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Geoff Freed — April 2009
Former forensic technician and scientific & medical researcher, lecturer, workshop leader and psychotherapist, Dr. Geoff Freed reports on what is happening energetically on the planet at this pivotal time in history.

EVERY NOW AND THEN a genius arrives, such is Nassim Haramein. Watch this incredible man lecturing here. The video is 6 hours long! You can view this bit by bit by moving the timing pointer or arrow with the cursor. I will not even try to explain what is in these two amazing videos. The quality in energygrid [where my blog is] is better than the You Tube. The middle and ends have some blank spots just move on or wait.

For me the highlights were that they prove my theories and the NASA clips I assure you are genuine. Scientists of repute verified the information is A1 genuine.

I understand from various sources I trust that religious authorities, some scientists, Darwnians, Atheists, agnostics, governments with security forces are unhappy with the implications. Why so? Because of the nature of the NASA clips it would be tantamount to rewriting history. See also Lloyd Pie and his book Everything You Know are Wrong [previous blogs].

Nassim's Unified theory is being looked at by leading universities and his genius is mind blowing. However the bits that thrilled me which can be found in part two at 1 hr in, to view for 2hrs. 30 mins that talked about the pulsing sun and explains the change to the DNA and consciousness [NASA CLIP] only on pulse not on DNA change that is Nassim's comment and proof, which elated me and explains hot flushes and some ascension or transformation symptoms, the intelligent action of the sun to defend against an intruder, the saving grace of extinction, the UFO 's entering the sun[NASA CLIP], the fact that the Vatican has a huge financial and interest in the SOHO probe which filmed these events. The ET and UFO story that I did a few blogs back proves to me a huge event of some form is highly imminent.

It would seem that Drunvalo has a similar message regarding shortage of time. April 18 to April 28 2009 a large gathering of native ethnic dignitaries are meeting in North America for an attunement and they feel that the time is short too. They will then gather a consensus of opinion and issue a statement to the world via Drunvalo. The gathering will host members from around the world, possibly the largest of its kind.

It would seem that things are really heating up. From my point of view I have been informed three years ago that all the planets have global warming, Nassim confirms this and says Jupiter's surface is burning and Saturn and Jupiter have the Aura Borealis, and that on Earth this has been seen in Cuba and Mexico. Then the two articles mentioned in January and February 2009 blogs regarding the increase in measurements regarding electron volts, then in March blog the Themis project and the Lulin comet. Then reports of light workers having the transformation symptoms and confirmation the pulsing sun changes the DNA, there is much more and of course the UFO stuff seems to be correct too. On a personal level it is fortifying to hear and verification. Now to embody these powerful new energies. I suppose many of us feel the quickening as the Universe gears up for a cosmic show real soon.

The embodiment of these energies and the inculcation process is very real especially to the sensitives among us. Sensitivity has its drawbacks and if we can stand back, leaves a space then to become the witness we have a chance to process and imbibe and make harmony with the transition. No going back now.

A friend suggested a lovely concept. When we talk about where we are on the path, the journey we tend to say such and such is advanced, a guru, and so forth, or is a low density person. My friend suggested that we are all standing at the sea shore and as the wave comes in we stand at differing points but on the same wave. Many feel the 2012 event has happened and that we are experiencing the breakdown and are coming to terms with it. My view is we are seeing the precursors, the premonitions, the portents, we are sensing the arrival of the big wave, the event, maybe just a flip in consciousness.

The sun has two eleven year periods. One of them is a quieter sun spot activity and the other cycle more activity. The event of the turnover is the flip of the magnetic poles [not physical ones]. This active one terminates in 2012. [Back blogs describe the Institute of Navigation and Dr Paul Kintner and sun spot activity and satellite protection]. It would seem our magnetic fields are varying [see back blog] and so the Earth, maybe the Earth is in sympathetic resonance with the sun, and maybe we have to be in sympathetic resonance with Earth and Sun. The sun in its turn in sympathetic resonance with the Central Sun and so forth.

It is a constant source of amazement how the beautiful intricate delicate relationships between all parts of the whole if there is such a thing as parts, are formed and relate, change in relationship and yet maintain their integrity although being separately joined and free to dance, change position and yet remain who they are in their change and yet very different as well. This being the mystery of Life and yet obvious and relevant.

