The Ultimate Ego

Geoff Freed — February 2008
Former forensic technician and scientific & medical researcher, lecturer, workshop leader and psychotherapist, Dr. Geoff Freed reports on what is happening energetically on the planet at this pivotal time in history.

IN SOME THERAPIES, spiritual movements, religions and self growth groups the ego is regarded as some sort of nuisance or even an evil monster. Some forty-five years back the early therapies discipline and religions I researched and experienced literally pilloried the ego. Heaven knows I have done my fair share in my blogs. Many recent and in fact ancient ways of dealing with the ego (my definition is the splinter of consciousness cocooned by programmes and conditioning which separate the mind from its source). Taking this a step further by definition then the ego is merely a limited form of Source Consciousness.

Modern writers have extolled the method of merely watching with awareness the machinations of the mind, some call it presence, others awareness, some detachment, my own catch phrases are 'looking without opinion', 'the witness', 'awareness without bias', and so on. This enables one to observe and study the mind and its reactions. Some say well there is no point to any of this because there is no after life, so just enjoy all and sundry. The Buddhist meditation of vipasna is of course much the same as the above catch phrases, and so this knowledge among many other older versions was known long ago. Hypothetically should there be no after life or reincarnation, what then becomes the use if desired to meditate and watch? Conversely should there be an after life and reincarnation what then?

Let us examine the non afterlife and even a heaven with no reincarnation and one just sits on the clouds and so forth. The benefits to the no afterlife maybe that in the short sojourn in an earthly vessel then meditation, reflection, prayer may bring solace to a troubled mind and create harmony and peace while in existence. Having no afterlife does not preclude some believing in God or Creation by Intelligence. It means to some that after death one merely goes to a central pool and then like a lump of plasticine is reshaped into a new form without memory of its last form or stays in the creative pool as a cleaned out slate, its use is not worth contemplating and one carries on this life not concerned into delving into the reasons for creation and life in general, content with the superficialities of the everyday humdrum existence, and I know some very content people like this, and at one time in my life I actually envied and admired them. Had it not been for the near death experience and my inquisitiveness {NDE at 4 yrs young} I may have become conditioned into my religion, got married, had children and just lived a simple family life [if there ever is such a simple life in modern society, my study of unspoilt native communities seemed more idyllic], there is absolutely nothing wrong with that at all, it is a matter of destiny, pre-life agreements, karma or a random choice of parents with the intelligent gene. You takes your choice.

Either way meditation and awareness can lead to a more placid and content mind, then comes the argument "well I thrive of the buzz, the rush, the adrenalin surge, who wants a placid or content mind — Boring?". Now if one believes there are only a heaven and no reincarnation, then we may be following a set of rules in a holy book or moral code, then meditation and prayer or whatever discipline will clear onerous intrusive thoughts and patterns that prickle the set of ideals. Then on arrival at or in Heaven one is judged by an entity or one's own higher soul self as to the worthiness of heaven or cast to hell or oblivion or whatever. Taking the reincarnation theory then of course the clearer the mind [see previous blogs on the Bardo and prelife agreements], then the clearer the mind of thought altogether, then the union with the source is obtained.

Then we might to look at the ego as the collective patterns gathered over many lives or just this one, a conditioning process of patterned thought which is habitually ingrained on the sublevels in consciousness and so making many robotic in nature, we merely become a mechanical flesh robot, conditioned, seemingly individual and unique, yet all saying the same prayers [if at all], the same mannerisms, the fashion and so forth. In some cases of a traumatic life, especially in the formulate years, the ego takes on the frightened child [inner child work] and in many cases in even seemingly happy relationships the ego plays out its inner fears or securities.

In earlier blogs and the mention of many specialists in the field of Random Event Generators, it is shown how at deeper levels we are locked into the collective unconscious, the unconscious internet of humanity. Mass media, TV, Internet, papers, magazines, and mobile advanced phones, many of us are seduced sublimely, and although we feel we make independent well informed choices, basically we choose what the market research people want us to choose. The ego is being fed more and more fashion, more craziness than ever before and young ethnic minds are being fed in some remote parts the urge to have more and more, be a celebrity and so forth. The moment one becomes aware of the collective mind pull and glamour and wishes to be free of its incessant demand for more and more, and its voracious appetite to live though possessions, even mind possessions, then the swollen ego fights the simple life, not a hard life but a creatively simple life, the pull is hard to shake off and it seems with meditation and awareness, one does not suppress or be in denial, but quietly watches the ebb and flow of this stream of energy pulses by subliminal intrusion. Should one attain not by repression a free quiet mind then one reaches beyond the collective unconscious to the Creative Source, which maybe termed the Ultimate Ego.

