The Thin Line

Geoff Freed — August 2009
Former forensic technician and scientific & medical researcher, lecturer, workshop leader and psychotherapist, Dr. Geoff Freed reports on what is happening energetically on the planet at this pivotal time in history.

THANK YOU FOR YOUR SUPPORT and I would like to add that when Michael Jackson danced away from me he said 'It's going to be alright'. Incidentally I found out the date he visited the 'nick' it was September 3 1985. Once again I would ask your indulgence of some experiences which I have been through recently.

Those I have shared these with have had a mixed response. Well you have been through a traumatic time and your imagination and psyche has produced these for a comfort and psychological and emotional refuge. Your belief system is erratic and you are escaping into day dreaming and lucid dreaming. Many have felt excitement and feel an authenticity. I feel that it is an energy that was around when I started the blogs with the physical symptoms and the dark night of the soul and Buddha Crystal.

Over the last few weeks, say six weeks I have been aware of a being near me. This is unusual for me. The being has a face like the being at the end of Close encounters with that oval face and hardly any nose and only ear indents. The facial colour is yellowish and rosy cheeks, golden hair and blue and white angelic wings tinged with gold. I could not get a name or words.

One night about a month ago as I lay in bed I awoke at about midnight. My heart was thumping so much and huge palpitations and I felt I was going to pass out. A fear crept over me and I nearly got up to go back to the A and E. I relaxed and surrendered. Then my chest seemed to expand, I could feel the rib cage expanding like something was pumping air into the cavity. A great peace enfolded me and as I lay there with peace flooding into me, a sky blue and opal white crystal in the shape of a teardrop or pear descended into the cavity in my heart and as it melted as it were, huge golden energy lines shot out in all directions like from the hub of a wheel and spokes. I felt it go through the bed into the room and through my body and I was aware of the being in the background overseeing this. I then heard the words this is the diamond lotus. After a while I heard the word initiation.

The second experience happened two weeks back. I had been experiencing huge head pressure, especially at the temples, third eye and crown chakra. Then the pressure one afternoon in the crown chakra grew so big I felt my head to explode, and to my surprise my crown seemed to open and a lotus of violet and yellowish stem seemed to grow out of this. Some days later the being appeared and gave me a name Athena. I then phoned a friend who said well Athena was born out of the head of Zeus. I looked this up and found that Zeus was jealous of his daughter to be born as it was prophesised that she would be greater than he. So he swallowed his wife and daughter, but the wife gave birth inside him and Athena came out of his head. [Some say forehead and others the crown]. I was flabbergasted; I looked at a chakra chart and saw the lotus. The planet for this chakra Uranus, the Aquarian lead planet, the planet of sudden awakenings and so on, the central nervous system is the body part and so forth. Uranus and Saturn I mentioned before in a few blogs back.

So far I have no indication as to the initiation and like so many are feeling the ascension transformation symptoms acutely. Watch this space.

There is a thin line as to what is reality. What is imagination, what is psychic? I guess I have to live with the fact I may be deluded, fantasy and self deception. However, there is a ring of truth for me and feel that although nothing seems to have significantly changed so far [July 2 2009], it does take time for the body to assimilate, upgrade and take on board these energetic experiences. Again watch this space.

In the first blogs I did my abdomen was filled with a heart like crystal, the water pool, the Pickwick shop and stairs, the St. John of the Cross, the extraordinary synchronicity with St John of the Cross, the dark night of the soul and the rare 550 year planetary line up at that time. It also catapulted me into the blogs. The workshops, lectures came to one or two a year, from thirty six. Clients, travels as well diminished. It was a time of inner assimilation and still is. The abdomen and so forth was back in 2004.

A conversation with two friends brought up aspects of time. Time on Earth is an agreement. Greenwich Mean Time. Sidereal time. Zone time. A friend said how you calculate the exact time of the full and new moon. Say in Dover UK at eight, while across the channel it nine. Is sidereal time exact and so on? If you lived on Jupiter its mass is so large a day is considerably longer than ours. Time relative to mass. When we say full or new moon the moon is either between the sun and earth or behind. So from where we are on earth can we really be precise as to the exact time and remembering that all bodies are rotating on their axis as well as circumnavigating their orbit. Perhaps the agreement made of astrological times, degrees and angles are accurate for this system, after all they are ancient and time tested. Bearing in mind the skill and accuracy of the astrologer.

Then there is time dilation when time alters with the distance from earth's surface into space. In certain circumstances should astronauts' going far out in space say for four years could be gone from earth many more years than that and no one, if records were not kept, would know they have gone. Maybe some ufonauts are astronauts who left so long ago they have come back before they went. WOW.

