Is There Such A Thing As Free Will?

Geoff Freed — October 2008
Former forensic technician and scientific & medical researcher, lecturer, workshop leader and psychotherapist, Dr. Geoff Freed reports on what is happening energetically on the planet at this pivotal time in history.

THIS IS A HOT POTATO. Some authors state all is consciousness and as such everything is God or Source dreaming Its dream [see many previous blogs where I have gone into this in depth][ see spirit of eternal loneliness in last few blogs] that just like a dream it is all a game and just as in a dream, no one gets killed, smashed or loved and so on. This would apply also to this so called awake in the body experience. So war maiming, loving and so on is just God's game. We can do what we want and as it is a dream when awake and sees that it is all a dream, and then this is what it is Maya. This also implies we have no free will and that we are puppets on a string. God's game contains the dualities and there is a balance sheet and in the end all is well. We naively think or believe we have free will.

This train of thought or inspiration or enlightenment goes on to state that there is no reincarnation, no prelife agreements, no recriminations, no karma only all this issues from God's Mind and when the dream fades which is death, everything goes back to the formless God Source, and like a bubble bursts and my analogy a wave recedes back into the ocean. The perpetrators of this knowing or paradigm is said to be how God sees it not us poor unenlightened blighters or plebs. This is the so called 4D or Consciousness enlightened world view. I would not know I am trapped in the old 3D one. We have no free will this is the illusion and when we wake up all is God and what we thought was our choice, we have no choice either, is really God's plan working through us. All we have to do is surrender, witness, do nothing and hey presto it begins to happen. There is no moral responsibility, no need to try and change the world, lie back experience the freedom of letting it all flow through and up yours to sufferings, another illusion. This is God's plan and dream.

The theory goes on to say, Teachers, spiritual paths and so on are useless, disciplines out the window and just know when the whim of God for no particular reason, by grace, nothing a former life or discipline, book, chance encounter can predetermine, because God has a whim, his grace awakens you and you've arrived. Your free will is not factored into this. This is almost analogous to my conversations with the morticians a few blogs back. Of course I reiterate maybe this so from the 4D perspective. It can be a cop out from responsibility.

OK, let me look at this from 3D, ego confused, limited perspective. I feel, yes I may be deluded, clouded, and still trapped in Maya. To me a God that lacks compassion is not what I see in the Universe and cycles, not at the systems level at deep particle physics. I feel we are the observers, the presence and at the particle level there are probabilities, possibilities so that choice is the name of the game. Yes we are the puppets on a string in so far as we have been given a life. If I were a creator, and I dreamed my dream and knowing the result. For me how boring. Give them the gift of free will, let then make choices, let them cock it all up, let the drama unfold their way and then when they realise they are swimming against the tide, their petty plans are of no avail and they seek me, and their mind joins God's mind then we are one and then one surrenders the gift of free will. We in a way become choice less, because' I and The Father are One'. So in a way yes we have choice and on surrender, that choice dissolves. The difference between the first paradigms is there is no choice at all and this is the delusion and really our cock ups where part of God's design, I feel not. Our cock ups are our freewill gift. God might find it amusing to see the flops, yet how does a child learn if not by its mistakes?

Apparently teachers are not needed, well the theory then relents and talks about grace falling on one because God just fancies that particular one, then grudgingly states well teachers, disciplines and such like 'soften one up' kind of like a ripe fruit ready to fall' so we did need free will to take a teacher, a discipline, no this was in God's plan as well. So God sees us sweat out and suffer, this is part of the dream. I feel the gift of free will was not in God's plan but in the separated ego and the discipline and such like did soften up for the awakening [see my koan blog, this softened me up for the mini or ko satori], although God might know our thoughts, I feel we are given licence to make choices and have free will up until the time of surrender. Ultimately God's intent is to bring us back home or into potential and its unformed primordial state. The journey to achieve this is God's amusement and not pre planned as to its execution. Like in the days of Greek mythology, what amusement would the Gods have making everything turn out their way.

