Time Marches On or Is It An Illusion?

Geoff Freed — January 2009
Former forensic technician and scientific & medical researcher, lecturer, workshop leader and psychotherapist, Dr. Geoff Freed reports on what is happening energetically on the planet at this pivotal time in history.

AGOOD NEW YEAR TO YOU. So much has happened. On a personal level it has been very trying and yet growth stimulating. Strange synchronistic events. Around about the Scorpio New and full Moons I received emails and writings stating that this was a huge and powerful time. The main aspect was a dying off inside of the redundant or outworn patterns we no longer need. I thought OK then a gradual sloughing off. No way, a few folks in various countries and UK went through a strange likeness of diarrhoea, nausea, indigestion and a darkening of the soul so to speak. When mine abated and restarted so did theirs. A group soul, an emphatic resonance, I do not know. Other groups had similar events.

I am not a fan of channelled writings, however, The Children of Light Monthly Weather Report, seemed to sum this up and December as well. I got this after the events. It has been a kind of inner crisis with me, a real test, going from despair to very enjoyable experiences. I had three great experiences in September and October and there was a definite kind of shift, this left me with the energy and quietude to cope with the later months.

Many people have felt that 2008 was in fact the 2012 year energy wise. I feel it a kind of dry run, a dress rehearsal for 2012. Some esoteric Astrologers' base this on the Scorpio Moons above and said that Eris, Sedna, Chiron had a lot to play in this along with Saturn being conjunct with Neptune and Pluto going into Capricorn for a few years and also some stated that there were two grand crosses at that time. I know little of the details but trust a few of them very much.

There is another take on this that many are prepared so that when the wheel drops off in the next four years the light workers who have changed their consciousness and the youngsters with the 1% as yet changed DNA will understand and assist. When I say the wheel falls off I do not mean a holocaust. I mean specifically that there will be a gradual erosion of the world we see today. The battle between the new ways and the old established ways with its conspiracies will continue until the critical mass is reached, I feel this could be in 2012. Until then expect the medical, political, big pharma, the banks to get up to their games and ploys, particularly in curbing human rights and freedom using the old terrorist propaganda and yet orchestrating it themselves.

Then there is a summary that I feel is for me the aspect of the whole thing, another view or window.

  • The increase in energy and global warming seems to be commensurate to our gradual alignment with the mass or central sun at the middle of the Milky Way, which belts out huge energies.
  • This is a natural cycle and so is a Universal or Spiritual event.
  • Ancients and the elders today of the ethnic communities know and knew about this.
  • All the planets in our solar system seem to have global warming of a sort and climate change.
  • I thought and so did others that the local sun was responsible[NASA now say the sun is powering up again and launching into cycle 24, so more Solar flares, magnetic space weather[CME's Coronal Mass Ejections].
  • The line up is December 20/21 2012. Then I feel we may have moved to critical mass, and hopefully the collective unconscious will be at saturation point and spew over to a new world view.
  • In the meantime people will have grown incrementally and sequentially, turn on in their new neural pathways, hence peptides and transmitters, which switch on some of the redundant DNA and Codons.
  • The switching device is the flow of magnetic energy from the Central Sun which is coded and decoded and is a frequency signal which resonates with the DNA already embedded in us.
  • The human body and brain in particular has to refine its nervous system to take the higher frequencies otherwise burn out or even chronic illness and demise of the body completely and the soul will work in higher dimensions as they have already glimpsed at the 'plan'. [I could feel the searing energy in me with the above account of the synchronistic events].
  • There will be attempts to 'mess with our heads' from certain hostile quarters.
  • I have stated many times in blogs past that we have 2036 and 2075 as other possible windows. If we miss these two, I am not sure of our destiny.
  • Articles in the Daily Telegraph July 5th 1995 Science Editor [see blogs back] and Nature November 20th 2008, say similar things about the energies and so forth.
  • I feel these energies are messages to evolve us and I call my work 'The Next Step in Evolution'.
  • The next few years will give the opportunity for the messages to implant into and switch on the new encodings.
  • What happens to those who are not sensitive to the messages? It can cause havoc with their DNA or just pass through the body as junk and perhaps interfere with the immune system in some way.
  • Similar things happen to light workers if not refined enough. I lost so much weight and sleeplessness lately I could be one of those whose refinement is not up to par, or it could be a refinement process. I have not idea for me; I am often left in the dark as to my future, and often soldier on blindly.