Astronauts in a space capsule with no connection to earth, radio and so on, and with no clock. What would time mean to them? Floating in space, which is up or down, only relative to the flight instruments. So we live in a false time. Ancients rose with the sun and bed to sun. Our rhythms' were set then. Now we are time conscious, and out of sync. Now the sun is pulsing [see blog and Nassim Haramein's video at 4 hour mark, see menu on left in blog and click on Science], new codes and rhythms' being downloaded, we should in time synchronise, hopefully to a higher frequency and uplifted world.

Reading a book, engrossed in something, time seems to fly by. Bored, depressed time drags. Yet the clock on the wall does not differ. It is mind time that differs. So how we are may define our time and yet horologic time is constant. So what is time? It can be relevant to mass, it can be psychological, and it can be an agreement by society [see USA time Zones]. Maybe when time is not so dominant in our lives we can find peace and tranquillity. Yet often retired folk find the challenge of time on their hands too much and leave the planet soon after retirement. I know of long term soldiers, police officers and the like who without their jobs or hobby go into decline. The answers maybe an inside look at who and what we are through contemplation and meditation. This realm is outside of time. It prepares for timelessness and ultimately departure from the planet. On this note I would like to share with you a piece of writing which flowed into me.

Death has already claimed me. Death is the sweetest most beautiful thing whilst alive. Now I can live. Death cannot touch me now. I am dead and yet so much alive. What died in me to cause me to be more alive than ever? Today I died and was reborn and yet so dead.

Walk through a wood and see plants, trees, birds, animals alive and present. See rotting vegetation, trees, carcasses and what seems dead, extinguished on a closer look is found to be teeming with microbes, eggs, seeds, bugs, moulds and so forth. Life has not been obliterated, it merely transforms itself into more life, more abundance. Birth and Death are opposites, Life has no opposite. Life is an unfolding of new life, new forms and eternal evolution.

When my ego loses some of its long term deposits and seems to have died in large loses remember the above, that the rotting outworn carcass of my ego, indeed the age now passing, is the platform, the matrix, the womb, the launch platform for a new form and higher step on the ladder to whatever Life has in its locker for us to be.

So maybe the transformation symptoms are the body's expression of labour pains, the shedding of skins, the passing of toxins, and the healing crisis and maybe this is the outworking of violence, deceit, horror and pollution which is the symptomatic presentation and expression of release and expulsion. With exposure of the top surface eruptions, like a boil, a cancer; the infrastructure of the new, the seedlings are pushing through the hard crust of conditioning and dogma and as the shoots meet the new pulsing sun of the new way being born, a bright new clean world and minds of humans will commensurately and concomitantly grow in coherence with it.

A return to light science. Matter is energy, energy is light, and we are light beings. Albert Einstein. Russian Scientists Gariaev and Poponin based on the theories of Finnish scientist Matti Pitkanen did a mind blowing experiment with DNA in early 2000's in which they took human DNA and subjected it to a stimulus by laser light and then captured the wave formation on a computer screen. The wave remained when the DNA was removed and light stimulus terminated. They were staggered. The wave was still there weeks later. This they termed the phantom wave effect or a wave in a vacuum that could produce magnetic impulses [solitons] and a carrier of information.

My take on this is that the DNA blueprint is in space as confirmed, but is the etheric counterpart of physical DNA as it were. So that the Universe's big bang or original pulse set up multiple wave forms which are the DNA of everything. If the DNA of me is in space then it should be possible in stillness, which is space to connect to the original blueprint of the format intended for us. However, we tend to clutter the original with our conditioning and cultural programming and so forth. The new energies are pushing out old stagnant programmes, this process is called the ascension process and its attendant symptoms, and can give rise to illness should the body not be able to cope with the letting go process.

The next part of the experiment led to the conclusion that DNA is the interface between cosmic energy, perhaps from the sun and its light encoded messages. See also Popp on the bio photons of cells. It also went on to say that the scientists felt that the energies were up stepped by modern reading of the solar output and that our DNA and consciousness was being transformed. See all my earlier blogs as well.

Now the big one. They also found that the DNA so called junk material was not junk. [See my blog and dialogue with the Human Genome team in which I suggested and they agreed that the 'junk' was an encoding which in its sequence through evolution would be sequentially intelligently switched on. They agreed with this. ]. The Russians also found out that the DNA junk had a language that corresponds to our language in syntax, grammar and so forth. They suggested that the normal evolution theory of grunting apes to language was inaccurate. That when the 'time' was right the DNA dormant language code came into play through the DNA as we have it in helix form. They also found that if the right words and frequencies are put to the DNA it responds. There are certain vibes which distort this. A good example of this is Emoto's crystal freezing work.

