Zen in Transformation

Geoff Freed — September 2008
Former forensic technician and scientific & medical researcher, lecturer, workshop leader and psychotherapist, Dr. Geoff Freed reports on what is happening energetically on the planet at this pivotal time in history.

WHEN ONE REVIEWS the many sites and people an emerging feeling of an awakening strikes many, although there may not be a clear understanding of what this may be or what shape it takes and so forth. It is a gut feel and is being replaced by many from the fear of the unknown. What are appearing are the clear polarities that exist as though it were a paradox, a koan?

This is great from the point of view that a koan is meant to drive one away from the logical mind to the realm of the intuitive, not to be confused with impulse, imagination, channelling, psychic phenomena, hunches or subtle mind tricks and old rehashed graphics.

It seems so long ago, a distant star in the myriad universe, that I was a Zen Buddhist lay disciple or monk to a Sensei, and a little later a pupil to a Chinese Sifu. But I feel that the koans of transformation I learned are as relevant in the world today and our environment and politics. Before this a few reflections. Just as thoughts are top surface so to speak and awareness underneath, the backdrop of the witness, then the so perceived outside world is transient, the wave on the ocean and the awareness the depths, the underneath or behind as it were, although having no spatial content [similar to sub particle stuff], having gaps, spaces, isolated, yet dynamically moving, yet awareness is seamless, whole, complete and still, with the canvas of the backdrop the witness and the thoughts the actors on stage moving and dramatic. Here is a kind of Koan. The one I was given was a classic, before I read it. "In movement there is stillness and in stillness there is movement. What is it that is still and what is it that moves."

Thoughts and objects may seem fragmented, the witness may seem to be polar opposite but when the koan is intuited they are neither. The koan had me transfixed, I went to Sensei with explanations, concoctions, clever mind plans, and then one day I was deep in contemplation, having been gripped in a fever of excitement, as if my whole life evolved and revolved around this koan [it has to be in resonance with you and he gave it to me as I literally was throwing someone in seoinage {shoulder throw} and I gasped and dropped the guy to the floor unceremoniously, [he was not hurt] and it consumed me for weeks. Then as I was crossing the passage way from bedroom to bathroom, a flash of knowing hit me like an express train at a crossing. I rushed out the house with pyjama top and jeans and got the bus and train to Sensei's house and I rushed in unannounced. Before I could utter a word he said" sit down have some tea, you will never be able to explain what it is, it is beyond description, logic and reason. You are not enlightened this is kosatori {minor enlightenment}, now your troubles really begin, for you will not see things as many others do, you will be misunderstood, never the less you will in yourself know the truth of what is". This is true and suffices as today.

The complexities of today's living is a koan of hard reflection and borders on a seemingly solid foundation, and yet as the new physicists' have found, beyond words and what is seemingly solid is only made solid by our minds grasping this as a reality. When our minds finally accept all is in the mind and beyond, then our grasp on the solidity of this world, the materialistic element will melt asunder.

The still depths of the ocean, the field, is analogous to the awareness, the ebb and flow of the waves, the going and returning of the illusion of the waves being seeming reality. They are the surface of Life. The stillness and movement are part of the whole. They are the interplay of duality. The middle way is neither. Sounds arise from the stillness, they fall back to stillness, each to their own and yet as one. Searching for a beginning and end is pointless, for there has never been a beginning or end, just the eternal cycle of birth, death, each begetting the other. This is the flow, cease looking for ends, beginnings, reasons, explanations and the truth will dawn. Freedom will be attained and joy will be. The still mind is still, thoughts ripple over it. We can see from the impasse of medical, political madness, crazy logic, nanny states, power structures that reasons and ends beginnings are a paradox, a koan.

The Still Pond
A ripple, a wave, Life
Life, death, the still pond
What is Life and Death?
Life has no opposites
Only birth and death are opposites
Is this Eternity?

