Tsunamis Are Not Only On Earth

Geoff Freed — May 2008
Former forensic technician and scientific & medical researcher, lecturer, workshop leader and psychotherapist, Dr. Geoff Freed reports on what is happening energetically on the planet at this pivotal time in history.

NASA ANNOUNCED that a tsunami had raged across the atmosphere of the sun reported on the 3rd of April 2008 and a massive series of solar flares [968 to 969 in classification numbers], many scientists are awakening to the fact that these release huge amounts of electromagnetic energy which then travels as space weather to interact with our ionosphere, stratosphere and so forth, this is then passed onto the various levels and frequencies that surround our planet, the outer planets, moon and so on. [See previous blogs on Schumann resonance, tectonic plates, earthquakes and global warming and so forth]. The human body is an electromagnetic marvel and this increase in energy [some scientists classify energy as non electromagnetic, but that motivating force behind the movement of photons and electrons, however I am using poetic licence or my own interpretation and not being so pedantic]. This then if passed down through the realms from Sun to us, is akin to the spiritually law of above so below or macrocosm to microcosm. The divine hologram.

Pursuing this logically, although endeavouring such a premise in a organic universe has its pitfalls to say the least, it would be assumed that our journey to 2012 which aligns our solar system with the Central Mass at the Milky Way [a measurable event, see January 2008 blog], then this mass is belting out huge energy [see NASA ARCHIVES ASTRONOMY PICTURE OF THE DAY] it may be reasonable to assume that this in its turn sends out space weather and mass ejections which excite our sun, this in turn to Earth.

How might this affect us? Perhaps the many e-mails, telephone calls, other great writers, see Fif Hugenholt's blog and her very wonderful links to like minded expressions and people, seem to be feeling great heat, itchiness, sleep irregularities, blurry vision, restlessness, fatigue at times, and the many other transformative outbursts [some call it ascension symptoms], and many others, these were given to me in my 1967 inspired writing from an unknown source. The greater the heat through the power of the sun's energy, not in sunshine but in electromagnetic energy, then the more acerbated the symptoms become.

Now the point arises is 2012 a year of just physical alignment? Is it concomitant and commensurate with a spiritual event, such as a consciousness flip? Are the two related? The point of the greatest heat [see earlier blog from Cornell University and Dr Paul Kintner, Dr Patterson of Canada and the spots of the sun, The Institute of Navigation and the Magnetic Pole shift and NASA]. Now see Professor Popp, Prof. Koroctov and so many others discovering how we are light beings [see You Tube Dr Jill Bolte Taylor, Prof Kathy Sykes on Meditation]. The evidence of minute electromagnetic fields that are our communication networks, cellular internet, our interfaces. Taking this into account can we say that the increase light, magnetism, solar system warming [see earlier blogs re other planets are experiencing warming too], then we may see that indeed there is no separateness in the physical fact line up with a change in consciousness [if these symptoms persist and aggravate please have a check up with a health professional].

Many have shared with me and my own experience too of great outbursts of anger. Many are light workers, health professionals, healers, long term meditates. It seems our prior modes of relating, our ego patterns are being challenged. The net of conditioning is stretching to breaking point. So many cherished ideals are going down the drain and the ego in its vain attempt to go back to' the good old days', the outworn political sheep bleating of politicians, the tired financial forecasts of crashes, recoveries, shares up, down, corruption, stabbings and the like, push those with insight to see the sinking ship of the old world, those who see the opportunity to take control for selfish means in the lack of ideas and leadership from governments, the vain rhetoric of religious leaders, the confusing messages from the media, an attempt to make or fill the vacuum with a one world army, government and to use terrorism as a means to tag the human race and deprive all of us of liberty is the race or pressure between the God of Power and Mammon and The God Of Nature. The apex, climax, the crunch will eventually come, the heat will rise to the inferno and just when all seems lost the two will cancel each other out and the third way will be born. Is 2012 the year? Who knows? It maybe a damp firework, it maybe the ignition point, it maybe just another focus point to be used for intending the turn of the old to the new. Watch this space. There is a Chinese saying: "If you cannot decide between two things do the third."

There is a video and DVD going round named Zeit Geist. You may want to get it whilst it is free to download of the net. Not a viewing for the faint hearted. It is stuff most of us already know and put into a very easily understood format. One point that will get many heated up, according to the calculations; we do not enter Aquarius until 2051. This does not however alter the alignment with the Central Sun on Dec 21 2012. In my previous blogs I have mentioned we have three pivotal years, 2012, 2036 and 2075 [given in my 1967 writings]. The point being that those who are sensitive can feel the deep changes and simply by world events as in the DVD above, with a modicum of awareness one can see the wheel falling off, the s—t has hit the fan, and that a vacuum is being filled by media hype to distract from the truth. Note worldly political scams and skulduggery, that with common sense is seen to be transparent [in the UK MP's expenses, funds for peerage, lost records, immigration control fiasco, NHS rot and garbage and so on, and of course terminal 5 Heathrow].

