What Is Safety

Geoff Freed — April 2008
Former forensic technician and scientific & medical researcher, lecturer, workshop leader and psychotherapist, Dr. Geoff Freed reports on what is happening energetically on the planet at this pivotal time in history.

NEARLY EVERYONE FEELS the need to feel safe, secure, to be sure. Yet the experiences in Life can be very tenuous and precarious at times. Life itself is safe. Life is that which fuels and experiences and yet is an awareness which realises that the facets of experiences are as passing clouds and that it is to be experienced, to be a scenario in the drama that we know in our bodies, and yet even our corporeal existence in itself is a passing scene in the tapestry of this existence. We may even go as far as to say that even corporeal existence is in itself a show of molecular substance held together by weak and strong forces at sub atomic levels. These deep levels are known fluctuations in which logic is then turned upside down. So where is safe there?

Then we arrive at 'when I reach God Consciousness I will be safe'. Do we really know this or is it a mere placation? A distant goal to be achieved by some discipline or meditation. Are we really sure that God feels safe? Are the Guru's, Masters and Angels really safe too? Maybe we like to have messages, channeling's and summaries that give us the 'feel good factor'. Perhaps feeling safe with unsafe situations and experiences is as near to safe as possible, or is it just plain acceptance without emotional or trauma sub issues?

When we study nature it is seen at surface level to be units of separation, when we delve deeper we see that it is a wholeness working for each and every other unit an ecological organic organism. This is safety at nature's level [one may argue that a deer chased by a cheetah may not feel so] then maybe we can say that death has this aspect for us too, the so called grim reaper. It is in reductive science, separation and exclusion, a kind of hiatus from nature that vulnerability, fear and then the development of self defence facilities crop up to be our main concern. We then may surround ourselves with defence mechanisms which further isolate us from others and ourselves.

It is this urge through fear that many wish, desire, to dominate, to be powerful and fulfil hedonistic predominance's, to be at the top of the pile, and yet fleetingly so before death comes to claim its function and modality. We see today the Great God Mammon taking over and usurping the God of Nature. We see science battling out with science. Recognising many plant extracts are useful in medicine, yet having to separate from the whole. We see doctors treating the symptoms not the cause and yet refusing and even wanting to curtail any natural process and yet urging us to exercise, eat the statutory five a day fruit and veg.

The EU and Codex want to put a limit on beta carotene in supplement form and the ANH said in a repost that we then should limit how many carrots we eat, after all we may ingest too much. The EU also came out with the great Yoghurt fiasco, what is yoghurt? It was decided any product which bore the same resemblance was yoghurt. Hence the c--p we have on some supermarket shelves. Bananas over a certain length had to be straight. Oh Man!!! Continual law making, analysing, discussions, board meetings all in the name of defining, making us safer and so on. When I worked for a certain organisation, we found that making things watertight safe was impossible, as over 68% made things of a safety mechanism begin to work against itself.

In the so called spiritual world, again another separation we do exactly this, we put dates 2012 [I do this too, this is not a criticism of others, I see it in me too, I need to learn and absorb and yet this can be separative too] we talk about 4d and 3d existence, yet isn't all in the one Life too? Does God feel fear, does God feel anger? Well God experiences Life through us, gave us free will to experience whatever. Does this mean God has neurosis and is not the all loving God we have been taught? If we are honest and put aside our masters, guru's, prophets, bibles and so forth, we may question the whole thing and come to the conclusion, 'I don't really know and because I don't really know I choose to believe in the oracles'.

The vastness of the Universe is so magnificent and humbling, the seeming ambiguity at the sub atomic realm in contrast to the cyclic rhythms' of our bodies nature, seasons and comets, moon and sun cycles, begs the question that baffles science. Why out there so logical and seems separative in units like, people, animals, suns, moons, galaxies, yet at deep levels, inconsistencies, paradoxes' and so on, and yet all and everything arising from a nowehere, a void, the field. This is indeed a mystery and maybe it should remain one, for the more we try to label, to define and make a structure around it moves ever further away from us. Maybe the unsafe mind tries to define because it feels unsafe with not knowing and maybe leaving the mystery as a mystery and just enjoy the show is what the doctor or God ordered. [No offence to God or doctors. Many put scientists and doctors on a par with God]. By the way who is God anyway? Everything and Everywhere. OH Boy.