My overall feeling for the world is optimistic, whether I am here to see it or not, I feel between the years stated above we will make it.

The credit crunch goes on, jobless, house repossessions, the tragic horrific incident in Mumbai [by the way some elders have prophesied for some years now a possible nuclear confrontation with India and Pakistan]. What does it take to wake up humanity? How many times more, more massacres, more tyranny to deny us choice in the face of 'experts', more credit crunches, more taxes, more unfair rules to punish the poor and reward the rich. When will the fanatics wake up and the oppresses in so called democracy realise they share a platform with the opposition.

I can certainly feel the intensity as the battle warms up, it is threefold. The old and the old, and the silent pressure to push the dam and spill over into a synthesis of the old and old into a third way the new.

The silent pressure will like the gentle flower pushing aside hardened earth and ice cracking concrete, or like a dog I had once who used to get into bed and gradually push over to Gilly my partner at the time, and we used to find ourselves on the floor and a bemused look on her and my face, the dog completely and blissfully unaware of the whole episode.

What is freedom? It is not to pursue whim and impulse, it is to find that space in the mind which is serene and aware, here love and compassion abide and it is not a forceful thing and the experienced is harmless and all embracing.

The main theme from 2009 to 2012 and beyond is Consciousness. It is not the accent or play on the astrological and astronomical alignments but to see the outworking of the energy facilitated by these energetic bodies to bring about a radical change in mind sets, a purging through the unconscious auto pilot patterns of cultural and deep seated havoc played out by habitual and unconscious automatic decisions. The ability to bring to the surface dysfunctional behaviour patterns, that may have been appropriate at some time, now though, redundant and exhausted. The ability to let go of tenacious protectionist beliefs that isolate ourselves from one another. The stale outworn fanaticism of politics, religion, human rights and just being allowed to be human. Simple and pure.

What does this take to be like this? It means we all are born and die. For the time we spend on Earth it is infinitesimal in terms of the Cosmos, it is not even a grain of sand, and yet in that grain lies the secret of the Cosmos. What ever we accrue during this temporary sojourn we cannot take with us. The lesson in this is that whilst it may give us pleasure to have bags of money, riches, hedonistic pleasure. It can give us a false sense of security [as some millionaires who committed suicide found when they lost all in the credit crunch]. So we come down to where our patterns, our road map, our image, our ego sense of security lies we will fall or rise.

Money, wealth, prosperity is not evil; it is the attachment, the addiction to it that is. Why is this so? It is because it means that accumulating more and more, whether it is money or some other thing, this addiction leads to obsession and then a kind of blindness which in turn can be so demanding that one might trample, kill, imprison and strive to get this no matter the consequences. The quest then leads to domination and power and subdues others who are not on the same wavelength. The rape of the Earth, the urge for supremacy in religion and political agenda's, the blindness of the marriage between traditional medicine and allopathic drugs and procedures, the arrogant multi nationals, the domination of male over female and the like.

As long as the above becomes an attachment it becomes ones modus operandi for security. As long as I have X amount in the bank I feel secure, safe, as long as I pray to ONLY MY God then I am safe and secure, as long as I have this and that even to ideas, concepts then I am safe. Deprived of these and I feel lost, no hope, depressed. YET, this can be an opportunity to break free and trust in that emptiness, in the chaos, for it is known to grow one has to breakdown, then a period of confusion and chaos, and then with trust in Life, from out the womb of emptiness a new hybrid or form is born. [See here the Nobel Prize Winner Russian born Belgian theoretical chemist Ilya Prigogine, a really brilliant way that evolution works].