Maybe eternity is the constant interplay between Yin and Yang. The perpetual motion about an axis, a centre of gravity, the midpoint in the see saw, perhaps this midpoint is infinity and from this formless void, it becomes the womb of creation, and yet remains empty of content and substance in Itself. It is the fount of Creation, neither Yin nor Yang and yet their origin. The ego struggles with these concepts because they are not logical and have no clear boundaries {sub particle analogies again} and are not understood and can only be a mind game of recognition or imagination unless intuited and experienced in deep with an ah ha factor. A kind of liberation and exaltation in its realisation.

Materialism drags one from deep inner peace and depths although through acquisition it might bring temporary satisfaction, leaving one to desire more, and feel empty when deprived of it. The next shot, hit, dose, the drugs, toxins. The market for narcotics is ripe and rife. The credit crunch may bring with it the withdrawal symptoms. It could be an awakening. The crunch of tightening up to the land of plenty, a koan in itself. Having withdrawal symptoms may reveal where we had placed our false faith. Interesting enough now the East is adopting more materialism the addiction is becoming evident too. The hunger and thirst for more. More cars, houses, TV, Hi Fi , computers, modern technology and so forth, dragging one away from spiritual, not religious and contact to the Earth Mother, bringing in more flesh parlours, vice dens adopting global marketing economies with its rape and pillage of the natural environment. AND YET, the very crest of the wave, the very crest of Yang, the fullness of one, by the flow of Cosmic Law turns about Itself to bring in the opposite, as the seasons melt into each other so it will be when the seemingly crazy world affairs turn around and take us once again to the next beautiful step in evolution. Can we see or intuit the Koan of Transformation which our present climate offers us. What a glorious time to be living and as the worlds conundrum confronts us, realise it is the living Zen of Transformation.

To examine a subject of another facet of life in the physical body. I call it the morph or empathy. Some people I know are morphs or empaths. They are able to live on contact with another or a film, plays, experience from book, and so forth as though they were that. So much so they become that experience, that person. Some do healing through this, others make fine actors, some detectives solve cases through this process, some healers, and therapists do this. The trick is to know you are morphing and not become obsessed with it, to be the witness and yet go through the almost reality of it oneself. There is a possibility of getting possessed by the process and so losing oneself and become a split personality or have sub personalities. When on my travels to various centres, workshops and psychotherapy, counselling work, I have people tell me they genuinely love this planet, and yet feel they are aliens as it were, and morph things, people, animals and so forth to experience the variety of life experiences not afforded to them in their own planet or realm. I felt like this for many years and I have been many years with teachers as above and in the course of my therapy and counselling training got put through the mill of analysis and such like and of course scientific training, pro soccer and the like, the forensic scene and its attendant so called horror, and yet I still feel that I am an empath to certain extent. The Tibetan tongal {see other blog} is a good technique to protect one from becoming the absorption}, some visualisation and imagery exercises are useful.

Morphs have this ability to be like a sponge. They can alter their own frequencies to absorb or align, resonate with that part of the morphee (that which one is morphing) similar to telepathy, but with the experience of not just knowing but feeling and in some cases living out in a different way to a morphee, and almost produce a movie or fantasy about this. Sometimes it works out the same way as the morphee. I can do this with some people or things. Not so much now, as I seem to be more interested in enlightenment than morphing. I did have a few instances when I knew what certain famous people and people in trains would do next or say, and I felt like them. Some do it in sleep and others in the awake state. There is a warning to not become obsessed or possessed. This is akin to the psychic sponge. Sitting next to a stranger and feeling drained, anxious or the opposite. Feeling atmospheres in places and the like. Today so many people are high through so called recreational drugs, that their auric energies, their ego stuff surfaces rapidly and furiously, sensually, erotically, violently, madly, that morphs have to be very aware and cautious. Morphs may find that are still within themselves, before the occurrence, that the fullness of the other is attracted to the emptier state of the other. Just as a battery flows from higher potential to lower, as weather fronts flow to opposite pressures. It is at the exact point in that empty state of observing that the morphee's energy is attracted to the morph and the witness can lose its empty propensity and become latched, docked into the morphee, the ship has docked. This exact point of transference is the point where an experienced morph holds back their complete surrender and a remnant of the morphs 'observer ship' is retained.

