In The Light of Awareness

Geoff Freed — June 2008
Former forensic technician and scientific & medical researcher, lecturer, workshop leader and psychotherapist, Dr. Geoff Freed reports on what is happening energetically on the planet at this pivotal time in history.

SITTING STILL or in activity, we may suddenly become aware of the incessant mind chatter, the internal dialogue. It may appear as distant chatter, an echo or a loud cacophony of intrusive sound. The chatter maybe a repeated fantasy or daydream, a worry, a shadow that flits menacingly across the backdrop of the mind. In that moment we bring the witness to become present and we find ourselves awakening from the unconscious or automatic programme, the patterns of conditioning.

In this awakening to the sub programmes it may dawn upon us that there is the observer witness and the programme scenario. One may question which is the real me or self? I feel the witness. The programmes can change through indoctrination, brainwashing and of course advertising, peer pressure, fashion and the like. Upon awakening the witness is the real constant, the space where all other mind graphics appear in, on or through.

This awakening maybe termed 'an ah ha, flash of intuitive recognition' and it may start a process, an inner revolution, because it reveals the fleeting fragile programmes and one realises their fragility and temporary reliefs, pleasures and transparent context. This revealing recognition I term 'in the light of awareness'. This Light then spotlights the underlying unconscious material and brings it to the light of awareness to be released, cleansed and dissolved.

It becomes apparent those longer periods of awareness or mindfulness bring more peace and the habitual tape loop of natter, chatter, the internal dialogue, begins to fade. The collective, the library, the archives, the vaults of history bound together in archaic elaborate bindings and catalogues, the records, the cassettes, the DVDs and CDs all in one bound up volume, the Ego. This collective a fortress of no mean power has its armies, it weapons and strategies that have caused wars, traumas beyond all imagination. It views the inner peace with disdain and says it is a desert, boring, without passion and emotion, a death and stagnation and yet in a way is envious of its pristine beauty and its creative abilities and originality.

A deepening of this mindfulness arises when awareness becomes ones nature. At first there is an awakening and a natural reminder as it were, not by habit or routine. One then knows by intuition, not by a conscious prompt from the intellect, and one may become aware that they are witnessing the witness, the self views itself. We become self conscious {not a shy type of consciousness} we become aware of our true self. The net of conditioning [see last two blogs] has large rents in it and the spaces are the awareness that shines through.

Further rents in the net, the collective of programmes, producing large spaces to facilitate the awareness to become mindful, present, the witness, the unbiased observer without the recognition of its realisation of Itself. We then are the witness and all events internal and external seem to be less intense, less dramatic and thinking seems to come from another level, if one can ever define levels in consciousness, perhaps a more apt phrase from some other place or space.

Then there is a natural capitulation, a kind of surrender, not as before maybe born out of frustration, boredom, desperation and suffering, which may have been catalysts to the process, but through a natural realisation, ' this is who I am. This is my true nature', somewhere in the bible I think it says 'and the truth shall set you free'.

Viewing the world condition we see a world of turmoil, food wars. Conflicts over bio fuels taking over agricultural land. House prices dropping, some said why sell your house for profit? You have a roof over your head, what about those who struggle to buy food. Surely we should look to spread aid rather than think of profit. {In last few blogs I've been stressing the ensuing fight between the god of mammon and the god of nature}. The arguments between growing GM crops to feed the world, going back to local farming and agriculture, so saving haulage and emissions, producing local communities and fostering cooperation and mutual trust. To employ people back to the land and get feel of Mother Earth which in itself fosters the understanding of ecology and has an impact in and to the natural self. Producing real organic foods, eliminating pesticides, additives and artificial substances, plastic bags and containers, recycling made easier. Many of the foods and drinks cause youngsters to be hyped up so fuelling crime. Working in a clean environment, close to nature, building ascetic homes to live in, using the natural resources to warm and light our homes will cleanout the rot and glamour in the minds of the collective unconscious. BUT comes the voices of the global companies 'WHERE IS THE PROFIT IN THIS?'

Yes indeed it is crunch time. No doubt the bankers, the politicians, the stock markets, the financiers will find a way out, until the next financial tsunami and the poor suffer while the rich get wealthier. So maybe the wake up call this time will arouse those who still slumber in the slothful dream of money maketh man. This is decision time.

