The Doubting Thomas Within

Geoff Freed — March 2008
Former forensic technician and scientific & medical researcher, lecturer, workshop leader and psychotherapist, Dr. Geoff Freed reports on what is happening energetically on the planet at this pivotal time in history.

APOLOGIES FOR THE LONG addendums in February's blog apparently some of you did not go to the end, I will not put GF at the end of all addendum paragraphs as this is misleading.

The energies of the eclipsed new moon of the 7th Feb seemed to bring and the precursor a week or so back when Pluto went into Capricorn for the next 24 years a huge input of energy, so many e-mails, telephone calls and other websites seem to confirm this and me too. Jonathan Cainer has described how each time Pluto has gone into various signs it has a dramatic influence. He is to determine this current one soon. Many of the ascension or transmuting symptoms appeared and were highly intense and exacerbated. In this period there was a moon in double Aquarius which is about firing the synapses and head stuff so lots of symptoms of balance, pressure, sinus, neck stuff.

The double messages through information as the media government spin agencies particularly regarding health, diet and terror aspects [mentioned profusely in blogs gone by] lead those who are not in touch with their inner wisdom and intuition, to have acquired the 'feel of things', the gut feel[careful not to mistake this for ego false feel, see back blogs] to look outward, to rely on the oracle, the guru, the seer, this is not a bad thing, and it can lead us through stormy passages, however we may have to weigh up the loss or abdication of our power to someone else's power, we maybe feeding the teacher. I know of very well known teachers, some even feel they are messiah's that actually vicariously live through their followers adoration, veneration and complete denial of their own power, they become brain washed victims, becoming puppets and robots. Some relationships can become similar to this too. This state of confusion can lead to The Doubting Thomas Within, a sceptic and a paranoid being, clouded with superstition, acrimony and denial. They are not even sure of their own state of being or what they are paranoid about. Plutonic influence and the initiatory power of Capricorn can bring these facets to the fore. We see now the fluoride campaign raise it head again, confusing people as to its health gains, and to isolate the truth. If the UK votes for it we shall be one of the few countries of the world to want it, many have banned it forever, and even the USA a strong advocate of it, are now seeming to have serious thoughts about removing it and banning it. I pick this aspect out of one of many; this is because this issue has been debated for forty or more years. Strange with Pluto around and searching the depths it comes up, along with other long held and challenged issues. Amongst the terrible things that fluoride does, it rots the part of the brain that has the job of discernment, it is bio accumulative, it is nigh impossible to get out of the body and works away silently as the rat poison which it is. Is it not strange that other countries send their aluminium waste to the UK as they do not want to even bury it, so the UK gets large sums of money to put it in our water [not as yet], Alan Johnson the Health Minister wants a vote on it, he says it will help underprivileged children's teeth, yet they can get all this from toothpaste. This is like the Codex vitamin saga and many others.

The broader picture is this. The mind steeped in logic, hard science, medical dogma, sees the natural world as alien. Even scientific disciplines isolate themselves and use reductionism as their tool, so looking at the parts, very rarely see the whole, the ecology of inclusiveness. Here the divisive mind sees the only way as isolation, the natural plant has to have an extract taken out to make it work, this then robs of it other vital constituents which work naturally to supplement and compliment one another. When this applied mentally, sociologically, psychologically it leads to confusion and doubt. The world of politics and finances does the same, gain, gain, take take take.

Why recycling has not caught on is that manufacturers cannot make so much profit from recycled stuff, people want new bright original, we see this in makeovers, cosmetic surgery and so forth. It is renewal in mind not in outward things, not new ideas so much as the empty quiet mind which spews forth at times pristine original thought. Thought not from programmes, advertising, wanting, desiring and the in thing, fashion, trend or hype. Thought that arises from the depth that serves the total everything everywhere, it is holistic, ecologically sound, synchronistic and inclusive. It is non reparative, not confusing and brings peace of mind all spontaneously, serves to bring creativity in harmony with the Universe and so is productive on all levels.

Sometime back I mentioned how blame makes us a victim. I blame so and so, which then becomes So and So makes me feel. This then makes for a situation where our power is given to someone else to make us feel, we lose the right to make our decisions and feelings. When we complain we also give up our right to that which are complaining about. That is if we feel fear, negative or threatened by that which we are complaining about. There is a way in which we state our case from a quiet space and put our case as fact and not emotionally aroused. This way we express our truth and not our anxiety. When we become very emotive and aroused we may being expressing our negativity, we state our case with the same content, however it will be from clarity and succinctness.

A café near where I live is a meeting place where one can sip endless green teas, coffees, hot chocolates, eat bagels with various fillings and the owner and his staff doesn't mind how much you have and a number of us, retired scientists, a few professional dancers, technicians and the like meet in the afternoon and debate various subjects. Astrology came up and some were sceptical, others followed Dr Percy Seymour view [see earlier blogs] and my view, I was asked "Do you believe in Astrology"? My view is that I feel the Universe is an organic entity, so that all stars, planets, constellations and the like are akin to the various organs, tissues and the like our bodies have, as above so below. So do I believe in my body? Yes. It is it not so much a belief as an experience, and since I feel the moon phases and various transits, mine is recognition born out of experience. Others felt it was of no importance, some vehemently thought it was a mere whim and suggestive influence. What is your view and why?

