The Rocket Fuel of Spirit

Geoff Freed — November 2008
Former forensic technician and scientific & medical researcher, lecturer, workshop leader and psychotherapist, Dr. Geoff Freed reports on what is happening energetically on the planet at this pivotal time in history.

THE ENERGY or fuel of spirit is chi, Kundulini or whatever name that suits. Like a three or more stage rocket, power is needed to break the gravity, the strong pull of successive layers of density. In our case the layers of the past, the deep embedded programmed and conditioned patterns no longer needed and yet so entrenched that they seem impenetrable, encrusted and in a way it takes over the real identity of ourselves and brings to us the illusion of reality and relative safety.

Several astronauts have said once out of the field of Earths pull, in deep outer space, they feel the majesty and awe, akin to a godly or spiritual experience. Psychologist's say 'yes it is so unlike or comparable to any other experience this would be the case, given time, this would be just another experience in life's events'. May I offer another explanation, could it be that the collective unconscious is a 'layer, a field of energy' [see earlier blogs on Reg's, random event generators and the experiments to measure the collective unconscious]. Perhaps analogous to this is the rocket discarding its boosters is the same as our discarding fields of energy locked into mind patterns. [See Eckhart Tolle's pain bodies in which he describes the pain body as an energy field]. As energy radiates it can set up frequencies which attract or repel like or dissimilar fields [See magnets and so forth], it would also account for the feelings of silent attraction or repelling that one may feel or sense. [See blog that contains morphing].

The fact that NDE's and the astronaut experiences are sometimes life changing may mean that a new perspective is imbibed and the energy may dislodge an outmoded pattern and so elevate one to another dimension, an expanded horizon, mostly a freeing of the limits to the perceived self. This is still in the realm of the ego [in my terms the collective pain body], however it can free one up, make the spaceship lighter, have more fuel in the tank to rise to higher realms and eventually break free into a mindless state, the witness or experiencer [please excuse made up word], which is pure awareness or consciousness, mind in its essence without thought.

During the long hours of Budo, Gong and Zen training it became apparent to me that when energy flows freely there is abundant health, clarity and all is well. This followed on in healing, counselling and psychotherapy with patients. It seemed the amount of energy flowing was in proportion and in relationship to emotional and psychological health of that patient, and in some cases an adrenalin rush, a hyped up state, lethargy, stupor, fatigue and the like.

My understanding from my oriental teachers was that as energy is blocked either by bad food, environmental damage, emotional restriction, fear and stress, the meridians became restricted and so the vital force, the chi, Kundulini, does not feed the organs [not shown in medical scans, it is too subtle] and then becomes more impounded, impacted and so becomes a disease, tumour or such like. So the healing has to sometimes strip the layers, a kind of peeling process, sometimes the blast of energy from the holistic applier may burst through the dam, each is specific and endemic to the situation.

During the process of ascension, alchemy, transformation and resurrection, regeneration and so forth and in this era, after having been medically, holistically examined and all is well, checking out allergies, electronic fog, emotional clarity and the like, the symptoms [you can find lists on the net] certain energy experiences may seem to occur, the heat, the rush of energy up the spine, the medulla obligate [see earlier blogs on the mechanics of this and the clearance it can cause]the various cleansing experiences, then we can sense the energy as it moves either up or down the spine, the solar plexus to head and so forth that this the rocket fuel of spirit. This rocket fuel of chi/Kundulini is the same energy as global warming or the cause of it behind the Central Sun and the Creative Force of the Universe. I call it God's electricity.

When I was in regular strict training I felt so free, yes it is true I was younger, eager and so forth. I also did not fit in with my mates unless they were into what I was into. This was in part due to my NDE at the age of four and it's speaking to me even at that tender age as a huge message for my incarnation. I then went out to work, soccer, electrics, and physics, forensics and paralleling this Budo, Gong, Zen and spirito psycho training. Great journeys and sojourns abroad, busting my works pension, although magically always getting my job back.