All the above can either depress one, become cynical, become a conspiracy person, bury one's head in the sand [the ostrich syndrome], or it can be catalyst to find inner peace. To delve deeper into one's own awareness. Not a place of idyllic bliss in a monastery of one's own home, but to remember, we are awareness and not the scenarios and content of our lives. As soon as we see through the fear and media hype, we see clearly that the message is of the ego and that the ego is the fear because the ego is content and not awareness. Arising from the awareness in its stillness is an incredible intelligence; it intuitively flashes the truth to the witness of Life which is You, Me, the us we share with all and sundry. [A good read is Mahatma Gandhi's personal mission statement]. To seek after worldly power is a tenuous and temporary joy; it crumbles and decays with time. To find the inner treasure is the eternal treasure and cannot be measured in worldly terms.

The tendency for many is to run to the oracle, the guru, the channel, to seek solace by running or ducking and diving, the easy route. The ensuing peace one gets, the temporary lift, crumbles when the guru, the oracle or the channel dies or is found to be just another prop. Escapes into mind games, futile pursuits in workshops, endless book reading, the latest new age gadgets, and the latest guru on the block. Endless relationships, mind trips, drug trips, escapes and then the point when a frustrated ego gives up the search and surrenders. What does it surrender too? To nothing, to the stillness, questions cease and intuitive knowledge flows forth and then one becomes a knower. A knower of what? That which needs to be known as a matter of natural occurrence. The tsunami of world affairs continues, the raging waters of change are changing the landscapes of not only islands and landscapes but of the coastlines, geographic positioning in our minds. The battle rages between the elements of the old world order to a new world order and by technology this insidious monster is raising its head in the cyber space of consciousness. Is this the monster that the book of revelation hinted at in the final days? When the scam and the so called mind game as in the James Bond Film when a news magnate tried to control the world by news hype, which now is dominated by those with the power behind governments and even the large global corporations, when one sees the flimsy support and foundations all built on glitter, glamour, hype, celebrity stuff, one then wakes up and realises this is a mind game, it is a seduction, a leaching of personal power and the tools employed are false credibility, seduction by glamour and the promise of power, a promise of false security[see April 2008 blog], spare body parts, cosmetic procedures promising youthfulness, a short filled happiness till the plastic wobbles, leaches and goes wrong. Then one can fall into the seeming void of emptiness without fear and realise this so perceived empty space, feared by the annihilation of the ego, is in fact the saviour and is indeed the real self and so one comes to enlightenment and eternal inner peace.

There is a fierce tsunami raging through the collective unconscious and it is stripping away the false in everything and causing seeming chaos.[see proof of the collective unconscious in REG's random event generators and depicted in the 'Bleep' and The Field by Lyn McTaggart and earlier blogs]. In the Hopi prophesy quoted in earlier blogs maybe this is the 'river that is running very fast----it has its own destination----do not cling to the banks [I see this as holding onto the old ways] – see who is there with you and celebrate----We Are The People We Have Been Waiting For'. Maybe this means we have to wake up, find out who we really are and then create from this reality a world that works for everyone everywhere with love and compassion.

It seems that the world politicians, some scientists, most of the medical profession are in denial. The fact that so many protests against the Iraq, Afghanistan, Darfur, China Tibet crisis, Israel and Palestine, outrageous celebrity pay and so on, the eye openener of Dr Mercola [google in re article on Doctors in pay of big pharma, vaccine cover up and the crazy financial policies that have been shown to fail and yet repeated, and yet are logically shown as detrimental, seem to indicate the partial or whole denial process]. I would rather stay in my comfort zone than deal with the situation. It is much the same as some people who have contacted me and said so many channelled writings say the same and repeat [me too] and yet like a faltering relationship with another or with our self, are felt, rejected, repressed, suppressed, and yet a tiny prick of conscience in some reminds one, I have to come out, bring it to full consciousness and then in this light deal with it. Woe betides those who have buried their denials so deeply that they believe their modus operand is correct. Killing in the name of God, unprovoked killing, abuse and so forth.

Maybe a solution is possible: through an awakening. Maybe this present world crisis is the catalyst? However, there maybe for some another way. The moment we lose the witness, the awareness, the presence, the non critical observer to the now [when we are the silent witness we are in the now], the mind chatter, the internal dialogue seeps in. We then see that the content of our mind takes over, the witness is lost; we become identified with the content. This content is often of the past which can even if modified; juxtaposed; given a makeover, shape the future. The past is a memory, a mind shadow, a ghost of mind graphics. The future the birth of hope that MIGHT bring salvation, however, if we continue to live the past in a modified future we never can be creative and original and the more we do this the more in awareness denial we become. We may feel safe [see March 2008 blog] but this is a false safe and will because of its infirmity fall by the wayside.

