Getting Things Into Perspective

Geoff Freed — July 2008
Former forensic technician and scientific & medical researcher, lecturer, workshop leader and psychotherapist, Dr. Geoff Freed reports on what is happening energetically on the planet at this pivotal time in history.

THIS ARTICLE could start with hey ho and away we go. The Gordon Brown fiasco, Boris Johnson as London's Mayor, Burma Cyclone, China Earthquake, the dozens of minor earthquakes named as swarms, the American Housing Market and Financial Dip, the American Presidential candidate race, the exposures of medicines' and vaccinations being deadly, superstars crashing out on drugs, stabbings by youth on youth, crime of the most heinous proportions. Food and fuel prices rocketing. Seemingly to some, a dark scenario.

Trawling through the internet and listening to the writers and famous workshop presenters and book writers, who many are fabulously wealthy [and seriously good luck to them and bless them for spreading the word], they exhort us to stay focussed and calm, be centred, stay present, don't read the news, shut out negativity, or some advise dive into the mire and come out the other side. A workshop participant related to me' it's all very well when they say stay present and the like, they do not live in drug infested council estates, noisy drunken neighbours, living on social security and three screaming kids and a disabled husband'.

What do we do then? Many of us who are not so called enlightened or as some put it on the spiritual path may have to use coping mechanisms. They maybe first aid and they may add to more clutter in the mind, however, it could be said they are relatively less harmful than turning to drugs, alcohol and depression and suicide. There are beliefs that any action that relieve a situation whatever it be is acceptable. Blow the valve in the pressure cooker.

A person e-mailed me and shared his pressure and has allowed me to share it, it is one of many I have with phone calls and the like. 'I used to go for reflexology, occasionally for massage and cranial sacral treatments. However as a pensioner and a meditation and yoga devotee I find the prices are prohibiting and I am forced to cut back due to the rise in energy and food prices, and the halls used are expensive for the instructors and people are not coming for the same reason. I have tried prayer, intention techniques, manifestation, and angel stuff and so on. What do you advise? I feel you are a down to earth man and know your work in forensics showed you the gutter and most negative aspects of human life. Please do not give me a load of spiritual jargon. It would seem all my years of spiritual practice have gone down the drain, I may have to have my house repossessed and I was told by the local priest to have faith and it is a test. Please help I am desperate'.

What advice would you give? How would you answer? From my relatively 'safe' position I could have said" breathe with me go into the silence, there let the peace wash away your fears and then stay aware and see this uprising of fear and just stay with it, let it pass through without judgement, and keep focussed no matter what arises".

Then go to the people caught in the earthquakes and cyclones, in Darfur, in Palestine and so on, homeless and hungry. What can we say to them? It is a cleansing, it is the new energies, and it is a political gimmick?

Getting things into perspective. Well Earthquakes are a natural phenomena [no consolation to the sufferers], cyclones and weather changes, these have two sides. One is we are denuding the planet and the carbon emissions are responsible. The other is Global Warming is a natural cycle and we have exacerbated that with carbon emissions. Should we agree that earthquakes', volcanic eruptions and global solar warming are natural, do we then blame God or Nature? We can then seem powerless and life can be or seem dangerous, unpredictable. We can also say that for our lives and bodies, can we ever be sure we are sure and feel safe? Maybe the enlightened ones do. So maybe we should all strive for enlightenment and perhaps this could be an awakening call for all of us.

Perhaps a slant in education may have some meaning. What if we taught children the delicate and fine line between life and death? Hiding away death? No. Going fully into the reality of death and the beauty of life as we experience in the body. Teaching the pain and gain of loss. Showing that acquisition is no answer to avoiding the loss of the body and possessions at sometime. Fame and grandeur through wealth still does not mean happiness. The Buddhist Monk with a robe and bowl, simplicity, which leads to respect and deep compassion which then addresses the need for inner peace and love.

When I was in forensics I spoke to many a pathologist. Some were agnostic and one said' the only spirit is in that bottle of Haig[whisky] in the office', when I asked 'why do this job if there is no after or before life and it is merely the result of the big bang, an accident?' Invariably the answer would be ' there is no intelligence in the Universe, it develops in time to have a sense of survival and with that comes the urge to survive, so it is a matter of survival, that's why I do my job'. "So you are saying that it is the survival of the fittest, the intelligent gene"? 'Yes'. "There seems to be a contradiction in terms, you say there is no intelligence and yet we have intelligent genes ". 'The intelligence is only a reflex and built up over thousands of years and has acquired a network, and as such adds these learning processes as it were to become a complex mechanism as it is now'. "Then if it is survival of the fittest, why not let everything run riot, let the fittest then survive". 'We have to have some modicum of restraint in order to allow a cross pollination of the genetic material so it does not become incestuous'.