What now to 2012 and onwards. If a system fails to exchange and grow, if our bodies arrest and dwindle and fails to exchange its energy, by food intake and excretion, the intake and discharge, then the system arrests and collapses. Our bodies may do this mutual exchange with the environment and this contributes to ecology. What of our minds that become a close system? No exchange just a repetitive rote, keeping the exchange locked in, no new stimulus, no ecological value, a closed system of a few, not contributing the whole.

By the laws of evolution exchange and expansion to higher levels are indeed the name of the game. Sooner or later when our bodies have done their exchange, we move on to death, the place where new forms take the place of the old system, this is the way of things, should the system be freely operating in its exchange with its environment then the new form will find its commensurate higher order.

Sooner or later the way of society will have to change as the laws of evolution are demanding change. We will not survive as a planetary humanity if we are full of hate, racial and religious intolerance, pollution, medical dictators, and large industrial giants raping the Earth, food contaminated and depleted of nutrients. Crazy thinking, knee jerk political madness, youngsters crying out for love and decency. There will be a breakdown, and the chaos will get worse, until that point when nothing works at all. Not even Obama. The light will go on at the eleventh hour and fiftynine minutes and fiftynine seconds and then a ripple will go through the collective unconscious and the clarion wake up call will sound and people will either stay in the lower form and decay and or seize the opportunity, wait patiently through the chaos for the resulting higher or more inclusive form to emerge.

One might ask what if this fails to take place either at 2012, 2036 or 2075. Then a polluted burnt out planet, oil exhausted, wars local and international, weather bleak and foreboding. A drug infested knife and gun society, no go areas and awful scenarios to horrific to imagine. Do I think or feel this will happen? No the awakening of the psychic children, the laws of the Cosmos which are the laws of Evolution are through their enablers and configuration and update implementers, driving huge energies of change into the consciousnesses of humanity, a pressure is felt, a quickening, the pulse beat of the planet, the heart beat of the planet is surging, urging, and silently and yet relentlessly pushing for change. Should humanity not grasp the nettle then the planet will. Time marches on and yet time is an illusion. How so? Read a book and get engrossed, sit in meditation and time seems to race by. Bored and depressed, time seems to be stretching out. Yes linear time, the clock time, mental time is what we have made it to be. Yet time where there is no clock, where the mind is steeped in inner peace, yet aware in physical time, is still in this body and our present situation, aware of the clock, the watch, signing in for work, closing and opening time, TV programme time. However, should the mind find itself absorbed in the witness, inner peace, then the ATTACHMENT to time is not there. One honours time as above, and yet is not driven by the madness to 'get there on time', 'run out of time', somehow one does all this and is a'good time keeper', it part of the ebb and flow of life. The difference is there is not the pressure and one keeps time with content ease. So in this sense time loses its attachment and is seen as an illusionary, temporary, transient aspect of Life in this corporeal body and present society.

As I type this in it is a cold December day, two days before the Full Moon on December 12 2008. The energy was very intense, and there seemed a pall of black murk around and a huge silent, ominous, lurking, prevailing feeling of a giant tsunami, earth quaky, or a terrorist attack or something. I then received six calls from light worker colleagues from around the globe stating that they were having this feeling and that they felt as though they were having a nervous breakdown and that they felt they could not hold it together anymore, they felt like exploding.

I felt something akin to this as if a part of me that was old and redundant was now dying off, or more like wanting to break out, find its freedom and go and dissipate itself. I then realised that Life is an ever evolving kaleidoscope, a treadmill of adventure, and to, truly evolve, we must and should breakdown to breakthrough, and in fact breakdown is OK. When we can see that breakdown is liberating and not traumatic, I feel we have a great chance to reform NOT back to the old self, but to a different form, a different consciousness, a more evolved self. This may mean we leave old friends, or meet them again another footing, see them in a different light, be more still, more creative, perhaps rid ourselves of objects once held dear, clear our clutter, and most of all have less mind chatter and feel comfortable with less or sometimes more. To meet ourselves with more compassion and less judgemental of others and ourselves.

