The God-Fearing Atheist

Geoff Freed — February 2009
Former forensic technician and scientific & medical researcher, lecturer, workshop leader and psychotherapist, Dr. Geoff Freed reports on what is happening energetically on the planet at this pivotal time in history.

ON TELETEXT a news piece said that the British Humanistic Society had placed thousands of adverts on buses and trains and so forth. The advert went something like' there maybe God or not so just go and enjoy your life'.   What does this mean to you? Well God in the traditional sense of the Old Man in the sky who favours some religions, people or prophets, speaks through chosen ones and if you read the old testament orders racial genocide[please read it, I did not write it] then certainly one can wonder where is this unconditional loving benign being? Then again if we do have a God who has His own Mind and how creation goes, He, It or She can do what they want with their creation.

Then what about free will? Does a despotic God allow free will, or is it dispensed to favourites? Does this God allow free will so that when we cock it up we turn to Him and surrender? Then the view we are all the expression of the One Mind of God playing itself out to the enjoyment and amusement of our demises and victories. God's soap operas.  The ancient idea of the Gods viewing our endevours. The trials and tribulations of Hercules to name but one.

Looking into the vastness of the Cosmos, it seems hard to believe that the human quality God of the Old Testament, or the local diminutive ideas and concepts of God could have created this vastness. Millions and millions, yea, billions of trillions of stars, distances, galaxies, so vast and awe inspiring, that perhaps all of our attempts to define creation, be it atheistic, religious, scientific will even get near to this theoretical almost ludicrous defining of the creator or created.

To me it is a mystery, I have in previous blogs given a few ideas as to my explanation, mainly God or the Mind that permeates the Universe, behind it, in it and of it, as a play, a drama that amuses the One Mind, however, a non interfering being allowing free will and in some ways, this being losing Itself in its own creation in order to eventually realise who it was that created the creation in the first place. Self realisation. God realising 'Hey I Am the Creator after all. What a startling discovery!!!'. You could say God is into seeking enlightenment too. Oh Boy. In Zen they say creation occurred because of the spirit of Eternal Loneliness. That is the Creator feels lonely so then creation began. To self produce itself [bible' we are built in the Image of God, perhaps not physically but mentally'] this is merely speculation as well. The question arises who created God and then who created the creator that created God? Ahhhh !!!.

I can understand scientists who pull apart the Universal structure of matter and seek the 'bit, the particle' that kick started creation and then the same question arises, who created that first particle? It goes on, another theory. It happened by a big bang, an accident. Scientists' are supposed to be logical. An accident, a big bang, how did this come about from nowhere, from nothing and still cannot be explained? Then the religious community still cannot explain God and yet one is told 'you must have blind faith, trust, and belief'. We are back to the science view, non logical. Does it mean that there is no SOMETHING? 

So far we have been philosophising, cogitating, perusing and sifting in mind games. We know that mind games can only be based on our programming, our early cultural, religious, and political and hand me down superstitions, with advanced educational theories. Beyond the mind, transcendental and deep beyond thought, deep in the theta and delta areas, a quiet intuitive knowing feels the connection to a greater awareness, a greater felt and yet not worded intelligence.[not to be fooled by deep buried mind juxtaposed graphics, a false awareness of what is, I call it false intuition, the cunning mind games that is 'fools gold'].

As science probes into creation, as we go deeper into the mind through deep meditation with technology helping this by brain binaural techniques, and more folk doing meditation, Yoga, Pilates, Tai Chi, Qi Gong and the like, science fiction films and graphics breaking mind moulds and visual vistas [some too violent], NASA Astronomy Picture of the Day, philosophy delving deeper through the sharing of deeper intuitive insights, we are moving into the era of consciousness. The Cosmos is shifting and unfolding and as it does it is sharing its secrets with us, as we unfold and have new insights too.