"Can we agree on anything?" 'Yes this body experience is a learning curve for all of us in which way you care to live and believe". Seeing the corpse ready for post mortem and leaving the scene of the crime it certainly gave me plenty of reflection and contemplation. What is your conclusion or musing?

For me running away and not facing negativity is denial. It is fear of being shouted at by New Agers 'Your negative' as if one were an unclean leper [no offence to lepers]'. Being completely in 'love and light and being positive' can be an act and if it natural it is not negative or positive, it is the middle way a synthesis of the two. I do not have glib answers for the world's problems. I have some observations. The internet, satellite TV, computers, e-mails, mobile phone and texting, may have side effects and cause trends, sublimely brainwashing, however, it can bring by the chaos, the horror and the complete mad decisions of the medical, political, religious and terrorists' factions a mass wake up call, a chilling reminder of our collective insanity or a freak out message to chill out with numbness though abusive substances or deep unknown cause frustrated anger to violence, power games and destruction. When the lesson is learnt that destruction, abuse and violence, along with associates suppression, domination and the like only bring more havoc to an already inflamed situation, then the dawning of these facets of human craziness will cease and then inner responsibility and searching will lead to the door of freedom of spirit and then the light of the soul will shine through.

Again when in the world of forensics and police matters think of those who have to clean up the mess of human abuse. I pondered on the sadomasochistic dungeons, the prostitutes and transvestites, the massage parlours, the weird worlds of those who do the kinkiest and outrageous acts, the seedy world of drug dealers and their trade, the body part traders, the animal masochists, the list is endless. We saw it all. Some turned to alcohol to deal with the horror, many officers divorced or were violent to their families. I was no saint I assure you, my way was to be a therapist, healer, do Qigong and Tai Chi, Meditation and present workshops, often having fun poked at me for coping with this or in fairness I pitied the agony and cynicism of my colleagues, each a kind of judgement of the other.

Many said you lead a double life. You should not do healing and therapy with what you do during the day. Yet I saw thousands of clients, done hundreds of workshops and like most therapist/healers have some miracles flow through and feel I have not damaged or abused any of the hundreds. What I am saying is I did not become victim to the so called horror, I acknowledged it, did not deny the resonance in me with some of it, so not letting the 'crud stick to the side of the pan', for me awareness, not suppression held the key to not becoming addictive to the 'dark force or side of life'. Neither did the lure of the bright world of writing my memoirs or becoming 'successful' by using the insights I gained to be a world stage teacher [and I had opportunities to be so]. I do not know what enlightenment is nor would I claim it, but I do know we have to have perspective. 

As I pondered the flotsam and jetsam of Life a kind of inevitability dawned. Not a sullen resignation, a hapless and helpless victim mode, nor a pessimist nor optimist. There was a growing sense of the transient, the vulnerability, the death and decay and yet the birth of new life, the cycles of time, the need to let go and holding on meant in some instances stagnation and putrfication. The realisation dawned and is still dawning there is that that watches the cycles of experience and time; it neither is involved, yet experiences all. It is neither bound or tethered, yet is involved in a way that it is not addicted or holds on or grasps, it can enjoy and let go not desiring to hoard. This seems to be growing [if one can use that term]. Some say well 'you're getting old and world weary]. I say no, I feel it is an awakening, and I feel the world is going through this too. When the mass wake up and feel weary and stop looking for thrills and spills, then an inward direction will be taken. At first to think, then contemplate, then the discovery of the inner world of consciousness, and then the richness of the inner gifts will flow and then there maybe a chance and a window for the mad, mad world to simmer down take stock and get things into perspective, not the perspective of logic which will appear first then giving way in recognition to inner prompting of the intuition which is the joining of the consciousness to its source.

Sun Star EV Lacertae a red dwarf which is 16 light years away, one of our closest neighbours emitted a huge flare on April 25 2008 and was picked up by the Russian Konus instrument on NASA's wind satellite in the early hours of that day. The flare was so bright that it shut down the instrument for safety reasons. The flare was very bright for 8 hours and the x-rays continued until returning to normal.