When we view the world scenarios we see the leaders going on about change, more transparency, more liberation and yet that thought gives them hope and they really want to do it. Then comes the 'What If'. Can we really trust others, ourselves, and that first flurry of YES, then doubt, then fear and then denial, and then more security, more stringent obnoxious detainment and shackles? Can I really dare to let go, can I really be liberated, can I really feel the joy of being? What will God say if I am a rampant joyous sublime clown, dancing through life with happiness and a few possessions and no religion but the celebration of Life? Acknowledging the One Life and Creator. Can I let Go?

I am sure if this spirit prevails we would delight in new harmless technologies, medical breakthroughs that are not intrusive and poisonous, free travel and no fear, nothing profit motive driven, the good for all and the life that works for everybody everywhere.

A dream one might say. Yet we have the technology. What stops the dream materialising? A non evolving mind set, a mind set based in the past of power grabbing, me, me , me, and f---k everybody else. When we realise that all things we condemn, judge and criticise we really disown this in us. We all have disowned shadow stuff that we are in denial off. It is liberating to realise that in other circumstances I could have been a pauper, a millionaire, different sexual orientation, a terrorist, and lack of self worth, worthy, a real con artist, a brothel owner, a pimp, a prostitute, a priest, a King/Queen, a beggar and so forth. Just dialogue with these aspects in you. [A good way to do this is to google in Genpo Roshi in Big Mind, Big Heart].

The message of 2009 is to see that consciousness is prime. That the energies are at the back of the shift. The shift has to come from consciousness. First the Creator of the Cosmos [You and I and all facets are part of the One energy and with no separation]. Then filtered through the hologram to each and every node of intelligence which is the all and all of everything. When we awaken to the feel and intuition we are one planet, one humanity, one divinity, one universe, seamless and fluid, a flow shared by all, then we shall see the tired, fatigued and worn out systems of repression, tyranny and dogma fall away.

So many are inwardly tired, fed up with the rhetoric and bullshit, religious, political, medical, market place crap, that we rebel either outwardly in protest or inwardly in breakdown. If we are to use breakdown efficiently then we must wait in the void [old sayings' When the weather is bad fisherman stay at home and repair their nets', 'Wait patiently for the well to fill up', ' Wherever your arrow lands call it your target', 'Wherever your arrow lands draw a circle around it', and so forth.].

This is an opportune time. This is an appropriate time. Do not rush to fill the gap, a time for meditation, contemplation, for reflection and wait patiently for the Universe to restructure and evolve and then in the silence of Ourselves we hear that still small voice, a subtle prompting, a familiar and yet strange to us, and if we trust it and go foreword with Its prompting, sometimes against all odds, maybe, just maybe a new horizon, a new vista will open and who knows we are on our way. Where are we going? To somewhere that has been waiting for us to arrive, stay a while and then move on. Such is Life and the adventure it is meant to be. Go well travel well and maybe we will meet upon the way and travel together. This is the hope for all planetary citizens.

Astrologers, Astronomers, Esoterics, Light workers and the like, forgive me an indulgence. I had a chat with a great friend and esoteric astrologer and reading a little of Jonathan Cainer, and an article by the Astrologer Eric Francis, I would like to offer a slant of what I feel will be the precursor astrological influences to the consciousness switch in and during 2012 and beyond.

