Here We Go Again — Rebooting

Geoff Freed — September 2009
Former forensic technician and scientific & medical researcher, lecturer, workshop leader and psychotherapist, Dr. Geoff Freed reports on what is happening energetically on the planet at this pivotal time in history.

THE ENERGIES SINCE LATE MAY 2009 have been similar to those of 2004 and when I started recording them blog wise. In fact, almost identical.

In 2004 late after Christmas I had the pentagrams, the dark night of the soul and the giddiness with abdominal area crystal. Then I had to ask my goddaughter to look after me. I also had reluctance to water; I had a down in the dumps feeling and breathing irregularities. I was also informed it was an initiation.

This time the same only less severe on down in the dumps, huge electric and heat energy, crystals in heart and crown chakra and also told it was an initiation. Back then a financial and physical crisis with energy and balance. This time health issues and hospital stuff with balance issues.

I feel that this period is the rebooting or upgrading, a kind of reconfiguration and that the whole person has been sufficiently upgraded, cleaned out to a degree where new more potent downloads can be offered and administered. This is going to be very, very crucial as the next outpouring, dosage and vibrant input will be breathtaking—literally. I feel many will either be ill or apparently ill, weakened to the point of disablement and possibly leave the planet. Time to go. If this seems negative, it is not meant to be. Life is eternal. I feel and have felt recently perhaps I have done my job and it is time to go home, yet it could be the entropy [see October Blog]. Part of the Shamanic prophesy from November Gull Moo as the death of the old self—see blog].

The other side of this is that many no matter what age there is a possibility that we will be regenerated rejuvenated and will prove to be marvels.

This as above is dependant on the so called 'junk DNA' and its encoded message for each individual [see blog on Russian scientist and DNA]. It is not dependant on inherited subconscious conditioning that programme and overrides the natural DNA upgraded message. This subconscious stuff is being cleared by self growth work, the transmutation energies, and the space cleared by the removal of the outworn programmes which leave a space when purged for the new encoded messages triggered by the Cosmic Consciousness, filtered through the Central Sun to our sun and then dispersed through planets, comets, Earth energies, which trigger the release from the so called' junk' creating new neural pathways and new peptide flows, the release of kundalini.

The actual process is a whole sequence. The triggering releases a spray or over lighting energy cloud which sprays its messages in accord and harmony to the chakras, DNA, which in turn go deeper into the solid body so to speak. A blocked response to this leads to bloating, itching, dizziness, and palpitations in short the ascension transmuting symptoms.

The over lighting cloud or umbrella looks like a shower spray with separate jets or umbrella spikes which then cover the whole auric shield so the aura then sorts out by its innate intelligence, as of the body itself and is of course Cosmic in origin. This spray is of varying frequencies which entrain or marry to the unit, chakra and so forth and it is tuned too. Then it is passed through the interface of the DNA. The DNA is the interface between energy and matter as it were. A kind of transducer.

The refinement process is endemic to the individual. In my case I was telling people from 1968 onwards about the symptoms, and some were getting them then. Kundalini, Tantric Yoga and some types of Qi Gong also share similar detox presentations. I was fortunate so I thought I would never or hardly experience them, I felt somehow the 'mission', my NDE and spiritual practices would alleviate or even exonerate me from the process. Little did I know it would bombard me, zap me from 2004 onward? No room for complacency.

The new configuration is of higher and finer frequency and its process is not that of percolation or seeping. It is a piercing sonic type laser quality vibe. It is searching and very much pulsed through Pluto [and of course other planets]. Remember Pluto is in Capricorn for some years. Pluto is searching and clearing dross in depths and Capricorn is the sign of attainment and initiation. Planets like Mercury will send higher velocity messages from the 'Gods' so to speak, equivalent to our fibre optics internet, Saturn will give us upgraded structure commensurate to the need of the age, Uranus will give the kundalini and awakening electric shocks, Virgo the feminine upgrade, Aries a new chapter in our lives, Cancer will open up the secret vaults, Taurus will give us Cosmic strength, Scorpio will lift sexuality and sensuality to new heights and androgyny, Mars will fortify us in inner power and empower the masculine to balance the feminine , Neptune will bring inner emotions to peak into Cosmic Joy and the other planet such as Lilith, Eris, Ceres, Sedna, Chiron and so forth will gradually add their mix as we travel on.