Agreed in the 4D consciousness re incarnation, pre life agreements or contracts are not required, this is because the Source, God, Consciousness is the all in all. However, in the 3D ego centric mind set we may need to come back many times and so forth in order to learn to break through the dream of Maya. No not so, we and everything is a dream from God and once it dies it never comes back, no need to, it's just a dream. It was fun whilst it lasted, no choice, one game of chess. Again no choice, in the 3D mind set there is one. Maybe it's all a game, the rules given above; the rules of engagement are different.

There are a couple of more points. If one says killing, spiritual disciplines are all just a dream from God, the Source, then does this give one a licence to kill, rob, rape and equally to balance out the duality of Life. Yes I can see from an enlightened point of view one can argue; well it is all Maya anyway. If this fell into unenlightened hands one might say' its OK to do what we want it's only a dream, lets love do good deeds and so on, equally so if my predilection is rob, rape, plunder and so forth then that's OK too. It depends who picks up these discussions or the books written by either side, or my take on it. If everything is just a pre planned dream from God so called good or bad, then where in the 3D world does morality, responsibility and compassion come from. No teachers, no Karma, no second chances. Well until or maybe never I am enlightened, I'll stick out for being present, being the witness, acting from intuitive promptings [not impulsive fools intuition] and choice will arrive, yes maybe from God, however, deep inside I feel compassion, a sense of deep responsibility and I do not feel it is God's design or dream to condone maiming, killing or the like, if it so I wish to stay in the 3D consciousness, wrongly or rightly.

Many years back I used to train at a Judo club in Victoria, London and if in the cold winter if you stuck out the winter sessions [I think they were called kangusek?], then you might get a grade higher or a new judo gi[judo suit and so forth], after the training was over about 05.00 hrs we showered in cold water, put on track suits and ran to the House of Sandwiches in Soho, London and get hot tea and sandwiches, gulped down eagerly.[a good two mile or so run after three hours of hard training]. In this establishment were the early hippies, later flower power people, and the older LSD people, a strange mixture, we all talked about satori, enlightenment, the former ones mentioned had trips and so forth, we extolled mediation. Some of us had similar experiences group wise. It was noticeable that the drug induced seems to have highs and lows, where as the meditators maybe had less experience however they had more lasting effects without the oscillations of the former. Many of the drugs induced said' man everything, its all Cosmic, its all bliss, it's a dream man, do it all nothing matters', the meditators, felt a knowing that led them more into an inner peace than a blissed out rapture, it was quieter and felt more as if a loving and benign presence was at work. It was if the drugs so blissed out in the rapture that they somehow took away the natural moral nurturing feeling, while the Zen Budo guys felt deep compassion and knowing of the Buddha consciousness, it brought a morality, a kind of inner deep responsibility and made us feel we were in the presence of a supreme consciousness and yet an individual being. To put another matter straight, some people have mentioned that Zen Buddhists' sit for hours and are beaten with a stick if they nod off, true in some cases, however, in Budo the Japanese collective Martial Arts it is not so. Neither later on in my Qi Gong, Tai Chi and Kung Fu endeavours did my Sifu ever beat us and we followed the Lao Tzu and Sutra as in Tao. As mentioned before I was given a Koan [see blog or so back] and my subsequent life there after.

Let us now see this perhaps from a different angle. Descartes, Newton and the like brought in the classical physics view of separation and the mechanical reductionist view. Man was outside of nature, the supreme intelligence on Earth and the dominant species, the king and top of the pile, the supreme product of intelligent hereditary genes or the accolade of God's handiwork. Well the cock up this has led to on the planet one wonders the wisdom of such theories. Further more God is outside and we pray for His help and guidance. Depending what religion you are in, cult and so on you may or may not get a result. It is OK to go to war and exterminate another who disagrees with your way of life or belief. It is also from an atheistic point of view merely the survival of the fittest. I know some of these and when threatened have said' where are the police, the morality', I remonstrate with them and chide; well it's the survival of the fittest after all.

