The Crux and Knub

Geoff Freed — August 2008
Former forensic technician and scientific & medical researcher, lecturer, workshop leader and psychotherapist, Dr. Geoff Freed reports on what is happening energetically on the planet at this pivotal time in history.

ALITTLE BIT OF HISTORY and retrospect. When the ancient Greeks and so forth started to delve into matter there seemed an anomaly, some thought of solids, some felt there were influences beyond and so forth. Then Descartes came along and we began a new era. Newton then takes us too many classic science models. The solid lumps that are moved by gravitational forces and the jiggling of the bits and so forth. God put the bits into formation and that was that. Neat and together and in solids and mechanistic view it still holds up well. The world and us are machines, logical and treat the part and not the cause and all is well. Our minds have very little to do with it. We are divorced from nature and we are a divine creature with no interaction with nature other than to feed us and so forth. In some models we are not divine, nor is there a God, we are merely a product of a accident and over the years we became through trial and error, survival of the species and fittest, through evolution, a system of built up of reflexes and neural pathways and as such we are the top of the tree and all is subject to our whims and fancies.

In the above everything has to be proven, mathematically and now digitally correct, logic and reason the only law and chemicalisation a substitute for the natural world. Concrete and steel for nature [see the mammoth structures in Dubai]. This is a world of power attainment, the big aggressive car, the ostentatious house and possessions, a signature of 'I have made it'. Translating this to the youth on street corners, 'Street Cred'. To be a gang leader, to prove that you are the 'man'. Akin to this are the multinationals, the hyper and supermarkets, all huge and full of the commodities, tempting the shopper to buy and overbuy, the marketing and so forth, bringing to the purchaser a feeling of the 'good feel factor', a kind of drug, an addiction to more is good and comfortable. The latest hi-fi. TV, mobile phone, umpteen gadgets, all inflating the ego, the mark of prosperity, to build up one's own image to the super star we all may wish to be. This is a take, take and throw away society.

We now come to the oil and house mortgages fiasco. The USA has four million unsold houses, thousands of houses repossessed, people now renting and greedy landlords cashing in on the dilemma. The crash and the oil prices per barrel going up from $10.00 a few years back to $135.00, plus a shortage of supply to boot. This of course has a knock on effect to energy prices, food and all else.

Watching any questions on TV [29-05-08. BBC 1], it was fascinating. The labour MP was for more oil production from OPEC and new North Sea Platforms and Nuclear Power Stations, an economist felt that the pinch would force people to change their life styles [she didn't mention the rich who will cope or more than cope], the green view after stating people in rural areas have schools miles away, no local shops and supermarkets stuck 15 miles away on some motorway, so the car was needed. She then said why not grow locally? Why not have the local small shop back, the old corner shop? Why close down local post offices that could also be the corner shop? The audience were all for it. The MP'S blanched looked uncomfortable. The reason why they looked haemorrhoidal was it was against any of their policies. The public baying reduces fuel tax and by so doing out goes the green policies and targets. Already thieves have been breaking into cars to siphon off petrol, and as money gets short identity fraud, mugging, ATM tampering is on the increase.

It takes on the average forty or so years for a paradigm shift to reach the masses. Our doctors still stuck in statins and jabs, blood pressure for all ages 125/75/60 and so forth, not accounting for weather, season, time of the day, bladder full or empty, cuff inflation and so forth, the machine approach. One diet for all, one body mass index for all [see previous blog]. The car, the business, the house, the erroneous assumption there is an endless supply of everything and life is eternal in the body and running away from death. Many scientists stuck in making weapons and destructive organisms to maim, cripple and control. This supporting the power hungry nations to become the top dog [sorry dogs].

