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Geoff Freed — May 2009
Former forensic technician and scientific & medical researcher, lecturer, workshop leader and psychotherapist, Dr. Geoff Freed reports on what is happening energetically on the planet at this pivotal time in history.

AS I LAY IN BED this morning [24 March 2009] I experienced what had been previously felt as trembling fear, coming deep from the solar plexus and gut. Some people had felt this as well. Then sometimes it would turn into thrill. Sometimes a feeling of a breakthrough, an imminent event or a miraculous occurrence. On other occasions it turned into bliss, an inner knowing and assured safety.

This deep seated fear like syndrome started for much way back in late October and November 2008 when the Scorpio full moons were said to be the most powerful for sometime. They were to herald in the death of the old self. It certainly felt like this to many and me. The physical and emotional symptoms were intense. Sometimes this feeling of trembling turned into my chest area exuding light and huge waves of spiralling energy, this was in my minds eye, although it did seem as though my chest cavity was an open vault, and it did feel as if my whole thoracic wanted to burst open and shower forth love, compassion, harmony and joy. My heart raced and seemed as though it wanted to jump for joy and run through the streets shouting halleluiah.

Lately I have been feeling waves of energy from the solar plexus to my throat and a tweaking in the throat chakra as it does so, heart arrhythmia [check out with GP if in doubt] return to steady pulse, huge heat flushes [both sexes of all ages] and I felt this was something to do with the Central Sun and local Sun, the whole transformation and ascension scene, and of course the breakdown and panic feeling going through the collective unconscious.

On viewing Nassim and the clip about the sun going berserk as he put it and confirmation to my mind of my theories from the 1967 writing, then I felt well this was it as far as proof for me is concerned. Could there then be as was said in Dr Haramein's video part 2 a connection that we feel that is definitely doing things to our DNA? As you know from all my blogs I definitely believe so, and as such feel the associated symptoms as above are part and parcel of the whole deal, as is global warming.

Then to this morning which is the 24 March 2009. I lay there in bed and began to feel a different kind of sensation. Powerful high frequency micro pulsations, indeed a new insight. They seem to sparkle and dance. Endless play around and in the body, as if the energy of thousands of bees were swarming in me, powerful and yet gentle. I felt these were modulated high frequency micro pulsations, miniature magnetic fields at play, doing a cosmic dance a sort of weaving pattern. Interlaced and like a hive each its own 'job', busy and happy going about its work, coordinated by some mysterious plan, a divine orchestrated theatre of perfection at work.

As to the nature of this plan and its intended process and result I can only hazard guess and then feel if it is right for me. I feel it is the impact of the encoded messages from solar source and it is in entrainment with the Earth Mother and through the Schumann resonance, magnetic fields, the heart centre of Earth Mother and our hearts it is a cascade of higher frequencies in low modulation which is uplifting our blueprint DNA to cause cellular memory alteration and hence emotional, mental and physical upgrades.

This will cause metabolic and deep body rhythmic change. However I have a very scientific mind, a doubting Thomas and a stubborn and negative streak, this is however, being eroded. The cause is as everyone's story and drama, past life, this life and so on trauma, and it is very strange how suddenly all workshops, lectures, clients stopped. I can see why now, in a way anyway. Science to my interpretation has furnished me with adequate proof of the 1967 stuff which required me to prove to my satisfaction the transformation and its symptoms and how it works on the peptides, the physical organs and so forth, the validation of several prophesises and so on.

The next phase is to integrate this into my mind and body, to become that transformation. To do this requires a quiet safe and comfortable place, which at this time it is. This could change soon as the government wants to take away all sheltered housing status [a long story which is fought legally throughout the country, incidentally while other European Countries are increasing the status, they are shocked and amazed at the callous and ingratitude towards the elderly and vulnerable].

Transformation symptoms and integration can be tiring, fatiguing, and frightening. So a time of inactivity can be a godsend. In certain levels time is a misnomer, however, being 70 years young I trust the good Lord allows me the years to complete the process, and that my obstinacy will not create obstructions to the transformation.

Many are experiencing aches and pains, especially ribs and spine. In an earlier blog it was said that the spine is arranging itself into a different angle to the pelvis, this being to accommodate the transformation energies and their expansion into the new Aquarian Transformational Resurrection Light Body. The whole process would take 150 years starting in earnest from 1999. Certainly the way I feel to burst out of my rib cage is for me a telling sign. Watch this space and we shall see. It does not matter whether I make the process to its optimum for the years left; it is the writing of this with the sharing which will be the testament to this work.