Seeing the ego as the frightened child or just the Inner Child then one can use this as a way of reconciliation, to have compassion of the onslaught through the hard harsh programming or learn from the loving energies that surface from this being too. This is a tool I use in psychotherapy and counselling and sometimes a lead into meditation, awareness and so forth. Looking at the political scenario and tribal unrests in Kenya and other parts of Africa, the scenarios in the Middle East, whale hunting and the like, we see typical frightened child stuff coming out. National leaders acting of revenge, frightened to lose power, corrupt, brutal, can we wonder why so many teenagers bliss out, stab and so forth? This rages through the unconscious with youngsters to feel power through the knife, the gun, videoing it on mobile phones for all to see the power of fear and violence. Switch on the news and what is seen the same scenarios condoned by adults in charge of great destructive guns and knives. The worlds propaganda experts exploit this and we can only turn helpless and say "who can save us, God has gone away" and so they say "our army will protect and our police". So we give away more power to them and deny our power to remain still, not to panic and find that inner peace, and many of us know that when we are able to be the still centre in the whirlwind, solutions appear. Fearing the fear and negativity merely feeds it, being constantly reminding oneself to be positive is tiring and another form of subtle fear, "I must stay positive or I might attract something else", I would say it is better choice to be positive [see last blog antibodies through happy feelings] however being still and the middle way in my opinion is the way I choose and not by discipline, by being the witness and is certainly less tiring than constant affirmations and mind reminders, however they are steps on the way.

The NHS[readers abroud from UK, it is the National Health Service, formed years back to provide free health care, although one pays contributions from wages and supports those unable too, a great idea in theory]. There are to and for arguments over the years many have argues its merits, such as it is altruistic, compassionate and well meaning. Others have proffered that it leads one to be too dependent on the scheme and not care for themselves. A third view is there perhaps a combination of the two? The wealthy can pay for their treatment. This has led to all sorts of complications by privatisation which can lead to profit before care, immigration, poor pay for essential workers and the like. Now let us examine another facet. In some less so called primitive societies, many have and are living to be centurions and on examination have been found to be harbouring tumours, diabetes, some evidence of strokes and yet they are walking miles to the fields, reproduce, have great energy and so on. Now the NHS wants to bring in preventative medicine, they want a series of tests done to catch early diseases. Depak Chopra [author of many books and a former GP and Intern in large USA hospitals] writes about the Diagnosis Kills. At the Moment my GP would have me take five vaccines, and seven tests. My neighbours have become sick with worry about the results, the very thing the tests were meant to ally become their possible precursors to ailment [see blog on when doctors went on strike, and also see British Medical Journal Graph on 46% of prescribed medicines do nothing at all, 16% have very dangerous side effects, the rest are possible of some use, The Lancet states the flu jab as one of the useless or not proven ones as figures have bee doctored], mind you the medicines themselves may act as a placebo, so I suppose it has some value, yet of course homeopathy is classed as a placebo, funny how animals and plants respond, then comes the cry from medics, it is the owner who influences plant and animal and yet at the same time denying mind over matter.

When one begins to see through the draining of power through the above, one is on the road to liberation. This in the eyes of authority, which ever department one comes up against is dangerous; you are classified as eccentric, stupid, mentally maladjusted, a terrorist, a rebel and so on. The way society is going we are being made to be more uniform, regimented. This said to be safe and predictable. However, it can stifle creativity and originality, and what Great Britain always complains of the lack of journeymen, artists, bright unique students, why so? Because the parameters of choice are narrow. Laws, more laws, so many that the police have trouble defining them, power given away by the UK to the EU,more laws. Where does this lead us? Hopefully not to civil unrest, but the urge to break free of restrictive stifling restraint, not be unruly, rebellious, and violent, but an inner rebellion, not a bloody outside one, a wake up call to awaken the slumbers of the walking dead, to kindle again the fire of being our true self amongst the uniform copycats who like popular TV programmes become imitators and look a like's.

Lots of Love Geoff.

Addendum. Dec 14 and 15 2007 saw the Geminids meteor showers. January 2008 saw Tuttle comet and also the Quadrantids meteor shower. NASA sent up DC-8 fitted with MAC [multi instrument aircraft] to examine their origin.