Now I feel we come to the crux and nub. The splitting of the atom, be it as it may, in the bomb has done something else. It split materialism into shards and showed a few scientists the interaction of the mind with the infrastructure of nature. "The great extension of our experience in recent years has brought to light the insufficeny of our simple mechanical conceptions and, as consequence, has shaken the foundation on which the customary interpretation of observation was based". Niels Bohr. Suddenly it was seen we complete the realm of nature. The act of observation takes away the randomness or seemingly chaotic sub particle realm, we are part of it, and there is randomness until we interact by observation to it.

When this filters down into the mass mind, and it is seeping into it now and we are on the verge of the paradigm shift as more minds see the connection and interdependence of all things, then the sense of responsibility and respect will dawn. The sense of I am responsible for my world, the world at large and, I am part of a world family, I feel this in my heart, my total being, and then we will not be held in prison by religion, politics, and acquisition or power games. The splitting of the atom was the shattering of the power game. Suddenly matter was empty of solidness; the thick ice became thin and is getting thinner. The first reaction of the separated mind as in the mechanistic model is panic, fear of drowning, death, loss of status, power, authority. The realisation that emptiness is not daunting, boring, morbid or stultifying brings in a kind of bliss, a kind of deep connection and knowing, a feeling belonging to the all and all.

Those who do not feel the above will know in a deep level, probably at the collective mind consciousness, that this is true, while the surface mind panics and strives to shore up its resistance to this change in the fundamental values. It then turns to distraction, denial and hoarding. To build superstructures of mammoth, gigantic forms, not only of inflated ego's but physical structures. Massive bridges, buildings, vehicles, bank accounts, corporate business with many subsidiary firms all havens for tax dodging, environmental rape and robbing ethnic people of their homeland and heritage. Banks of lawyers employed to find ways around the laws, bribery, corruption and even killing.

The general public are seeing DVD's like Zeit Geist, What the Bleep, 11th. Hour, some new physics scientists speaking out at last. New ideas of a great deep nature coming out, one of which I will mention. [I have mentioned Chrono Biology and many in previous blogs]. This one is named Epi Genetic Control. The mechanistic view was DNA, then RNA to form proteins and the like, it is heredity, a hand me down and we are stuck with it. Unfortunately an old acquaintance of mine Francis Crick founded this view, although his greatness with Watson should not be overlooked, for his time, as with Newton was and is a vital and important step into the right direction, and still applies in some instances.

Epi Genetic Control [EGC] says that the mind through various techniques like visualisation, meditation, various forms of Yoga, Qi Gong, Tai Chi, life style change, alters the chemicals in the body[see my earlier blogs on how this done]. Here again we see the mechanistic solid rules breaking down, everything is alterable by observation, intention and the deep so called fixed genetic hand me down's broken. Another kind of shattering the solid mass, the shattering of the fused solid atomic particle, or so it was perceived to be.

Dr Bruce Lipton feels this is gradually filtering into the medical profession. He resigned from teaching the old DNA paradigm to his students and is pursuing this in his own way. Dr Mercola and others are following. Of course in the early 60's many of us were healing, doing imagery work. Why did we not get the results of the potential it promised? The Eastern philosophies and practices knew this many, many years ago. I feel the reason was that the old paradigm was so entrenched in the collective unconscious, which undergirds the paradigm, that the ability to feel and believe, not by knowing, but by feeling, was sparse, so that a few random 'miracles' of change were known. Now the 'mind over matter' is gradually coming to the fore, we shall expect to see more of these wonderful turn a rounds occurring.[spontaneous remissions as the medics fondly call it].

