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Geoff Freed — January 2008
Former forensic technician and scientific & medical researcher, lecturer, workshop leader and psychotherapist, Dr. Geoff Freed reports on what is happening energetically on the planet at this pivotal time in history.

GREETINGS. May the year ahead bring fulfilment and inner peace.

This year is supposed to be softer in the way that the ascension, transforming regenerative energies energises our minds and bodies. Watch this space. Several papers are now doing very short bottom minuscule articles stating they think or experts are now viewing global warming as Sun phenomena, and some a sunspot event which is cyclic in nature and origin. Hoorah at last. Many of my blogs contained such theories and many other scientists too. Pope Benedict expressed this too, if you wish for a synopsis, e-mail me and I will attach to it a copy in reply.

To summarise my take on this or a recap.

  • Global Warming is cyclic and its origin is due to the excitement of solar flares [CME,that is coronal mass ejections].

  • The excitement is due to the solar systems alignment with a Central Mass at the Centre of the Milky Way which emits huge energy [see Nasa Archive Astronomy Picture of the Day].

  • Russian scientists have seen evidence that all the planets in the Solar system have similar warming in their own way. This makes Global Warming a Solar system warming.

  • In my opinion Global Warming in our planet climaxes as an astrological and astronomical event in December 21 2012, due to the alignment on the ecliptically and elliptical circuitous termination of this journey around the Central Sun or Central Mass.

  • This journey is a 26.000 year one [give or take a few years here and there], which is also the procession of our journey around the constellations broken up into 2.400 year slots. This corresponds to the Kali Yuga and now into the Satya Yuga.

  • I therefore feel that Global Warming is a spiritual event as well or is commensurate to the science.

  • It also fulfils ancient prophesy.

  • The cycle contains also 6.500 year mini cycles which are one cool, one very cold, one warm and one very warm.

  • My blogs mention evidence found by impacted mud at the bottom of fjords, ice drillings, tree rings, fossils and hormone proliferation.

  • It is advisable to cut back carbon emissions even though they are not the main cause. The reason being we are denuding, raping the Earth, the oceans, forcing ethnic peoples from their land and natural habitat, killing off many species of animals, insects, reptiles and so on. We are also creating a polluted atmosphere so damaging our health, and often blaming global warming for this. We must assist the Planet through this and not add to her burden.

The interesting things about this are that hormones shown through fossils and so on show [see blog on graphs that show this] could be a factor in obesity, rage, over population. Like with global warming it is only a tiny percent of the phenomena. Food and additives, sedentary life style also adds to the equation. The global warming phenomena are endless in the information and of course huge financial empires are putting on the frighteners and making lots of money from it. This urge to make our environment better is to be encouraged, so in the end global warming is an opportunity for growth, to join hands in mutual respect and the common denominator, Save our Home, Save our Earth, look often at photographs taken from space of beautiful jewel and fragile floating planet in what seems to be a barren solar system wide planetary depiction. Should we destroy our Home, where will we go to next?

Just out of interest German scientists have invented the roll up take and go Solar Panel and in California they have invented a material paint thin that is a solar panel, Britain talks about wind farms all around the coast that would give households all their energy needs. Well that's OK then we hear about millions of more houses to be built some on flood plains, extended runways to airports. Well the pull as in the last blog continues. The polarisations carry on as we go into Aquarius and the new forces by sheer numbers will break down the old encrusted outworn patterns of living to be shed.

A few quotes, some scientific, some philosophical. The law of the Universe is that all Creation will not be held back and will receive every good thing. Everything is created out of the Creative Universal Invisible energy or stuff. There is no disease, the reality is health. The Universal Intelligence Created Perfection, my own programming created chaos. Prayer is very sophisticated it allows us to recognise future outcomes and facilitates choice which in turn gives the outcome we experience. We become the outcome we chose which gathers or attracts the elements to allow this to manifest. We stimulate energy by thought and emotion like the rippling of waves on the still pond, the vibrations attract the elements and change our pattern and so manifestation is born. The deep feelings vibrate and attract. In fact all possibilities exist [quantum stuff] we merely have to choose the outcome and live like it is now.

