Side by Side — From Particle to Article

Geoff Freed — October 2009
Former forensic technician and scientific & medical researcher, lecturer, workshop leader and psychotherapist, Dr. Geoff Freed reports on what is happening energetically on the planet at this pivotal time in history.

TWO LONG WHEEL BASED tropicalised land rovers were parked back to back to back in a desert, a canvas attached from roof to roof and side attachments forming an oblong tent. I lay on the roof of one of the vehicles looking up at the night sky as the evening turned into darkness and the stars came out as if by an organised light show.

The silence of the desert, my companions inside quiet and meditating, the occasional crack of the contracting sand and salt, as if footsteps were approaching. The heat of the day subsiding and eventually becoming cold. As I lay there I became absorbed in the myriad amazing scene unfolding as it had done and is doing for millions of years. The emerging starry night held me spell bound and as I lay there gazing into the night sky I felt myself going into the night cameo. A slight tinge of fear enveloped me as I began to lose my sense of identity and became overwhelmed. Relaxing into this scenario I became for a while one with this awe inspiring and magnificent experience. Then on coming back to where I was and the shock and excitement with the spaced out feeling as if I were slightly drunk and dizzy.

Figure 1: Infiniteness of space reminds us of our finiteness

The cold became apparent and I went back into the land rover and a special adapted bed across the front seats was my sleeping space. My two companions had their sleeping bags across the two long range diesel fuel tanks by means of planks. All in all a cosy arrangement easily erected and dismantled.

I lay in my warm sleeping bag and thoughts and feelings crowded my excited mind. That starry night, many stars no longer there. How did they get there? Where did I come from? Who am I? Where am I going when I dissolve like an exploding star? I felt so finite, tiny and small, and yet so comforted at the same time. Deep inside I knew I was part of this, and yet somehow separate. It was a side by side arrangement.

Of course my logical mind said "It was a result of the big bang" "It was God that created it all", "Who created God? ". This and many other questions arose. Then again I surrendered and agreed within me to accept the mystery. As soon as I did this a pleasant relaxed glow crept through me and I knew that this is the quest, the journey and indeed this was why I was in this vehicle anyway.

During the course of the journey many wonders and sights were experienced. Then it came, the big question one night again pondering on the roof and sleeping bag. How did the first particle arrive? How did these particles arrive to become articles, forms? Of course the logical mind said evolution. Yet my scientific mind said there is no intelligence in evolution it self forms itself without any need for intelligence or consciousness of itself.

This explanation did not satisfy me. I felt that if I am part of this then I am aware of myself, I am conscious of my existence, whether an illusion or not. The next step in this drama that was unfolding in me, and I might add causing me considerable consternation, as one of my companions remarked" where are you these days, you seem very preoccupied?" I began then some forty years back to realise that consciousness is who I am and what formed the worlds of form. Then the process still ongoing of what is this consciousness, the search for at onement with this consciousness, endeavouring to define this awareness and the constant enquiry of 'yes I know I am this consciousness and I accept I am aware of my awareness and as such consider me a sentient being'.

Yet a nagging question arose. How did this consciousness arise or become manifest in its awareness of itself? My spiritual mentors told me that there was no answer to this and I would know the 'intuitive' answer. In other words the answer was outside logic, the finite mind, and the answer would come intuitively from the inside mind.

Forty years on and flashes of the 'answer' have arrived spontaneously, uninvited, not sought for, and it seems when the mind is not searching, it relaxes, goes beyond the boundaries of its own making. Then a flash, a knowing, no words as such, just a kind of inner glow a confirmation which no explanation could bring, and then peace a flood of tears sometimes. Then being human, whatever that conjures up to mind, and being me, my ego starts up its quest and says" surely there is more to it than that, you are not really satisfied with this?" .