Humanity is on the brink of losing its traditional locally based logic and custom and habit routine explanations and living together as a planetary citizens in isolation. Racial and cultural edifices collapsing, banking, medical, political structures falling, built up and falling again until, exhausted, weary and heavy with the weight of defeat will finally give way and a new way arrive from the infrastructure.

So many people I meet, not only spiritual, what ever that means, are weary. 2,800 young people interviewed at random felt they had no reason to live, were bored and listless [teletext]. Some I have met have said' Wars, greedy bankers, mega rich, mega poor, adulterated food, drug infested medical pill popping GP,s one youth said in a gathering the GP gives us legal drugs with horrific side effects, we 'd rather have the drug pushers, same thing another way. No jobs, celebrities on drugs, breaking down, crooked politicians, religious leaders all arguing, family break ups, six people a day dying of stabbing, gun crime. Where is the answer, where is the role model, who really cares in a polluted, throwing away society'?

It is easy to get despondent. I have mentioned in previous blogs that at the end of eras, the Byzantine, Genghis Khan, The Roman, Ottoman, British Empires collapsed a period of breakdown, lawlessness, crime and hedonistic periods ensued. Then a reformation, rebuilding and so forth. This collapse is world wide, felt by nearly every person and nature.

How will it rebuild itself? Well if it attempts to build back on the old blue prints that failed and worked well for its era, until evolution demanded radical transparent change, then it will fail again. It will need bold, courageous altruistic practical visionaries who begin to build forms commensurate and concomitant with the energy and infrastructural energies, impulses picked up by fresh minds and clear intuitive promptings. These will be quiet minded people rooted deep in a new mind set, implanted deep in their minds by the Cosmic Shift and new energetic ways. They will be people who have cleared the attic of old attitudes and cobwebs. They will reach out to those who are weary and tired, lethargic and decrepit, stale and burnt out; they will be the revitalising waters to those thirsty and lonely isolated folk.

This new energy now being infused, percolating and slowly saturating our humanity is being felt by those who are in tune with the 'new way'. The 1% of youth who are in the DNA change are experiencing this silent slow, but accelerating surge. This will hopefully catch on to the forlorn youth as mentioned above. This will revive their flagging spirit. First though they have to be cleaned out [I mentioned in last blog the death of the old self] well that has to happen before the new can enter. In a way the violence is a purging configured in a basic mode, some fortunately can detoxify in a more socially acceptable manner.

Those in the 'old mode' sense the change in a deep fundamental way in their vault of programmed library which is taken for their reality, served well for them for the old age now dwindling, their mausoleum of the past, impregnated by years of repetitive rote, driving these patterns so deep into the caves of the unconscious, the very cellular memory of millions of years, so entrenched and encrusted, that it takes huge awakenings and energies, through tragedies, world shattering cataclysms, that will eventually remove the grime and set them free. These can be personal or planetary. This has been the planetary consciousness, intertwined, interlaced with us, the planet and ourselves at some level sharing a common mind set, appropriate for the time, now facing redundancy.

The planetary conscious is undergoing in its own inimical way a radical shift, geographically, weather wise, climate wise; and as the tectonic plates shift it reconfigures itself with new magnetic energies [see last blog on email from Norman]. Schumann resonance, all planets global warming, and so forth all changing, the swarming at Yellow Stone Park, and so many other shifts, for us financial chaos, wars, racial tension, relationship breakdowns, terrorists', and job loses corruption and crime, chemicalisation of everything, nature abandoned and raped, profit the new mantra, greed the new morality and power over the mass paramount and kept in check by draconian laws that flaunt freedom and human rights and forcibly medicated.

Yet these are all awakeners'. Behind this is the silent message of CHANGE, CHANGE. The old school are fearful. Loss of power, loss of privilege, the ego facing anonymity. Yet the new form is to be content to be a link in the chain, working in an ecological way. One for all and all for one. A sharing based on compassion. The joy of being a part of a world community working for the love of beauty, nature and seeing one's world citizens safe, warm, sheltered, well fed and secure in their ethnic and yet world community status. When will this be? When each and everyone has awoken to the truth of who we are and our link to the Cosmos.