This process will go for 150 years to complete the new humanity. The configuration now present was fuelled and fired up by the June Solstice, the three eclipses, the distances relevant to the sun and moon from Earth [see last blog], the Central and Local Sun alignment of 2012, in fact this process of stage 2 which we are in is due to culminate in 2012. There are many upgrades and stages after this. Ones in 2036 and 2075 as mentioned many times.

On a different tack. A few friends and I were discussing a document we received regarding the Planet Lilith and the myth or legend of Adams first wife Lilith and the move to Eve. According to legend Lilith refused to be underneath in sexual union and so went of in a huff and became in some accounts an angry Amazon and Eve then became the subservient female partner.

In today's society we see many angry women [men as well—later on discussion] and women binge drinking, girl gangs, women taking their role in business and so forth. When I worked for the police terms like WPC were dropped and just PC or DC instead of WDC. This was all part of the equality programme. Interestingly enough the women seemed aggressive and wanted to out do the men, after a few years it settled down, however, there were undertones mainly from the men feeling put out, their manly hood threatened or an over protection. This is still apparent in many work places and can lead to sexual innuendoes, sexual harassment and favours to the boss.

Male dominance, to coin a phrase, has been since subservient Eve and religions in many cases have been male dominated and up to recently the military as with the medical authorities. Lilith is now reclaiming her usurped position, although albeit of her own choice, she now does not demand on top sexual congress [some ethnic communities feel this is the true position as the female can control the act and await her climax without male ejaculation being over to fast and the female not enjoying true union], so maybe now either partner changes or it is a side by side equal sharing, as it were.

When both partners climax there is a self abandoned ecstatic feeling and a complete loss of ego and self, there is a nirvana or Samadhi, ananda [bliss]. This is why obviously so many perform the act as it is so pleasurable. Esoterically or spiritually speaking this 'loss of self' can be referred to as 'Union with the Divine'. In deep meditation there can be this grace and bliss and it is sometimes known as the Cosmic Orgasm. Some people have suggested that the origin of the Universe was masturbation by Cosmic Consciousness the orgasm the big bang and the planets and stars or rather the 'debris and dust' is the semen and sperm of God. Hope this does not offend. Space in some Eastern Philosophy is known as the womb of God.

Sexual intercourse is a means to procreate and in its higher form a way to experience the taste of the Divine. However the addictive nature of the ego slants towards preference and the hedonistic pleasure of the method and technique and the union with God as secondary.

Lilith planetary wise is recently discovered and now becoming included by some astrologers. To me she is gaining influence and the rise of the feminine energy is so important so as to counterbalance the male domination. When a true balance is attained then Lilith and Eve would have joined and the true women arrived.

Lilith is known by similar names Lil-itu, Sumerian Lil [air], Nin Lil Lady Air Goddess of the South Wind and wife of Enlil and so on, she is mentioned in Kabala, Talmud and in many other traditions. In some psychotherapy schools she is the shadow of Eve and vice versa. I feel there is a link with her and Sedna [see earlier blogs and legend of Sedna. Another recently discovered planet and being looked at by astrologers and included in some charts]. It would seem that the feminine is rising astrologically and that Aquarius points to this union with a harmony between male and female in androgyny.

Lilith is also associated with the Lilly and in certain Eastern texts the Lilly is supposed to represent or symbolise the vagina opening to the sun and the clitoris the stamen and the secretions during intercourse and cuni lingus [oral sex] is the female yin energy. When I was taught Qi Gong we learnt the sexual practices of the art and were told not to indulge too much, the best times and that when or if performing cuni lingus not to do this regularly as it deprived the female of yin energy and could take away her power, whilst enriching the male. There are ways of harvesting Yin power for men without sexual activity. Such as moon bathing exercise, Sun for Yang. Rest in morning. Sexual activities in morning.