Of course another drain of our power can be to rely on the Master, The Guru and The Channel. As in my December blog will show is it a cop out from one's own responsibility? How much do we rely on the oracle? There is a parallel here to the NHS, seen in its spiritual context as dependency. There is a fine line between real need [not want] and dependency. As for those who profess to be middle way followers then where is the middle way in being attached to the Guru? The discussion goes on. Is it better to have a Guru and be devoted? Is it better to have a faith than none at all? Is it alright to have a belief in no belief? To cultivate the appropriate choice for ourselves is a matter of the ratio of conditioning to the proportion of a free mind. The freer the mind the clearer the choice. Is a free mind a mind that moves in random impulse, a wild runaway and motiveless abandonment? Or is a free mind a quiet centred mind, attuned to its inherent nature which is aligned to Creation?

Many have been in contact from varied countries, climates and cultures. The symptoms of transformation have been intense and prolific, such as, heat [people of both sexes and varied ages] a boiling over as one put it, this corresponding to the hundreds of earth tremors and quakes. Fatigue relating to outworn modes of living and assimilating new ones. Mucus and foul body evacuations, corresponding to land and mudslides. Vibration or kudulini flu, especially over Christmas and New Year relating to clear out and burn up of last nine years and a lull, a feeling of being in a desert with no direction to go, the download time to start another nine year session, with the alignment in 2012 being the pivot of the session. Snot, mucus and puss are the chemical markers or manifestation of thought patterns and old worn out habits and cellular debris. As in earlier blogs the brain produces chemicals, in fact it is a chemical factory, so it then follows the thoughts are solidified into form through the cellular DNA process, sent by the brain to the body as messengers and instructions.

Recently I was sent correspondence that stated a Dr Fox had examined a person who was showing evidence their DNA producing some extra strands, a Dr Baker also stated this sometime back. The next day I received a correspondence which said that Dr Fox's examination was flawed and contaminated. The very next day more information came from a well known channelling that in fact our DNA was in loop form or some such thing. Again it is this confusion and so necessary to develop one's own intuitive response. My own take is that there is a 'switch on sequence effect' developing in our so called 'redundant DNA and Brain Capacity', this being analogous to the evolutionary hormone and alchemic process described in global warming in January 2008 blog. I do not feel it will result in loops or extra strands but in extra information being released to the brain and new neuropeptides, neurotransmitters and therefore chemical messengers to the cells. The old redundant chemical attachments on or in the cell receptors will be expunged as toxins. The process is developed or facilitated by the heat of Kundulini, which is the same as global warming and the alchemic process. Many have been feeling the heat, cold, itching and the like of transforming symptoms as this being a sign of detoxing and reconfiguration, realignment and moving towards a new consciousness which in turn will produce the evolutionary forms. This is the same as a rise in frequency or vibration, peaking in 2012.

Reiterating on 2012. Again here we have some confusion, theories abound. The world stops rotating briefly then reverses its spin direction. We reach zero point, no time; we disappear into a new dimension, those who have not ascended are left in the old world as it is now and descend into chaos and destruction. The complete globe blows up and is no more. ET's will come and take off the lucky 144,000, or ET will refurbish the world and eliminate the destructive element. The various Messiah's will return and do their thing and so on, we will be crystalline or silicone beings and such like. My take on the above is this, yes, we will gradually transform, and real signs will appear as I said so often within the next 150 years [a cop out some may say], it takes linear time for the body to assimilate and the cells to form into new evolutionary forms. 2012 will finish the download of new information, and the next 6.5000 years will see the complete new beings, plants, animals and such like set and up and running. We are witnessing remarkable young people now; however they are only displaying some minor although significant talents, skill and powers at present.

Lots of Love Geoff.

ADDENDUM. Cambridge Universities study have shown eating the five a day fruit and veg, cutting out alcohol, exercising and so forth can lead to a longer life span, BUT has no relationship to BMI[ which is body mass index]. So once again an index to make us all uniform. What about muscle, what about ethnic origins? A plastic uniform world, I think not.

Some states in the USA are forcing children to have vaccinations, despite the mercury scare in the chemical makeup. Armed guards were there to stop parent intervention, some parents were incarcerated. Europe is to follow Codex which is stripping all free choice as to supplements and wants to make supplements come under medicines and drugs. Wake up people what choices will be taken from us next? Do not panic many are waking up and one of the changes by 2012 should be an awakening in consciousness even if the physical manifestations do not appear apparent. 2012 becomes the critical year of choice. I have stated many time in many blogs that if we miss the 2012 target year for consciousness switch then 2036 and 2075, will be further windows of opportunity, after that we will descend and I shudder to think about the consequences. I do not feel the world will blow up or disintegrate, but it will be a sterile, concrete world ruled by despotic rulers and real big brother scenarios. My gut feeling is that we will make it sometime between now and 2075, probably due to a formulae, if the awakening is proportional to the likelihood of critical mass it will occur in 2012, should we not reach critical mass then the ensuing years will bring this about, but not beyond 2075. I still feel a strong possibility for 2012/2013/2014.

