know Jaytee this is not a prank. He and his partner are feet on the ground people. When I first saw this I felt it was as if the film cocoon were here again. Many film producers I know often go to archives for data. I have investigated plasma from trance mediums and have witnessed phenomena, nothing like this. Jaytee's house has poltergeists and when I was talking to him the other day all manner of things were happening with these phenomena in his kitchen. [This is written 02-11-09]. So here is the photograph.

Well it will be December when posted anything like the Ghost of Marley in Scrooge on the Christmas TV???. !!!. [see addendum in November 2009 blog. Just added] for more photos of Jaytee and dog mystery].


Have a good read of the above link. It's nice to have alternative Maya Data. Some of it ties in with some of my calculations too. Watch this space.

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Subject: What are we vaccinating or children with? John F. Kennedy's son speaks.

Please send this everywhere, if there are any doubters around you that vaccines are being poisoned with mercury & more to destroy our children's health then get them to watch this.

The swine flu vaccine is also loaded with mercury AS A PRESERVATIVE for pity's sake, they're not even TRYING to cover THAT up.  If you are threatened with losing your job if you don't have this vaccine then threaten to take your employers to the European Court of human rights.  So what if that puts a black mark against you in your organisation, are you seriously going to risk your health for this?  If it really does go to mandatory vaccinations with the threat of arrest then get arrested, DO NOT HAVE THIS VACCINE!!!

Robert F Kennedy Jr reveals the shocking cover ups.  You ABSOLUTELY need to watch this


Then there is the madness of the arrest by an army of soldiers swat teams in the US of an Israeli Scientist about to blow the whistle on the Swine Flu debacle. The banks in the UK having won an overdraft battle against thousands of people who were scammed on their overdraft charges, after the very same account holders bailed the banks out in the first place. You have to wonder that the politicians, judicial system, MP's expenses, cracks down on old folk's homes and treatment whether there is just one big conspiracy and all the authorities are in on it. They are so blatant, in your face. Are they desperate? Have they lost all shame and decency? Are the general public so asleep? Will it get so bad that it will awaken all and sundry?

Fear not the kundalini, the transformative energies are at work in the infrastructure and as we have seen above, spontaneous awakenings are afoot.


This scientist spontaneously awakened. Please look at her short video. I have heard that many doctors, scientists and sceptics have been are having these awakenings. What cannot be stopped is this current of energy even if part of the brain is tampered with.

Hackers have broken into a University of Suffolk in East Anglia and have exposed the global Warming myth. See Mitch Battros not only does he give the emails, he exposes the scientists who set this scam up and calls for Al Gore to have his Nobel Prize withdrawn. This then vindicates along with the following my blogs to some extent. More later on in the new year with luck if I can the information from my whistleblowers.

NASA has confirmed there has been a speeding up of Earth [see previous blogs] and they are puzzled and a slight shift in relationship to Sun and Earth. We are having a slightly better' alignment with the central sun' [see back blog on quasars at Milky Way Centre and gamma Rays as Love pulses]. Also the relationship with Earth and Sun, weak Terra magnetic field open magnetosphere so Sun quietens down to not toast us. [See back blog on Themis Project]. This allows more influence of Central Sun so hence the speeding up of Earth and spontaneous kundalini experiences as above.

One of the most blatant acts of indecency that conceals the cover up of world population cropping and governmental conspiracy. See link above this.

Monsanto have withdrawn certain corn strains as they are found to be unsafe [in Canada]. Another awful indictment regarding GM foods. Hold fast folks many other slimy creepy crawlies will surface as the energies of transformation purge relentlessly personal and global scams and foulness. Whoever wishes or desires atrocities against Mother Earth or her loving inhabitants will be sorted out and shamed.



Another laughing Buddha

Innocent laughing is the harbinger of joy.

This link is a lovely rendition and if you compare the look likes as in previous blogs of Edgar Cayce and the like it is very compelling.

Music plucks the heart strings of the soul and awakens passion. The passion and longing for liberation and oneness.[depends on the choice of music]. The voice is the vocal rendition of the soul's longing for unity and to be lost in the arms of the Divine.

Seasons Greeting to You. Have a great time and sing joy to your heart. Thank for your support.

Lots of Love. Geoff


P.S. When the computers at the University of East Anglia were recently hacked, they discovered that scientists have been hiding the truth about global warming, actively trying to suppress any evidence that it is not caused by CO2.


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