A few years back I read a fascinating article by Eric Francis named 'A Bridge to the Core' in which he feels the core is the alignment in 2012 with the Centre at The Milky Way[see NASA and scientists confirming this and the ancient prophesies, the 26, 000 year cycle etc.,]. He felt that Chiron the wounded healer would bring out the wounds of the past and heal them. The core I feel is the true self and the wounds of humanities and personal past, Karma if you like, would surface, to either heal, or worked out, a kind of expiation or even closure. There was much more. Then Jonathan Cainer at the time of the Tsunami of 2004 mentioned how Sedna worked her influence and was a great influence for the ensuing years. Her influence on the seas and animal kingdom and our treatment of them would be affected, and that our responsibility to nature and the feminine would have to be addressed. Bearing this in mind, plus recent events I feel a picture is emerging. The Scorpio New and Full Moons were said to be the most powerful for many a year and forecasted 'the death of the old self', many felt this, there were reported to be a number of grand crosses. Then the 12 December 2008 Full Moon which heralded another set of a grand cross. This at the Full moon of Gemini saw this vista, Looking towards the setting Sun, Venus and Jupiter, also near the Sun, Mars, lower than to view, half way between the setting Sun and Rising Moon, Saturn and underneath the feet as it were Uranus. So many emails and telephone calls of folks felt they were losing the 'plot'. The moon large in the sky at its perigee [the moon nearest the Earth in its oval orbit] all made for a momentous surge of energy for those sensitive to it.

Then followed Mars going over an invisible line of Uranus at one end tugging at Saturn the other in a battle. Uranus representing rule breaking and revolution and Saturn restriction and tradition or structure, some sees Uranus as light, fire and unconditional love as it tends to break down false love. This dual goes on into 2010. Then to cap it all Pluto into Capricorn for at least fourteen years, some say twenty one years.

The above, the setting, now the picture. We have to be responsible for nature and the feminine in the world and us. Pluto will search out the untruth and dross in us, anything that is not of the true self. This in turn will bring us to and climb the Capricorn Mountain of initiation, which are the unconditional compassion and the leap from the plateau into the void of creation. Chiron will heal the heart aches of the oppressed and Sedna will bring forth the magic of seas and nature. According to Esoteric interpretation Saturn has been the ruler of the last 26,000 year Yuga or cycle and now Uranus takes over. So the tug of war or battle for letting go into new ways which opposes Saturn sees the tug of Uranus for the fire of Creativity and Unconditional love tempered by the intuitive insight.

I feel this sets us up nicely for the years ahead. The old medical slash, burn, poison, chemical drugs [still needed until the old finally slithers away], the old petroleum/pharmaceutical, multinationals, the corrupt banks and systems, the war lords, power mongers, greedy energy companies shunning and putting off the alterative power sources, the devious food companies with false food labelling and putting children's lives at stake. The big brother attitude and terrorists the same difference, at the opposite ends of the rope [Saturn], the human rights and so called democracies taking away civil liberties. Can this be the death throes of the Saturn leader as it makes way for its new role as assistant to Uranus [the creative and innovative new ways and insights?]Is the breaking down of everything now apparent the Pluto stuff? Yet the compassion and rising heart energy and wound healing also now apparent, Chiron? Is the care for the planet and her beings, nature, the seas, the land, the ecological awareness the cry of Sedna?

Well if we take Pluto as being in the purging role for 14 or 21 years this takes us to 2022 and 2029 respectively. I have repeatedly stated that we have two more windows after 2012, they are 2036 and 2075. I feel that 2012 will herald in the 'flip' this I feel will be the year when the critical mass is reached and then, and only then will it start to percolate into the mass collective unconscious and circulate to rise in consciousness, that is the unconscious deep promptings, the archetypal corner stones of the old Piscean Saturn structure tumble, then those who have been awakening WILL BE THERE to explain, facilitate and lead on to the Uranus Mind set and Aquarian energies. Pluto will mop any odds and ends, and the leap from Capricorns heights will see humanity leap like lemmings into the true and beautiful.

Until then we will have more violence, go back to a banking system that continually breaks down, the authorities choking us with taxes, civil liberties abuse, medical maniac dogma [children forced to be vaccinated or parents imprisoned, fined or children taken into care, more racism, terrorist attacks and so on,] anything natural, healing, herbs and so forth curbed and banned old age. Science the new God, the Doctors the new priests, bankers and multinationals' the new politicians, the media the new entertainment.