It seems my programming, my conditioning, my ever restless ego still wants the journey and the quest. It seems I have to exhaust every niche and cranny of who I am to come back, to arrive back, at that intuitive enlightening flash and that is the bedrock of my existence and indeed that of the Universe. The particle to article is complete because consciousness has its own reasoning beyond the ken of the ego. It is the compliment to the ego; it is not in opposition to the ego. Because if consciousness wants, wishes, desires to become aware of itself, it has to have an ego to validate the complimentary side, it is indeed the mirror of its own existence.

What then is left to quest to travel on to be Life? It is a constant journey. Consciousness creates forms in order for the forms to be mirrored by a finite form in order for that form to be seen as illusion of its creator so that the complimentary infiniteness maybe witnessed and consciousness once again establishes its own infinite identity through its dissolving of its finite component.

So where am I now? I am no further than forty years ago in the sense I have not solved or want to solve how consciousness arrived and am and is. Why so? Because consciousness is the bedrock for me there is nowhere else to go. I am that. I am the quest that I seek. It seems that I just experience what consciousness throws up and this confirms as I experience this, that I am awareness; this is my true nature and alpha and omega. The journey through finite forms will continue to confirm the illusion of finiteness, the mirror and complimentary to the witness of these finite forms me as the infinite witness or awareness. So the mystery consciousness remains to be the finite mirror form not so to witness presence of the awareness another nomenclature for consciousness. All these are words until one has that flash of knowing.

Then a question. Why one cannot remain in the peace, unformed energy or potential, in the primordial awareness? The only way I see this and it is logic and therefore a view from finiteness. Consciousness which has its own 'logic' wishes to experience itself and so therefore like us built in the image of consciousness, it wishes to live, experience and enjoy its creativeness. Maybe boredom, loneliness urges the creation to spring forth. I did mention several times in past blogs that in some Eastern philosophies the 'spirit of Eternal Loneliness' causes the explosive urge of creation. That seems something I can accept. For out of loneliness we seek companionship and who is to say that consciousness does not have the same emotion?

Further on into the journey there was the living desert. Although barren it felt as though it were a canvas to write ones thoughts on to daydream. There also was this possibility in the quietness and emptiness of visual input to get to' grips' as it were with ones own presence and aliveness. The quietness, the hissing sound inside oneself and then the rebellious mind not liking this emptiness. One night after a few days of this peace my mind stopped its incessant chatter as if the internal dialogue miraculously switched off. It came about as I heard the loud cacophony of sound like today's ghetto blasters, and something inside yearned for the quiet and kept it so for days.

Coming back into the towns and markets, the noise and bustle even with meditation and searching for this quiet I seemed to have lost it. Yet the inside din was and never has been so loud again. It is more of a background hum now, and even in so called retirement in quiet surroundings the inside head stuff is far more in the distance and none interfering. It seems my souls yearns for this and deservedly gets a smidgeon of reward.

One night as I lay on the roof as night began to fall a strange glow appeared on the horizon as I lay parallel to it. Flares of light lit up the horizon; I could not make this out. On using binoculars I realised this was the burn off stacks of an oil refinery. The barren desert, the stars, the eerie quiet, the flares, it all seemed surreal. This reminded me of the illusion of form, transitory, yet so mind appealing and sometimes addictive.

Figure 2: The Living Desert

There are two 'spiritual' experiences regarding deserts. One is the living desert and the other the desolate desert. Both I have described and experienced in back blogs. Many a traveller and pilgrim have found and lost themselves in the desert. Some people cannot abide the absence of noise and substance; I prefer the stillness and sparseness of form. These days I seem to be emptying my tiny flat of its contents. Strange the more I give away the more I found I have stored like a squirrel and its winter cache.