Another insight came in. It would seem that our so called 'junk DNA' [previous blog] is an implant of coded cellular information and like sleeping cells in subversive places and seeds that lay buried and dormant in deserts for years and then when the rains come, or the clandestine phone call arrives these awake and are active to serve their mission. I feel that the nearer in approximation we come to the Galactic Centre and the alignment with the excitement caused by the central Sun to our Sun it causes an alchemic process [see back blogs] and that the process like lead to gold in the old alchemic process our bodies become the crucible and the process from carbon to silicon.[silicon and crystal are related].

I felt a distinct affiliation and closeness to our silicon friends and ancestors. When viewing the crop circle reply message as above you will see the reply contains we have three strands of DNA, we are silicone based DNA. It is no wonder then that memories of the ET or Sun Gods, or the return of our ancestors brings forth latent cellular memory for some as to our heritage, and like many, I love the Earth but feel my real home is elsewhere, and not necessarily in some energy form, yes ultimately, but some planet elsewhere that is so called solid and maybe silicon or crystal based.

I have always loved Superman, not because of his strength only, but he is from a crystalline planet, and when he goes to his Arctic fortress it is full of crystalline forms. This is so familiar to me, not the lay out but a similar configuration. Ever since my NDE in 1942 I feel to be as above and have shivers when anything ET is about or around. This knowing and feeling is different from intuition and is a very real experience for me. I know of very many folk who are not hiding from the stark reality of the Earth sojourn. These folk and I have been through life and are not spaced out trance walkers.

Maybe it is fanciful to think that the Sun Gods, see Nassim as above, the shamans and the return of the Ancestors', ET and the UFO stuff in Nassim's videos, my UFO story and the climate of change of vibrations, frequencies ushered in by the Sun and raising the frequencies [many feel this, a quickening, waves of energy, a shift in consciousness, heat surges and so forth, the transformation ascension symptoms] could this be creating a atmosphere suitable for the ET live in?

In my UFO story [blog May 2005] I have stated that most ET in the early days would not get within 300 feet of a human, the reason being that they felt the frequencies were so abrasive that they felt like being in boiling water, unless wearing some protective clothing and also did not want to catch our 'mind viruses'. Now apparently the frequencies have risen sufficiently for limited contact. Likewise we would go crazy if exposed to some of their craft and personel.

The question often asked is how that is the ET then came at Atlantis and as in some reports recently [see my offer about attachment by email]? The answer when in bible times or Atlantis the people were less cluttered and the 26,000 period had just begun so there was a surge of energy similar to 2012 but lower in frequency, so were the vibrations of the ET in accordance with it. Now we are to hopefully witness this again. The ET have progressed and so as we. Although there were and are meetings at close proximity [lady in 1989 and 88, the ET does say he was told not to meet humans [MOD file]]. It could have repercussions on the visitor.

As in the UFO story in the every early days ET picked their people to monitor. This procedure from 1999 onwards has changed. Why so? Firstly [see back blogs] there was the Grand Cross which liberated the gateway for energies from Solar Sources to come in. You will see that a NASA article stating that the solar wind dropped by a 98% May 10 till 12 1999. I feel that was a chance for a portal opportunity to inject in through the constellation and planetary line up enabling the facility to configure the surge for the next stage. It takes a while say three months at the earlier 1999 frequencies to inject the energies into a grand cross type set up. In this time huge energies are configured, measured for their power so as to be appropriate for the reception and not damage the recipients.

Then there were events like the Harmonic conversion, the set up in 2003 with the pentagrams and many more, now the Saturn, Uranus tug of war and the line ups mentioned in previous blogs. This being in preparation for the final surge in 2012. There are many articles on the bazaar nature of what our sun is doing and many articles by scientists on the warming of planetary neighbours.

It would seem that the stage is being set for a grand finale. The politico/religio/scientific orthodox are aware of this and desperately trying to jam the frequencies or modify them, mind bend the populace with fear and financial woes, pharmaceutical drugs, draconian human rights laws and tapping, snooping and extreme surveillance devices and to manipulate the information in corrupt ways and so imprison or denounce those who legitimately buck the system.

See about portals in March blog regarding the Themis stuff.