Hold strong dear friends put lots of loving thoughts into the collective unconscious for this is where we are subtly seduced. Be the witness and endeavour to breathe deeply and let out the fear or tension and know that all is very, very well indeed.

There is an announcement by NASA that the next solar cycle classified as 24, has begun. This will be a predicted 50% stronger than the previous one. To determine what starts a new cycle is when a sunspot shows a 'reverse' magnetic field. The effect of this is, sunspots equate to solar flares, which have an effect on magnetic field shift, this in turn means shifting ocean and jet stream currents and extreme weather, and this of course has implications for us too. It is also predicted that new storms culminating in 2011 and 2012 will be spectacular to say the least [USA Federal Government] this is the conclusion of several scientists at NASA and NOAA. Solar flares are violent eruptions on the surface of the sun, these send highly charged matter around the solar system and when in direction of the Earth it impacts the geomagnetic field and ionosphere, this has corresponding impact on the Schumann Resonance, the electric manmade systems and from earlier blogs our brains and physiology. See in particular the January 2008 blog.

Dr Andy Smith from Edinburgh and Northumbria Universities with his team is exploring a lake under the Antarctic ice sheet. This lake is ancient and is 3.2 KM beneath the ice, 18 Km 2 long and thin and 105m deep. They hope to find evidence of climate change, origins of Earth and the like.

The USA food industry has been given the green light to breed and sell cloned meat. Despite protest from many the governments response was that it is safe and has been on trial for some time and that if you don't like it ------tough.

Dr Min Lin-Weber of Division Immnogetics found a constituent from the Chinese Herb Huang Qin named Wogonin which causes certain cancer cells to commit suicide {apoptosis}. Wogonin seems to radically increase the formation of hydrogen peroxide {which some people have claimed that in correct dosage destroys cancer cells and other dysfunctions} in tumour cells then the peroxide produces a calcium response which triggers off an apoptosis reaction.

Some scientists are claiming that the melting of the glaciers maybe in part due to under sea volcanoes. Ancient mariners have said that they witnessed at the polar seas brown warm water. Could this have been volcanic in action?

Each year the moon slips 1-5 inches away from Earth. So driving at 70 mph without stopping would take 135 days to reach the moon. The last full moon was known in different regions as The Wolf Moon, The Quiet Moon, The cooking Moon and the Terrible Moon.

A young girl in Australia was given a donor liver. Now usually she would have to take medication for rejection and her blood group was O negative. She now does not take medicine at all and she has changed her blood group to O positive to that of the donor. This is one in 6 Billion and is a medical miracle. A baby has died 12 times and has come back each time. A boy with a rare meningitis virus has beaten it three times, and the boy without eyes {see radar boy, or blind boy with sonar on You Tube}, all these along with other fabulous happenings are occurring and hailed as miracles by the medical profession. Are we witnessing the coming of the New Age and the regenerative energies? Is it better reporting? I know what I feel.

Scientists in the USA have made the first longish string or chromosome DNA and it is being hailed as the first synthetic DNA. They say in time they will be able to repair the damaged environment. Let's hope that the wish to create synthetic life forms will not lead to monsters and it backfires. In the right hands it could be a saviour. Can we trust the honesty, integrity and morality of the brilliant people to not let arrogance, ego and power blind them to humane and compassionate use of this technology. Hopefully no more master race stuff eliminating what is perceived to be inferior beings. Left alone nature sifts out the non survivors without the interference of humankind.

Scientists Dukes University Religion Department discovered a tomb named the Talpiot which was purported to be the tomb of Jesus, this was in 1980. The tomb is situated five miles south of old Jerusalem in the East Talpiot region. Look at google and free encyclopaedia. The experts now say it is not the tomb of Jesus, others still say it is.

NASA has confirmed that asteroid TU 24 will make a pass on January 29 2008 at 12.33 Pacific Time and 3.33 at Eastern Time. TU 24 is roughly 250 meters [800 feet] and its lunar distance is 538.000 kilometres or 334.000 miles. This is the closest approach in 2000 years of an asteroid. NASA has a programme to monitor hazardous objects named Space guard.


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