Many forecasted that 2008 would be an easier year. To me it is. It clarifies the whole world position. It is polarising clearly the choices. It is forcing decisions from spiritual practises, food choices, environmental issues, ideologies, allopathic to complimentary medicines, in fact global and individual wise and across the board of everything, sexuality, drugs, abuse you name it and it's on the agenda. The cry in April and May even from political and religious communities is 'we need radical change' industry and the money makers say 'hold on we need stability, economic growth'.

China has made a deal with some African nations to build roads, railways, hospitals and schools, a multibillion input in return for millions of tons of raw materials. Great for jobs, undoubtedly better sanitary conditions. China and India are producing so many goods for the West that the workers there are getting better wages so can afford TV's, fridges, cars and so forth, and I celebrate with them. However the downside is that the carbon emissions are rising rapidly. [Although not the main cause of global warming, see January 2008 blog. We have to stop emissions even if there were not global sun natural cycle solar system warming, because we are denuding the planet and its live stock and natural habitats.] So what might be the answer or solution?

This is a mighty question. Basically the West has set a standard lifestyle which relies on wealth through acquisition. This means the bigger the car, the house, the more possessions, the more power, the bigger the ego and the more ostentatious, then one has arrived, is successful. The more youthful, suntanned, spending power then one has made it. So why shouldn't those in the third world or less industrialised countries have their turn? They have been exploited, enslaved, humiliated and made to be pitiful, been turned out of their rightful lands and turned from sustainable means of living to raping, taking, burning, poisoning and abasing the earth, and in the process of this, doing this to themselves.

It is clear to me that we are the ones we have waiting for as the Hopi prophesy so succinctly states. Will the rich and wealthy nations and people realise that we will run out of oil, food, agricultural land. Will the wakening from the programmes as above, the ego quest for more and more, will the light of awareness shine through and if it did what might be the outcome? An equal sharing of wealth, or should I say a more fair distribution of wealth to gradually wean away the quest for profit to a reasonable living for all. To free up natural alternative fuels that will not pollute, to have a marriage between all sorts of opposites, the reconciliation of opposites, between pharmacy and supplements and herbs, between artificial fertilisers and organic agriculture. Peace with the understanding of one natural intelligence called God and those who disbelieve to have charity and mercy and freedom to practise worship in one's own way without threat or harm or attempting to persuade or use force to convert. This will mean having to go against blind ignorance and tolerance to deeply understanding that a deep and fundamental level we are one. One Humanity, One Destiny, One Divinity [for atheists' one ecological unit].

Can we do this? Do we want a world where there are plans to have an ID chip embedded in us from birth, linked to satellites, to follow our every move and to be monitored and if found to be wanting, the chip is switched off and one becomes a homeless gutter person or incarcerated and made a slave by brain implantation, or farmed for spare parts, all of course for our safety from extremists and hell bent suicide bombers and terrorists. Do we want a world filled with large greenhouses producing hydroponic foods and all green land and nature made into concrete monsters? Do we want a one world government, army and bank? Do we want to lose our individuality and unique differences that the fashion icons want to make us into? Can we say viva la difference?

Maybe 2012 can be seen in a different light. Maybe as we move towards this date the world will have gone into such a desperate mode that we are forced to make the choices as above and that the decisions will be clear and the consciousness flipped to awareness and mindfulness. We whatever our beliefs will have to make personal decisions otherwise we will swept along in a mindless self destructing machine of awesome power. Let us now examine how we may be able to grasp back our power, not the power of the ego but the power of light which is the power of mindfulness and awareness.