With splitting of the atom and later particles and so forth, it heralded to the gob struck scientists, that the observer played a part in the experiment [many books and proof of this], this then brought in a new mind set ONLY FOR SOME OF THE SCIENTISTS. Some even now will not surrender their ego and stay in the old reductionist classical view and are usually dogmatic and fail to see consciousness as the observer as part of the whole, not the top of the pile, supreme intelligence, but very much part of the system and a link in the chain to the Cosmic plan. It takes a humble scientist to acknowledge they are part of the whole and not the new high priests and just a link in the ecological system. This means they have a responsibility to the whole and not to just themselves to experiment and dominate. To tweak nature and go against the natural system and arrogantly go about her rape and destruction, harming their own kind in the process.

Taking free will again and analogous to the last paragraph, if this is a dream and anything goes, it somehow goes without saying in a way that the particles and their dance and our observations and the lessons it may give us say anything but an outside observer, a God dreaming up crap just to amuse Himself. It seems that the whole is a partnership of relationships, of an interrelated, inter dependent, harmonious exchange of information, data and mutual care and responsibility, with choices through possibilities, probabilities and mutual benefits for the whole, by the whole and no outside the system interference or whims. The dance of the particles as they 'bump' into each other and through this exchange become something else through the exchange of information, this is no whim, this an opportunity to be a co-creator, to be a partner in a never ending drama of Life Eternal. Yes a play a pantomime, but conscious co authors in this mystery, and yes they can come back and rework the script, until they become the authors of their destination and creation. This next step in the evolution of our planetary life and solar system will see us more conscious of the 'plan' and our ability to be co-planners in it and with free will; more of the ego chipped away and yet still opening more to the Divine Eternal Will.

This was originally going to be Novembers Blog, however, some friends and readers who contacted me asked me what books I had been reading and I said what they were and they were perturbed by the authors of several of them and asked me to do a blog on them. I do not wish to name the books as I do not want to slag off anyone, I merely voice how I feel, and as I have said so many times, read it, throw it out or juggle with it, throw it back to me. I can be up the gum tree too. I try to present angles and perspectives and leave the choice to you. So if the November blog seems out of what's going on I am merely replying to requests. Thanks for your understanding.

By the time you read this the Cern Hadron Collider or large particle track accelerator will have been hopefully after hick ups switched on. Some scientists according to Jonathan Cainer are wondering if it might tweak time in some way. Well the reductionists see it as an isolated experiment and the systems guys see it as not a non local event but as a whole integrated system Cosmos wise. Some scientists ignore minute fluctuations called perturbations [see monarch butterfly effect] others see it as an effect felt Universally as the electron in multi location, a stimulus to one electron is simultaneously effected universally, so in some small way or large or whatever, we may find a change in energetic flow, maybe the ushering in of the 2012 breakthrough?

When the atom was smashed it showed the involvement and inclusiveness of everything, no outsiders and co authorship, that everything is in an information exchange that is mutual for the whole and its well being, and that so called material solids were not so solid and appeared to be fluid and malleable. This should and is gradually percolating down to mass levels, the ambiguity and erroneous belief that materialism is the answer to every problem and hoarding; power mongering is a dream of ignorance and selfish acquisition. That like the body rots and decays with age and is in itself not self fulfilling. It has smashed the mind set of hard concrete immovability. What might the Cern Collider do? Watch this space. It takes 40 to 60 years for a new paradigm to creep into the mass paradigm of the mind set predominant at present. The very unrest of our world today shows that the new paradigm is pushing into spaces to oust the old outworn patterns of today. Like the seeds that push aside large stones by silent passive pressure, the will to experience new life, to be present in life and reach its destiny and fulfilment is a most powerful force indeed. Like water in concrete that freezes and cracks the structure and so on.