There is of course great objections to a silicon or crystallised DNA. However, we only know what present day science has to offer. I feel it could be possible under alien technology to weld carbon and silicon as a DNA model and so make hybrid races, such as we are. When one goes into water or anything one sees fractals of building blocks, by manipulating the crystalline forms such as in snow flakes it would be possible to create a new kind of intelligence and make it to fit another kind of body. If you clone sheep it might be possible by advanced technology to alter the DNA into other life forms. I feel that is why I have said many times in blogs that the forerunners will still be carbon based and in 150 years we will have adapted to a crystallised life form based on silicon. Gradually we will mutate or transform and as the so called 'junk DNA' is sequentially switched over the years, the brain receiving the coded solar messages, then gradually our physical body will emerge as a totally light ascension resurrected Aquarian physical entity. Of course you say, no one will be alive to say you are right or wrong, you are on a safe bet. Just keep observing and in a few years there will be evidence of DNA change [see Drunvalo on this 2003]. At the rate of just stem cell research and growing of organs and tissue we may find that the above is not so far fetched at first site.

Now for the science fiction bit and conjecture, and some of you may think or feel, Geoff's lost the plot, however, here goes. I feel the transformation will take a few stages.

  1. The energies seemed to my 1967 notes come in increments 1967 till 1987 three monthly pulses, then 87 till 99 ending up with hourly pulses. 99 till 2012 modulated by planetary alignments, solstices and the like and Cosmic Solar portals [see March Blog].
  2. The body [includes whole body brain] absorbs the encoded messages into the etheric auric layers[67-87], then contact with ET limited to a few individuals with either matching frequencies or examined in gentle ways [see UFO Blog].
  3. The etheric then downloaded to DNA which then began a transformation process[see back blogs],[87-99], the ET contact was up stepped to more meetings as the DNA and frequencies were more compatible, still by carbon based ET and humans.
  4. 99-2012 a mixture of partially transformed [see Drunvalo 2003 on DNA change in 6 million children and rising] still carbon yet some crystalline minute structures. ET more like silicon on meeting yet still hybrid mixture, this will continue until the process goes over to silicon, which is a century and half away.

I reiterate to the point in nearly every blog, nothing at all may happen in 2012, we have other windows, 2036 and 2075 if we miss this then we will have to wait until other windows occur, they will be more frequent in the next 150 years on from 2012. Why is this so? Because the Sun will have imbibed as well as the planets the new energies and will continue to push for change. If humans are so recalcitrant then new life forms may appear to take the place of this destructive race.

Nature through the creative will, will always remove that which does not serve it. ET will arrive who are commensurate to the frequencies of the planet. As the frequencies become compatible so different ET [see UFO blog on the five visitor races], will come and be known, they will have the dedicated DNA which will suit the frequencies and match the human condition. Many who have chance encounters have felt disorientated [if not a military exercise using stun and other technologies] this is because the emitting frequencies of the ET were too strong for the human recipient, and the ET likewise feel sick and dazed too, that is why some of them scoot away as soon as possible. This may seem outlandish, some of the above has been verified from to my mind a reliable source and some is my own feelings and sense of ET. I hope you will continue to support me after this; after all I am aloud a little poetic licence. Thank you.

Been another earthquake time with large ones in Afghanistan, Italy, Indonesia, Hawaii and various minor ones in many locations. Although the seismic graph and chart shows this, this is a very intense period; this is a very active time with minor swarms. It seems to reflect the mood of the collective human mood. [See Heart Math Institution]. I further demonstrates the inter connective and the one life shared by all and everything. We are all family. One destiny, one life, one divinity and what works for everything everywhere.

I listened to the Budget in the UK and saw a whole load of rubbish. Then I listened to Thursday nights BBC Any Questions and then a later political programme and heard that the next thirty years we will be paying taxes 'every woman man and child' and then thought "What a message for today's youngsters, what a hope for the future and the sums were so ludicrous that it seemed unreal surreal."

The audience cringed, slated the politicians and frankly who ever succeeds new labour, be it new conservative, up market libdems, raucous BNP, Godhead Greens or family right fascism all will not succeed because we need a new way. A way that works for everyone everywhere. What is this new way? Sharing, caring and growing. What say the power mongers can't have that? A new move by the EU is to curb the internet anymore blatant moves on our civil liberties?

I feel the whole global economic debacle is a scam. It puts us in the hands of the criminal element, more crime, less public services, downsizing and so on. Ripe for the one world government take over. More than ever we have to empower ourselves. A riot of mind bending to overturn. We should never be vengeful, violent or covert. We should have an inner revolution, not a bloody one. We endeavour to find deep inner peace, a joining with the Cosmic mind and above all recognise the fear put on us. It is not easy and yet not hard. Every time I feel my gut knot up and it did as I read and heard the above, I reminded myself to breathe, let go and realign with source. This way, for me, nearly every moment is spent in practising the presence of awareness and hopefully expose the untruth and find the reality of calmness and fortitude, which hopefully prepares the soil of my soul for the seeds of wisdom and right action.