When I used to lecture and do workshops at the UN Food and Agriculture organisation [FAO] in Rome I had a wonderful incident there one night. There were many people in the lecture theatre and I was concluding with a guided imagery. "Looking at the stars, many have gone and we are receiving their light, realise nothing is forever, -------this goes on for a while looking at various aspects of nature and life". Suddenly all the lights went out, a power cut or something, I understand a rare occurrence. Many said you arranged this, and then the guards [FAO is a high security building] brought candles, some 75, to share between each pair, and I had one for myself. The imagery finished on this note, "When all is gone and the Universe vanishes I alone remain", each pair then walked down to the lecture plinth, blew out their candles and were escorted by a guard with a huge torch to the entrance. I then remained alone with my candle, as I blew out my candle the lights came back on. The lesson for me was not only synchronicity is out of my hands, but it taught me that I alone experience through my light which is the light of everyone everywhere, this light of awareness is a shared One Light, One Life, One Destiny and One Humanity. Yet years on the same lessons keep coming up, saying to me ' let go, nothing matters, let go, nothing lasts forever, let go and be who you are, let go don't define who you are, let go and be without thought, let go and only plan essentials, let go and don't question who it is that should let go. Letting Go is Letting Go.

Where am I in my development? What level am I on? Am I enlightened? Do others or I consider me enlightened? Will I attain enlightenment in this incarnation? Will humanity destroy this planet before 2012? Is 2012 another misnomer? All this now seems irrelevant. I find myself in a space that has no meaning like walking through the world in wonder and awe, yet there are some blocks that remain and somehow say' watch it be careful', many people say to me 'you are getting old', I get numerous e-mails with so called humour saying about sagging bellies, lack of sex drive from well meaning acquaintances' in contrast to the spiritual acquaintances' who tell me to intend youth, do EFT [Emotional Freedom Technique], and then others who say this again is a programming. OH Boy. So where am I now? God alone knows. Yet I can feel deep change, nothing specific, I can feel deep down [where is deep?]. What this change will bring and to emerge? I have no idea or inkling, and in a strange disconcerting way it feels real good and OK.

Incidentally where is deep in me, I feel it is behind the mental chatter, the internal dialogue. There is no location to what is deep in me, there is no sign post, and it is what it is and where it is. Then the paradox of behind, proving the point I started out with, the need to define and label in order to feel safe. So the saga goes on until the need for defining and labelling dies out of itself through a spontaneous realisation that the quiet mind is sufficient and efficient and is satisfactory and the burning need for safety dies with it.

Perusing several concepts and their inner meaning. C. J. Jung spoke about the collective unconscious, a kind of network ideas held by mass thought and could influence the conscious mind from an unconscious stance, and many of these mass thoughts could be seen to be fixed as it were by archetypal symbols. Some people are sensitive to this realm and kind of tune into it and use it for altruistic means and some to manipulate others through understanding its mechanisms, media and mass marketing can touch on these hidden agendas. Safety may allow many to live and take comfort in these areas.

J. Krishnamurti espoused or rather postulated the net of conditioning, which I relate to. Imagine a net, each juncture a set of ideas or a concept which interrelate, draw comparisons, sort out similarities', compute by association of ideas, in fact the firing neuronal network. This is the backdrop of our rational mind [some may say these are hand me downs from other lives, telepathic interference from astral, psychic and the collective and for some the Akashvic [this is the total output of everything from the so called beginning to now, although some think there have been many beginnings and parallel dimensions or Universes' and numerous big bangs and that they may also have subtle innuendoes that filter into the now conditioned mind]. Some may take refuge in all or some of these realms. All these are temporal, so safety in these is short lived to say the least.

The sense I have at present is that the net is getting stretched and that large rents are appearing. The planetary consciousness cannot take the outworn stale bleating of selfish hoarding empire building imperialism. The event of splitting the atom and the revelation of particle physics shows a world that is intimately intertwined, interrelated and deeply ecological. It is a world that supports nature and the natural mind. Endeavouring to isolate these particles is mind boggling and by now you will know the seeming contradictive and puzzling behaviour at this level. It seems separation is not on, multi location, knowledge of everything everywhere, quicker than instantaneously. One Awareness knowing everything everywhere. I leave you to name or not name this all pervading information intelligence and challenge you define it in concrete terms. Can one find ultimate safety here?