The fact that incrementally the new paradigm is breaking down, encroaching, stealthily, creeping in, it is applying silent deep pressure to the resistant dam of the mechanistic domain. I can feel this in me, the pressure of letting go of the old way, a realisation through a big increase fuel bill [gave up car and driving 3 years ago], food prices, rent increase and so forth, having to cut my cloth to suit, and the beautiful realm I have experienced when I touch the deep empty pristine consciousness, sends me into a polarity mode, and I can feel the pull of the old and the loveliness of the new.[actually is not new, it is that which is Eternal and has been covered by my own conditioning]. I feel this in others knowing we will all have to embrace the way of Tao, God, Buddha, Christ, Allah, or whatever this consciousness is referred too. I feel the pull in the MP's, they know it is crunch time. Some one some time, someday, will have to confront the Moguls of industry, the flouters of the law of nature. Someone will have to have the courage to do it. That someone is us. 'We are the people we are waiting for'. Breaking news as I write this is that a British MP decided to resign and get elected again if possible on a belief he holds dear and to challenge the Prime Minister. He can lose his job and not be in the cabinet or shadow cabinet, rightly or wrongly he had the guts to swim against the tide, and be true to himself.

Other news is that UFO's were seen in Wales and have been for years; this incident was prolific and involved a police helicopter. Sources I trust and in the know have confirmed this as a 'distinct and important incident'. I feel as the global warming and increased vibratory rate continues, we will see more of this. We are converging to the frequencies our ET friends are used too, so they will be more comfortable in our atmosphere. ET feel a darkness and heaviness and shattering by our thoughts and atmosphere. These are NOT psychic beings but able bodied limbed beings of an amiable nature, although they DO NOT comprehend or understand our emotional hysteria, and so may seem cold and distant, however, they are companionate without emotional demonstrative expression. I repeat they will not help our world or peoples UNTIL we learn to help ourselves. Until we are true custodians of our beautiful Earth.

Noctilucent[night shining clouds] found normally at the poles are now at 40 degrees north and in increasing frequency, could be down to global changes in the atmosphere. The proper name for these clouds is mesospheric clouds [PMCs]. Aeronomy [the study of the upper atmosphere, especially of regions of ionised gas]. In this case the aeronomy of ice through iridescent clouds in the mesosphere. They are now being seen at lower altitudes. I would say a kind of refraction through ice forming like crystals and prisms; one can see various beautiful rainbows that are inverted U shapes and so on through sunlight through ice crystals in the sky. One of the many reasons to keep our skies clear and unpolluted, the beauty of these phenomena is astounding. Maybe our UFO friends come to admire our beauty that could disappear. My gut feeling is that we will wake up en masse when the going gets tough and reaches a peak of so much crud that a clean sweep will follow. When the money trail eventually exhausts itself, when the general population have their freedom impudently curtailed, when the green land and nature is on the brink of annihilation, then we will wake up. When the seeming government says we will provide you with all the care and so on, lulling us into a super EU Nanny state and sneakily bringing in draconian laws to dope us into sublime surrender to the so called affable state then we awaken.

Take cheer in the infrastructure there are those who are already awake and awakening and they are putting down roots and preparing for the devastation that MAY come about. They are laying low at present because the tender shoots are fallible to the rough foot of oppression. The change will definitely come and it will be exponential, incremental and proportional to the rate of awakening. It will gather pace as the snowball garners its feast of snow in its momentum. In the darkest moments the light is given the chance to shine and all is very, very well indeed.

You who read this and similar blogs are those that are awake or like myself arousing out of the slumber and sluggishness of mental stupor, mainly brought about through the stifling brain washing and media onslaught and governmental propaganda. I have heard that some blogs are being removed that are similar to this as it is claimed that it can stir people to riot and be terrorists. The truth is I am referring to a revolution of awakening minds. I abhor violence and acts of bloody terrorism and cannot emphasise that violence is not the answer. Wise incite, thoughtful contemplation, deep imagery and meditation and most of all opening oneself up to the incoming energies of transformation.