In view of the sun cycle 24 belting out 50% more powerful sun flares of huge strength and the above and the related blogs of the last few months maybe there is a correlation to this event, acerbating the natural tectonic, volcanic and cyclonic events of late.

Again in perspective, should you hold the views of Atlantis and Mu and so forth or in my blog way back on the UFO story with related mutations of alien genetic stuff, Adam and Eve and so on, we may ask is this history repeating itself? Is this in fact the time of the second fall as it were. The Babylon story fits in here as well. Have we enough awareness to turn the tide? Will we awake in time to turn the tide? Will we have to be almost wiped out and the elite rule the mass? Will the masses be monitored? See June blog. Will people power, not by violence but by awakening, jolt many of us out of our apathy? I am hopeful it will. Will this window of opportunity pass us by?

I have mentioned many times in blogs gone by that we have 2012, 2035 and 2075. Should we not have a critical mass awakening by then, then we may have to wait another 2400 or so years for another opportunity. The monitoring of mail, phone and mobile calls, faxes, texting and e-mails is an attempt to nip the bud of awakening and stopping it coming into fruition. The telepathic and synchronistic channels and its empowerment is the real way of communicating. We have to make sure we are clear channels and regularly sit in silence, be the unbiased observer, the witness and catch the subtle nuances of sabotaging external influences. Watch out for mass water indoctrinations, new medicines which as you can see in back blogs are meant to dull and destroy the mind, a kind of frequency, medicinal and sublimely induced dementia.

Banish all fear not through suppression or angry outbreaks and reckless violent out breaks, but any action endeavour to let it stream forth from the quiet centre within.

A great deal of hope can be gleaned from the fact that when several ideas or inventions have been garnered, the so called inventor has claimed it, and then it was found others had this as well. A kind of a down pouring, an umbrella type of phenomena. See also my blogs on cells, rats and the 100 monkey. See latest Rupert Sheldrake research and books. See my blogs on Chickens Don't Lie, fear not there is an underlying frequency no one can touch or interfere with, try as they may. There lies in the infrastructure in the deepness of ourselves, the universe, and the saving grace. We have to clear the attic of ourselves, the collective dross of an outworn age and stale stultifying stagnant putrefying debris, the puss and blemishes, the scars and hurts of humankind. The Earth Mother is doing this and so are we.

The news on TV [29-05-2008] in the evening showed a monkey with wires attached to its brain that could move a mechanical arm towards it with food by thought or mind power. I wrote in an earlier blog about the wonderful non wired chicken and rabbit experiments that were done in France and how chicks and rabbit kittens altered random event generated programmes, rats that solved maize's and the same genus with same maize layout in other countries, once the maize had been solved passed on by morphogenetic fields [telepathy?] to new sets of rats did the maize in less successive time. Well what hope for the future? {Maybe able to google in Chickens Don't lie}.

The butterfly theorem which to my understanding states that something very small can trigger off a cascade of events to a large happening. May 23rd 2006 witnessed by the Solar and Heliospheric Observatory [SOHO] coronagraph, a comet impacting into the Sun. It is a fragment of a large comet that broke up 2000 odd years ago and is a shard or fragment of the Kreutz band of sun grazers studied by this 19 century astronomer. Scientists' are debating whether such a tiny, in comparison to the sun's size could trigger off a CME [See Jan 2008 blog and before]. {Akin to a solar flare}. It so happened a CME occurred at the impact zone and not long after. It is thought it is coincidental. I feel not as in the butterfly this may happen. I have gone to some lengths in earlier blogs to give my and sciences view on entrainment, induction, butterfly and so on, I hope to have portrayed a spiritual aspect on this.

Be this as it may, NASA scientists have a new slant on the plasma storms and how they react with Earth's magnetosphere. The main pressure seems to arise from protons. Research by astrophysicist Mei-Ching Fok at the NASA Goddard Space Flight Centre.

Why is this so important to me? Because I feel that the increase in solar output causes more magnetic disturbance in our Earth and we have similar magnetic fields that surround us and in us. Incidentally the plasma rushes towards us at 1.5 million mph or more. 

Plasma from super storms interact with the Earth's magnetosphere which trigger off the Aura Borealis and other beautiful phenomena, they can also interfere with communication between satellites and aircraft communications when near the North Pole, GPS Systems and power grids. However no one or at NASA says it effects us! Or at least a detailed scientific study. Why is this so important? Blood pressure readings, cholesterol, urine, saliva, ovulation, hormone measurements all fluctuate with weather and magnetic conditions. Doctors would have to check environmental data first, barometric, wind, humidity, this could all be done in a simple link to weather forecast centres, and a telemetric device could easily be installed. This of course would see less doling out of pills, rushing off patients for blood tests and so forth. The multinationals' and sharks of money making would absolutely loathe this. Traditional Medicines of course recognise this already.