It would seem that Lilith is rising and it this process she is gaining the attributes of Eve as Eve is gaining her energy and emancipation from Lilith and male dominance [see female circumcision, African women rape and indeed refugee women rape].

The emancipation of Lilith and Eve will culminate when the energies and coding trigger the DNA as it is now and it will reach its climax in a majority hopefully with the windows of opportunity in 2012, 2036 and 2075. The very fact the new codes are triggering the DNA is shown by the emerging dysfunctional patterns being displayed. It is the outworking in society that is the detoxification and expunging of hither to buried emotional gunk.

Figure 1 Beautiful portrayal of Lilith as a Calla Lilly

Brain chemistry [see John Barrowman and his search for his homo sexual reality], has shown that lesbians and male homosexuals have definite brain chemistry differences to heterosexuals. My feeling is that it lies in the dormant DNA [see previous blogs and Russian Scientists etc.,], and that the rising feminine is balancing the male and that the rising Lilith is balancing the male aspect. Lilith it is said secretly or subconsciously envies male energy and seeks to destroy men in many ways and is often in myth logically associated with the serpent. Sinewy, slowly coiling and seductively provocative as in the temptress. Forensic investigations of brothels, massage parlours, sadomasochistic dungeons, street prostitution, has found that many dominatrix were of a Lilith type and that female slaves to them were Eve's and that men slaves were the shadow Adam. As a psychotherapist I have seen this with child with parent issues, parents with child issues and of course Karmic implications too.

Here of course Chiron the wounded healer comes in. Chiron was a centaur [part man, part horse, both untamed and battling within them], Chiron's father was Zeus and king of the Gods, and Chiron was abandoned by his parents, however, he overcame his personal issues to become a wise and mature healer, which he found through overcoming pain and the lessons learned therein. He was an immortal and was wounded by a poisoned arrow and prayed to die, he was granted this wish. Chiron is often called a planetoid and was discovered in 1977.

This is so poignant to today. So many people being rejected, refugees, asylum seekers, parental children issues [so many children running away from home], relationships breakdowns personal, political, businesswise and one against oneself, huge denials and deep frustration anger and guilt. Vicious killings by knife crime, drug wars, alcohol and drug abuse. Wars, riots, strikes. Yes the bubbling inferno of unrest as the old subconscious issues as above and many more are rising out of the depths. The monster as in revelations is an analogy I feel. This is the toxic waste of humanity long held down by superstition, religious tyranny, and denial. Now we hear we need a listening government, how often do children and people tell me I want to be listened to, not just heard, deeply listened to, and not have the listener having a subconscious agenda and only half listening and ready to pounce to get their point over? We are told by politicians we will listen and do they? No wonder the world over there is anger, frustration of not being heard, and of course Mother Earth not being listened to as well.

So here we go again. The male Adam has to acknowledge his shadow the guilty male side that feels unworthy and failed his parents and clients and in the sexual parlours I have seen and heard the punishments that these men had administered to them to endeavour to ally their guilt and the 'naughty useless self effacement, waste of space a useless piece of s—t ' attitude and belief of themselves, never getting to the root cause and so endless visits, expenditure and searching for more hurtful punishments ending in torture in order to expiate their pain.[I witnessed this as a therapist and my time in forensics].

How sad. Yet the law does this in endless ways to punish people, take away their rights, invade their countries force people into terrorism, young offenders who reoffend, curfews, parents who feel failures to their kids, kids who feel failures to their families and most of all, all feeling failures to themselves. So we will punish back we will destroy this monster that spawned us. When will it stop?

It will stop. There is a climate arising through the fog of pain and suspicion, through mists of illusion, derision and hurt. I feel a great tug in my chest. So many people with heart decease, heart failure, irregularities. Why? Because as the pain of the unconscious vents itself into world issues and comes to be seen, an emotional subconscious transparency is occurring. We begin to recognise this is in me. I have been in denial. This is the next world step and individual embrace.

We realise we have a lack of heart, we head respond. Now our hearts are opening to the dawn of a new energy, a new way. This energy will awaken the closed heart chakra and wrench open the grimy dusty encrusted vault cobwebbed door. The door will creak open with ominous rusty clanking screeching sounds. The light will filter in and then, the moths, bugs and mould will be exposed to the light and gradually the crud will evaporate and the first dawn light melt away the tears of the age now receding to usher in the way to follow.