Could it be that the power mongers, the greedy, the large business conglomerates, the corrupt government and more like those behind the thrones of power are worried about free thinkers and so try to wipe out perceived threats to their hedonistic empires? Could it be the power infrastructures are creaking under the weight of their own fallacious policies and dictates? Could it be they feel the winds of change and their own stench is flowing back to them? Are they feeling the putrid smell of the rotting carcass of the old outworn egocentric power modes and will someday bury the corpse of the old mentality for good. I think it will happen and sooner than we may think. Have a look at the present condition in Zimbabwe, it epitomises one individuals lust for power and the extent he will go to keep it. Think of other more powerful group leaders, the executives of the large multinationals, the ministers of government who pay lip service to dying people and will not act unless there is oil or minerals to be had. These will be phased out soon, not by violence, please god no. They will soften their hearts as they see their own children get sick and drug infested at the very laws and products meant to be their saviours.

So we accept the end of an era, in its prime it was right and correct for its age in the great scheme of evolution. Now it is time to give way gracefully, share power, share the wonderful new ways coming in, enjoy the pleasure of giving and celebrating in others joy. To feel the wealth of nature and its healing abilities, to let others have their natural remedies', to let us choose the health care we know best suits us. To educate our children in natural law and conservation. To reach out with benevolence to those unlike ourselves. To restore the forests and once again walk the path that nature created for us through the magnificence of the creator. To once again walk unafraid, seeing every child as our child, every person as a member of a vast extended family, and every being in the world of nature as our cousins and there for our ultimate well being.

Someone asked me a question. "NASA has said we are in a solar flare quiet time and that C24 has not started [see blogs] and so how it is that global and planetary warming is carrying on? After all you keep banging on about it." Sometime back in a blog I quoted an article from the Daily Telegraph July 5th 1995 Science editor: "American and Japanese scientists have measured huge energies and are startled, they normally measure cosmic rays in millions of electron volts, over the last two years they have measured rays to the power of 320 billion, billion electron volts." To quote the article, "Something out there — no one knows what — is hurling high energy particles around the UNIVERSE, in this case the most energetic ever observed by scientists — not even the power released by the most violent exploding stars could account for them. Indeed conventional theory says such particles should not exist." There are gamma rays [GRB's], Galactic Cosmic Rays [GCR'S], which I feel come from the Central Sun and beyond[see January 2008 blog and add these ingredients to it]. What the sun is not doing the Central Sun is and it is no coincidence that the global warming is appearing as we travel towards this source.

On December12th 2006 an alert by NASA Space Radiation Analysis Group [SRAG] alerted astronauts at the ISS and shuttle Discovery about a huge solar flare. They had to take cover and there was no procedure to do this. This occurred at 02.00 hours that morning. I have the full log by astronaut Wayne Hale. E-mail me if you wish for the attachment. It has also been found that the Earth's inner liquid which has a function of producing magnetic fields is revolving faster and less viscose could be caused by galactic cosmic rays, gamma rays which also have an affect on the weather patterns, volcanoes, and earthquakes. This is confirmed by various scientists. Again there seems to be an increase in the intensity and barrage from the Cosmos. I suggest this cyclic pattern from the journey around and to the alignment with the Central Sun. This would also explain that our sun and the cosmic influences are mutual and the one common factor to the entire planetary solar system getting warming too. Again no mention what is might do to us. After all if the astronauts went scampering for cover, true a lot is absorbed by our ionosphere etc., never-the –less it seems to have effects on our weather and the like, might it not be the ascension, transforming and so forth spoken about in all my blogs?

August 1st 2008 is a new moon and is indicated as a full eclipse of the sun at new moon, August 30th 2008 is a partial eclipse or annular eclipse of the sun at the full moon, August 8th 2008 is purported to be a extremely powerful energy influx. Many folk have contacted me to say their transformation symptoms are very intense and extreme, me too. The Modula area especially with head pressure [crown and third eye]. Please have medical check if in any doubt. The energies now are acting very strongly to squeeze out non conducive patterns and alignments to the new world era vision.

According to several sites there are after Earth events proceeding eclipses and there is a list which you can get from me by e-mailing and I will do an attachment. These are in the region of 14 days approximately. Lots of Love. Geoff.

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