Onto another aspect of this age. In my 1967 writings I came to this point of those who lived and created centres and those who lived a life in the wider community. Just recently I had a conversation with a person who has centre abroad and they said that she was pure and not contaminated by worldly affairs: she did not read newspapers, had no TV, and did not go to doctors, and she felt that we should all strive to become like her. Some wealthy world guru's, workshop leaders give this impression too. Each to their own. Dear Eileen Caddy said to me "Some are like flowers and some are like bees". I see this as the fishers of people in the sea and those at home. My writings went onto say that there would become a time when mayhem would reign, taxes, floods, disease, weather and natural disasters, this would be the end of an era, it would be a sharp reminder to awaken. There would be fall out zones [not radiation but disaster areas], those who lived in the world, understood the world problems would be able to assist in the awakening to the fallout people. Some could then go onto being world servers, perhaps locally, some globally and some would find their way to form or join centres.

I like to read teletext, get involved in what is going on in the world and I feel I can glean information without being contaminated with it. I suppose some mud sticks, although I have some very perceptive friends who will sense this and share their findings with me. This is me. I like to watch all sport on TV, I like some musical and comedy talent shows, and I like science fiction. Some well known teachers I know who I regard as sufficiently aware are into this as well. I also appreciate the people in centres do Stirling work and we have to have a cross section of servers from the famous book writers and world teachers, the workshop leaders in small church halls, the spiritualist churches, mediums, healers, teacup readers, shamans we all have a part to play. The trick is not to be addicted and move on. The moving hand having writ, writes on.

The world koan, the multinationals and the greens, the medicals and the complimentary, the poverty and hugely wealthy, the raping of the world and the conservationists, the fanatics and the non-fanatics, the greedy and the sufficient. The list is endless. Applying the example we can say yes we can find explanations, such as green the world, share wealth, nature has the cure for everything. Yes and these maybe answers or even solutions. Yet until we wrestle with this, get frustrated and amazed at the leaders of our world and so on, it is not until both sides disappear into the AH HA of the quiet non aligned mind, and we experience the deep inner peace and joy of the Ko satori as above, that we have an extraordinary energy to be the midpoint in the koan, so to speak and then act out from that. Who knows what may occur from there or how we shall act.

Perhaps as self growth work, spiritual quests go a koan for that could be. As I am enlightened and so is everyone else, why do I seek enlightenment? Is this another mere illusion? If I do not seek what am I? Do I drift aimlessly in the ocean of transmigration? Yet to seek it is pointless for this is who we are, and yet not to seek we may never attain. What is attainment if we are already there? Where is there?
In some spiritual writings it refers to the redemption of matter. I see this in a few ways. At sub atomic levels matter is not solid, you know this scenario by now, if not an easy read is The Tao of Physics by Fritjof Capra, so in this respect matter is redeemed from solidity to whatever it is when not solid. In a spiritual sense when one comprehends in depth, not through reason and logic, that the entire universe dissolves and rebuilds itself in never ending creativity, then the realisation is that matter redeems itself to its non solid form or spiritual propensity. One may say that the universe's purpose may be to take matter to spirit, or raising all matter to consciousness. I have stated in many previous blogs that the Universe created Itself from Itself in order to experience Itself. My teachers told me many times about the Zen or Chan saying' The spirit of Eternal Loneliness, and that is why the Universe created Itself in order to know Itself and so experience a companionship in Its Creation.'. Is this not a koan in itself? Of course then begs the question who is God? Who is this Creator? How did the creator if there is one come into creation? Who created God, and if there is a creator of God who created that?