Let us now examine the various aspects of Light. Dr Gordon Dougal at the University of Sunderland in North East England showed that exposures to low levels of light [1072 nm — a wavelength found in natural sunlight can improve learning ability]. Low levels of sunlight can kick-start the brains cognitive function in those considered beyond help of medicine. Viruses such as herpes, cold sores and dementia patients could be helped by this research. SAD {often known as the winters blues} causing depression can be helped high intensity lux boxes. My studies took me into fascinating areas such as Chronobiology our time clocks and correspondence to the sun. [See global warming and space weather Jan 2008 blog]. Google Dr Franz Halberg at the University of Minnesota, USA for a more detailed study. According to my research and theory the usual known circadian, is one of many biological rhythms' of which there maybe some 634 of them, that living organisms keep time with many other cycles, some half weekly, weekly, monthly and these cycle/rhythms' clocks govern virtually all biological functions from pulse, blood pressure, body temperature, blood clotting, circulation of lymphocytes, hormonal cycles, automatic functions which like tides seem to ebb and flow to some apparently reoccurring timetable.[could this timetable be the natural intelligence of the universe, some refer to as God?]. This phenomena appears across the board throughout nature and I suspect the universe [cycles of the moon, sunspots, comets and the like]. Here we see the oneness and interconnectivity of Cosmic Life, as above so below.

Now we come to a physicist Dr Fritz-Albert-Popp from Germany of whom I have written about before in many blogs. 30 years ago he showed that all living things emit light [I have found all things have life, even a rock, dirt, dust, we have not gotten around to measuring their 'biophotons']. He found that the various levels of light could influence the 'state' of the organism. Light can be viewed as the relay or messenger to the cells and thereby their reactions to each other in total. Google in his research and see more. He was quoted as saying 'we are beings of light'. [See vitamin D and cognition and mood disorders. See latest news of trying ban our supplements and antioxidants.] See also Dr Constantine Koroctov and his GDV technology of light I have written about him in my blogs as well.

So where are we now? Light then appears to be the communicator or relay messenger between organisms and cellular entities or families. What about sunlight. When I first mentioned some years back in my blogs that Sunlight and in fact all light carried messages, codes, frequencies of information, some healthy, by this I mean enhance a living natural organism or destructive by this I mean destroying a living organism before its natural cycle of death, which I see as recycling, reincarnate modalities, I was mocked and derided. Now I seem to be the flavour of the month. I was told I was a quack, my degrees false [because I took them in my family name]. This is not of real importance, why I mention this is because what was once an inspiration in a quiet moment and CAME TO LIGHT was mocked by the egoists. The lessons; trust your deep instincts. Be courageous and state your truth.

This is maybe a solution we have to trust our deep instincts; we have to go where we have never been before, or maybe dreamt we could go. Throw off the shackles, the yoke, and be the person who changes their world and so cause the chain reaction for world change. A wave of Light that ripples through the collective unconscious and so the revolution of consciousness is born. Be the match that lights the fuse to free humanity from its madness and insane standards, one of these is denude, deny and strip the world of all resources and in the process cause mass genocide and suicide. The real suicide bombers are those that are killing humanity through deprivation of their natural birthright and inheritance which is freedom to walk the land without fear, have warm shelter, adequate clothing and peace of mind in quietness and beauty.

From Chronobiology we may see that in the 26,000 year cycle the 'light information' from the Central Sun at the centre of the Milky Way which aligns directly with our solar system and local sun maybe supplying our system with new codes and like our cells we are light communicators and so the cellular messages are being upgraded. After all the entire Universe is not static [quantum levels show this too] there is constant motion of some sort or another, we are a constant organic process [see how modern thought wants our BMI body mass indicator — recently proved that thin people at correct mass can have body internal organ fat and that a larger out of BMI criteria maybe healthier]. Doctors want us digitalised, uniform, and one medicine for all analogous to congruent concrete buildings. Controllable through robotisation. Kill uniqueness' and creativity which is nature and promote artificial substitutes.

When the mass of humanity awaken it will cognise intuitively through the light of awareness the falsehood and in a bloodless revolution overturn the mad insane wreckers of the natural world?

It has been shown that in deep meditation parts of the brain 'light up'. It is interesting how the experts warn us of the light from the sun, knowing it is the dangerous chemicals in the sun blockers and weak immune systems caused by sitting under halogen, fluorescent lighting, malnutrition and deprivation of good wholesome food and lack of easy living, car snarl ups, road rage, mass cattle trucks called trains, packed, hurtling people to earn more money to live more insanely.