Returning to freewill the phenomena known as the Akashvic Records where everything ever done said or thought is said to be in memory and some are said to be able to tap into this and read the past. Akash is the Sanskrit word for sky and vic records. In a previous blog I mentioned the plastic cover and insert carbon paper which you write and scribble on and then by pulling out the carbon paper sheet glued to stiffer cardboard it would erase the writing from the plastic, however the faint imprint was left in the carbon, after a while one had to replace the carbon paper. In the early days of forensics one looked in paper and documents for indented writing under top sheets. It is also said that in the field level of particles, all data may be stored and that a juxtaposition of these facets organise themselves into a workable and comprehensive composite self organising form, something like a bank of graphics and designs and new or hybrid forms come from the library, not exactly from chaos. Homeopathy has miasms, Steiner mentions about the soil holding impressions or deposits of detrimental elements, some psychics refer to atmospheres and so on. The latent tendencies left over either so called good or bad. The point being that these are or can be resurrected and reincarnated, part of the game, yes but until cleared and God conscious it is the ego choice and then one might say even the ego is part of the game of God awakening to Himself, and so the conundrum goes on, maybe it is the Super Koan [see blog last month].

One can then contemplate omniscience, omnipresence, omnipotence and get so wound up in the seeming contradictions, theories, opinions until a head of steam is built up, then one can go crazy, bliss out on distraction of one's predilection, bury one's head in the sand, however, the riddle, the koan of freewill or not will never go away, one is hooked and then the head of steam bursts into a Cosmic Orgasm the biggest Satori or AH AH and one is free of it all, and one is said to presumably be enlightened. In the end it is God's Dream to give us free will as an illusion that we have choice, and when we surrender that choice, the game is up. If we did not have or be given this illusion the game or dream would be a bore. So yes to the enlightened it is a dream, a game, to the unenlightened as it were, it is not and can be deadly serious or hilariously stupid. This is the great koan and when one goes beyond the logic as above and one's back sweats and we know and can never describe the knowing, the decision about free will is abundantly clear.

The easy way out of the riddle is to find a nice easy loving cult, religion and be comforted and have a logic based set of laws where questioning is out of order and one becomes a puppet and not think, just blindly follow. This will not harm oneself too much and we can justify anything under the sun in this scenario. The thin ice, the quest, the search can lead one to steep crevices and unsure ground without navigation and maps. This can provide the leap, the adventure of the pioneer, the wake up call and then the situation becomes ripe for the final collapse of a personal identity as such, and one shouts EURIKA and while others may think a crazy naked mad person, inside one is free from convention. Not the crazy drug filled freedom of a high which by continued use of a narcotic substance, which can lead to acts of terrifying destruction, no this mind is in tandem with the Cosmic Mind and lives in harmony with the order and flow of the Universal whatever.

A few years back there were the hippy jokes, one I like is ' A hippy is run over by a bus and he looks up at his friend and says "Hey man call me a doctor" the other replies" OK you're a doctor" Similarly there were the mad psychiatrists jokes. Two psychiatrists walking in opposite directions down the road and one says to the other" Good morning you're alright how am I?"

By the time you read this [I type this 10th September 2008 at 13.11 hrs] the Cern Hadron Collider particle accelerator will have been switched on and the actual bombardment or colliding will be in October. Well this is my take on it and sent to several people who were panicking and e-mails, mail shots, grave warnings and the like, and I quote from my replies" I agree with 'Jonathan Cainer that there is a benign element in this' , and my take continues. I feel when they split the atom years back they or it rent a hole in the fabric of materialism. It takes 60 years or more for this message now appearing in the mainstream that materialism has no solid base and so not worth hanging onto as the saviour. It also commensurately rent part of the collective unconscious paradigm asunder. I feel this Hadron will further rent the veil between ego [collective unconscious mind set, habits, fashion, and media hype] and reality. I feel this is meant to be and great. It will release the infrastructure deep new paradigm and climax in 2012. Not everything in science is horrendous or foreboding."

Of course the money could have been well spent elsewhere, however, in the greater scheme of things who knows. The views of opposing scientists as in other blogs are now in précis, sorry for the repeats. The classical, Newtonian, Descartes, reductionist scientist sees us outside of nature, ignores perturbations, and that consciousness is not a factor, the observer is extraneous to the experiment and just applies the technology. The technicians' supply the equipment it then is thought out and the results are merely at the particle level and no relevance to the observer accept as information and data. Humans are the top of the pile and by science we dominate and the parts are important and not so necessarily the whole. This is the Medical versus Complimentary stuff as well.