Then I seemed to have lost so much of that pure awareness. It was as I now know the way I had to go, I could understand people's problems, because I had experienced them. I could relate to their pain, because I had felt that too, not by sensing but by life's experiences. I realised I had seen the light and it became dim, and through the thousands of patients, forensic horrors', broken relationships, endless workshops, lectures presented, the sharing's the so called unrealistic happenings, the UFO and Psychic Phenomena research, I was finding my way back to the light. This is the process of the Universe, endless progression, endless searching for Itself in Its own Creation, like the artists, musicians and Creative healers and therapists. The Universe is becoming more conscious, more aware and present of Its intrinsic nature, and when all of the components of the Cosmos have awakened, it will dissolve into pure spirit or consciousness to once more burst forth into the so called big bang, an ah ha to start the rounds of eternal cycles rolling again.

The UK and the USA are rolling out more vaccines this one for girls from 13 to 17 to prevent cervical cancer. I am not saying it is dangerous but way up the huge amount of vaccines our youngsters' have to endure. They, the medical authorities say the side effects and the few it has left with irreparable damage, like the statin and fluoride issue, is worth the risk, like the health and safety issues, health versus risk and money, often to make uncle pharma richer and also treat the symptom not the cause. Oh, oh, complimentary approaches----not a chance. I was discussing these issues with retired physicians and they said' well the WHO or National or Local Authorities' set parameters. The elders told me that the digital age has brought in world standards of measurements, almost like trying to clone us, make us uniform and bog standard, so there is status quo, no one rocks the boat, and the goalposts are coming lower in order to say,' well you do not fit this blood pressure, the cholesterol reading, the eye pressure, and they have lowered the readings so low that one then is classed as diabetic, obese, high blood pressure, so up the hospital. Blood tests and so forth' a few years back there was more tolerance, less dolling out of pills, they gave the body chance to recover. Of course if one is well over the top and is obviously not well in appearance and symptoms, then help of the right kind is needed. The lower the readings and parameters, the more Big Uncle Pharma dishes out the sweeties. Oh, by the way the sweeties are chemicalised, synthesised, pasteurised, cauterised, up to your eyes in muck and bullets yersied. Make no mistake some antibiotics, vaccines and other procedures are definitely life savers and surgical reconstructions and rebuilding are wonderful.

I now live in sheltered housing, a long story; I had to be moved quickly through a threat by someone who tried to seriously injure and maim me. This is strange as I am at present fit and well[I write this in late July 2008] and so many people every day say' its my age, you can't do anything about it' so many die here, are in wheel chairs, walking sticks, Zimmer frames, frail, frightened and dependant on carers. I really have great compassion for them and the great work done by carers and families, and again the message of the collective unconscious this is fait ac-com-pli.  My journey is to go through this, who knows the result, it is endless. It is a great challenge and test of awareness to live in these surroundings and brings home how the doctors, who do great work, drug; make zombies out of people when so much could be done to alleviate their suffering. To lift their spirits, to empower them to enable them to see Life as ongoing and not the finality of this body as the only result. Is this my 'job' here, no I feel not I have tried with taking classes of Qi Gong and meditation and it went flat as people got older and some passed on, it is for me to work through the collective unconsciousness's grip of a stylised pattern of thought about age and age related symptoms. This is a world scene too. It is interesting how people who visit treat me as an old foggy, they mean well, they talk loud to me and when I answer in a clear voice, they go away perplexed and often ask, ' are you a visitor or resident'? When I answer resident, they scuttle away and on the next visit quickly pass me by. This is the labelling, boxing, compartmentalising that we all do, the assumptions and the like. The world situation again. Time for a shift. What's he doing here he should be frail, weak and diminutive. I upset the paradigm. Perhaps should I live to a ripe old age or who knows what comes to pass I might end up needing these facilities, however, it does give an insight and preparation, not through autosuggestion, but by deep mediation and the bright and clear to be able to be present no matter what. Good one Freed keep on keeping on.