I do not have any answers to the last few sentences in the last paragraph. It is a Koan and when one suddenly has a deep profound AH HA, and as the old Zen states, your back sweats, your mind dissolves and then you know. Can it be explained? For me I feel it outside of words, a cop-out one might say, my reply, when this happens to you, you will know. It is a direct knowing, life changing in a very deep and comprehensive way. Life is never the quite the same. Yes this has happened to me as in Ko satori, yet this does not mean enlightenment in the literal sense. Some people who have come through major tragedies, illness and disease, breakdowns and deep trauma, have deep awakenings, they too can be koans in some sort of way. To know your enlightened is to still be in the realms of knowing and is a false enlightenment. Those who perceive others as enlightened are projecting their own imaginings as transference. Perhaps the financial, climate, energy, obesity, alcohol, knife, gun, and relationship breakdowns of law, people countries and the like will turn on the light of understanding and then beauty, true love and harmony will be restored. When the world koan is resolved by the mass population or a majority of the mass [see 100 hundred monkey or critical mass] then the so perceived world mind set, which seems so rigid and concrete will shatter and hey presto we will have the new paradigm in place. What is the new paradigm like? There will be no blueprints for we are an organic process and like the Universe linked to the DO [the way of the Cosmos, the Tao] and so we evolve through the deep contact and relationship with It. Each a link in the Cosmic Chain.

When will this happen? In Buddhism there are many sects. These you can research, however in Zen and Chan [Chinese] there is the sudden school and the gradual school. Some get the Koan 'understanding of no understanding' suddenly through the Masters pressure [the master in our study is the disasters that befall us personally through our relationships or through world events, health and so on] or the gradual school which tends to chip away. It's like being thrown into the pool in order to learn to swim, or starting off in shallows and water wings. To me it seems that it is a mathematical equation 'the density and thickness of the mind is proportional and in relationship to the sudden or gradual awakening'. I am sure a mathematical equation could be formulated and then we could really get stuck in the mire! For me I sometimes need a drama to awaken me, and yet at times it is sudden. If in a monastery one can be in a sudden or gradual school, if in everyday life as it were, both may apply due to the variety of life and intensity of pressure.

There is a lot of chat about the crop circle that indicates a particular alignment and it will be significant if this alignment brings a notable event. I can foreword you this by e-mail. Masuru Emoto put a water flask as per his technique on a crop circle photograph and the resulting crystal turned out like a UFO. Was it thought transference many asked? I feel it was in the collective and yet partially true. August 1st 2008 and the 16th 2008 presented us with the two eclipses of sun and moon, then the 8th 2008 with a presumed numerological huge energy impact. Well we can build these things up in our minds, we can collectively ramp it up, however there is evidence, see my last blog regarding the up step of energies, and after all if we study the Bose-Einstein condensate [I shall go into that at a later date, maybe November] and particularly the book by Danah Zohar 'The Quantum Self' and Fritzof Capra 'The Web of Life, A new synthesis of mind and matter' which I read some years back when studying atoms and particles that these phenomena can be created and also as we are a complete system, totally shared. I shall give as usual my own take on this condensate.

As I type this in [Aug1st 2008] water has been found and confirmed on Mars. What will this mean for the future? More about this in later blogs. Craig Covault from the Aviation and Space Technology has said that NASA has informed the White House and the Bush Administration about the 'potential for Life' on Mars. Scroll back to my UFO article and you may get some clues as to where this in years to come may lead us. The water has traces of perchlorate which is one of the main constituents of rocket fuel. Either it leaked from the craft or it is natural to the planet. Some say it is from another space era of a previous habituation.