Two quotes that came to me a few days ago whilst sitting in the stillness. ' I can be anything I want because I love and accept myself'.  'I cannot be separated from the Universe, no matter how hard I try. I am its creation; I am made of the same stuff. It is an impossibility to be apart from it. The ego programme like the clouds that obscure the Sun is a temporary blind, a veil. At a fundamental level, the deepest strata I am co-joined'.

January 3rd 2009 saw the Quadranlid meteor shower and far distant Comet named Lulin[c/2007 N3 when discovered], it is too faint to see until late February 2009. There are 32 meteor showers a year and you can see a calendar of them at AMS Meteor Shower Page. I just have a feeling these are signals and messages for us on a subtle and deep level.

Returning to the quote 'I cannot be separated…………………co-joined', it gives me such a joy to feel this at a deep level. It is a feeling of eternity, a purpose that for ever, whatever this means, and there is a journey with short sojourns. That the witness to life is everlasting and it may not be in its flesh form but in an awareness form, if awareness can ever be cloaked and bound. It is merely what it is. Unbounded space, seamless and yet not discernable, everywhere and yet not detected, in and the very essence and not tangible, the background and yet not there.  The Koan when you see it, it is not that, it is an illusion, and yet it is knowable not through any physical or psychic sense, it is the knower, the awareness that knows and recognises itself. It is self realisation. I Am That.

One could on, and what is That? This is the ever and never ending conundrum. This is the very yeast of creation. It is the axis, the pivotal point which the Universe comes and goes, turns around and perpetual motion. The point of dissolution and extinction is the very point of birth and regeneration. Life holds both in the palm of its hand.

The mind wrestles to find a reason an answer, a solution to this daunting, immense Koan, this paradox, and when finally gives up in despair finds itself at rest and has found its origin. This peace is without thought; it is awareness and is without limits, boundaries or concepts. It is a void, emptiness, a vastness, awesome, impersonal and yet in this formlessness there is unlimited potential. All issues from the void, it is the womb of creation and yet no form is seen within its empty form. Something arrives out from nowhere.[a big bang, Genesis 'In the beginning was the void'], who knows, why try to fathom it out, rest in the peace and one then feels in this oasis of solitude the truth of what is and that is for you to know and others to seek.

Recently in the news was a report and video sort of, of a miracle healing in a hospital where a filmy apparition of an angel was reported and seen by many of the staff. I feel as the energies build up and the mass consciousness awakens more of these kinds of events will occur. The veil is thinning and what a wonderful new era this could beckon. In previous blogs it was mentioned the healing springs, genuine crop circles, unexplained deep bore holes, the growing number of children with psychic powers, many people turning to meditation, defying institutionalised recommendations regarding health and lifestyle, resulting in healings and life enhancing change, and medical magic with institutionalised help too. A balance is needed.

Recently in Sweden a huge kind of fireball lit up the sky as bright as the sun. Scientists think it was a meteorite. Yet at present no matter has been found.

Some years back I used to visit the Food and Agricultural Organisation of the UN in Rome Italy [FAO], to present for two weeks workshops, lectures and counselling/healing. I went five or six times. The reception of the ideas, mainly attitudinal Healing, UFO story, the emerging new consciousness was not always received with openness. It was tough work and very basic. However, others have arrived and it is beginning to open up. Three people in particular are way showers. The first a lovely American lady who married a Italian Minister and has lived in Italy for many, many years and is an exact double of the late Katherine Hepburn and was a ladies table tennis champion, known affectingly as the Pooch or Pucci. The next lady is Judith a pioneer in healing methods, lastly someone who Judith put me in touch with, Annick Augier, lovely French lady who through her illness has developed a real talent which you can read about in www.annickaugier.isendyouthis.com . Annick hopes to live in London and one can commission a painting with reading by contacting her. I have had a reading and it was most impressive. It deals with the spiritual and soul side of one and this was over the phone.

