The Is Only One Dimension

Geoff Freed — December 2007
Former forensic technician and scientific & medical researcher, lecturer, workshop leader and psychotherapist, Dr. Geoff Freed reports on what is happening energetically on the planet at this pivotal time in history.

IDO HOPE THAT this article does not upset or tread on sacred ground, if it does please accept my humble apologies, I acknowledge there are Masters, Angels, discarnate beings, nature spirits', diva's and the wee folk. How I see it is that, like in Yoga, there is a caution to beware of the siddhis and psychic powers, and to stay on the straight and narrow path to God Consciousness or enlightenment, so that one should not get caught up in the phenomena. I suppose in that way I could be classed as a purist. I have never been able to bend my knee to a Master, an Ark Angel, join a movement or even be aligned to a certain way or sect, cult, religion, neither am I an atheist or agnostic. So who am I? I know who I am as an Awareness and I experience emotions and so forth and at times I feel a connection which is Divine and at moments a connection with the all in all.

My Teacher's in Zen Budo and Tai Chi, Qi Gong, a small study of Yoga with a Swami, all without fail impressed on me not to worship them, revere them or project onto them as a saviour, all the time they pushed me to 'spiritual self sufficiency'. What does spiritual self sufficiency mean? It means for me that I seek for my inner teacher, to feel for the intuitive consciousness, to know by trail and error the right 'feel 'of the inner guidance. One of the many workshops I present is entitled 'From Psychic to Intuition' not very popular with those that channel and mediums, however, may I add that I respect mediums, channelers, tarot, astrologers, I Ching, Runes, and at times I use the Runes, it is the dependency or addiction that can be the sticking plaster to carrying on carrying on.

I have found during experiments with folk who use an intermediary that it can be a substitute for the intuition. It can also be an excuse for a failed prophesy or reading. In the late 60's I was in a centre and they were trying to find which way a certain building should point, many world renowned sensitive's were called in, incidentally I class sensitive's as those who do not use an intermediary, the others are channelers. There were six sets of channelers, each had a guide or guides, used various dowsing, media and so forth. The dilemma came when their pronouncements were all different. The outcome was that the founder tuned into their vision of the centre and got the message. It was a shameful sharing each one actually blaming their guide and saying 'well I am only a channel Ark Angel this or Master that gave me the message'. You stand or fall on your own spiritual acumen when you are a sensitive; you have to be a spiritual warrior.

The world today is separated by religious and cultural differences', the Chief Constable of Cambridge stated recently that there are a hundred different languages spoken in Cambridge and the Police are spending a fortune on interpreters, and she has now prepared a booklet explaining the cultural and law requirements so as to live peacefully and respectfully in Cambridgeshire. It was interesting one or two points were not to spit, shout or fondle citizens. Then there are those with differing religions, cults and the like who feel their ways are best and try to convert others, politically the same ethos. I have found the same separateness in the so called New Age blogs, websites and channelers. Being a sensitive maybe a way [oh dear another way] of just being. No affiliation to any creed, sect, religion or discarnate entity. The allegiance is to the inner connection to the Godhead Within. Then comes the cry "How do I know if I am in touch with the Godhead or just fooling myself with inner fantasy and impulse"? Here long years of being still, quiet within, trial and error, and the outcome of this are wisdom, patience, compassion and intuitive cognisance.

The real spiritual path to the acquisition of enlightenment maybe any of the paths mentioned above, as long as one is prepared to journey on, to release all props, and as a Native American Chief said to me " Brother can you walk naked only the Great Spirit and Its Whisperings to Guide You. Like the Elk who knows the way of Nature so should you walk, walk the path of not knowing and yet knowing when needed". [In an earlier blog I shared a quote that came to me in a crisis and after a long inner quiet this came 'I know that I do not know but when I need to Know I will know'. ].

Perhaps when the world becomes a quieter place, that is when people become quieter, when the rush of outside acquisition of thrill seeking and fanatics cool down and the stubborn loosen up we may find that inner centre of peace and calm which is the centre we all share as a common denominator. Maybe this is the centre of all knowing too and we all from the base share a common heritage, we hopefully may recognise that each and everyone feels the same inner peace and from this springs the individual creative expression.