Once again pure untainted blood will flow through elastic veins and rejuvenated valves, our hearts will beat to the rhythm of love. Our Earth cleansed of toxicity, our food tasty without artificial flavours that overlay the taste of foul preservatives, pesticides and the like, our rivers flow fresh and pristine and our love restored so that respect and peace flourish in our society. There will be a joy, a dynamic to create beauty and safety and those who walk the Earth will be Planetary Citizens who have the ethos of One World, One Humanity, and One Divinity. They will rejoice in their diversity and support each other in that diversity. It will be a joyous and dynamic as not been seen world wide before. AND IT CAN BE ACHIEVED AND WILL BE.

So ladies it is all right to be manly, tough and decisive and also to be sensitive, soft and feminine, also hetro or not and BE the Wonder Women and super Heroine. Above all be true to your true self. OK fellows it is alright to cry to appear a wimp to be caring, tough and superman. It is OK to be hetro or not, again be true to who you truly are. Hey peoples never give up the quest to be who we are, Human flesh biological forms of Cosmic Intelligence.

The journey to the end of this age and our individual completion as human forms on Earth run concurrently. What we are working out so is the world and it's populous. This is a great self growth Comic Workshop. Remember we are energy beings disguised as humans, we are spirits, splinters of the Cosmic Mind. Human body perfection, gender and accomplishments no matter how laudable are only part of the game. Go for bulls eye, stretch to the limits and let us all break through this present mind set and its separatist and compartmentalised rhetoric . A quote from the bible "But they that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings as eagles; they shall run, and not be weary; and they shall walk and not faint" Isaiah 40.31. "I am not a Christian. a Jew, a Buddhist, A Hindu, an Atheist or any other religion, sect, or ism, for my way is different, if made a King I am not exalted if made a beggar I am not deflated, for my way is different." Hari Prasad Shastri.

On rare occasions I have felt the surge of power in meditation and felt a super being, on walks sometimes I get energetic injection and I have walked for hours, run and not be weary. This in some writings about the age to come or now emerging as green tender shoots will be the regeneration and rejuvenation and it will not depend on exercise, diet or supplements. This will come when the signals activate, trigger the DNA [so called junk] and as in speech [see earlier blog] automatically download the encodings and so we become a super race. Glimpses of this are around and felt today.

However, if the Cosmic Plan is disrupted [we have free will] and those sections working to hijack this evolutionary process are successful then the encodings will be held back. That is why the process will take 150 years to complete from 2012, 2036 or 2075. This is also the period that the Sun takes from 2012 to 2075 to cross the galactic centre. There is a debate that it takes 36 years and it started from the harmonic convergence in 1987, some say 2009 this year. See my back blog on time. In the Cosmos all is in relationship to all, so that calculations from several different vantage points in the solar system can give variables. I naturally go to the information in the 1967 notes.

August 3rd 2009 just read that Venus has a blip on it that maybe a volcano erupting or an impact. It joins Jupiter in its change of appearance. Astrologers are giving many interpretations. My take is this, that the heating up of all the planets which is their equivalent to global warming is either, it is self induced, for instance Jupiter produces about 90% of its own heat plus the pulsing suns contribution, maybe Venus has the same phenomena in its own way. See again Nassim Haramein's. Russian Scientists, Themis project and enigma and you will indeed realise there is something very, very interesting happening out there which in turn as an interconnected, interrelated whole then local events become Cosmic events and vice versa. [See electron experiments in earlier blogs] must in its transformed way effect and affect us. Jupiter's Scar, Venus's spot and now Mars and methane cloud [supposed to be no life up there], planets warming up, sun pulsing, hmmmmmm!!!.

On to an old friend. With all the activity as above it might be as well to return to NASA and some mysteries that they admit and that add to enigma of 2012. April 11 2004 Photograph by NASA show an analogy to Professor Liedenbrock and fellow explorers who travel to the Centre of the Earth in Jules Verne's classic story, in which strange and wonderful things emerge. Astronomers know of strange and wonderful things at the Centre of the Galaxy. Much is blocked by swirling gas.