So from this massive journey of mind and miles and to 2012 and this whole concept of whether there might be a critical mass of minds and so tip over the current paradigm [see back blogs on the number of sites and people turning towards a new way]. The forces of lethargy, security, comfortability, entropy and the human condition of greed, hoarding and sheer addictiveness to power and egoism seeking to delay and destroy the new way foreword, I offer a workshop scenario some of us did in the 80's. We called it planetary initiative [have mentioned it before]. It was backed for a short while by the UN, it printed out a planetary passport [I still have this, it is not a legal document], then when the great immigration, asylum seekers and the like started, this passport was discontinued. The dream was that eventually the whole human race would see one another as planetary citizens, celebrating their uniqueness and diversity rather than fearing it and endeavouring to proselyte to a one politic and religion. A similar idea to the one world government, but there would be devolution, and an ethos that what works locally can be shared and ingeniously, inspirationally reworked to other localities because of climate, culture and the like. Local herbal and building strategies along with harmless friendly technology, coupled with adaptability and encouragement to this rather than punishment and large global conglomerates. The reason planetary initiative did disperse is because we wanted it to be an inclusive idea and not top heavy.

Many left and did their own thing. I went into Attitudinal Healing and then from that to the work I do now called Healing Attitudes. One of the ideas that so appealed to me I will show below in a small diagram.

Figure 3: Left side mega crisis. Right side mega solution. Apex synthesis.

An example on left side Pollution. On right side alternative solutions as in new technologies. On left allopathic medicine and complete removal of natural therapies. On right Complimentary medicine including the best allopathic.

As one approaches the apex things get more intense and more critical. Then as the crescendo increases then it implodes and explodes into a third way or synthesis. This hopefully will occur in 2012, or 2036 and 2075. I have a feeling that this is happening now and will complete its second phase by 2012. Apart from Rupert Sheldrake [critical mass, rat experiments, chickens, don't lie, REG stuff, telepathy in Koestler Unit, Institute of Noetic Sciences and Cellular interview with Dr Graham Farrant, all in previous blogs, books by Marylyn Fergusson, Peter Russell, all in previous blogs] I would like to share now a very important theory and world recognised fact now by a genius scientist.

The world scientific community had been to this point of discovery become more involved in closed systems. Closed systems seem to be closed like the contents of a room but over long time they slowly interact with the environment. Closed systems can reach a point when they reach a state of maximum disorder. This state of disorder then reaches a point of entropy which can no longer hold its form together.

Along comes Prigogine whose interest is in open systems. These systems constantly interact with their environment. They change, evolve and grow. Living organisms are of this kind. They are constantly in flux or equilibrium. They take on forms of light, heat, food, air and water and at the same shed their intake in the form of waste, carbon dioxide and various activities, and so are having to constantly adjust to their environment. This entails, healing, learning, growing changing.

Prigogine's study of open systems was to understand how systems of sustainable and increasing order survived in a Universe that tends towards disarray and chaos. He found that open systems took in material but also had the ability to dissipate the entropy back to the environment. He called these structures dissipative structures. He found that all open structures in order to survive must constantly take and dissipate back to the environment; this means a constant flow of energy in and out of the system. In fact the system is the flow. Quantum physicists' of the mechanical branch of this science, uphold this view, that the universe is not one independent thing or set of things, it is indeed one of changing, flowing, evolving, intimately interconnected system of interactions.

These dissipative structures are therefore unstable and live in fluctuating environment but are supple enough to handle variations. The more structured and complex this system becomes the more entropy it must handle, and so dissipate more entropy to survive. This is a major and noted point. If the disturbing ripples, fluctuations, variances increase too much for the system to maintain from the environment and the system becomes more chaotic and entropic internally that is, then the system begins to crack up to the point where a slight touch can bring that system to a crunching stop. This Prigogine calls bifurcation point [split into two branches]. The system then has two ways to go. It goes bust completely and is non existent or it self organises or spontaneously reinstates itself. Amazingly this reinstatement or reorganisation is not associated in anyway it was before, and is not in the least associated or predictable from previous conditions. Like in quantum stuff only the probability is a possibility that an outcome may occur. This is a true quantum leap, a particle, a death and rebirth through quantum fluctuations. The new system then has the propensity to maintain and facilitate the fluctuations, the flow and input from the environment, which had caused the previous structure and system to breakdown. Prigogine's own words" the system escaped into a higher order". Out of the chaos and breakdown of the old system a new ordered system and is more highly evolved. In fact it has the ability to survive in the previous environment more efficiently. However, the same repetitive procedure will follow if the fluctuations prevail and put it in overwhelm and cause the chaos and breakdown. So evolving a higher order and advanced evolution again. The spiral of evolution follows this path.