The now is timeless, the now is the now. The past and future have gone or have not arrived, these are memories of the past and hope for the future, all mind stuff, and they create the FALSE reality of time. Real time as it were as in Chronobiology and Horology time, are factual and are functional. Mind time is made of events gone by or not arrived and they breed numerous dysfunctions, such as anxiety, fear, doubt, unease, worry, unhealthy stress and so forth. Angst against the past and fear of the future amongst the side effects. Other effects to repeat happy content memories and be stuck in the past and when these are denied unhappiness ensues. Fear memories of the past anxiously avoided for the future and so defensive, cautious, stultifying behaviour which can cripple true contentedness. Miracle time when we live in the now beyond past and future, and something pops up from the awareness, the witness.

The world consciousness needs to drop its denial of past wrongs and infidelities, its dogma of separative religions, its fixation and love affair obsession with power and money and wipe the slate clean and start again. Natural forest fires do this, they burn away the not needed and blocks to new growth, a natural renewal process. The forest then brings fresh life and energy for all its inhabitants. It provides for all equally. When humans endeavour to do this for the forest we bungle it. Sometimes where agriculture is concerned burning the chaff can be useful. How often do we do rotation farming, leaving field's fallow for a while? How often do we choose to be fallow for a while, be still? We are a world humanity obsessed with doing. Even vacations or their adverts state 'plenty to do, night clubs, water sports, golfing, restaurants, climbing, skiing, swimming pools and the like'. Then New Age One's, acupuncture, Tai Chi, Yoga, Meditation classes, healing, special diets, massage, therapy, Pilates, workshops. Doing, Doing Doing. Even if it is 'spiritually' [oh that awful word like new age] worded it is doing. Just to be. Like a child that is constantly taught or brought up to entertained, if doing things are not present then there is the shout to parents' I'm bored, BORING '.

WATCH this movement as the witness with awareness, is disturbed by the ego to switch on the tele, eat, make up fantasies or go into already made ones [these are the ones I made up earlier], go for a walk, do some distracting thing as the mind begins to search or fabricate something. Why is this so? The ego fears emptiness. It perceives that emptiness or witness state is death to itself, annihilation. The ego then makes up in sometimes violent or even to some instances almost death images to tempt one away from the silent observer within. This we see in a majority of humans today. Mass madness accepted as normal every day living. Complaining slightly and relying on the media, politicians, scientists and doctors to deaden, cure, find and answer or a false utopia we can go and wallow in. J Krishnamurti said 'we need a revolution, not bloody one or war, a mind revolution'. Certainly we need to overturn the reliance on mind content, the furniture in the room so as to speak, and realise we are the space in the room, the space being the witness, and space is forever and eternally space, where the furniture is perishable, subject to change and vulnerable to the elements.

Once we realise that the content of our minds rule our attitudes to acquisition, not only to more thought stored junk, also to money, possessions, power and so forth, then we can come to the facts we need a little money, warm shelter, suitable clothes [not hoarding] nourishing whole foods, then wealth as goal will not be pursued, we shall return to a more natural health style, a quieter less polluted world and we can rest safely in our homes, walk our parks and streets with calm and assurance. There will be less lust to be like someone else, and a joy in being who we are.

Some experts state that a way of predicting earthquakes is that special cloud formations appear as a kind of precursor. Of course other experts disagree. It depends in a stance of understanding. If the whole of creation is a holistic organic being, and we share a common electromagnetic propensity, then it maybe would be a hunch that the clouds would respond to a magnetic disturbance. Earlier blogs showed scientific evidence that weather can induce symptoms in folk who are sensitive to these frequencies as well as moon sensitives. Insurance companies, airline companies, research by some universities prove this so. The fact that earthquakes can be measured electromagnetically by hard science must then affect us as we are electromagnetic phenomena.

Seven strong earthquakes have rattled areas in the South Pacific and scientists from Australia and New Zealand are keeping a wary eye out. In an earlier blog regarding this around about the 2004 Tsunami, several boffins stated there is a 700 mile or so fault tectonic plate line that had as yet not ruptured [see my blog on this and the scientist involved, you will have to hunt it down] and the ones above hope these small ruptures may do the job and not one massive one. I wrote about the ethmoid bone in the sinus and how it is sensitive to magnetic influences, could this be a factor in sinus sensitivity, and it is a soft spongy bone, many think animals navigate by these, birds as well and perhaps we in a polluted and cluttered society still have this facility but is buried among the frequencies of modern living.

Coming into our solar system are the yearly Lyrids and Eta Aqua rids which are meteorite showers. I am not sure when they can be seen. In my view any phenomena is part of the whole and will entrain or affect the magnetic field in some infinitesimal way, like the butterfly effect. This is the theory that a butterfly emerging flapping its wings start a cascade of events worldwide. Like a switch to ignite a rocket which may contain in its circuit low amperage and voltage [see my earlier blog on coils and induction].

Check out Cascadia subduction zone, it is puzzling scientists and has parallels with ancient North American legends, stories and could mean another large tsunami. This zone runs from Northern Vancouver to Northern California. Rumblings as above or swarms are appearing. [google for more info].

The restless world events are churning up the mass human collective. I feel it is necessary to find the calm in the midst of the cyclone. As I send this to Michael the seismic monitor shows hundreds of 'swarm' earthquakes mirroring the listlessness of humanity.

Take Care. Go Well and Lots of Love. Geoff.

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