We need to be quieter, turn off loud TV, radios, mobiles, walkmans which you can hear even when earphones are plugged in from somebody else, loud car radios which shake the ground. More runways for noisier living? Things hurtling along at faster speed, faster computers, more gadgets. Keeping fit and healthy at gyms and so forth and dying whether you are fit or not. See the 101 yr young Buster who ran in the marathon, still cleans cars and when asked how did you get to this age and so fit he replied' twenty fags a day, three pints of beer, bacon and eggs, sausages and looking at pretty ladies'. Not for everybody it horses for courses and not to follow the trend, authority or expert, of course be law abiding, by this I mean caring, respect, love of nature and thankful and grateful for a beautiful body whatever its shape and size.

Changing tack, this May 2008 ushers in some very powerful alignments. A nineteen year cycle clicks in. Two full moons in Scorpio and an alignment at Beltane[Celtic festival meaning ' Light of Fires', where fires were lit on hilltops, usually on ley lines], and this was commemorated when the Sun was 12 degrees into Taurus and it so happens it falls on the New Moon at May 5, 2008. There is also a period in this known as the days of shadows, or suchlike, this also ushers in summer. This is hugely powerful as Pluto in Capricorn and massive solar flares [not recorded in space weather terms but in electromagnetic emanations entrained on by our local sun from the central sun]. Again swarms of earthquakes, many holding their breath, praying we do not have a huge tsunami, a huge volcanic eruption or similar happening. Meanwhile it is mirrored in the world conditions. Still harping on the economy, still dithering to make radical vital life saving decisions, still advocating profit. Meanwhile Supermarkets are being exposed in price fixing scams, petroleum companies recording mass profits. Taxing the poor and rewarding the rich. What will it take to wake people up, not so much people but world leaders? Some world leaders are aware of this and know this is the way to go, however they are hog tied by the greedy entrepreneurs' who feed their fat bank accounts to obsessive obese juggernaut size. When is enough, enough?

Google in the Arlington Institute and see their prognosis for the future and the video by John L. Petersen on their research into singularity. They make the point of a convergence at some point of several factors to reach a kind of omega point, a climax. [Some years ago several of us did a presentation under the auspices of the United Nations called Planetary Citizens; I mentioned this some years back, we did this in the 80's. Imagine a V inverted to make a pyramid, then on the left side a list named mega crisis and on the right mega solution, when it reaches the apex they converge and it becomes an amalgamation, a synthesis, a third way, the end of one paradigm and the start of the other]. The convergence point suggested by the Arlington Institute could be in four years where they suggest a critical mass might occur. There are other academic think tanks which have similar views. No! I hear some of you scream in defiance and frustration not that 2012 again. Well let's wait and see. Remember these are scientists and academics.

On Monday the 19th May 2008 Dr Arthur Robinson announced at The National Press Club that 31,000 scientists had signed a petition sating that Global Warming was not the result of human caused global warming. As stated before my opinion is that we have to stop our carbon emissions whether there is global warming or not otherwise we will denude the planet and kill off all animals and plant life. Dr Robinson is from The Oregon Institute of Science and Medicine. It is also spearheaded by Dr Frederick Seitz of the Academy of Sciences of the Rockefeller University. Little has been revealed in the press due to a smear campaign and con trick by the follow-your-money brigade.

More human rights to be challenged as the British Government wants keep a data base of all phone records and so forth [see echelon, google in], this has been in place and ready to activate officially for many years]. The usual excuse national security. What about the abortion and gene hybrid matters?

NASA have announced in photo of the day 23rd May 2008 that Jupiter has got another red spot, which seems to manifest from a white swirl. The Hubble Space telescope Wide field Camera 2 has picked this up. The reason given is climate change as things are heating up particularly at the equator. See paragraph above and my previous blogs.

Heartfelt love and blessings for those who have passed on in Burma and China, the rescue teams and families. Wonderful blessings to those who have donated and selfishly gone on to continue world efforts for relief and prayer. 174 after shocks have so far been recorded many of them at 4.7 or more on the Richter Seismic Scale, that is in China, with more to come.

Many sensitive people have felt the quivering in their guts and so many now have loose bowel movements and shivering with scratching, electric like shocks, nausea and dizziness, followed by heat surges. This is experienced by all age groups and after extensive diagnosis in some cases, scans and so forth, no apparent cause has been found. Could it be empathy with the Earth and her peoples, the huge Cosmic down pouring of energy? Well you must decide. I feel it so. Keep on Keeping on. Go Well and Lots of Love. Geoff.

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