From this we see how the present paradigm and mega crisis and solution meet at the apex. The saturation point, the point of bifurcation, so go into chaos as we now see in the environment politically, morally, religiously, financially and individually, we are approaching maximum entropy and if we cannot dissipate this to the environment, which we cannot it seems, as we keep going around and around the bush, not really changing policies but laundering them to look as though changes have taken place and entropy builds up, there is no exchange just a stagnation of old ideas, a merry go round, this then gives a bifurcation, bust completely or quantum leap into a higher order. Check out this similar idea.

Then the system breaks down and out that chaos then there is a quantum probability of synthesis or the new order as it emerges from the ground base of being. What might this be or when? It might breakdown completely by 2012 or those other dates given, and what might it look like or be? We only have the promise of a probability that is a possibility. That we can be sure of, a new way will arrive, when and where are only in the realms of possibilities and probabilities. Yet it will arrive.

Figure 4: Particles photographed from bubble chamber.
Possibilities from this?

As above Jupiter's scar Venus's pimple, Mars methane, Sun pulsing, all planets having climatic changes similar to global warming. This might be the tell tale signs that entropy is at hand, the breakdown occurring and the input from the central Sun causing an enormous input of energy, which in turn will cause the dissipation to be large in exchange and if not, then bifurcation, the breakdown into chaos. Then the solar system will be caput, or a new higher order will evolve out of the chaotic debris.

This new system according to Prigogine will be able to accommodate more energy and hence input. It will also be able to dissipate it as well. Is this not the set up writers, channelers, bloggers and all sorts of 2012 and similar scenarios write about? Some of the prophesies included in this paint similar cameos. As to the exact time scale? I feel this depends on the amount of entropy this present system can handle. I have quoted in past blogs a kind of formulae. 'The breakdown and or the breakthrough are proportional to the units in this system and the sum of the consciousness of the individual and the whole will be tantamount to the systems health and sustainability as to the survival of the system'. In other words free choice is there only as a delay. Inevitably the system will collapse and hopefully rebuild in a higher structure.

The maximum energy input is coming close as the Sun travels to its appointment and alignment with the Central Sun December 2012 which incidentally is the end of the 11 year Sun cycle C24 which as yet has not turned out to be the 50% higher flares [CME's] although I suspect the Sun is still pulsing

I favour the idea of two differing consciousnesses living side by side and who knows maybe in differing dimensions without them being aware of themselves and those in them not realising the separation.

Figure 5: The jouney of the Sun across the ecliptic. The nearer the centre the warmer.

Civilisations fluctuate with the Sun's proximity to the Central Sun and it has been shown that certain hormones proliferate and decline with these cycles of heat and cold[see back blogs].

Figure 6: the rise and fall cycles of populace with ecliptic cycles

The Maya understood these sun cycles as did the Egyptians and the various other peoples. The intelligent sun becomes the intelligent central sun becomes the intelligent Universe, becomes the Divine Mind and plan, which is an ever changing scenario and evolutionary journey.

The next diagram shows the relationship between the sun cycles and the hormones, I have suggested before [back blog] that there is also a relationship between obesity and the sun cycle. I feel only 5% of obesity is food, exercise and modern culture, like with global warming we still should cut back emissions and with obesity take a careful look at diet, exercise and the like. It would seem the Cosmos plays a much larger part in our lives than we might have thought.