When in forensics I came across something in the video as above, a cell divides becomes 2, then 4, then 8, then 16, then 32, then 64 at 64 dedifferentiation takes place and in the human little organs, limbs start to form and so on, the embryonic form begins to appear. The I Ching has 64 hexagrams, there are 64 codons and the space geometry is based on 64[see video]. 6+4 is 10 and 1-0 is the binary code. 1 is the number of creation into form. When I was in science and learning Qi Gong and being a Zen Person, I could never understand why science masters told me and later scientists that infiniteness and finiteness were opposites, I from the Yin Yang symbol always thought they were complimentary not antagonists. Night-day, black-white and so forth is the compliment as male and female as allopathic and complimentary medicine. Seeing the complimentary properties, the ecological and symbiotic relationships, would usher in the peace and co creative properties we need to rebuild the world.

What does this mean in us? To build a loving relationship with the body mind concept, to love as a natural feeling, to dredge out the impurities which poison the mind and so vented leave a harmony and peacefulness of bliss. Can the world community attain this? Yes I feel we are lancing the boil, the puss, the putrid canker is erupting and hopefully blow itself out. Perhaps the Sun is acting as a poultice and drawing out the sting. We shall see and hopefully we shall see and feel it soon.

It is mere conjecture why the Vatican has such an interest in the Sun. Well in the museum in the Vatican enclave there is an abundance of Egyptian memorabilia, said to be given as a present. However, many tales of the sun gods returning[see video as above] the milky way and major stars transposed on the Nile and pyramids, pointing to the mystical return on the 26,000 year cycle, the UFO activity can either threaten the Papal Advocacy and other religions and threaten the very existence of Church, Synagogue and Mosque. This also threatens science, the very foundations of our history.

It has been suggested that the Vatican and other religious institutions know about our 'Sun Gods' and the return of UfO Ancestors and by monitoring as such would be able to suppress the truth about our origins and so keep their power and control over us intact. Governments and Security forces would feel their power base somewhat eroded. Scientists, the global conglomerates, medical fraternity would all feel the pinch on the ego and profits too.

Maybe when the information gets out the populace will then turn to a greater power and intelligence. The realisation the Universe is a living, sentient organic being and that we are the offspring of this wonderful and blessed creation. A lovely thought in today's scenario.

As I type this it is Sunday 22 March 2009 and I had clicked onto NASA Astronomy Picture of The Day, and lo and behold there is a picture of the sun on December 23 1996 destroying a large comet, which looks as though it could be the one that Nassim's clip showed. No doubt it is genuine. However when you see the actual video you see that this flare is a deliberate aim at the comet. This picture as above seems as if it is a random event and no intention behind it. This of course will diffuse and cause doubt. A clever disinformation without words. This is not the first time others and I have phoned round emailed and so forth about subjects and then the internet spreads it and certain agencies then do a replica in detail, either from a different angel, get a University or expert to do so called tests and experiments [see back blogs] or someone has a keen interest in monitoring. Can it be just coincidence? After all we live in a free democratic world where our human rights, freedom of speech are safeguarded?

President Obama is coming in for flack. If you like to watch google video on the Obama Conspiracy. Well he certainly is mixing in with the old boys club and deceived the press and went to meet the elite that David Ike talks about when he was supposed to be on a plane with the press. To say his press representative had fumbled, bumbled and looked s----y when asked where the president was----------, is the understatement of the year and you can see him go red and pale. Makes you think.

There is another aspect to this; some feel that President Obama is a kind of double agent. He is ingratiating himself, a kind of undercover agent into the devils nest, to see the weaknesses' and then be able to form strategies to cause the downfall of those who seek world acclaim and domination, to those that oppress the vulnerable, feeble and then maybe the meek shall inherit the world. By meek I mean strong gentle people who are in harmony with Mother Earth, The Cosmos and Life. Time will tell and watch this space. My feel about Mr Obama is that he is a well meaning and delightful being, however, with great power comes great responsibility. In my years with the home office I witnessed many a good person become exasperated and either gives up, duck out of sight or give in and join the nastiest. The corruption, the backhanders, the promotions to shut one up or threats can be wearying and debilitating. If one is sensitive to vibes then it can give one all sorts of health problems as it did me.