Here the Cosmic seen and unseen are powering in the new and yet ancient message 'all for one and one for all', and furnishing the proof by science to prove it. Share or be devastated. See the unity in Life and Live It.

Many of us now feel the disintegration of the net, the holes are appearing, the dam is bursting and vain attempts to plug produce ruptures elsewhere. The old mind set is panicking, vain attempts to recoup the imagined loss result in panic, depression, violence, distraction, fighting over lost land, desperation to retrieve the old as the beckoning emptiness is perceived as madness, no mans land. This I feel is at the base of the world's condition. Political knee jerk reactions, desperate policies that lurch from one cock up to another, old ideas given a makeover until the glamour wears off into boredom, religious and moral rhetoric. New thrills and so called think tank quango's, patching the quilt and so on. Anything than accept the new way. The way of the Cosmos, the lessons of nature, harmless technology, complimentary and allopathic partnership, ecological political decision, fair-trade in its real form. What stops this, the old net now severely stretched and at bursting point. There is no safety here only the perceived safety of making piles of money, a short term solution only.

The cycles of the Universe all point to evolution and perhaps we will if we download with ease, this means no resistance to the inward pressure to change, the real message of the a world that works for everybody everywhere, after all nature does that for us, should we not reciprocate?

It will take politicians, scientists, doctors, lawyers, priests, large and small businesses, and the media to be brave, courageous, humble, generous, and sensible and give the message so that the mass of humanity will follow by experience and find creative means with peaceful solutions. Will this happen? Will the pressure mount to a climax as many feel within themselves? Is there a correlation between global warming firing the intensity and with the alignment at 2012 with the central sun, the solar flares at their maximum will this be the pressure cooker valve blow and we are launched into the new paradigm [a lot was said about this in the 70's[paradigm shift as per Oxford Dictionary ' a fundamental shift in approach of fundamental assumptions'], yes and now that shift is felt by many as deep unrest somewhere in the psyche, and spewing out into worldly affairs.

Let the net go bust, let the dam burst, let impulse dissolve, let the light of intuition shine forth and thereby releasing true love which is in short supply and held back by the remaining tight holes in the old net of conditioning. [some of you may remember Marilyn Fergusons book' The Aquarian Conspiracy' The Tao of Physics by Fritzoff Capra, The Global Brain and so forth the forerunners to the paradigm shift writing, some who are new to this may find these rare books informative].

The earthquake in the Uk recently caused a bit of a seeming UFO phenomena, reported glowing lights [see web IRIS Seismic monitor], I agree with the boffins, quakes often cause electromagnetic disturbances and can throw up radioactive buried stones which activate with the environment, oh what a shame, I do love UFO stuff.

Recently around certain areas earthquake swarms have occurred, these are numerous small magnitude events, some say are the precursors to a large impact.

A pair of meteorites has been found by the boffins at Antarctica and their origin is not known, discussion as to this is being discussed.

A lovely event where some stranded mammals on a beach were helped back to the sea by a friendly dolphin in a bay in New Zealand, also the rescue by a pod or school of dolphins I think in South Africa or Australia from shark attack to a group of life guards out for training and bay swim. The dolphins were protecting them for I believe an hour or so [terrestrial TV].

Jill Bolte Taylor a neuro scientist [see TED video] was the witness to her own stroke. It depicts for me how we are the witness to our experiences. Perhaps awareness is now growing and the act of conscience presence as the experienced awareness of the contents of our lives, which leads to a distancing from the experience and to a direct knowledge of the experience by the intuition, may lead to emancipation and inner peace. This then could have a knock on effect to liberate humanity from ideology, glamour end ego obsession. Hey is the new age really shinning at last? What is this age? Well it is emancipation from the grip of ego materialism and a return to Natures Way, not necessarily back to the plough but perhaps a new turn in the spiral of evolution with its accompanying natural advanced technologies.

Go Well and Lots of Love. Geoff.

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