Maybe the transformations symptoms, to some painful, and to others a hypochondriacally sensitive and lonely confused person because that set of individuals do not seem affected by them. Yet this is not an issue. We have our paths to follow. In my case I realised the 1967 writings were and is my path. These strange anomalies in my life make me search deeper, it is my 'spiritual', sometimes defying logic and common sense and other times so simple and easily understood.

What if we are brave enough to reach outside the known, the box? Would we indeed be lost without hope and desolate? We will never know until we defy logic at times and leap into what may seem a bottomless pit.

So many people have contacted me and I share their feelings, as they feel reality, their very identity, that was and to some extent their reality shift. Indeed it is the shift, truly the shift of the ages.

And so to the future. Who knows as we go further and further into a real flip, a kind of mental, psychological, emotional roller coaster.

I would advise one not to take the ionising too seriously as in depiction; however, there is a research about fertility in male and female and so much IVF going on. Yet in some places there are huge increases in the birth rate. My feeling is that the warming proliferates the birth rate through the hormone abundance [back blog], whiles the CME's [solar flares and pulsing], and may cause a higher risk of ionisation.

Figure 7: This depicts the journey of 36 years across the centre. A debateable figure.

This 36 year is interesting. I have stated we have a series of windows of opportunity so as to speak, 2012, 2036 and 2075. One can calculate from the grand cross in July 1999 and it comes to 2035, and or from 1998 to 2034. These are near enough to my 1967 information which said 'in 1999 there would be a Grand Cross in which humanity will unleash its filth and degradation into the world, this falling from the cross unlocks the door to the putrid vileness that has been suppressed down the ages of this cycle. A great upheaval will ensue and the healing, purging process will commence, and an alchemic process caused by the heat of the local solar sun will be responsible for this process. A great suffering by many will be undertaken, and they that are left will be cleaned out scrubbed and have to start over, and yet the shift this brings in consciousness will make this non laborious. In fact it will seem a new and pristine world, hallelujah'.

Once again NASA have confirmed what I feel, of course its not the official view and that the Sun is doing strange things [Again see Nassim Haramein video as before at the 4-hour mark], check out this link.


NASA's Chandra X-ray Observatory has uncovered a dramatic find as it captures a new vision of the Galactic Centre disclosing a complex and hostile environment. An area known as "Sagittarius A," contains several mysterious X-ray filaments. Some of these likely represent huge magnetic structures interacting with streams of very energetic electrons produced by rapidly spinning neutron stars or perhaps by a gigantic analogue of a solar flare. [see also back blog on quasars].

Is there a connection, or perhaps a revolutionary find which supports Mayan prophecy of the coming Galactic Alignment, 2012, and Cycle 24's apex (or maximum)? A picture comes together further bringing modern science and ancient text ever more united. As the galaxy's centre comes closer to its alignment with our solar system, could this bring with it continued escalation in earth changes events?

A collection of Chandra pointing has created a single snap-shot of galactic evolution. Surrounding a massive central black hole, we find bright young stars housed in a hostile environment. Scattered throughout the region are thousands of point-like X-ray sources. These are produced by dense remains of stars that have reached the end of their evolutionary trail which end up as white dwarfs, neutron stars and black holes.

The world of science is coming to a similar idea as Prigogine. See link below and the leading scientist Martin Scheffer of the Wageningen University in the Netherlands.


Figure 8: Wild life signs are telling to change

Another mystery from NASA. Our Earth speeding up.


Well Folks. Have a great time. The energies are powerful and huge. The transformation continues its work of breakdown, breakthrough and build up.

Figure 9: Have fun!

A really loving and beautiful Hawaiian tradition is Ho' oponopono. Just google in and then You Tube. It brought tears to me and a deep heart felt gratitude.


Lots of Love and Take Care. Geoff

ADDENDUM. At the risk of seeming melodramatic I urge, nay plead with you to look at the following video on YOU TUBE. I believe that the future of Humankind lays in this beautiful interview of a brave courageous and informed lady.


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