Some years ago and just recently I had to remove some of my leaflets from a religious hall rented out for a workshop because it was offensive, fare enough, however we could have the hall, so I said 'Well we shall be doing the works on the leaflet' the reply' 'as long as the congregation do not see it and we get paid that's OK'. Another time a priest said to me you must not go still and meditate meditation is on words, in that stillness an evil entity can enter. My reply what about Be Still and Know I am God Within Thee. His reply, When you are the Master you can say this, this is merely for your contemplation. I am just a testy as the above. Can it be I should be silent? Only the one can say who feels it. Some would say it is a cop out.

I read many blogs and articles about us ascending into the 4th and 5th dimensions. Agreed Jesus said "My Fathers House has many mansions" Scientists tell us there are many dimensions, many parallel worlds, maybe they are all the same thing. However, what dimension does God Live in? To say we are entering a dimension spiritually is labelling it, defining it and imprisoning it in a concept. Perhaps even 2012 is one of these too. Yes for sure there are huge energies around and transforming energies abound. I feel that we are limitless and the only dimension is the one all encompassing Consciousness of the One Life that we move live and have our being. Enlightenment is Omniscient, omnipresent, and omnipotent. The levels of consciousness are a mere dropping away of irrelevancies that block our way to Cosmic Consciousness. Yes a guide may say this as well, but do we rely on the guide to do it for us? So the 4th and 5th and presumably millions more through the constant cycle and rounds of evolution are what? Signposts, reference points? How can we quantify these levels, what are levels in consciousness. Where does an innernaut [equivalent to an astronaut in consciousness] decide in weightlessness and space with no definition the level they are on or dimension? Well instruments, space geometry and the like, the known parameters. In consciousness is there such a thing? The only real guide is to leave the known, the safe, the prop, and launch out, this is risk, it is uncomfortable, it is pioneering, an explorer of the unknown, which in turn becomes the known and so on.

Here a radical shift arrives, we may have to tear up our sacred texts, and we have to give up our guides, our expectancy of a favourite newsletter or blog, we may have to take a leap into the unknown and then discover it is not scary but freedom. We may not have to rely on angelic messages, ET's, discarnate messages, expecting on certain astrological dates to see an inner event take place. Are we brave enough to embrace the way less way, be a warrior in spirit? Love is letting go of fear.

What then is the answer? Maybe there are not concrete answers. In a technical manual for a car, a discipline, yes there are answers. Maybe in life's journeys there are only answers in the moment, an intuitive insight.

When we read about a message from another dimension about light energies coming in from a being about entering a portal, going through a gate of initiation. How does this help the world situation. Yes one can say, well it elevates the light worker and eventually this will filter down into the mass or help in a world crisis. Yes it is comforting to sit and pontificate and get a mental buzz and use it as an excuse to do nothing practical or feel we have joined an elite club, the chosen ones. Heavens know that my blogs contain enough of these scientifically and spiritually. So where are we at this Christmas? For me carrying on carrying on. This will be cutting down on Christmas cards in fact I may not send any out all. E-mail cards yes. I feel the sentiment is there all year round, everyday should be a Christ Day, A Chanucah Day, or any other religious holy day. We should not need reminders to love and cherish each other and God. A Wesak day, a Duvali Day, an Ede Day, a Ramaddan Day. Can we be brave enough and launch out EVERYDAY IS A HOLY DAY. Let us constantly be uplifted in joy and salvation and each knowing we are each others destiny.

Lots of Love, Geoff

Addendum: - They are at it again. On Teletext ITV 1,8th Nov 2007 Kings College Scientists made an amazing discovery, sunlight is good for you and its interaction with the sun causes vitamin C

And can help anti ageing, diabetes and heart disease. Talk about reinventing the wheel. I mentioned the benefits of the sun in earlier blogs. Still be careful between 11.00 and 15.00 hrs and it is found just 20 minutes a day is sufficient. Weak immune systems, some sun cream chemicals and sitting in offices, homes and so on under fluorescent lighting, halogen and ordinary light bulbs can be an activist. Try to get full spectrum lighting. [Google this in for the purchase of]. The next one is, women who use the pill are more likely to get cervical cancer [9thNov. 2007 ITV 1 teletext] however if left off the risk is lessened ten years later, confusing. Now these two are at odds with the government advisors. Sun light is dangerous and you must use the highest factor sun cream, not so say Kings College and plethora of other scientists. Vaccinate girls from the age of 12 or so against cervical cancer, perhaps it is the pill that causes it or a virus transmitted from some men during intercourse. Are we seeing a scam to make money by the pharma again? About obesity, in the January 2008 blog there maybe another factor in this. What about the hidden additives and preservatives in so called GOOD foods. These pesticides, additives and so on lodge in the fatty tissues and cause allergies which can cause weight gain, migraines and host of other things.