My take on this. I have stated repeatedly that we will not have more strands of DNA but more 'junk 'will be activated and give different messages to the DNA and expand the information matrix. It will certainly cause new neural pathways and so new chemical input through the peptide flow to the cells. So old chemical messengers will have to be expunged and so the liver, blood, kidney, colon and so forth will have to work overtime to vent these toxins and what with pollution and all that a great purging with its attendant symptoms occurs. A healing crisis. Blood tests will not confirm the new information or show as yet changes in the DNA. Some children as mentioned elsewhere are displaying codon change but as yet not strands. A codon is a sequence of three adjacent nucleotides on a DNA molecule that specifies the insertion of an amino acid in a specific structural position during protein synthesis. Nucleotides are an organic compound with phosphate and nucleosides are without phosphate. This is not stranded. It could lead to a synthesising from carbon to crystalline or silicon. This depends when the 'junk' time sequence is switched on.

Nassim Haramein, Alexadra Dmitriov and myself, have repeatedly said that the planets of the solar system are getting 'global warming'. In our opinions the sun is responsible for this and in my opinion the sun and its pulsing is being influenced by the central sun. A NASA Astronomy Picture of the Day July 9 2009 states that 16 new pulsars have been found by the Fermi's [instrument measuring gamma rays] and from the picture 5 surround the centre of the galaxy position. This adds massive energy to the system. My take on this is that it proves the huge energetic stuff going on out there. It is going bananas, berserk. See my back blog on the gamma ray connection in the brain when it fires in meditation and gamma outbursts which feel as love, joy, peace. Could this be the injection of love needed to Earth and as pulsars seem to pulse with a regular beat, cycle, rhythm, could this then cause the sun to pulse and for all we know the central sun and maybe some of our palpitations and irregular heartbeats? Could this be the expanding of the heart chakra and upgrading of the human heart to heartfelt decisions rather head thought logic? And could the two works in harmony so that decisions are heartfelt and implemented by head thought.

The Chief Medical Officer has stated in Newspapers that in his opinion statins, children's jabs, and certain other pills should be compulsory. Statins for all those over 50. In the Daily Express today [July 9 2009] there is an article which says scientists may have found the elixir of life found in a microbe found in the earth on Easter Islands. They have tried it on mice and females lived 38% longer and males 28%. If they synthesise this, what side effects will it have?

I spoke to two German GP's living in North Germany. They said their Great Grandmothers and Fathers and Grandmothers and Fathers who lived on the East or Soviet side of the wall ran through and climbed a steep hill to get to meet their grandchildren secretly at a meeting point. They were red in the face had terrifically high blood, irregular heart beats, high cholesterol by today's standards. They were red in the face when reaching the meeting point, panting and so on. Had shocking diets. After a rest they went home. All four lived healthily into their late 90's.

The doctors admitted to me as did several nurses, English GP's, practice managers that the criteria has been lowered so that GP's Europe wise have targets, incentives to keep the readings low. This is part of preventative medicine. It also makes a fortune for big pharma. Many GP's are secretly not happy with target and incentives and a few weeks ago urged the BMA to change its strategy. When I was studying 7 was the higher cholesterol now it is below 5. This could have problems with the liver and immune function. Mine is 6 and my GP is going nuts. It is a shame and no excuses on my part that others like me have to take allopathic stuff so that I can have my cataract out because I do not fall in the targeted areas. However, there are ways like with antibiotics that one can purge them out when not needed.

I still stand by and support my stance that if my body cannot or is not strong enough, or psychologically unable to let go of some disruptive pattern, then allopathic may give it the toxic shock to move it on or buy time to process and heal it. WE WILL need Doctors and Allopathic stuff for some time yet and it is part of the whole scenario. Soon the need for this will dwindle. I am on the same path and process and do not claim enlightenment. I have my periods of inner peace and harmony too.

The exciting thing is that the solar codes may awaken more of the dormant codes and so help the body to regenerate and rejuvenate with the result of health and well being and so not even needing complimentary medicine either.