I am reluctant to go into conspiracies however A Doctor Mercola [Mercola.com a great if not pedantic site] did an article on the Baxter Pharmaceutical multi national and did they spike the Avian Flu vaccine with a contaminated source and so cause a pandemic? Czech newspaper reporters are into an investigation of this. Some years ago there was a similar investigation regarding the aids virus and a scientist Dr Gallo. Having seen the bank corruption, presidents impeached, the 9/11, the Iraq war fiasco, then anything is possible.

There are numerous videos by 'experts' [usually a one sided view as they specialise and do not see the entire picture, merely a frame, useful for specifics], that as we the populace increase in numbers, even with, heaven forbid GM foods we will run out of space and be bumping into each other. Then we have the older population outgrowing younger persons. Are we to be a planet of seniors? Is this why the UK are downgrading care for the elderly? Strangely enough Europe upgrading the help and facilities.

Many young people are destroying themselves with drugs, sugar drinks and fast foods. Yet the body in time could adapt. The UK has in Brussels a very common name and when I presented workshops and lectures in Rome United Nations [FAO] we were known as the whore of Europe, do anything for money. Appear kind and diplomatic but a back stabber, strange how knife crime is so prolific in the UK. It has been said that the UK will be the first to reach the bottom of the pit, the height of depravity and corruption and then rise. One has to sink to the very bottom to clear the mire and then rise, hopefully to better and healthier outlook and life styles.

Interestingly there is a NASA space exploration to look for Earth like planets, the Mars exploration and how humans could survive with food, water produced synthetically, and the old war horse of life on the dark side of the moon and bases already there, could this be that either we have gone beyond redemption or it is the Divine Plan that we go out into the Universe an d eventually populate and become the ET's we look for?

The objection to us going out and touring and maybe living on other planets is manifold. Firstly look at the space junk, astronauts having to hide in the ISS as solar flares and exploding satellite junk floats by, not enough to pollute Earth but now outer space. The destructive and dangerous ideology of some scientists and the total disregard for people, emotions, care, love and working with nature. To take our aggression, greed, power domination and war like racialist tendencies to other civilisations or among those who intend to breed and populate, merely to reproduce the history of so far on this planet mindset and lifestyle does not induce pleasant scenarios in me.

A radical flip in consciousness is needed and with the flurry of UFO stuff [see in particular Nassim Haramein's video], and if you email me I can do an attachment of some released documents from the MOD UK and a startling picture from my archives plus read my back blog on the UFO story, you may find we will not be allowed to trample indiscreetly on sacred turf. The moon is now littered in places with moon landing junk as will be Mars.

It is difficult to the rational mind to contemplate how a radical flip can be achieved by 2012. However, as everything is breaking down and the shift comes in rapidly [can't you just feel it gathering pace]. It could just happen.

However, there is a scenario less appealing and yet may in some ways inevitable. The Elders from the Ethnic Communities have issued a warning that a nuclear confrontation between India and Pakistan is on the boil, Iran has the capabilities and will Israel do a number on Iran? North Korea and China have space capabilities and so forth, not to mention the USA and the UK.

Another scenario mentioned by the Elders is that the Earth Being will be fed up with the lot of us and my dear and late good friend Sun Bear said 'If Mother Earth is fed up with us, one cough and we're off'. Of course Tectonic plate activity, Volcano eruptions, the weather stuff, global warming [see real reasons Jan 2009], could as the above scenario eliminate many people and a rebuild would be a necessity. Again hopefully the survivors unlike the banking system would rebuild on ecological and sustainable methods and above all not for survival alone but for true compassion and care for each other as well as the planet.

Apparently just recently in UK parliament a former minister Graham Stringer warned the government to be prepared for a huge solar flare like the one in 1859 which then caused havoc. He said it could knock out all power and so on. I wonder if he has been reading or been informed of the blogs and various NASA statements about solar cycle 24 and its 50% increase in intensity culmination in late 2011 0r 2012. Big headed me, I would be chuffed if had read my bumf. Dr Stringer is a very controversial person challenging Gordon Brown and said that dyslexia was an excuse for poor learning; he should come and sit in my seat, and is the MP for Manchester Blackley.

Well folks until next time. Go well and thank you for reading and supporting energygrid journal.

Take. Lots of Love. Geoff

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