At first there was a reluctance to explore this centre of mystery. Then gradually there was an interest. Not only is it of vital information for astronomers because of this huge massive impact of energy and its black hole propensities, it of importance to ancient legend regarding the Central Sun and its significance to the alignment in 2012. See also Nassim and the portal to the solar system [part 2 as mentioned in previous blogs].

Strange Radio emissions named by NASA as a Radio mystery. Radio astronomers tuned into the area and found a complex and mysterious place. This area of the black hole belts out astonishingly high energy streams. I have surmised this may be entraining our sun to pulse and get active, effect our DNA and the complete story as in blogs.

Remembering the return of the Sun Gods, the Vatican's interest in the Sun [see Nassim again at 4 hour mark] this area may hold mysteries not understood and what will excitingly be revealed in time?

Figure 3 This depicts the Radio Mystery. What signals, codes, energies are hidden in these emissions? Could this be part of the Cosmic Plan? Could this be 'God's ' Neuron s Firing? Are we part of the Cosmic Brain? A dream in God's Mind?

Are we indeed inside the Cosmic brain and the above emissions are the firing of the synaptic response in the mind of God? Are we witnessing the inside of God's brain and so taking pictures of the inside of the cerebral enclave so that God can view His own inner workings? Maybe we are the shrunken ship [a film made to shrink a vessel to explore the body and brain of a scientist and remove a tumour]. Wow.

I mentioned before that when one gets into deep meditation and a feeling of compassion encompasses one, it seems the brain fires off gamma rays in short bursts. I suggested that gamma rays maybe the love injection and the recent discovery of 16 pulsars belting out gamma rays around the galactic centre and five of them in relatively close proximity to the Central Sun Mass and the corresponding heart Chakra centre opening and the need for love in this age and planetary situation. Could this be concomitant and commensurate to the fact that our Sun is travelling over and indeed will line up with this Centre and as it approaches the injection of love is instilled and absorbed, which in turn is passed onto the planets, and all Life on Earth. Indeed the glow of Love is Warmth. Therefore is Global Warming [not from carbon emissions, only 1 tenth is down to us, although we must eradicate this too] a love injection, a powerful spiritual message?

Figure 4 The Centre of the galaxy surrounded by a cluster of five pulsars and another eleven in the vicinity. A love story unfolds and if not why not?

So dear friends as we travel on in our lives, whether the above and all the new age and 2012 is myth, conjecture, hype in order to fill lives which may have become besotted due to the apparent corrupt collapsing world and climatic seeming tragedy. The main thing is to get deep into meditation, fill the heart and mind with love. Love in the end or rather deep compassion will always find a way. A way that perhaps the logic will not accept or see. For to Love is the gift of the Cosmos as it shows us it's never ending abundance creation and evolution.

The Perseid Meteorite shower has passed and this is debris from Comet Swift-Tuttle. Even this would cause a perturbation which added to the massive new moon of the 20 August and the celebration of the 22nd anniversary of the harmonic convergence along with the Waitata Maori Ceremonies from the 15 to 18 of August. A simply mind blowing time. A esoteric astrologer friend alerted me to the fact that the last full moon had a six and twelve star configurations which when looked at with its conjunctions and so forth would have had a volcanic effect. Energies which would have to have a kittle state of mind.

I also received a picture of Michael Jackson and a comparison to an Ancient Egyptian Bust face; although similar I felt to be kitsch.

Seriously though you never know if you believe in reincarnation. I would not take anything like this too lightly as I have witnessed karmic look likes before. I liked Michael as in previous blogs and I think he would have been chuffed to think of this as ancient ancestry. After all if look at David Wilcock at Destiny EnergyGrid or to left menu in my blog and click Destiny and scroll down, he is supposed to look like Edgar Cayce and so forth.


Well Folks hope you like the picture inserts and although the article may be long it provides a months reading. I will try to set up different topics each blog. Until next time. Bye for now and Lots of Love. GO WELL. GEOFF

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