Russian scientists are working on the DNA phantom wave as a means of transferring DNA by wave to other DNA structures. I have heard and researched that they have transferred DNA from a salamander to a frog, and when a frog's leg was removed it grew back using the salamander's regenerative DNA. What if they could do this for humans? Healthy stems cells, tissue and the like could be waved as it were with frequencies and an instrument containing these frequencies could be beamed at the infirm person and restored. Real Star Trek stuff. This would not suit Uncle Big Pharma, Multi nationals and the like. No profit.

This is not idle chat they have the technology. The West blocks it. Last night Wednesday on BB2 July 8 2009, HRH Prince Charles delivered the Dimbleby lecture. Well worth listening. It was booooy brilliant. He mentioned a new economics based on nature and high tech stuff not harmful to nature and gave examples of some startling new ways emerging. He urged financial reform and so much more. I thought he was amazing and brave. If you can get it on BBC iplayer.

The July 22nd 2009 eclipse is reported to be the longest in a hundred years and astrologically and esoterically extremely powerful followed by another eclipse in August and then the Lion's Gate energy and some ancient tribe shamans saying that August 15 is very important. It certainly seems a very powerful time and many have shared how it has affected them on every level.

Then there is the hype regarding swine flu. I would kindly remind all of us that experiments as shown in previous blogs tell us, that it is possible to catch the 'symptoms' of anything and not have it physically, although it may show up medically as non existent. [See rat maize experiments, critical mass hundred monkey, Dutch Elm Tree syndrome, RGE'S and the like]. Many ascension symptoms are also similar, i.e. , kundalini flu. As usual check it out with a health professional if not sure.

There are reports of a huge asteroid or meteorite crashing into Jupiter. See also Nassim's video on planetary dynamic and view for 2 hrs warming of all planets in solar system [Russian Scientists as well] and see also DNA with consciousness change. Orthodox scientists have yet to pick up on the value of these genuine NASA video clips. Maybe they do not want to acknowledge the magnetosphere breach a few blogs back as like the religious, atheists, evolutionists, and Darwinians, it would mean a complete rewrite of history and the power of the authorities which churn out this stuff would be challenged and if found correct their influence greatly diminished. A great blow to academia and the egoism ethos that runs with it. Like everything else it was appropriate for the time it reigned, now with the changing times, it is time to move on and address the facts as they appear rapidly before us. It is the rapid spread of new information that makes it difficult to catch up and spread the new work or facts. This is one of the many reasons why so many alerts, facts and findings seem to contradict one another. Of course it can be a power ego thing too. Not everything is ego and outworn. It can be that this acceleration in information is outpacing the assimilation and the ability to spread it.

A similar condition and experience is happening with our bodies as the new codes update and rush in as the energies increase their intensity, this causes the configuration and assimilation to build up, and sometimes there is a back log while the body and consciousness with brain circuitry take 3D linear time to install and then await until there is space whilst the body eliminates through purging channels the waste matter. [See earlier blogs on the toxicity through ascension transmutation].

The continuing energies pound in relentlessly, like waves battering the sea shore, the rigid rocks and gradually wearing away and eroding the solid like structures of accrued debris of a bygone age, receding more into a fading horizon. Soon, soon my aching soul sighs as it yearns for the fresh pure pastures of a new way, free from the rhetoric of the past and promises of the old regime which they know and I know cannot hold out. Like the bleating of a sheep lost somewhere in a bleak mountain pass, caught in a storm, lost to the shepherd, many others and I seek vainly for the new which at this time of reporting seems without trace and hope. And yet, and yet, deep inside there is a subtle knowing, a very still small voice whispering in the silence of my soul. Yes, yes it is on the way, do not give up, all is well and you shall see the glory of the new soon, like the sun just peeping over the hill. Awaiting its rise to full blossom.

The sun at this time is at its aphelion the longest distance from Earth and so at its smallest [see NASA Astronomy picture of the Day July 3rd 2009 see Archive at bottom of page and click on] and see the actual difference in size. This then coupled with the fact that the moon is in perigee, this closest to the Earth makes for the July 22nd 2009 eclipse the longest for a hundred years.

Friends go to Consciousness media Network and just click on interviews. Great numbers of scientists, healers, doctors, celebrities and the like and then click on spirit library and then trawl the net for spiritual writers, it is mind, mind, mind, blowing. Should you not listen, read, view anything else, the sheer number must say that there is an awakening. Some of these contributors have written books, done countless workshops, individual sessions, been filmed, travelled the world and so forth. My small contribution was 3000 clients, 614 workshops, countless lectures and private meetings over 40 years and I only travelled Europe and Canada. These folk have travelled world wide. Have hope and Go Well.

Lots of Love and Go Well. Geoff

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