Then it reaches a crescendo, a point of so much pressure, and so many have shared you feel this silent yet pushing, pulsating pressure, a pinnacle, a climax, and then boil bursts,[like the Berlin Wall] confusion and chaos, and then a vacuum, and so not to fill it with vandalism, riots and looting, the awakened or semi awakened ones will be there.

Do I think we will make it? Yes for sure. When will we make it? Which year? I feel between now and 2012 many will be switched on, when will the mass make it? Between 2012 and 2075. Will the outside world be different? Radically so from 2075 until 3000. Will the next generation see the changes? Yes they will see the turn around albeit slowly. Will wars end at anytime? There will be wars not so much for power and territory, but for how to best structure the new way; it will be academic rather than military. This will be the new role for Saturn to learn to be less rigid and yet give a more flexible skeleton to Uranus creative impulse.

There is much hope and remembering we are on the cusp of change, the transition. Two thirds across the river. There is no turning back. So let us march on, courageous and know that it will and must happen.

Astrology, divination, runes, I Ch'ing, angel cards, channelling, medium ship all are seemingly telling much the same story, the return of ET, the 12 strand DNA or the switching on of redundant DNA, the raising of energies, kundalini, a higher form of consciousness, children DNA change new super powers emerging. However you see the picture there is change; how we interpret the change is according to our programming.

The perigee takes 8.85 years and it's opposite the furthest is apogee. The moon is 221,800 miles from Earth on perigee it is 18,400 miles closer. Therefore it is 6% closer and 11% brighter. It can raise sea levels by 50cm or 2ins. What effect on the human body [see earlier blogs]. The brightness of the moon at perigee may mask somewhat the geminids meteor shower at this time as well. It is a rare occasion when perigee is at full moon, next time is November 2016. The reverse presumably would be at apogee.

A friend of mine and light worker sent me an email which he has kindly given me permission to quote 'An ex next door neighbour and a good friend of mine, was, until his recent retirement, one of BP's top engineers, having been a project manager for a number of high profile construction projects over the last twenty years, interspersed with periods in the London Head Office. During my research I asked him around fifteen months ago about the extraction and refining of oil. During the conversation he mentioned that they were having to repeated calibrate their navigational instruments due to the drift of the North Magnetic. He was referring to the original systems which had been retained as backup in the event of a breakdown of the more recent satellite systems. He went on to say that the North Magnetic had drifted 6 degrees from its original position. By my reckoning that is almost 700 kilometres'. Far in excess of what you [Geoff: in earlier blog some years back, when I was given by the Institute Of Navigation it was 56 Kilometres' to the East and had to recalibrate runways, satnav and GPS systems] fifteen months ago. Food for thought eh? On a slightly different subject. A friend of mine recently had a message from spirit to the effect that we should not worry about carbon emissions, as the Earth is quite capable of seeing after itself. Have a Good Christmas, with Regards. Norman.'

Well you see how far it has drifted in fifteen months and Mitch Battros site has said that 30,000 scientists are taking Al Gore to legal proceeding over leading the general public astray over the facts regarding global warming. However I must REPEAT we have to stop our 10% of contribution to the warming as we will rape the Earth, displace ethnic minorities and force starvation and deprivation. We have to turn to harmless technologies and medical procedures that are around, go forward into a brave new unpolluted world without profit margins and market place rogue policies, we have to have fair minded politicians, an education system that fosters ecology, respect, truth about big industrial giants scam and dictatorships by health authorities, human rights fiddled and tweaked to appear just and yet devious and ambiguous. We have to teach the one Cosmic Power and energy and show racial colour of skin is geographical and also cultural in difference, and joy to the difference and not to proselyte.

Until next time. Take care and Lots of Love. Geoff

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