Returning to fluoride, when I stated a second campaign to ban it in the UK along with many others, a strange anomaly arose. According to the pure air act at that time chimneys from factories were banned from spewing out fluoride emissions, however putting it into water was OK. I had a leaked document sent to me which Frank Dobson a Minister at the time said "we will put it into the water whether they want it or not, but I expect they will take it out". You can get it out with reverse osmosis, this does waste a lot of water, and however you have to weigh up health versus water loss. The only reason I am going on about this is because it is forcing medication on us, it is another way of stemming free will and putting money before care. The world now faces this crisis with the stock markets, shares and interests rates in turmoil. Another reason for the above, at first I complained, got angry, even hated, then I used it as lesson, a learning curve, an opportunity for growth, I began to deeply research and in a very calm manner presented my findings to the authorities, and no matter what I sent I got the same standard print out. The European Commission says X number of parts per X water was permissible, and yet Germany, France, Holland at the time banned it, and their Embassies in the UK used reverse osmosis. At the time the Belgian Ambassador and I were friends and he said none of his staff were to be rat poisoned by the crazy British and their mad scientists. This was and is with all the similar duplicities, corruption and pressing climate change, complimentary medicine issues, vitamins, natural energy supplies, the same issues as the above. This the funded scientists employed by government and large global conglomerates versus the independent caring scientists in the fields of care and loving respect for humanity and the planet. With the searching of Pluto and the initiatory influences of Capricorn, [I was told by an Arabic Astrologer that every sign has three elements, for me it is so. In Capricorn there is stage 1 where the goat buts and steals and is a crafty individual, though not with malice, the second stage the goat becomes the Chamois, the mountain goat, sure footed, fiercely defending his territory and his mating rites, the third stage he ascends to the plateau of initiation, standing in a space at the top, no room for anyone else, he then if ready, leaps into the unknown and becomes an initiate of the highest order]each stage is set at bottom, middle and top of mountain. The leaps of the middle order chamois is amazing and their daring exploits.

Then there is Chiron in Aquarius until 2012[see Eric Francis 'A Bridge to the Core'] so the wounds of humanity are surfacing at the hand of the wounded healer, Pluto digs deep, Chiron then heals and then ascends to the mountain of initiation for the leap of faith and trust. Meanwhile the Sun and Central Sun are beaming in new energy patterns and the above energies clear the space for this to happen. Many of the duplicities as above will be exposed, see all the profits made by the oil companies, the drugged super stars, the infidelity of top so called professionals, and the searching, sometimes unfair paparazzi, and media hype. Nowhere is safe today, and yet it forces us to listen within and not to the frenzy of feeding sharks of outworn, tired rhetoric political, medical and scientific old school reductionism and narrow petty mindedness.

There is a phenomenon named icequakes these occur when the ice is squashed together by a rim of a lake or something similar, it then impacts and fractures and one shelf slides under another to form a ridge, sometimes this is very violent and a large cracking sound that can rupture nearby structures and break windows. Lake Mendota in Madison USA gets them in cycles of 5-10 years, no one knows why. Like our bodies which have at least several hundred cycles [see earlier blogs], again the wonders and miracles of nature.

Girls aged 8 and boys aged 9 are reaching puberty, which experts say is younger than usual in the Western World, some say it is the additives in food, watching sexy programmes. Could it also be due to global warming and the exuberance of the hormones as described in January 2008 blog as an additional factor?

A young boy in Volzhk in Russia whose name is Boris Kipriyanovich [on internet] from almost the first year showed extraordinary behaviour, he relates incidents of being a Martian [no contact with books, TV, people who would relate this] he claims there are Martian Colonies deep underground, and they had space ships which visited Earth at the times of Lemuria and Atlantis. He says their civilisation destroyed itself because of conflict and used super weapons to do so [see my blog on The UFO Story]. Then the sceptics came in and say oh not true. Well so far as I know there are many young ones [the Indigoes and so forth] who are saying similar things. What are your feelings on this? When we peruse and cogitate this see if we can get a clear picture or feel, not just a romantic impulse or possible knight in shinning armour affect. We have to be our own shinning knight, and then we attract other Knights to us, not as rescuers, but as companions. And then together the world can be saved and turned.

The BBC has just taken off of their health website all complimentary medicine information. The reply to my complaint regarding this was 'Not many people used the site so they wanted to free up space — and many of their programmes contain information on these matters'. This comes in the wake of fluoridation for the nation [e-mail me for attachment for letters to government and opposition] and the almost wipe out of supplements, natural therapies contemplated by the EU, WHO and Codex. Could it be they are worried over people waking up and realising that people power and choice is arising?

I would like to quote from a source the following "No physician in his right senses would prescribe for a person he has never met, whose medical history he does not know, a substance which is intended to create bodily change, with the advice "Take as much as you like, but you will take it for the rest of your life because some children suffer tooth decay. It is a preposterous notion." This could aptly to pesticides, hormones, GM, additives and I may add some spurious complementary stuff included.

It will be interesting to see if the awakening reveals the challenge of the suppression of anything natural. God's natural world versus the God of Mammon and Concrete.

The prediction of those that foresaw by the technique of cyclic and rhythmic studies that after a double whammy of eclipses the fourteen day earthquakes and geneal tremors occurred. The same I feel happens with global warming and cooling.

Earthquake hits UK well from the e-mails, calls and so on it seems many are having personal quakes me too. It's all very well and part of the upgrade. Lots of Love & courage. Geoff

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