The systems and deep ecologists see the observer as part of the whole and as such consciousness is an integral link in the chain, not by any means top of the pile. At deepest level the field is seamless and so the uncertainty principle and the like, the wave particle, multi locations', possibilities, probabilities and all that and the wave collapse, are all part of this interrelating, interwoven, seamless whole. Holistic complimentary medicine versus chemicalisation and extracting nutrients, vitamins from the natural organic whole. If something is seamless then no part is more important than the rest, it merely is a cog in the wheel, and not the kingpin, in fact there are no kingpins. This does not sit well with power mongers, hoarders and so called most prominent powerful leaders, business men and stubborn ego pride scientists. The competitiveness, backstabbing in science is like children in kindergarten only far more sophisticated.[ read Professor Candice Pert's ' Molecules of Emotion ' for starters and then all other pioneering scientists' who have been pilloried and had the balls to buck the system. Boy do I know about this].

As I write the USA FDA has given permission to start irradiating spinach and other things. This annihilates and goodness in it. Of course some reductionist well paid scientist on the payroll of large industrial giants will quack up the evidence. This saves food being wasted, true, but kills its vital essence. Its no so great that food has to travel a long way and is already loosing its vitality, and so this will be eat cardboard, you will probably get more out of it. Watch the EU follow on with the same stunt.

Meditators often debunk scientists and vice versa and heaven knows I have done both. I have to say that I feel inordinately well since the switch on of the Hadron, maybe it is synchronistic. Many others have said the same, and of course there are those who are agitated by it. This came to mind. As we meditate, not cogitate, visualise, imagine, mantra, tantra, contemplate, pray, just to sit in the stillness and allow the presence to take one into choiceless awareness, then we feel we are going up, down, out, inward, outward, expanding, contracting, floating yet grounded. A nowhere but everywhere beingness. It seems to me to equate to the penetration by scientists who peer into the depths of the substance of Life. One day they will fall into God Consciousness, as will meditators, and realise that we are all the one Life and expressions of it, so in a way we are only one mind behind the many expressions of that mind, and we created the big bang, only this one is unique to our current limited mind. So really meditators and those on the spiritual path are approaching God Consciousness from opposite directions to the scientific and medical communities, to meet eventually at the Centre Point when the resolving syntheses will be the end of illusion and the reality of Universal Harmony.

Years back they rent a hole in the fabric of materialism. It takes 60yrs for this message now appearing in mainstream that materialism has no solid base and so not worth hanging onto as the savior. It also commensurately rent part of the collective unconscious paradigm asunder. I feel this Hadron will further rent the veil between ego [collective unconscious mind set, habits, fashion, and media hype] and reality. I feel this is meant to be and great. It will release the infrastructure deep new paradigm and climax in 2012. Not everything in science is horrendous or foreboding.

Following on from the above I have some follow on thoughts and they are an what if, or are they? This large financial crisis and the USA Injecting 154 Billion dollars into the market to shore it up, to me pose some interesting postulations. Where do governments find these huge amounts when seemingly broke? The USA and Britain for instance have been finding billions upon billions of pounds and dollars for wars, overseas donations and the like, far more than the gold or silver meant to back it up. Does this mean it is mere paper? If so like in the past and in Zimbabwe people took buckets of money to buy a loaf of bread. So then everything becomes artificial, a mind set, an agreement built on thin air and could crash again. This is tantamount to Maya, illusion and when we see this is a false premise that controls us we may then unsubscribe to this and link into truth. That our real source of income is provided through money by the Universal Consciousness, we may never be rich in millionaire or wealthy standards, however, our abundance comes from the synchronicity of the Universal supply. Our fear of poverty keeps us from true supply and we are controlled by the mind game of those stock market manipulators and entrepreneurs', once we see though this control ruse we are free and our health [same control game by the medical, education authorities], we then are guaranteed our needs.