May I suggest you look at this link, its implications and mind blowing findings are staggering? http://articles.mercola.com/sites/archives/2009/01/20/can-scientists-read-your-mind.aspx

The above has implications which if brought in by legislation could be the ultimate end to all privacy and yet can be a great blessing. If link is not successful just go to Mercola.com and go into archives.[January 20 2009]. There is also a large document on the hazards of digital technology and a subtle way of influencing this type of mind control. The EnergyGrid I blog for has this rather large data.

On another tack, Jude Currivan has emailed and states the importance of a large meditation to take place on February 14 2009 at 07.25 Greenwich meantime.  It is a colossal line up of planetary alignments; houses and so forth see www.judecurrivan.com.  She quotes from the Aquarian song of some forty years ago.
When the Moon is in the Seventh House
And Jupiter aligns with Mars.
Then Peace will guide this planet
And Love will steer the Stars.
This is exactly in the line ups. Interesting it nearly coincides with President Obama and his inauguration.

Another giant Fireball was witnessed January 19 2009 in the USA [Southern California and nearby places, sounds similar to the one in Sweden as above].

January 26 2009 is the eclipsed solar new moon and there is a triple conjunction of Sun, Moon, and Jupiter followed by the eclipse of the Moon at Full Moon on February 9 2009. A most powerful time along with the 14th Feb 2009 as above.

I feel real astrology is a powerful tool, see the works of Dr Percy Seymour, science with perturbations, butterfly effect, and Bose-Epstein Substrate, and many other factors too numerous to mention and past blogs.

There are lots of prophesies abounding at this time. The main themes are a kind of rehash of the Global One bank, one government, one religion but with draconian laws and run by an elite cartel with domination and ruthlessness. This also includes mind bending techniques through the digital television, mobile phone and electronic apparatus. You can refer to psychotronics, MRI mind reading [Mercola.com], binaural beat entrainment brain waves [ I use a the holosync one, I feel for me it is safe and helps me], Zeitgeist and David Icke stuff, so generally they are variations on a theme[Reverend Williams Prophesies]. We do face challenging times. Although President Obama has a definite special charisma and energy some are suggesting that he has been groomed to allay world fears but the administration like in the UK government and leaders are the rulers. The secret silent government are the power behind the throne.

I do know that the powers to be fear an awakened populace and those that think and intuit for themselves. So any mind control, distraction, maybe drug abuse, crime, terrorism, although seen to be combated maybe is a sprat to catch a mackerel. How so? Seen to be fighting the above and yet letting sufficient to get through the net and proclaiming it is so out of hand that new suppressive and human rights denial will have to be implemented. It is like some global conglomerates that do eco preservation works in one part of the world and proclaim their green credentials and pollute and sully elsewhere.

So what can we do? Lose heart? Abandon hope? That is what is hoped for by the power mongers. Lose one self in disratraction? Bury ones head in the sand? Hope that ET or God intervenes? I feel it is a challenge to go into that quiet centre where the intuitive faculty and innate wisdom reside and work from there out. To go in, in order to outwork.

Take heart dear friends. This world like everything shall pass and go into the emptiness of infinity and eternal emptiness and the return to source. This is but a temporary expedient transient abode. Enjoy the dream whilst it lasts for the spirit of joy is the expression of Love in action. This joy ripples out as waves and lights up the mind and body. As my old teacher once said [earlier blog], cannot always win, cannot always lose, a draw is a compromise, doing ones best is a mind game, so only necessary to partake and enjoy.

March Blog will contain the huge massive discovery by NASA that I feel vindicates my theories re 2012 and the next step in evolution. I must stress that the information will be from NASA, but my theory is merely my take on it.

So on that note friends Lots 0f Love. Geoff.

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