The press are at it again on August 5th 2008, teletext ITV announced sitting in the sun and be careful is good for one and that injections of vitamin C have been found to shrink cancerous tumours. Broccoli also found to help prostate cancers. What about the denials from the medics and big pharma regarding this? Now fluoride is raising its head, with forty years of research ignored just because it is a quick fix and saves money. A quote by a famous scientist 'what good is a having a set of white perfect dentures if you die early of thyroid or bone cancer'. By the way too much fluoride also causes mottling of the teeth. Some crazy doctors want to give flu shots to children. The real problem is tackling preservatives, pesticides, artificial and processed sugars, GM grains, hormones and additives to the food and a chemical cocktail in our water supply. Chlorine is harmful enough along with the heavy metals, add hydrogen fluoride as well and then you have YUK YUK YUK. The food industry, the pharma and petroleum, the weapons and greedy landowners need to reform and see the light. The quest for power and prestige inflames the ego and dims the responsibility towards a shared world and its beauty and pristine loveliness, when this is realised we see it in others and ourselves.

Once again the Perceid meteor showers of August returned around about the 9th to 19th. They originate apparently from the Perseus region which is near the northern hemisphere of Andromeda and Auriga. Perseus was the son of Zeus and Danae who slew Medusa and rescued Andromeda. Some web sites put great store on these astronomical events. My take on this as with all astro phenomena and numerological happenings is that we are an interconnected, interrelated, sequencing system and as in other sciences such as the butterfly [see earlier monarch butterfly trigger, blog] and an energetic input is accrued. The interpretation is open for debate and what ever resonates with the individual is true for them. Danae visited Perseus in a golden shower whilst being incarcerated; maybe there is a connection here with the meteorites and also all seven of our planets are in the skies at present with a new moon [blue moon] at the end of August 2008, the 30th, and the new eclipsed moon of the 16th. It is said to make wishes then, certainly a very intense energetic time. The planet and we will respond in transforming symptoms as per individual make up and disposition. Some additional information the Perseids are thought to originate from the parent comet Swift-Tuttle which is due to return in 2016 and very, very close to Earth, since I will or would have been 78 yrs young I may or not witness it from this body, maybe if not in this body I will ride on the comets tail! 

Well the Olympics have come and gone the crazies are trying to deny British success and make it a European Team next time, I bet the maniacal ones who want a uniformity and rob our individuality as organic and free beings to evolve without constraint will push and our nanny government to capitulate in order to prostitute itself for money regarding the 2012 games in the UK. Watch this space.

I had a meeting with some elderly GP's and we discussed many of the ideas in my blogs, which several had read. They reminded me that blood pressure used to be 100 plus your age. My Doctors view no matter what your age you must be somewhere between 125/75/60 and top limit 140/80/67. No matter what body size, ethnic group, no weather related sensitivity and so on. Check out www.globalbioweather.com . I am in touch with them about their flippancy towards moon sensitivity as it is the most important and the extraordinary input of energy[electron volts, see other blogs] apparent as we move to alignment with the central milky way Mass [Central Sun] and their ignoring of the C24 50% increase of the sun cycle. However their site is very very good and you can get a reading daily and see how it relates to you. I found it about 40% accurate for me and the rest I know are the transforming energies. Give it a try. Some European Doctors have a similar bio forecast linked into their clinics, dentists too. They tend to issue fewer pills and trust the patient's needs and feelings. Someone who really listens. When reading this blog if not HMTL format check out menu in left panel. Click on Destiny and there you will see four video's by Project Camelot and one large one all on the remarkable David Wilcockl. If the large one confounds you view the four underneath. Then if you want more and not so racy and mind boggling click on Aliens and view Robert Dean and his Wife a two part view. I endorse all that is said, and I am glad as it freed me up from knowing this and researched and witnessed some of it, as I was scared of being incarcerated because of its sensitive nature and the position of the work situation I was in. I was threatened with being crazy and be put away. Many dear friends will vouch I told them in strictest confidence, which none of them breached, these things in the early70's.

The 'Alpha Aurigrids' meteor shower is upon about 31st August they lie in the shadow somewhat of the Perseids. Thank you for your support and reading such a long diatribe. Lots of Love. Geoff.

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