The Cern Hadron switched off because of a fault; a crazy thought came into mind. Could this have smashed the mass consciousness associated with materialism as above? Maybe they realized this at a deep level? Maybe Russia withdrew her troops from Georgia because the threatening attitude of 'we don't care about another cold war, we will cut off your fuel supply'. However, if there is a financial recession which nearly occurred, there would be no money to trade, buy fuel and so on. China would be stuck with exports as the money would be unavailable, and you could see the stock markets collapsing in India, Hong Kong, Australia and the like. So was this whole market fiasco manufactured as some thought the moon debacle and 9/11, 7/9 with similar episodes? The Iraq war and maybe others. Well it does show how fragile the economic structure is and brings into question our willingness to believe and tighten our belts when there is no need to. I do not mean to go out and spend more than we have, it means to be a wise dispensing of the gift and energy of money, to know our birthright is of a divine nature, not just knowing this, feeling it and knowing it is the truth and not the mind games and control hypes, a few are, you must have your flu jab, you must get vaccinated, you must have blood pressure readings and cholesterol readings uniform through out your life, you must be a certain BMI, your getting old now, old age and uncertainty is part of the game, having a large status symbol is the sign of success. These entire can be and so and yet be free in consciousness, not forced or enmeshed in control fear. Yes Doctors, hospitals, chemicals, money management, and infirmities in age can be, the difference being having a free mind and not cajoled, inveigled, and it is not the sine qua non of living.

Yes we will undoubtedly have more wars, more border conflicts, more ravishing nature, more forcing fear tactics, more scaremongering, more quakes, storms and then we through tiredness, despair and actually reasoning that the old ways of separation, conflict and dysfunctional behaviour are debilitating, causing our own downfall, when the penny drops we will awaken. Do we always have to have drama, suffering and bloodshed? Some of us are so thick [join the club] that it takes this to break the hard shell or amour, the thick skin of obstinacy, the protective defensive shield of superstition, conditioning and programming. Yet those blessed with natural insight will see and intuit this and find means to extricate themselves from this insidious and monstrous goliath and seemingly gargantuan oligarchy. The last fiscal debacle was classic oligopoly and oligopsony. Enough said.

The New Economics Foundation says that the Human Race is using up resources of fisheries, forests and the like also producing more waste than the planet can absorb, we are overshooting nature's budget, and this has been the case since the 1980's. We are in ecological debt. The ice fields are melting and escaping Methane is in the higher atmosphere far more lethal than CO2.

Not to despair and go into spasm. This is all a wake up call and there will be those who are awakening who will see the light. There is evidence of a massive wake up and it increasing in intensity. A personal note I was awarded a PH.D in Metaphysics. It is fully authenticated and it is reinstated at the heading on energygrid. Since this will not offend scientific degree holders and my comments on physics and the like I can still make my comments and takes in a metaphysical way. Should anyone challenge this degree the University will be happy to supply details. I am not going into this social gambit 'Oh Hello what do you do for a living'? 'Where did you get your degree?' It really is saying I really don't believe you, or the one that is said to me,' You don't look like a forensic man, a scientist, an ex pro soccer player, a healer and so on, mind you being arrogant I don't mind it when they say' You do not look 70 yrs old, you only look 50 and your skin is nice and smooth' [purr and lick tongue ----you big head Freed]. It is time we stopped the social upmanship. Keeping up with the Jones and so forth. You could say why put up the degree then. Unfortunately the people I deal with at various Institutions will not deal with me and I cannot obtain relevant information or get into inner circles so I can relate this in blogs if not classified, unless I JOIN THE CLUB and have a recognized degree in whatever. It is supposed to say that one has been through a discipline and is sort of organized in some sort of rationale and logical appraisal of the data perused and commented on. I am sad that people cannot be taken as intelligent, creative and bright as any person with so called qualifications. There are those because of financial difficulties, upbringing are just as qualified through their private studies to have Life experienced degrees and they are the most highly developed, they have had to work in menial jobs, clerical, admin and so on, they are grounded, know the world, street wise, grounded and are often in touch with the world as in contrast to academics who maybe in their secluded world and not in touch with everyday living. This does not mean an assessment and it is a generality. Hey Ho and away we go. Lots and Lots of Love and Go Well. Geoff.

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