Geoff Freed — June 2009
Former forensic technician and scientific & medical researcher, lecturer, workshop leader and psychotherapist, Dr. Geoff Freed reports on what is happening energetically on the planet at this pivotal time in history.

THERE IS NO SUCH THING as reality; it is the interpretation, the perception we put on it. Each of us has our world view outer and inner and although we may agree in the general principles, we do indeed put our own slant on this. We have cultural, religious, environmental, and political with a library of stored memories; an archive of the past which filters and shapes our personal, family, friends, social and work, religious worship places and the like, which within the framework of the general consensus shapes our reality. Similar and yet different, familiar and yet estranged. The only real constant is the witness, the silent observer that which is never wavering and intently aware of the ever passing scenario of what life experiences throw at us. It is not affected by the experiences, only when we get immersed in that illusion of reality we have created and the impartial witness is obscured. It is indeed the sun behind the clouds.

Talking about the sun. BBC and other programmes are now saying the sun is in a quiet time and there are no solar flares and very little else. Yet planets are still getting global warming. Does this refute Nassim Haramein's pulsing sun and his 6 hour video as seen in energygrid and YOUTUBE?  Yes and no. It could be that the BBC, religious, Darwinians, atheists and so on are trying a disinformation. It could be that the carbon emission folk are getting jittery and that the sun is the real reason and they reluctant to admit they are wrong or rather giving incorrect information. To be fare to them if they told folk it was or is a natural sun cycle then the populace would more than likely ignore green issues and really do the planet in with greed and pollution.

Nassim definitely showed genuine NASA films and the registration of huge energy out busts went over the top, even the available graphs at the time. He then went onto say 'that is very difficult to get any other information regarding this' and then if you see how they faked the 'the sun /comet tail debacle' you can see how easy a cover up is done.

My own theory is such. The sun demonstrated to my mind that it is an intelligent being [see Nassim's video at 4-hour mark and the zapping of the invading large mass], see also my blog on the Themis and magnetosphere opening and closing, and we see an intelligent plan in operation, not at all scientifically as of today acceptable. [Themis showed an opening, a breach in the magnetosphere from North instead of South, a long breach, spirally vortex from sun in plasma, timed openings of approx eight minutes, scientists when shown evidence of this by a colleague were shaken if not stirred{sorry Mr Bond}].

To my mind we have here a differing set of sciences. The physicists of today getting nearer the next two, the geniuses like Nassim and many others found on the net, and then science of the Cosmic Mind, which I feel is behind it all.

My feeling is and I have stated right from the start and in nearly every blog, there is a divine plan at work here. I have stated that the energies [as in my 1967 notes] were coming in orderly planned sequential incremental quanta. I feel the sun gave a huge input when the magnetosphere was breached for a whole day [see Themis], then again when the North flow opened the breach, and again with the pulsing. It is indeed a monitored procedure in which it is seen to be enough for a push, then a quiet time to absorb, get the message and then reactivate when more energy is needed.

I must say at first when I viewed the video (4-hour mark) by Nassim I felt quite a shock, the sun doing what in appearance seems to be an intelligent act. The logical part of me felt no way, then I realised I have always had the feeling that the Universe is an intelligent sentient being. Then gladness came over me, a joy, I knew I was part of this and that I am safe eternally. Ego wise I was still in awe, shock, the pulsing, the UFO and all, it stretched my beliefs, although I had always believed this in some similar form. Now I am assimilating this and it came to me, how sad that I could not accept this at face value because it beggared belief, how sad that scientists, religions, theorists cannot see the beauty, the intelligence and the foresight of this magnificence we live in.

I feel we have a higher science to reach beyond formulae and hypothesis to embrace the science of consciousness and with this it will enable us to join to link with Cosmic Consciousness and then we shall first hand.

The messages incorporated in the energy streams from the sun are changing the DNA and hence consciousness. When new neural pathways are formed they alter the alchemic, hormonal and cellular chemical composition, this in its turn causes a detoxification effect, and these in the physical body are in my opinion the so called ascension and transformation symptoms. Detoxification can be very severe and can lead to serious illness if taken to extremes, even with ordinary fasting and diet. During detox rashes, canker sores, itchiness, dizziness, depression and so forth can occur, a kind of healing crisis and the surfacing of this can be seen today in the chaos and violence.