What about Life on Mars? When I researched for an official organisation, it threw up some interesting facets. The Moon and Mars will be outposts for further deep exploration into the Universe. It would be a point of contact with other species and life forms. Mars had been colonised years ago and had been decimated as we could be by the policies and greed which we have now. The beings who lived there according to a Russian boy [see earlier blogs, live underground [not sure of this] however, according to my research there are deep cave dwellers in Earth, due to the lack of light they display some luminance [like deep sea fish, octopuses, squid and so on] and they are of a kind of mushroom complexion, similarly I am assured by my research to Martians. I feel we will not be allowed to set up permanent bases on Moon or Mars [years ago there is and was a conspiracy theory or not, that there were secret colonies set up on the dark side of the moon, and that a tower was found on the moon and it was also covered up. The tower I believe was explained if remembered correctly in Video by Richard Hoagland {forgive spelling}, and the colonies were explained as; there is no hope of saving Earth so the elite or the illuminate set up these bases with conspiring aliens to flit off when the wheel comes off or the 's---t hits the fan'. Nice one eh? ]. We have to sort out Earth first otherwise we will take our pollution with us. Moving venue does not always solve problems as we take our baggage with us. We go with the best intentions only old habits die hard, so we have to work on clearing ourselves first.

To diverge, on TV teletext ITV August 31 2008 researchers have urged pregnant women not to use perfumes and creams as especially to regard of male unborn child as it has been shown in experiments that this can in later life lead to male infertility and testicular cancer. HO! What about pesticides, additives, fluoride and chlorine, pollution, electronic smog, mobile phones and the like?   Removing one factor does not eliminate the swath of the rest.

There are theories which are polarity and dualism. In polarity we have the yin and yang at each end, say as an example a see saw, and the swing changes the yin and yang, up and down as in the yin –yang symbol. There are syntheses and a complimentary element as per cycles, rhythms', and such like. In the theory of dualism one chooses an opposing factor, say good not evil, cold not hot, and so forth. In this a particular choice is taken, there is very little flow to the compliment and so swing it back to polarity. Here in the dualism we may find stubbornness, hard resistance to change and defence of the chosen facet. This we see clearly today and any swing to polarity is regarded as weakness. Polarity encourages an embracing attitude, a willingness to flow with Universal Harmony, to be firm when appropriate and flexible when concomitant to the requirements to the what is at the moment. This we see at the deepest levels of life and the flow in the Universal Currents. As the waves of the rocket fuel of evolution, Kundulini, battering the shore of old outworn concrete patterns, so the swing from dualism to polarity will commence, as it is apparent now.

Those who endeavour to shore up the failing modes of Life collapsing around us with weaponry, media indoctrination, food manipulation and the planet throwing up into our face to change and humankind not heeding this invocation, then we face the facts, change or be changed. As the Universe ushers in the next step in evolution, and we are not in step or in harmony with it, the tide will force this on. Hopi from the popular verse' there is a river now running very fast, jump in, do not hold onto the banks, see who is there with you and celebrate. The River has its own destiny-------------'. Parts of it as you know states we said there is an eleventh hour it is now this hour. We see dwindling resources, crashing economies, soldiers in Afghanistan and Iraq saying 'Why are we here'? 'Is it a wrong military decision and they too proud and arrogant to call it off'? 'Are they doing  it just for power and money'? Extensive interviews with American and British troops on videos and TV. They are battle weary and feel this is a futile negative fight, and so many people are now feeling this in their lives.

Surveys show so many people fed up with their work, dull, boring, and not creative. Making us uniform. The medical profession pushing us into BMI, Digital Readouts, lowering the parameters, human draconian denial of rights, big brother tactics, all the signs of the present systems decaying. The obscenity of celebrity wages and those starving, fuel poverty, house repossessions, cannot walk alone in the park, means testing, all tightening the net, and then an implosion.