Now for a bit of the science stuff. When I was in school we did some experiments, we put iron filings or fine sand on a thin metal sheet and the tapped nearby, sometimes we used a large tuning fork. The filings and sand [on separate sheets] formed patterns and empty spaces in between. You can tap the sheet lightly as well. In 1947 Dr Hans Jenney stated that "vibration onto substance causes patterns", my take on the spiritual or consciousness aspect is that thoughts, emotions cause vibrations, and are indeed vibratory in nature in themselves, a ripple in consciousness that forms the patterns to manifestation in form. Change the thoughts, change the patterns. In the many of my blogs it mentioned that frequency or vibratory patterns can entrain and become habitual and replace reality. 1990's saw the experiments of Russian scientist Vladimir Popon experiment with DNA and its effects when withdrawn from matter in a certain way[google in for details] left a 'phantom impression DNA '. My take on this is that by the way the experiments were carried out; it left its impression in the quantum field, which is where all possibilities and probabilities abound. Is it then possible to recover one's own damaged DNA from the field? By going into deep meditation and connecting in the 'emptiness of oneself' and dropping the request into the field of all knowing, make a choice and manifest health.

Neils Bohr made this statement in the 20's, "the observer becomes part of the event, just by the act of observing atom sized objects become disturbed by any attempts to observe them ". My take on this is by choice and attention we can manipulate the subatomic world to make manifestations. We have to make the correct choices otherwise we can cause more chaos. The correct choice is to be tune with Universal Law. That law is a world that works for everything and everybody everywhere. Glen Rein and Mike Athinson did studies on anger and compassion[again google] this is a quote" The physical and psychological effects of compassion and anger, shows up in salivary immuglobulinA{s-Iga} antibody in mucus defending the upper respiratory tracts, gastrointestinal and Urinary tracts from infection. Increase in compassion promotes the antibody, such as love and so on, anger, and hate, aggression the opposite". I feel no comment is needed here and it speaks for itself.

Einstein said" Time is not all what it seems. It does not flow only in one direction and the future exists simultaneously with the past". I feel this also speaks for itself; perhaps karma can be applied here. An ancient prayer I came across says" Cognise or know the peace with your mind, desire the peace with your heart, and manifest or fulfil this peace with your body". Say often I am already healed. Our consciousness in its deepest level is the soul, whilst in the body, and our souls expression is the body, should we be in alignment with its highest aspect [or deepest] or if only to our ego programme so shall the body reflect it.

My Zen Roshi, said "The Universal Creator felt lonely and so creation was born, hence the spirit of Eternal Loneliness which is the cause of creation." So the mind needs an expression to experience itself, so the imagination and body and corporeal things were born. My GP and I are locked in friendly differences. I put it to him that a diagnosis by different disciplines, such as Ayervidic, Chinese Traditional Medicine and his practice are a view, a choice. This led me to discuss beliefs with him and he did not subscribe much that we 'become what we deeply believe'. So deep is the power of conviction and indoctrination. What is the right or correct belief? That which is alignment with the true self. And what is the true self? That which brings harmony and true lasting inner peace. This then led to the thought well there are infinite possibilities and probabilities and that illness maybe a consensus of beliefs by like minded beings believing this is the only choice. How about extreme political and radical views too.

Reality and pseudo reality that is the question. While pondering on awareness it came to me that awareness is perception, experience, consciousness. I felt to be the witness, immaterial, having no physical body. It then seemed I could live solely through the imagination, a dream state or fantasy, it seemed I created my body to experience all this. This corporeal level so called solid existence, seemingly so solid, that my mind had encapsulated itself into form, like a spirit in possession. The idea was to enjoy the drama and the challenge of freeing itself from its own creation. I could see how easy it is to become addicted to ones own creation and denies itself the gift of freewill. This in turn causes one to be a slave a prisoner to its own delusion of reality. The purpose of Life is to experience create, dissolve, recreate, ever knowing the creator is free, and not bound and gagged by its own creation. Lost in egoist belief that its creation is reality, and the creator gets lost in its own creation. Believing its form is reality and when the form dies so does its creator. The potter believes he is the pot. When the pot breaks is the potter dead?

Back to more 0n global warming and 2012.

  • I feel global warming is an alchemic process and is connected and concomitant with Kundulini. Kundulini is the power behind creation, sort of God's power source.