When you google in Geoff freed online, you may see nearby or underneath a site named quackometer, it is run by Andy Lewis and I turn out to be almost number one quack. Thanks for the publicity Andy. Even some of my original sceptics who read my blogs because of your blog have subsequently realised as I said "today's pseudo science is tomorrows accepted science". To satisfy my fellow scientists I have removed my academic qualifications and now state the scientific theory as it is now and now is my spirito take on it, not accepted by science. I have done this not to appease or back down, but because it offended some of my scientific friends and implied my degree was offering this as science. Yes not pseudoscience but spiritual takes on theories entirely my own perception. Isn't it strange that when we go to the doctor we say "I am going to the quack", in the light of the above could be some sense in it. By the way Andy slates nearly all the well known names, Deepak Chopra and so on, and all the complimentary practices. I have never received so much acclaim as to be in the league and top the table of such prestigious people who I admire and feel are doing such great work.

Some recent research has shown when doctors went on strike in several countries the immortality rate rose[less deaths] when they returned the mortality rate went up. The flu jab figures have been doctored [excuse the pun]. When counting the deaths from flu the actual figures included pneumonia, not caused by flu. The figures are incredible. Professors in an Article in Lancet said the flu jab was more or less useless. [Google Dr Mercola and get his free newsletter and also Dr Sardi] it will open your eyes to the death toll by wrong medication, side effects and what the food industry and others are up too, see also Mitch Brattros on the global warming debacle]. Apologies if I seem a bit of nag and conspiracy rant. We need to speak our truth. On the other hand we need doctors; we need their skill their care and their dedication, along with scientists who seek the reality and truth of things. We may need medical help and when this arises I will have no hesitation to go to the quack.

Lots of Love again and thank you for your support and good wishes. Geoff


Comet 17P/Holmes is causing all sorts of amazing things, changing colour, getting larger as it seems and some shamans and elders feel it maybe the blue sun in legend and prophesy named kachina. Google in for the read outs of this amazing prophesy. There are all sorts of speculation to blue [throat chakra], blue {indigo children!!!} and so on. Well there you go, tune in and see how it speaks to you. At a recent workshop I presented many people shared of their awareness to upgraded powerful energies during October and till now.

A Brazilian psychic has forecast a huge tsunami as of 04 in the same region on 23 December 2007, and a Mayan shaman has said that from November 19 2007 for sixty days there could be some serious upheaval, including a nuclear confrontation between India and Pakistan. The Brazilian Government told the psychic to keep quiet and not alarm people. Quite rightly so as in the last blog it is shown how the collective unconscious influences the severity of a natural event. It is well to remember earthquakes', tsunamis, tectonic plate movement, solar cycles, galactic and astrological line ups affects are natural phenomena. More of this in January. Until then keep well and lots of fun until we meet again. Geoff

BREAKING NEWS Apologies for the stop and start. So much happening.

Part of the Kachina legend and prophesy says that a twin comet may appear with Kachina or near to it. Surmising that 17p/Holmes is Kachina then on January 2nd 2008 8p/Tuttle appears and its cycle and orbit is 13.6 years. This is not supported by some Elders. Chief Arvol states another prophesy, that when a white buffalo calf is born a great purging will ensue and then usher in the fifth new evolution or new age. One was born on November 14 2007.

Tuttle is widely thought to be the parent to the Ursid meteor shower. A group of Mayan from Guatemala are making a journey and meeting up with many Elders from different cultures, Maori, and I feel Inuit with Aboriginal, Inca and so on to discuss the 'end times' and recent signs, then to release their deliberations to the world. More information on this from the Institute of Cultural Awareness, info at info@ica8.org telephone 928 646-300. Incidentally I am told both comets can be seen together soon, maybe to be seen with naked eye or with binoculars. End Times is NOT THE END OF THE WORLD, only the end of an era, and like detoxing there has to be an elimination of the old to make space for the new.

Sir David King expert advisor to the Government has championed the use of GM foods "they are safer than conventionally grown foods" [teletext 27 -11-07]. I'll leave you to make up your own mind on that one!!! GF.

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