What is this implosion? When the ice gets thin enough, when the boredom gets intrusive enough, when the deprivation gets obscene enough, then the Kundulini can surge, the energy of suppression can surge up, like the flower pushing though slabs of stone, like the baby's tight grip on mothers hand. If not subdued by drugs, distraction and slothfulness, the energy of slumber is given a shock, a kick start, and lo and behold, this feeling of empowerment blossoms forth and we see the spring and its abundance, indeed we feel it.

Just recently there have been videos like Zeit Geist, Esoteric Agenda and the like. They tend to portray most of the conspiracy theories we know; some are more factual about the elements and deeper observations and proof. However at the end of most they go into the kind of empowerment and 'new age' kind of self growth and meditation. What does come through and you can fast foreword from the doom and gloom, is that the so called lords of power and oppression are into mind sets and from this flows the energy that many link in and imbibe and join the club although somewhat reluctantly. WHEN one sees that is only conditioning, programming, brain washing and does not subscribe and knows the freedom felt inside when free of this clinging viscose glue,  then we break the bonds, the slavery to materialism, cruel negative relationships and the world is transformed into something far more enjoyable.  

The trap and trick is not to subscribe to another set of conditions. This does mean to roam loose like a demonic impulsive maniac, hedonistic and amoral. This is an ego trick and puts one back to where we broke lose from. The way maybe to be calm, to be centred in deep peace found in stillness, be aware without judgement, to be in tune in the deepness of oneself where we can perceive and sense the presence of a wonderful lightness, a clarity, and feel the universal energy coursing through us. Here is abundance not necessarily of material goods, but abundance that our needs are met even in so called recession in marvellous synchronicity. We may not be rich as the world knows of it possessions but by inner richness which attracts the right thing at the right time. The more we acquire the more can be stolen and the more we need to defend. One's treasure is shifted from acquisitiveness of objects to delight in simple being.

Paracetamol is in the news. 2000.000 children given this substance have developed hay fever, asthma. In fact there is an age that this affects the children, I believe as babies and then six to nine [not sure of the ages and doses], however it is linked to a world wide epidemic of asthma. I wonder what will happen if all drugs are investigated? Go to geoff freed online and click on left menu health and look at the BMJ's own admission of the side effects and usefulness of drugs. York University says that a lot of chronic illness can be alleviated by identifying intolerance to certain foods, 76% of population maybe intolerant to certain foods. The body then hosts an anti body which is triggered by the substance in the foods. Good old natural unadulterated food grown with good old horse manure, chicken droppings, compost of food and garden waste, well maybe an old ancient idea?

Many astrologers have now felt that comet Holmes and the alignment of Pluto to the Central Core is partly responsible for the economic collapse. So many have phoned in desperation. Some e-mails pleading what do I do I have lost so much? It would be contrite to answer this. I have felt the pinch too, however, I have very little in comparison so my simple way of living so far has been marginally touched, enough however to feel its claustrophobic effect. By the way the Orionids, the meteor shower which are the fall out debris of Halley's Comet are here from 15th to 29th October. Some time back I mentioned about the input of huge measurements of electron volts and the sun maybe just one factor in global warming. Now a senior scientist has ruefully admitted that the global warming maybe due to cosmic perturbations and now detected flares from deep space.

A well known writer on space matters has branded my theories as 'crap, baloney, and a piece of mind s—t, and by copywriting it I will be exposed and humiliated' this writer says it is the sun cycle but does not offer an explanation, as we know the Cosmos is an entire seamless hologram and what happens in deep space and larger cycles filter down to local events. In years to come my theorem may prove to be correct or not. Maybe this person is jealous as the scientific world is full of competition and divisive elements.  Now is the time to join and explore all theories and ideas in non opinionated debate, having said that I have slanged off the man above. Oh dear what a naughty boy Freed a hypocrite? Well yes I own up to my own stuff.

That's it for now and keep on keeping on. And as our politicians tell us I share your pain. Yet this pain encourages me to seek deeper solutions within me. Lots of Love. Geoff.

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