The next morning which was Friday 24 April 2009 [day before Beltane and New Moon ] I laughed at the seriousness and utter astonishment of higher taxes for the next 30 years, cut backs, drying up of internet, curtailing of human rights and yet extolling them. The police violence at the G20, the crazy arrests for throwing paper darts by the police citing the Anti Terrorist laws, the complete and utter b-------ks of the whole world economic, political, religious and moral breakdown. It truly is a busted world scenario. Mark you no political, religious or scientific hero will arise, no knight in shining amour, no 'WE ARE THE PEOPLE WE ARE WAITING FOR'.

It so unreal and so clear to see. In the programme Any Questions repeatedly the audience and some of the politicians said New Labour is dead, they should go, and the ship is dead in the water. Who then can do better? Yes all the other parties think they can. How? The system is dead. A new system is needed. A system that is all encompassing. How does this work?

It works by not having a profit based economy. The profit is in growing food naturally; don't say it can't be done. Many programmes have shown how permaculture and similar schemes work and well. Labour is restored by the unemployed going back to the land and with natural fertilisers. Small villages and communities working with solar power, wind turbines, geothermal and natural new materials.

The biggest change is the will through generosity, sharing, caring and a will to make it work. In other words a fundamental radical change of consciousness. Are we ready? Are we committed and awake enough? There are many unsung heroes who go about this change. They are not recognised, they seek no fortune and they are growing in the infrastructure. Like seeds waiting to pop through the soil. They are now just showing their heads.

It takes the right compost to grow new things. The death of the old way now rotting is the very manure we need for the growth of consciousness. The stench of the old way, suitable in its time, is very apparent now. I feel the stench of the old in me and it can be debilitating it is the launch pad for the rocket, the energy for the new me, the world and new age to go forward. The baby is turning in the womb, its head is engaging and it is nearly time for the Aquarian waters to break and wash away the stale sediments and gloomy outlooks. Can this be done? It is up to you and me.

When no one out there can help and we reach desperation, we can either go down or reach into inner resources and find an inner strength and resolve. Many of us are that point now. The next three years will be most efficacious if we seek inner solutions for outer problems.

There is some controversy over the sun and its recent quiet time, seemingly to contradict recent comments that some and myself have made. I answer this in the June 2009 blog. Following this I strongly recommend you read EVENTS and the links in the Energygrid menu. Just click on the menu on left hand side of blog or go to energygrid and Google, same thing. Please take time to read the vast information in energygrid it is interesting, controversial in places, none affiliated to any politics, organisations, religions or isms. It is very factual and the editor is a very humane, generous, intelligent, discreet and knowledgeable. I am grateful for the space to be able to air my views. May I repeat that my views on science or any other topic are not necessarily accepted by academic, religious or political institutions, nor do I wish to challenge orthodoxy in any way, merely to add my take on things and attempt to think outside the box? This is not meant to be inflammatory or excite to riot. May I also profusely thank those whistle blowing priests, academics, scientists and in the know politicians who very kindly listen, dialogue and exchange in soft and diligent ways the seemingly controversial ideas I present to them. May I say many seem to agree in principle with them and there is not the 'solid' proof as yet to back it up and my maths is not worth writing home about?

I wish to promote new ideas or maybe sometimes I re invent the wheel. However, if we are to evolve why not put foreword ideas and creative suggerstions? Heretics some years on have occasionally found to be harbingers of new ways that have proven to be of benefit and assisted our minds and ways of living to flourish. Equally so some ideas in my opinion have fallen flat and now have to be eradicated. Some of them are; the fall of market economy based on hoarding and power mongering alone. Fluoridation of water and food. Chlorinated drinking water when other treatments are less expensive and health promoting. The use of wireless computers. There is a technology to make mobile phone masts safe and the phones less harmful. The use of transport that is environmentally unsustainable. The downgrading of the banking system. De centralising cities. Eliminating celebrity role models and replacing with ones own role as the role model. Seeing money as a means to barter and not to be a means of its own. Enough I could go on for pages more. Make your own list and see if we can together gradually work towards a world that works for everyone everywhere.

Until next time. Go Well and Lots of Love. Geoff

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