When the Cosmic Mind through the Central sun relays the next set of encoding through solar bursts to our sun and hence to us then we shall see a more active sun again, should we be given that it is truly non active now and it is disinformation. We have to make up our own minds. Mine is the Sun is active in a passive state, after all in a dual universe, Yin and Yang, then the passive side of the sun [again if true] has it own more yin and subtle energy. It feels mighty warm to me in the early sun. A question — can we trust NASA and other authorities, that although the sun may not be presenting sunspots, it may still be pulsing? After all scientists were and are worried the sun might explode.

It is beginning to dawn on many how actually they are free on the inside if being bound on the outside. From the first paragraph it will be seen that we create our own reality only when we break free from the net of conditioning, which the general populace wish unconsciously to keep in place for security. Better the known than take a chance with the unknown. Think outside the box. Dare we?

Sometimes I wonder why in my prayers God, the Angels do not answer me. Well I have no doubt they exist, of course if that is my reality, as the witness I alone exist. My witness is everybody's witness. Well if given too much outside help then we become beggars. If given tools to help ourselves we become enablers. When we become the witness and Life flows through unobstructed we become creators. The state I find myself at present is waking up to become fully conscious of the witness. I float between illusion of my past creation, which has been largely unconscious and I followed by rote and programming to awakening to who I really am. So my world at present seems half unreal and half witnessing and experiencing Life and appreciating the times of not doing. Doing by not doing.  

Where are my role models? For me nature. Many of the animals, plants and the like are full of energy, trust their natural role, follow their natural cycles; they are indeed in joyous surrender. They follow the rhythms' of Life they are part and parcel of creation.  Nature on Earth, Nature in the Cosmos, the particle, the supernova.

Nature is impersonal. Wildlife experts and observers give animals names, humanise them. Life is not personal in a way. Life in a human if engrossed, bound in the ego becomes a centralised point of reference. Something to be defended or feels threatened and so attacks. It is this centralisation that causes trauma, pain and duality and this occurs when the witness is not present.

When one depersonalises Life then our responses are from the witness from Life Itself. Life does not in a way have a central reference point; it is just as it is. Life is impersonal. This gives a feeling of vastness, expansiveness, encompassing the whole, it is expanded awareness and as such it inclusive, all pervading and yet intricate and delicate.

When the all pervading inclusiveness decides to inhabit a form then we call this birth, it can be a death from all inclusiveness and vastness, to encapsulation and limits, borders, rules, discipline and dogma. When the form ends its residence to the form we call it death and yet this is the liberation of the encapsulated being and it can be called birth. Here we see the inadequacy of words and yet the beauty that they convey under the correct presentation [wow I hope to reach this]. Perhaps this was the sense I endeavoured to convey in the May 2009 blog.

A comet named Thatcher [discovered back a while] maybe the originator of the Lyrids meteor shower appeared through our skies on and around April 23 2009, it will not appear again until 2276. Its classification number is C/1861G1. This appeared before the Taurus New Moon on the 25 April 2009. The spring and summer new and full moons are powerful, containing Beltane, Wesak and other higher interlude spiritual festivals.

Latest NASA stuff on solar flares is that there are 'stealth' CME's that are small and give out no signals and so as I stated earlier there is activity of these events in a smaller and so called shallow performance.

As I write this 25 May 2009 I have had all sorts of medical scares and will share at some later date. I awaiting a cataract op at the end of month and what has occurred will be amazed if it takes place. Yet the New Moon just gone and the huge impending Jupiter, Neptune, Chiron and June 21 solstice may afford this to take place. I have been and in a huge emotional and physical roller coaster. Keep your seat belts on.

Hopefully by the time you read this I would have had a cataract removal, so will not be using the computer for a few weeks. Lots of Love to you all. By the way it is going to be and is a very intense energy syndrome time. Some are already as I feeling a deep shift from a kind of emptiness to a joy and then the dessert. Hang in there. Love again. Geoff

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