  • I feel that we are at the next step of evolution and the alchemic process is transforming through heat new forms.

  • I feel the dormant DNA and Brain capacity is being switched on sequentially as we get nearer to the 2012 apex and solar power maximum. A few weeks ago an M class solar flare was observed. This is large by any standards. The European Space agency has proved that sound waves produced by the Sun's gravity waves are detectable by seismic activity and instruments. [See Hiscale onboard Ulysses spacecraft]. The solar flare classification was the 24 cycle and number 979.

  • The sun has a 22 year cycle and at the end of 11 years reverses its polarity energy wise. It peaks in 2011/2012 when the flares will be the largest and hottest.[see Dr Paul Kintner Cornell University]. Extra shielding will be needed for satellites and so on, see Institute of Navigation.

  • Basically we cannot do much to protect ourselves from this natural cycle, is this why the real reason for governments not telling people the truth about global warming? Is it just a money spinner?

  • The global warming after 2012 will gradually over 6500 years subside. The new human, animal, plant, environmental and spirituality will begin to evolve. New forms will minutely appear now and for the next 150 years.

  • Global warming is a spiritual event because the Creator set up Creation and is therefore responsible for this. Humans have or in the process of destroying the Earth forms far more then natural cycles.

  • Those who follow the natural path will survive not only on Earth but in other realms and will have a chance to reincarnate here again. Those who do not align will still survive but go elsewhere where their patterns suit the accommodation provided for them. We are survivors all will reap what they sow.

All is well, Take Care and best wishes with lots of Love. Geoff.

Addendum: - If at the deepest part of ourselves we are all joined, interlocked, we are the expressions of the One Mind and Force, and then there is only one of us on this planet, the Cosmos. In a way the huge Cosmos, the plants, animals and so forth are only the Creation of the Thought Forms of the Creator. This then means there is only one mind, one living being in the Whole Creation and One experience, one witness, one life, one existence. When one realises and accepts this and this becomes a living reality and experience, one is said to be enlightened, a jivan mukti [a free soul living in the body]. It is only our separate agenda's that overlay or cloud our true nature. The Sun is always shinning, the clouds only obscure it.

Incidentally an article from Dr Mercola suggests that the hormone aldosterone can restore hearing loss. He also suggests that emotional therapy of sorts, eat right for your metabolic type, reasonable exposure to the sun, exercise and plenty of sleep. In the news they are at it again, there was an article published by a University which " exposed myths, drinking eight glasses of water is not necessary[my Qi gong teachers also said this, that water is essential and we should drink plenty, some said only four glasses, and some said five, all said not too much when one gets older as it can overtax the kidneys — not so say many experts take the eight], reading in dim light is not harmful to the eyes and so on." Another confusion to add to the fear and so lead to a way of manipulating people. How about sitting still and listening to our minds and body. When we are still enough thoughts can seem as loud as ghetto blasters. When we are quiet and relaxed our intuition can be 'felt'.

The psychic from Brazil [see December 2007 blog] who predicted a tsunami as in 2004 and that area] and panicked people many who left their homes and son on that would occur 0n December 23 2007, who also was told by the Brazilian government to shut up, has been found to be inaccurate to say the least. See my December 2007 blog about trusting channelling and psychic messages. Some are accurate others are found wanting. How do we find out its accuracy? Develop the intuition by sitting quietly or just being quiet, in fact just be. Then become your own information source, from the source, not from spurious entities, no matter how authentic they may appear. 2012 can bear many false witnesses and statements. Endeavour to stick to some facts, although truths at the time may change in their perspective. Alignments of planets, cosmic astrological events, fossil, and mud evidence as above may hint or provide clues to possible outcomes. Political and multinational dictums, world big brother moves such as codex, these are all trends, the awakening of millions of people, all this adds to the mix and probable outcomes. Remembering that prophesies are only possibilities and probabilities. World awakening can modify and altogether change that which appears to be cast or written in stone.

Some blogs back the work of Dr Elizabeth Rausher showed how the collective unconscious can effect and affect the severity of natural disasters and from the bleep on reg's[random event generators also the The Field by Lyn Mc Taggart]. The more who awake this offsets the disasters that are man made and the softening of natural ones.

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