Some blogs back I mentioned the magnetic north had veered some 56 KM East and that many runways had to be recalibrated, I wonder has it veered more so? It has been shown that the magnetic increase has pulled the Jet Stream landwards. So does it affect us? Why does NASA just leave it as phenomena? Why have serious scientists not done a really deep study on this increase in magnetism, the Shumann resonance, the whole reason for Global Warming as a cyclic evolutionary step in our history? Maybe we are not ready yet, maybe we have to let the collective mass consciousness time to let it sink in, we are one with everything everywhere, and with this in mind we are responsible for our future.

As I write this which is 02-06-08 it has just been on teletext that UK scientists have discovered that Chlorine in tap water is harmful to unborn babies and causes hole-in-the heart, cleft palate and anencephalus. I have long complained and campaigned to take this dangerous chemical out of water systems. Imagine the cocktail between that and fluoride with many other chemical constituents found in tap water. We could so easily add ozone.

Imagine this scenario. A person goes for a medical check up, they have not long got out of bed, or been to the gym, had a full breakfast, bladder full, it is a windy day. The check up will show high blood pressure [add white coat syndrome to this] and other false readings. Plus most Doctors use the same cuff on their machines for all sorts of arms. Plus are the machines calibrated regularly. The person is sensitive to barometric and other environmental factors. The Doctor prescribes a drug of some sort, the statin more than likely, a drug that is deadly in side effects. The person says this is dangerous. The doctor replies the side effects are serious in some cases, but the risk of a heart problem is worse. The person tells the doctor of the environmental issues, the doctor calls the person a crank or eccentric. You think I am joking well it happened to me and to others I know.

The drug which I will not take is not necessary as a private check up showed it is a wrong diagnosis. Further more the drug taken by one of my colleagues, which a private check up proved unnecessary to take, has her so worried so she takes it. The side effects are horrendous. A bright lovely person almost crippled with all sorts of side effects. The summary is if we take weather and other factors like full and new moon into consideration then the readings would be commensurate and concomitant to that condition and not sullied by drugs. Get a second opinion and do have check ups by a health professional if you are worried.

It is interesting that although NASA and various other Institutions deny frequencies affect us, never the less NASA put a device in their craft to mimic the Schumann resonance. It would be nice if one or two of their scientists did research about magnetic fields and its effects in and around the human body. After long time in space, say to Mars, this could be critical. They have postulated that given solar flares in space they will build shielding cabins for the astronauts to dive into, and warn them. With Global warming on all planets and cycle 24 of the sun spots and a predicted 50% more intensity, someone should do their homework on this. I hope the ISS is well shielded.

Astronomers have found a planet three times larger than ours and as far from its central star as we are from the sun, it has an a very unusual name MOA – 2007-BLG-192LB. They are speculating whether there could be life forms on it. Bye the bye it's a long way from here, not quite sure how far, however, no houses or land for sale yet! Holiday trips not on for the foreseeable future! 

A programme on TV just recently showed a blind man clicking like a dolphin [see also blind boy on YOU TUBE, the radar boy, mentioned in a previous blog], the dolphin named Milo, had to echo locate objects while blind folded [suction cups over the eye, not painful and seemingly not uncomfortable], the blind person had to do the same objects on land. Milo found them quicker because his 'clicks were faster'. It was interesting when Milo and man clicked at each other. The blind, boy, Milo, chickens don't lie, the monkey as above, Epi genetics, Chrono biology, and so many other things coming to the fore. No wonder the old regime are c------g themselves and trying so desperately to suppress the rising tide of unique individual freedom of expression. Hey, Ireland's no to the Lisbon Treaty, not accepted by their own rules, and frightened that their dictatorship, fat expenses and wages are at risk. Wey Hey looks as those the old ship is going down. The monster will fight back so expect more erosion of freedom. The big Pharma, the fuel merchants, the large corporate conglomerates that finance governments and some say the credit crunch was engineered to curtail the fight on democracy and so forth. Well done a certain MP who resigned over his beliefs. There will be many who will come forth out of the woodwork, and we should support them. Go well and Lots of Love. Geoff.

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